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Operation Guide 3043,Radio controlled Atomic Timekeeping. Signal reception normally is better at night than during the day. This watch receives a time calibration signal and updates its time setting. Time calibration signal reception takes from two to seven minutes but in. accordingly, some cases it can take as long as 14 minutes Take care that you do not. This watch is designed to pick up the time calibration signal transmitted in. perform any button operations or move the watch during this time. Germany Mainflingen England Rugby and the United States Fort. Collins and the time calibration signals transmitted in Japan The time calibration signal the watch will attempt to pick up depends on its. current Home City code setting as shown below,Current Time Setting. This watch adjusts its time setting automatically in accordance with a time Home City Code Transmitter Frequency. calibration signal You can also perform a manual procedure to set the time LON Rugby England 60 0 kHz. and date when necessary PAR BER ATH Mainflingen Germany 77 5 kHz. The first thing you should do after purchasing this watch is to specify your. Fukushima Japan 40 0 kHz, Home City the city where you normally will use the watch For more TYO SEL. information see To specify your Home City below Fukuoka Saga Japan 60 0 kHz. When using the watch outside the areas covered by the time signal Fort Collins Colorado 60 0 kHz. NYC CHI DEN LAX, transmitters you will have to adjust the current time setting manually as the United States.
required See Timekeeping for more information about manual time settings. The U S time calibration signal can be picked up by the watch while in North America Reception Ranges. The term North America in this manual refers to the area that consists of. Canada the continental United States and Mexico,To specify your Home City 1 500 kilometers. 2 000 miles, City code 1 In the Timekeeping Mode hold down E until 3 000 kilometers. the city code starts to flash which indicates,ll l l l l ll the setting screen Rugby. 2 Press C east and D west to select the,1 000 kilometers. city code you want to use as your Home City Mainflingen. LON London Collins,500 kilometers,PAR BER Paris Berlin Milan Rome.
Amsterdam Hamburg Frankfurt kilometers 500,Vienna Barcelona Madrid kilometers. ATH Athens Fukuoka Saga Fukushima,TYO SEL Tokyo Seoul. 1 000 1 000, NYC New York Detroit Miami Boston Montreal kilometers. CHI Chicago Houston Dallas Fort Worth New Orleans Winnipeg Mexico City kilometers. DEN Denver El Paso Edmonton Culiacan, LAX Los Angeles San Francisco Las Vegas Seattle Tacoma Signal reception may not be possible at the distances noted below during. Vancouver Tijuana certain times of the year or day Radio interference may also cause. 3 Press E to exit the setting screen problems with reception. Normally your watch should show the correct time as soon as you select Mainflingen Germany or Rugby England transmitters 500 kilometers. your Home City code If it does not it should adjust automatically after the 310 miles. next auto receive operation in the middle of the night You can also Fort Collins United States transmitter 600 miles 1 000 kilometers. perform manual receive or you can set the time manually Fukushima or Fukuoka Saga Japan transmitters 500 kilometers 310. The watch will receive the time calibration signal automatically from the miles. applicable transmitter in the middle of the night and update its settings Even when the watch is within the reception range of the transmitter signal. accordingly For information about the relationship between city codes and. reception will be impossible if the signal is blocked by mountains or other. transmitters see Transmitters, See the maps under Reception Ranges for information about the geological formations between the watch and signal source.
reception ranges of the watch Signal reception is affected by weather atmospheric conditions and. You can disable time signal reception if you want See To turn auto receive seasonal changes. on and off for more information See the information under Signal Reception Troubleshooting if you. experience problems with time calibration signal reception. Time Calibration Signal Reception, There are two different methods you can use to receive the time calibration. About Auto Receive, The watch receives the time calibration signal automatically up to six times a. signal auto receive and manual receive, day When any auto receive is successful the remaining auto receive. Auto Receive operations are not performed The reception schedule calibration times. With auto receive the watch receives the time calibration signal automatically depends on your currently selected Home City and whether standard time or. up to six times a day When any auto receive is successful the remaining Daylight Saving Time is selected for your Home City. auto receive operations are not performed For more information see About. Auto Receive Auto Receive Start Times,Your Home City. Manual Receive 1 2 3 4 5 6, Manual receive lets you start a time calibration receive operation with the press LON Standard Time 1 00 am 2 00 am 3 00 am 4 00 am 5 00 am Midnight.
of a button For more information see To perform manual receive Daylight Saving Time 2 00 am 3 00 am 4 00 am 5 00 am Midnight 1 00 am. Important next day, When getting ready to receive the time calibration signal position the watch PAR Standard Time 2 00 am 3 00 am 4 00 am 5 00 am Midnight 1 00 am. as shown in the nearby illustration with its 12 o clock side facing towards a BER next day. window Make sure there are no metal objects nearby Daylight Saving Time 3 00 am 4 00 am 5 00 am Midnight 1 00 am 2 00 am. next day next day, ATH Standard Time 3 00 am 4 00 am 5 00 am Midnight 1 00 am 2 00 am. 12 o clock next day next day, Daylight Saving Time 4 00 am 5 00 am Midnight 1 00 am 2 00 am 3 00 am. or next day next day next day, TYO Standard Time Midnight 1 00 am 2 00 am 3 00 am 4 00 am 5 00 am. NYC Standard Time and Midnight 1 00 am 2 00 am 3 00 am 4 00 am 5 00 am. The watch should not be facing the wrong way CHI Daylight Saving Time. Proper signal reception can be difficult or even impossible under the DEN. conditions listed below LAX, When a calibration time is reached the watch will receive the calibration.
signal only if it is in either the Timekeeping Mode or World time Mode. Reception is not performed if a calibration time is reached while you are. Inside or Inside a Near Near a Near high Among or configuring settings. among vehicle household construction tension behind Auto receive of the calibration signal is designed to be performed early in. buildings appliances site airport power lines mountains the morning while you sleep provided that the Timekeeping Mode time is. office or other set correctly Before going to bed for the night remove the watch from your. equipment sources of wrist and put it in a location where it can receive the signal easily. or a mobile electrical,phone noise,Operation Guide 3043. The watch receives the calibration signal for two to seven minutes everyday To turn auto receive on and off. when the time in the Timekeeping Mode reaches each of the calibration 1 Enter the Receive Mode. times Do not perform any button operation within seven minutes before or 2 In the Receive Mode hold down E until the. after any one of the calibration times Doing so can interfere with correct current auto receive setting ON or OFF. calibration On Off starts to flash This is the setting screen. Remember that reception of the calibration signal depends on the current status Note that the setting screen will not appear if. the currently selected Home City is one that, time in the Timekeeping Mode The receive operation will be performed. does not support time calibration reception, whenever the display shows any one of the calibration times regardless of 3 Press C to toggle auto receive on ON and. whether or not the displayed time actually is the correct time off OFF. About the Receiving Indicator 4 Press E to exit the setting screen. The receiving indicator shows the strength of the calibration signal being For information about city codes that support signal receive see To specify. received For best reception be sure to keep the watch in a location where your Home City. signal strength is strongest The receiving indicator is displayed while an auto To check the latest signal reception results. or manual receive operation is in progress,Enter the Receive Mode. Receiving When receive is successful the display shows. indicator the time and date that receive was successful. indicates that none of the reception,operations were successful.
To return to the Timekeeping Mode press D,Weak Strong. Level 1 Level 5 Signal Reception Troubleshooting, Check the following points whenever you experience problems with signal. Even in an area where signal strength is strong it takes about 10 seconds. Problem Probable Cause What you should do, for signal reception to stabilize enough for the receiving indicator to indicate. signal strength Cannot perform The watch is not in the Enter the Timekeeping. manual receive Timekeeping World Time or World Time or Receive. Use the receiving indicator as a guide for checking signal strength and for Receive Mode Mode and try again. finding the best location for the watch during signal receive operations Your current Home City is not Select LON PAR BER. Following reception of the time calibration signal and calibration of the one of the following LON PAR ATH TYO SEL NYC. watch s time setting the Level 5 receiving indicator will remain on the BER ATH TYO SEL NYC CHI DEN or LAX as. display in all modes The Level 5 receiving indicator will not be displayed if CHI DEN or LAX your Home City. signal reception was unsuccessful or after you adjust the current time Auto receive is You changed the time setting Perform manual signal. setting manually turned on but manually receive or wait until the. The Level 5 receiving indicator is displayed only when the watch is able to the Level 5 The DST setting was changed next auto signal receive. receive both time and date data successfully It does not appear when only receiving manually in the World Time operation is performed. time data is received indicator does Mode Check to make sure the. The Level 5 receiving indicator indicates that at least one of the auto not appear on You pressed a button while signal watch is in a location. calibration signal receive operations was successful Note however that the display receive was in progress where it can receive the. the Level 5 receiving indicator disappears from the display each day when Even if receive is successful the signal. the first auto receive operation of the day is performed Level 5 receiving indicator. disappears from the display, To perform manual receive each day when the first auto. Receiving 1 Enter the Receive Mode receive operation of the day is. 2 Place the watch on a stable surface so its 12 performed. o clock side is facing towards a window Time data hour minutes. ll lll 3 Hold down C for about two seconds until RC seconds only was received. during the last receive operation,ll starts to flash on the display.
lllll The Level 5 receiving indicator,Time calibration signal reception takes from. two to seven minutes Take care that you do not appears only when time data. perform any button operations or move the and date data year month day. watch during this time are both received, If the receive operation is successful the Time setting is If the time is one hour off the Change the DST setting. successful, reception date and time appear on the display incorrect DST setting may be incorrect to Auto DST. along with the GET indicator following signal The Home City code setting is Select the correct Home. The watch will enter the Receive Mode if you reception not correct for the area where City code. press C or if you do not perform any button you are using the watch. operation for about one or two minutes For further information see Important under Time Calibration Signal. If the current reception fails but a previous Reception and Radio controlled Atomic Timekeeping Precautions. reception was successful the display shows,the previous reception s date and time and the. Receive failed ERR indicator indicates that none of Digital Compass. the reception operations were successful, The watch will enter the Receive Mode without A built in bearing sensor detects magnetic north and indicates one of 16.
changing the time setting if you press C or if directions on the display Direction readings are performed in the Digital. you do not perform any button operation for Compass Mode. about one or two minutes You can calibrate the bearing sensor if you suspect the direction reading is. Note To enter and exit the Digital Compass Mode,If there was a previously. To interrupt a receive operation and return to, successful reception 12 o clock position 1 While in the Timekeeping Mode or in any of. the Receive Mode press C,the other sensor modes press A to enter the. llll Digital Compass Mode,At this time the watch will start a Digital. Compass operation After about two,seconds letters appear on the display to.
indicate the direction that the 12 o clock,position of the watch is pointing. If no reception was The direction reading on the display is. successful updated each second for up to 20 seconds. Operation Guide 3043 1 MO0602 EA Getting Acquainted Congratulations upon your selection of this CASIO watch To get the most out of your purchase be sure to read this manual carefully Applications The built in sensors of this watch measure direction barometric pressure temperature and altitude Measured values are then shown on the display Such features make this watch useful when hiking

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