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1 Sizing Methodology Overview 7, Large Installations Over 150 Concurrent Connections 7. Supported Platforms 7,2 Resiliency and Redundancy 8. Mitigating Business Risk Risk vs Cost 8,OPERA Versions 8. Supported Platforms 8,3 Determining Existing Server Information 10. OPERA Upgrades 10, 4 OPERA Xpress Limited Services Server Sizing 6 Users 11.
5 OPERA Single Server Sizing 12,2 CPU Cores 20 Users 12. 4 CPU Cores 40 Users 13,8 CPU Cores 80 Users 15,8 CPU Cores 140 Users 16. 6 Separate OPERA Application Database Server Sizing 18. 7 Server Sizing 21, Microsoft Windows Server OXI and OXI HUB Server Sizing 21. Microsoft Windows Server OEDS Server Sizing 21, OPERA Interface PC Server and Workstation Hardware Sizing 22. Guidelines for OPERA BI Sizing 24,8 OPERA Microsoft Windows Server Sizing 26.
9 Supporting Hardware Sizing 29,Additional Considerations 29. 10 Guidelines for Determining User Counts 31,11 Frequently Asked Questions 33. Virtualization Terminal Services Citrix Support 34. Hard Drive Configurations and Specifications 34,Storage Area Network Devices 34. Backup and Antivirus Information 35,12 Oracle Hospitality Network Requirements 37. 13 Introduction to Network Design 38,Local Area Network Internal Network 38.
Demilitarized Zone DMZ 38,External Network 39,High Level Network Diagram 39. