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Broadcasting Services Value,Chain Snapshot,Key features of Broadcasting. Regulations,Regulations in Broadcasting,Media Ownership. Broadcasting services in India,Analogue and Digital. Direct to Home DTH,Terrestrial TV Doordarshan,Internet Protocol Television IPTV. FM Radio broadcasting,AM and SW radio All India Radio.
Community Radio, Value Chain for the broadcasting and cable TV service. Broadcaster,Cable operator,DTH Operator IPTV operator HITS operator. Multi System,Operator MSO,Local Cable,Operator LCO Local Cable. Operator LCO,India Broadcasting Sector A Snapshot,TV Household 2015 Channels Broadcasters. Total Households 277 million Number of Registered 827. TV Households 175 million,Cable TV 101 million Number of Pay channels 245.
Households,Number of 243 Broadcasters Pay FTA 243,Operational Private. FM Radio Stations Pay Broadcasters 54,Subscribers, DTH Subscribers 40 million Registered MSOs in DAS 555. IPTV subscribers 0 5 million, Total revenue of India 9 23 billion USD Local Cable Operators 60000. TV Industry for the,DTH Operators 7,Key Feature of Broadcasting Regulations in India. No exclusivity of content Broadcaster must provide signals on. non discriminatory basis to the distributors of various TV. Sharing of important sporting events of National importance with. public broadcaster, Mandatory carriage of channels of public broadcaster and.
channels operated by or on behalf of Parliament, TV channels to be carried over any platform must have permission. under uplinking and downlinking guidelines, Must Carry provision for Hindi English and regional channels of. the area concerned in Digital Addressable Cable TV systems. Detailed Quality of Service regulations,Regulations in Broadcasting sector. Interconnection regulations,Quality of Service regulations. Tariff orders,Interconnection Regulations,Interconnection Regulations broadly cover the.
aspects relating to, Regulatory framework for the agreements between the. service providers i e between Broadcaster MSOs DTH. operators and Local Cable operators, Based on this framework the service providers finalize the. commercial and technical terms conditions to arrive at. an agreement,Quality of Service QoS Regulations, QoS Regulations broadly cover the aspects relating. Connection disconnection transfer and shifting of cable. and satellite TV services,Consumer complaint handling and redressal. Consumer billing Procedure and handling of billing related. complaints, Set Top Box related issues and handling complaints.
Technical parameters to be adhered by the service,Tariff orders. Prescribes the wholesale tariff retail,tariff and the Revenue share amongst. the service providers,Digitisation of Cable TV Services. Enhanced capacity from 100 to 1000 TV channels,Better Quality Video and Audio. Can support HD 3D Channels,Customers can choose the channels they want to.
Can support Broadband and triple play services,Transparency in the operations. Media Ownership,Need to Regulate Media ownership,Definition of Ownership and Control. Cross Media Ownership,Vertical integration among Media. Issues affecting Internal Plurality,Media Regulator. Need for Media ownership Regulation,In a Democracy Media plays a vital role and.
is often termed as the fourth pillar of,So vital to ensure that there is diversity and. plurality of news and views,Definition of Ownership and Control. Owns at least 20 of total share capital,Exercises de jure control by. Having not less than 50 voting rights,Having more than 50 of the members of. Controlling the management,Exercises de facto control by means of.
agreements,Cross Media ownership,Relevant genre News and current affairs. Relevant segment Print only Newspapers,Relevant geographic market Language. Reach and volume to determine market,Print Circulation. Value Chain for the broadcasting and cable TV service Broadcaster Cable operator DTH Operator IPTV operator Local Cable Operator LCO Consumer HITS operator Multi System Operator MSO Local Cable Operator LCO 4 5 India Broadcasting Sector A Snapshot TV Household 2015 Total Households 277 million TV Households 175 million Cable TV Households 101 million Number of Operational Private FM

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