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III Men s pen dIIisIonLII play the III IIIL ga ieiiiatnetl unbeaten by slip North ll Sullivan ll Turlington Tucker I 39 35 for its fourth straight victory In other In other action AGR SPE Sigma Pi. ltoppeIs got 22 points from Stacey Moore ping by a tough Alpha Delta l i team 3 3 and Gold llall all remain unbeaten s play Kappa Alpha Psi Sigma Pi mega I KP and Alpha Phi Alpha all won this. to beat White Boys Disease 4K 40 lhe Ill RL sIIleiiLe Soiority play and Sigma Defending Fraternity A champion Pi Psi Pm and Sigma hi all claimed victories week. Announcements Racquetball Club hosts tournament, oiRec volleyball registration aiid men s and women s had l hutsday Feb l5 6 K p iii By Mark Zindler lyburn hLIs approximately 75 members andIs open to. will open on Monday Feb l2 Iiiiiiloii singles and IIIIIIIIlL si will lower Miller Fields Areas I Staff Writet all skill levels The clubis the second largest Lit NCSU. There will be a mandatory organi open Vltitltltt Feb I and 2 and is proud to ban the largest facility in North. Ialional IIIeetItig on Feb 2 at 7 lIonIts for tennis and IanIiel The N State Racquetball Club is preparing to host Carolina with IS regulation courts including four. pin in 20H armIL lIaL I ball will be held the week ol l l ll FM t tissc Melt the First Annual NCSU Ilaven House Racquetball championship courts. 20 and liyotits lot badiiiuiloti will Friday Feb t 46 pin I ournament next weekend in Carmichael Gymnasium beurn said the N SU clubis exalted to have beaten. Softball registration lor all ll l beheld Man II 3 lower Miller Fields Area i The proceeds from the tournament will go to the UNC hapel Hill the past our years as well as Duke. sions will open Feb I Youth Enrichment Service for Haven House a program earlier this year. lub Meetings Lacrosse Womeni designed to give guidance for children ages 7 l7 Standing out individually for NCSU are the men s. Men s and Women s Open and Friday Feb 0 4 6 pm Specifically the money will be used for recreational doubles combination of Dave Verchick and Joe. o Rec badminton registration Aerobics Lower Miller Fields Area 5 activities for the children such as trips to NCSU bas Drescher as well as Steve Smith who is l5th in the. will open on Feb W Registration hit new members ketball games and also to improve the maintenance of state in singles action. Feb 0 4 I pm Room l000 Tue Kwon Do programs such as the runaway shelter The club meets every Wednesday night at I 30 pm. Volleyball officials clinics will arIiIIL lIacl iy tiinasiiim Tuesday Feb l3 7 300 30 pm The tournament begins Friday Feb I6 at I pm with at Carmichael Gymnasium Ior general business At 7. be held Feb I and Feb 22 at 6 Thursday Feb l5 7 30 9 30 championship matches concluding Sunday afternoon pm the club has two hours of court time reserved for. pm in 20M Carmichael yL ling p ni Feb I 8 all members The club also hosts a challenge court. Wednesday Feb l4 3 30 pm Room l2l Carmichael Gym Participation is open to all skill levels of play for all open to all NCSU students every night of the week. Big Four Sports Day extramural iroup Rule l0 speedsi Meet faculty and students In addition to singles action there Upcoming events include another intercollegiate tour. competition between State INC and depart from the Bell Tower Water Aerobics Requesting will also be doubles and mixed doubles. Duke and Wake Forest will be l L II I7 3 30 pm iroiip Ride affiliation The tournament is single elimination and trophies will nament featuring teams from nine states including. held at Wake Forest April 4 Mountain Bikes Meet and Monday Feb l2 5 30 6 30 be awarded as well as consolation prizes There will be on national champion Memphis State at Rocky Mount. Registration for men s and depart from the Bell Tower p m 7 8 pm a I5 fee for the first event and a l0 fee for the sec Feb 23. women s tennis singles and door Feb I3 I 5 5 30 6 30 pm ond event The fee includes a t shirt meals for the par Registration for the NCSU Haven House. blesi men s and women s rae Frisbee Carmichael Nalatorium ticipants and a band puny on Feb l7 Tournament on