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Accessories 4 7 Connecting recording devices 28,8 Connecting the power cable 28. FEATURES 5 9 Selecting an on screen menu language 29. 10 Optimizing the speaker settings automatically YPAO 30. What you can do with the unit 5 Error messages 32,Part names and functions 7 Warning messages 33. Front panel 7,Front display indicators 8 PLAYBACK 34. Rear panel 9,Remote control 10,Basic playback procedure 34. Switching information on the front display 34,PREPARATIONS 11.
Selecting the input source and favorite settings with one touch. General setup procedure 11,Configuring scene assignments 35. 1 Placing speakers 12 Selecting the sound mode 36, 2 Connecting speakers 15 Enjoying sound field effects CINEMA DSP 37. Enjoying unprocessed playback 39,5 1 channel system 15. Enjoying pure high fidelity sound direct playback 40. 7 1 channel system 15, Enjoying compressed music with enhanced sound Compressed Music Enhancer 41. Connecting front speakers that support bi amp connections 16. Enjoying surround sound with headphones SILENT CINEMA 41. Connecting Zone B speakers 16, Input output jacks and cables 17 Listening to FM AM radio 42.
Setting the frequency steps 42, 3 Connecting a TV 18 Selecting a frequency for reception 42. Registering favorite radio stations presets 43,4 Connecting playback devices 23. Radio Data System tuning 45, Connecting video devices such as BD DVD players 23. Connecting audio devices such as CD players 25 Playing back iPod music 46. Connecting to the jacks on the front panel 26 Connecting an iPod 46. Playback of iPod content 47,5 Connecting the FM AM antennas 26. Playing back music stored on a USB storage device 50. 6 Connecting to a network 27,Connecting a USB storage device 50.
Playback of USB storage device contents 50 Controlling external devices with the remote control 82. Playing back music stored on media servers PCs NAS 53 Registering the remote control code for a TV 82. Media sharing setup 53 Registering the remote control codes for playback devices 83. Playback of PC music contents 53 Resetting remote control codes 84. Listening to Internet radio 56 Updating the unit s firmware 85. Playing back iTunes iPod music via a network AirPlay 58. Playback of iTunes iPod music contents 58 APPENDIX 86. Playing back music in multiple rooms RX V573 only 60. Preparing Zone B 60 Frequently asked questions 86, Configuring playback settings for different playback sources. Troubleshooting 87,Option menu 62 Power and system 87. Option menu items 62 Audio 88,CONFIGURATIONS 66 FM AM radio 90. USB and network 90,Remote control 91, Configuring various functions Setup menu 66 Error indications on the front display 92. Setup menu items 67,Speaker 69,Glossary 93,HDMI 72 Audio information 93.
Sound 73 HDMI and video information 94,ECO 75 Yamaha technologies 95. Function 76 Video signal flow 96,Network 77 Information on HDMI 96. Language 79 HDMI Control 96, Configuring the system settings ADVANCED SETUP menu 80 HDMI signal compatibility 98. ADVANCED SETUP menu items 80 Reference diagram rear panel 99. Changing the speaker impedance setting SP IMP 80,Selecting the remote control ID REMOTE ID 80. Trademarks 100, Changing the FM AM tuning frequency setting TU 81 Specifications 101.
Switching the video signal type TV FORMAT 81,Restoring the default settings INIT 81 Index 104. Updating the firmware UPDATE 81,Checking the firmware version VERSION 81. Accessories Operating range of the remote control, Check that the following accessories are supplied with the product Point the remote control at the remote control sensor on the unit and remain within the operating range. shown below,Remote control Batteries AAA R03 UM 4 x2. Within 6 m 20 ft,Insert the batteries the right,AM antenna FM antenna.
One of the above is supplied depending on the region of. YPAO microphone CD ROM Owner s Manual, The illustrations of the main unit and remote control used in this manual are of the RX V573 U S A. model unless otherwise specified, Some features are not available in certain regions. Due to product improvements specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice. This manual explains operations using the supplied remote control. Easy Setup Guide Safety Brochure This manual describes all the iPod iPhone and iPad as the iPod iPod refers to iPod iPhone. and iPad unless otherwise specified, indicates precautions for use of the unit and its feature limitations. indicates supplementary explanations for better use. Accessories En 4,What you can do with the unit, Wide variety of supported content Supports 2 to 5 1 channel to 7 1 channel. speaker system Allows you to enjoy your favorite,iPod iPhone iPad p 46.
acoustic spaces in various styles, USB p 50 Automatically optimizing the speaker p 30. Media server PC NAS p 53 settings to suit your room YPAO. Internet radio p 56 Reproducing stereo or multichannel p 37. sounds with the sound fields like,AirPlay p 58 actual movie theaters and concert. halls CINEMA DSP,Enjoying compressed music with p 41. enhanced sound Compressed Music,Playing back music in multiple rooms p 60. Network contents,RX V573 only,iPod iPhone iPad Audio.
HDMI Control,USB device,3D and 4K signals supported Audio. HDMI Control,Audio Video TV,BD DVD player AV receiver the unit. Operating external Change the input source Sequential operation of a TV. devices with the supplied and favorite settings with AV receiver and BD DVD. remote control one touch SCENE player HDMI Control. p 82 The unit s p 35 TV remote control p 96,remote control. FEATURES What you can do with the unit En 5,Full of useful functions Useful tips. The combination of video audio input jacks does not. Connecting various devices p 23 Creating 3 dimensional sound fields p 37. match an external device, A number of HDMI jacks and various input output jacks The Virtual Presence Speaker VPS function allows you.
Use Audio In in the Option menu to change the, on the unit allow you to connect video devices such as to create a 3 dimensional sound field in your own room combination of video audio input jacks so that it matches. BD DVD players audio devices such as CD players CINEMA DSP 3D. the output jack s of your external device p 24,game consoles camcorders and other devices. Video and audio are not synchronized,Use Lipsync in the Setup menu to adjust the delay. between video and audio output p 74,player I want to hear audio from the TV speakers. Use Audio Output in the Setup menu to select the, output destination of signals input into the unit p 72.
Game CD player Your TV speakers may be selected as an output. console destination,I want to change the on screen menu language. Use Language in the Setup menu to select a,language from English French German Spanish. Russian and Chinese p 29,Camcorder I want to update the firmware. Listening to FM AM radio p 42 Use Network Update p 85 in the Setup menu or. The unit is equipped with a built in FM AM tuner You UPDATE p 81 in the ADVANCED SETUP menu to. Set top box can register up to 40 favorite radio stations as presets update the unit s firmware. Many other settings are available that let you to, Enjoying pure high fidelity sound p 40 customize the unit For details see the following pages. Playing back TV audio in surround sound When the direct playback mode is enabled the unit Scene settings p 35. with a single HDMI cable connection plays back the selected source with the least circuitry. Audio Return Channel ARC p 18 which lets you to enjoy Hi Fi sound quality Sound video settings and signal information for each. source p 62,When using an ARC compatible TV you only need one.
HDMI cable to enable video output to the TV audio input Easy operation with a TV screen Various function settings p 67. from the TV and the transmission of HDMI Control signals You can operate the iPod or USB storage device view System settings p 80. information or easily configure the settings using the. HDMI Control on screen menu,Low power consumption, Video from The ECO mode power saving function reduces the. external device,unit s power consumption and helps to create an. eco friendly home theater system p 76,FEATURES What you can do with the unit En 6. Part names and functions,Front panel,1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A. YPAO MIC DIRECT,INFO MEMORY PRESET FM AM TUNING,DVD TV NET RADIO.
VIDEO AUX USB,PHONES INPUT TONE CONTROL PROGRAM STRAIGHT. SILENT CINEMA,AUDIO VIDEO iPod iPhone iPad,B C D E F G H I J. 1 z power key 7 PRESET keys E SCENE keys, Turns on off standby the unit Select a preset FM AM radio station p 44 Select the registered input source and sound program with. one touch Also turns on the unit when it is in standby mode. 2 Standby indicator 8 FM and AM keys p 35, Lights up when the unit is in standby mode under any of the Switch between FM and AM p 42. following conditions F PROGRAM keys, HDMI Control is enabled p 72 9 TUNING keys Select a sound program or a surround decoder p 36.
Standby Through is enabled p 72 Select the radio frequency p 42. G STRAIGHT key, Network Standby is enabled p 78 0 Front display Enables disables the straight decode mode p 39. An iPod is being charged p 46 Displays information p 8. H VIDEO AUX jacks, 3 YPAO MIC jack A DIRECT key For connecting devices such as camcorders and game. For connecting the supplied YPAO microphone p 30 Enables disables the direct playback mode p 40 consoles p 26. 4 Remote control sensor B PHONES jack I USB jack, Receives remote control signals p 4 For connecting headphones For connecting a USB storage device p 50 or an iPod. 5 INFO key p 46,C INPUT keys, Selects the information displayed on the front display p 34 Select an input source J VOLUME knob. 6 MEMORY key Adjusts the volume,D TONE CONTROL key.
Registers FM AM radio stations as preset stations p 43 Adjusts the high frequency range and low frequency range. of output sounds p 63,FEATURES Part names and functions En 7. Front display indicators,1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9,ENHANCER ADAPTIVE DRC SLEEP VOL. STEREO SP A,3 TUNED SP B MUTE,SBL SB SBR, 1 HDMI 6 ZONE indicators RX V573 only B Speaker indicators. Lights up when HDMI signals are being input or output SP A lights up when the Zone A speaker output is enabled Indicate speaker terminals from which signals are output. and SP B lights up when the Zone B speaker output is L Subwoofer. OUT enabled p 61, Lights up when HDMI signals are being output A Front speaker L. 7 SLEEP S Front speaker R, 2 CINEMA DSP Lights up when the sleep timer is on D Center speaker.
Lights up when CINEMA DSP p 37 is working,8 MUTE F Surround speaker L. CINEMA DSP n Blinks when audio is muted G Surround speaker R. Lights up when CINEMA DSP 3D p 39 is working H Surround back speaker L. 9 Volume indicator J Surround back speaker R,3 ENHANCER Indicates the current volume. Lights up when Compressed Music Enhancer p 41 is K Surround back speaker. working 0 Cursor indicators,RX V573 only, Indicate the remote control cursor keys currently operational. 4 ADAPTIVE DRC, Lights up when Adaptive DRC p 63 is working A Information display. Displays the current status such as input name and sound. 5 STEREO mode name You can switch the information by pressing. Lights up when the unit is receiving a stereo FM radio signal INFO p 34. Lights up when the unit is receiving an FM AM radio station. FEATURES Part names and functions En 8,Rear panel,RX V573 U S A model.
6 7 8 9 A B prevent improper connections, 1 HDMI OUT jack 7 AV OUT jacks A SPEAKERS terminals. For connecting to an HDMI compatible TV and outputting For outputting video audio to a recording device such as a For connecting to speakers p 15. video audio signals p 18 When using ARC TV audio signal VCR p 28. can also be input through the HDMI OUT jack,8 AUDIO jacks. 2 HDMI 1 4 jacks For connecting to an audio playback device and inputting The SURROUND BACK BI AMP ZONE B jacks are available on. For connecting to HDMI compatible playback devices and audio signals p 25 RX V573 only. inputting video audio signals p 23 B VOLTAGE SELECTOR. 9 SUBWOOFER jack, 3 ANTENNA jacks For connecting to a subwoofer with built in amplifier p 15 General model only. For connecting to FM and AM antennas p 26 Selects the switch position according to your local voltage. 0 MONITOR OUT jacks p 28,4 NETWORK jack COMPONENT VIDEO jacks. For connecting to a network p 27 For connecting to a TV that supports component video and. outputting video signals p 22,5 Power cable, For connecting to an AC wall outlet p 28 VIDEO jack.
For connecting to a TV that supports composite video and. 6 AV 1 6 jacks,outputting video signals p 22, For connecting to video audio playback devices and. inputting video audio signals p 23,FEATURES Part names and functions En 9. Remote control,1 Remote control signal transmitter 9 SETUP key. 1 Transmits infrared signals Displays the setup menu p 66. YPAO microphone CD ROM Owner s Manual Easy Setup Guide Safety Brochure Insert the batteries the right way round Operating range of the remote control Point the remote control at the remote control sensor on the unit and remain within the operating range shown below

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