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Meghan Verkerk Painting Unit,Abstract Painting Stage 1 Desired Results. Established TRANSFER GOAL, Students will be able to work as artists by developing ideas through a sequence of steps to encounter. Students will,art and acquire skills,Learn about,abstract art MEANING. Make multiple Enduring Understandings Essential Questions. artist trading Students will understand that Students will keep considering. cards U1 Artists create art independently and Q 1 How do artists generate ideas of. collaborate in sharing ideas with other artists their artwork. practice acrylic Q2 How do artist develop skills in. painting U2 Artist workout ideas through sketchbook. by practicing ideas in abstract painting by abstract acrylic painting to create interest. techniques, combining elements of line shape and color in their art for the viewer. Trade artist, trading cards Q3 What are different techniques are.
U3 Abstraction comes from various source used in acrylic painting. Create an images and sketches that are ordered to create an. abstract painting Q4 How do artists critique their work. image through simplification and re arranging,based on the. images and others artwork in a meaningful way,artist trading. cards ideas,Q5 What artists have influenced abstract. U4 In acrylic painting blending colors dry, Learn about painting and what artists have started. brush work flat paint wet on wet and washes, collaboration with a doodle and used that to create.
are basic techniques,larger artwork, choose a subject U5 Meaningful critique help artist grow. for photograph,technically and creatively,and graph out. the picture,U6 Abstract artist like Picasso Georgia. Each students O Keeffe Tineke Meirink all work in a variety. paint a square of,the collaborative,of different ways to achieve abstraction. ACQUISITION OF KNOWLEDGE SKILLS,Meghan Verkerk Painting Unit.
Students will know Students will be skilled at, That artists work together to create and share Acrylic painting techniques. ideas Color blending,How process to create a abstract painting. Re arranging shapes Collage wet on wet,Exaggeration flat paint. Magnification add texture through brush strokes,Simplification. Making tints and shades of colors in,How to critique their work and others paints.
Students will be able to gesso canvas or,Using basic art vocabulary in critiques. STAGE 2 Evidence,Evaluative Criteria Assessment Evidence. Performance is judged in terms of, Students will need to show their learning by Showcasing their paintings in a. final critique and explain the elements involved, Participation class Transfer Task The students will show their learning by sketching class. demos project work discussions practicing and working with acrylic painting techniques through artist. trading cards will fellow trading cards completing a abstract painting a collaborative class painting and. students and contribute,to the collaboration of,the final painting.
Completion,craftsmanship proper,use of techniques clean. appearance,Creativity ability to,move away from clich. painting themes use,unique original abstract,Critique involvement in. class discussion and self,reflection,Meghan Verkerk Painting Unit. Concept Map found in Meghan Verkerk s Sketchbook,Unit Resources.
http www stop watch nl, http www artist trading cards ch galleryDietrich html. http www comicsalliance com 2012 03 01 manga yusuke murata twitter digital comics paper. http www moma org modernteachers lesson php lessonID 68. http en wikipedia org wiki Artist trading cards,http www derekgores com collage php. http www moma org collection browse results php criteria O 3ADE 3AI 3A5 7CG 3A. HI 3AE 3A1 page number 77 template id 1 sort order 2. http www cs washington edu building art ChuckClose. http www shafe co uk art Picasso Guitar Sheet music and Wine glass 1912 asp. http www topofart com artists Georgia OKeeffe art reproduction 3864 Two Calla Lilies on. http www 1st art gallery com Georgia O keeffe inspired By Red Canna html. http www writedesignonline com history culture O Keeffe life html. http blog drawn ca post 16976744275 even though i still had to go to their not. http blog drawn ca post 14264898512 keep drawing by studio shelter. All About Techniques in Acrylic Am indispensable manual for artists 2004 Hauppauge New. York Barron s Educational Series, Acrylic Painting 2010 Hauppauge New York Barron s Educational Series. Crawshaw A 1979 Learn to paint with Acrylic Colours Glasgow London Collins. Publishers, Hammond L 2006 Acrylic Painting with Lee Hammond Cincinnati Ohio North Light Books. Unit Rationale, The rationale for creating this unit is for students to sequentially grow and learn about.
painting and gain an understanding and feeling for how artists create ideas for their art I will. treat all students as artists and will allow them to explore and generate their own personal artistic. ideas and skills, This unit is based on being very sequential and building on previous painting techniques. and skills Students start with trading cards because they are small in size and not intimidating. but allow for easy experimenting and practicing of techniques This will allow students to build. up to creating a large painting In the unit I have a variety of teaching strategies like hands on. work demonstrations critiques and class discussions When teaching the unit I will consider. Meghan Verkerk Painting Unit, digital connectivity gender ethnicity and social class to make the best possible lessons that will. encourage and challenge all the students entering my classroom. Digital Connectivity Culture, In my unit I use a variety of technologies to engage my students in learning In Grade 10. technology is used in their everyday life from computers to cell phones iPods and video game. consoles As a teacher it will be important to incorporate modern technologies to motivate. students and be relevant to their lives At the beginning of each lesson I will show slides on the. Smart Board of artist s artwork to inspire students and provide examples of artwork for the. visual learners I will show art from historical artists like Picasso and contemporary artist like. Derek Gores and Tineke Meirink I will also be showing a few art videos from You Tube to. motivate and encourage student in their painting The main focus of my teaching is through. demonstrations of acrylic painting because I feel that students are more engaged by what they. see than by what I say to them Most of my classes will be work periods where students get to. interact with the traditional technologies of paint and brush to create art Another traditional. technology in art is the sketchbook which will be the main place where students can create and. store ideas Sketchbooks will be a place for showing growth and progress as an artist and it will. be relevant to real life because a sketchbook is still the way professional artists create ideas. The newer technology in the classroom is a computer hooked up to the Smart Board and. there is wireless internet There are several computer labs that I can book if I want students to. research artwork In Grade 10 the technology of cell phones is very important and most students. have some form of electronic device I will allow students to have cell phones in class allowing. them to listen to music while they are working on their projects or if they want to research an. artist on their smart phone I will have a rule that when I am teaching their phones are put away. until work time, When students want to research trading cards or artwork they all have access to the. school computers Every students has an account and they can logo on and use the school s. computers to work on their homework Students also have access to moodle so I may put up. information about the trading cards requirements and the painting activities It will be a place to. upload my slides so that students can refer back to them for independent studying. In my Grade 10 art classes there are more girls than boys In this unit I will strive to. show a balance of both male and female artists because there are many famous male artists. throughout history and in contemporary art A famous female artist that I will show is Georgia. O Keeffe with her abstracted flowers Students especially girls really like the colors and subject. matter in Georgia O Keeffe s work and they will be able to relate her artwork I want students to. gain an appreciation and understanding that everyone can be innovative and can generate art no. Meghan Verkerk Painting Unit, mater your gender age or race My classroom will be inclusive to any students that want to learn.
and grow as an artist, Trading cards appeal to both male and female because the design and theme of the card is. based on their own personal interests and activities There are going to be variations between the. boy s and girl s cards because of the differences in personal interests. Another way I am going motivate both males and females is through the trading cards. having an audience because when the students are done generating their cards they can trade. them with fellow students I want students to learn that artists do not work in a vacuum but they. share ideas and concepts with each other Sharing ideas will also be shown through class art. critiques and in class discussions about the projects Treating all students as artists will allow. everyone to have an identity and to take pride in their work. In the classes I am teaching there is diversity with some immigrants from other countries. like Bolivia I will strive to make every student feel welcome as an artist I will encourage. students to incorporate their home nationality into their artwork This will be shown through. their creation of their artist trading cards I will be showing the students the galley on the artist. trading cards website where we will look at trading cards from various cultures like Switzerland. Portugal Mexico Netherlands and many other countries I want students to understand that art is. not just in the classroom but can be linked globally. There are some aboriginal students attending the school who try to blend in and not be. noticed as natives I want to encourage the native students in the class to express their heritage. and culture through art I will show the artwork of native artist Alex Janvier whose work is non. traditional but is contemporary abstract art full of colourful lines and shapes I will teach my. students that anyone can make art and that it does not always have to be cultural or traditional I. want students to view native art in a non stereotypical way In my classroom I will include. everyone and for the student s final project they will have to work together to create a. collaborate painting Collaboration is a good way to motivate students because they will have to. work together socially and artistically to choose a theme and work through the progression of the. painting In Grade 10 acceptance of peers is very important so every student will work hard to. complete their part of the painting If one student is slacking off it will show in the painting and. their peers will react to that portion of the artwork. Social Class, The content material relates to students of all socio economic backgrounds because artist. trading cards are created from mixed media as well as found free materials like used magazines. flyers or pencils A benefit to making artist trading cards is that there is no cost In the school. there is a large social extreme with really rich families to poor families In the morning the. school provides a breakfast program for any student. Meghan Verkerk Painting Unit, In the student s sketchbooks I want students to express their own personality in the ideas. for their paintings Painting abstractly allows students the ability to express their emotions. through the colors and through the movement of paint strokes. As a teacher I am willing to meet with students after school who need extra help with. projects and I am going to have lunch in the art room to provide assistance if needed for. students I want all my students to strive and succeed as artists by creating their own. personalized abstract paintings, Through this unit I will embrace every student no matter what their ethnicity gender or. background may be by treating them as artists This unit will incorporate various teaching. strategies and technologies to motivate and encourage my student to grow and expand their. artistic skills I will model what it is like to be an artist and show examples of my own artwork to. inspire creativity in my students,Unit Summary, The intention of the unit is for students to work as artists by developing ideas through a.
sequence of steps to encounter art and acquire skills The outcome of this painting unit is for. students to understand the process of generating art ideas like an artist Student will work. through a sequence of steps to learn acrylic painting techniques and students will demonstrate. their understand through artist trading cards I will introduce the topic by allowing the first artist. trading cards to be about a personal hobby or activity this will allow for personality to come out. through a collage artist trading card The lesson is sequenced to provide demonstration in. painting and allowing for lots of practice to grow in the techniques Students will produce cards. Learn and practice acrylic painting techniques Trade artist trading cards Create an abstract painting based on the artist trading cards ideas Learn about collaboration with a doodle and used that to create Students choose a subject for photograph and graph out the picture Each students paint a square of the collaborative artwork deas through a sequence of steps to encounter art

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