Feb 16 ends today Entry forms are. quelball singles and IloIIIIlL si IIIL sday l ClI H IX p ni The NCSU Racquetball Club headed by Kip available in the intramurals office. The NCSU Racquetball Club is Committee continued the project. Corrections and Clarifications hosting an intercollegiate racquet that CORE had begun. ball tournament Feb l6 IX in Farmer Although Farmer could not be. Technician is committed to fairness and accuracy If you spot an error iii Carmichael Gym Proceeds will reached for an interview his suc. our coverage call our newsroom at 73724 I extension 26 benefit Haven House All persons cessor Floyd McKissick said that. FYI associated with NCSU are invited Continued front page I CORE as well as organizations like. Center during the hours of Ila In SPECIAL EVENTS to enter Entry forms may be South the Southern Christian Leadership. Feb 9 1990 and 2 pm and in BrLigLIw lounge obtained in the Intramural Office Freedom rides were a sweep by Conference emerged from philoso. during the hours of 5 and 7 p In An open forum with Harvey Carmichael Gym Deadline for blacks through the deep South phies embodied in the National. IMPORTANT DATES AND The candy grants will be delivered iantt Democratic Candidate for receipt of entry forms is Friday CORE staff members and others Association for the Advancement of. ANNOUNCEMENTS Wednesday Feb l4 All proceeds US Senate will be held today from Free meals and T shirts to all made the sweep in commercial bus Colored People McKissick said It. will be donated to the Triangle noon to lp m in Rooin 2l8 of entrants Call Tor at 832 2529 or was all a matter of timing. Spring Break begins at l0p m Aids Beds ainpa gpe Withers Hall Kip at 828 9087 for more informa es McKissick went on to say The. March 2 Classes will resume lion At various terminals the freedom struggle isn t over with When one. March l2 at 7 50am IIU A l l lIlN I l N SOPHMORI ZS A Commodore Computer users riders insisted on their rights to use tactic doesn t win you have to try. Applications are now available for meeting will be held Saturday from lEGTIlIIES SEMINABS terminal waiting rooms and lunch another laCllO J I 9. Epsilon Sigma Alpha a newly the Order of Thirty and Three hon If am to noon For more infomia SESSIONS WORKSHOPS counters and for the most part Weie. formed serVIce organi ation is or and service organization lion call Andy atO O737 3 I7 0 denied their rights which had been McKissick who founded Soul. pleased to announce its Spring Applications can be picked tip from Vietnamese Night will be held Job Hunting Strategies a four granted by a Supreme Court deci City a new town planned com. Rush FLSA is a co ed organi ation the Information Desk on the second Sunday part small group workshop will sion extending prohibition against munity in North Carolina sewed as. and is not associated with the floor of the liniversily Student at I pm in the University help you to improve your inter segregation in interstate travel CORE s director from I966 to I968. ireek system Information meet enteiz Deadline for applications is Sludeiit enter Ballroom and viewing skills learn effective job CORE prematurely ended the and new practices law in Oxford. ings will be held Monday Feb l2 Feb 26 at 5 pm Call Eric Sparks Stewart l healt e Tickets are now seeking strategies and develop a freedom rides amid bus bombings NC. at It p m in the Student enter at it I I740 for more information available at the Stewart Theatre personal referral network Resume and weapon wielding mobs Farmer s lecture Monday night. Senate Hall and Thursday Feb l5 Ian fl ice Admission is 4 for writing and cover letter design will Despite this the National Action will be free to the public. at 8 pm in the Student enter MAJORS OF AND TRANS NCSI students with ID and 6 for also be discussed Advance regis. ireen Room Anyone interested is FERS INTO PSYCHOLOGY gLneILil admission tration is required the fee is 5. welcome For more information or Students Interested in the Ilutiiati A blood drive lot the American These sessions will be held Feb University of Chicago Newberry. if you are unable to attend call Resource Development option Red ross will be held at the Sigma 12 l4 l9 and 2 from 6 30 to Professor of Geology Wallace. Julie at S5 I 565 Ol I 0 should complete an application Phi Iipsilon llouse Wednesday Issues Broecker and David Rind of. which are located In Room I40 of Feb I4 from 2 7p m For more 8pm Call 737 2396 to reserve a NASA. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority lNl l oe Ilalli before March l5 Contact information call Jeff Sagraves at space Another forum speaker was Gro. will be selling authentic Valentines Denis iray 7l2 I oe Halli at 737 Ski 272 Continued from page I Brundtland the f0rm f prl l min. candy grams Monday Feb l2 and 225l for further Information Compiled by Jay Patel ister of Norway Brundtland is also. I ues day Feb l3 in the Student cussed the public policy perspective the authOI of the book Our. on environmental issues The line Common Future This book was. developing the best possible public up included Governor Madeleine published from her report which. policies for North Caroline and the Kunin from Vermont North she presented to a United Nations. Jordan US said Martin Carolina native and Governor of environmental committee last year. Bob Jordan who spoke on behalf Alaska Steve Cowper fomier North This book will be available in limit. of the Jordan family expressed his Carolina Governor James Hunt Jr ed quantities at the McKimmon. L oiiliiiia d ii oiit page I honor in being able to help build Senator Albert Gore from Center during the EIF for the. the research center The family is Tennessee National Wildlife reduced price of 8. cerning environmental problems moved and honored to be associat Federation President Jay Hair The Natural Resources Research. Now we will have the proper with something that will mean so National Geographic Society Center was dedicated yesterday in. people crying wolf and the research ed The true beauty President Gilbert Grosvcnor as well honor of the family of and late R B. will make this center a focus for will be in sothemany. research that will take as several others from research Jordan Jr fouder of Jordan. place here Jordan said companies and a public utility Lumber Company The center. The NCSU baseball The scientists will make a posi Scientists who discussed global which has been renamed Jordan. I RTC l RVED club is sponsoring 3 tive difference in all our lives pollution resource depletion and Hall will house the department of. CLASS RINGS Valentine s Day Rose NCSU is a shining example of what other environmental related prob marine earth and atmospheric sci. can happen when a school is mar lems were V Ramanalhan from the ences. Sale Feb 12 and Feb ried to the people tlie land and the. 13 The sale will be sea said Jordan, held at the brickyard Locations for the Emerging Issues Forum. and the free expression Live Broadcast of Events Today. tunnel trom 9 am to 4 l AMERICAN,pm Cost is 2 per SOCIETY. rose The Student Center Ballroom,The Lobby of Caldwell Hall.
Now is the time to Room 2010 Biltmore Hall,make your choice. Because every, ArtCarved college NCSU Bookstores invites students to. ring From handsome,traditional to coniem, styles in on sale now participate in a celebration of African. You ll be im tensed with,the line An ed American History Month on Tuesday. cmfunanship that s,backed by I Put Lifetime, Warranty And youIt February 20 1990 between 11 30 am.
appreciate the saying, Don t miss Ollll and 2 pm in the Trade Book Shop of PREVENT FOREST FIRES. The Quality the Dunn Avenue bookstore Any,The Craftmaruhip. Till Reward You Deserve students interested in doing short GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK. performances or readings during this BOWL ONE NIGHT A WEEK. PackCrushesHeels lhe Wolfpack defeats the Tarheels at Chapel Hill the first time sincel976 Sports Page3 Forum discusses Global Changes EmergingIssues Forumearns nationalreputation ByWadeBabcockand AmyCoulter NewsEditors An improved Emerging Issues Forumtook place yesterday dwarf ing its four previous forums in number and scope of events renown of speakers and method of broadcast

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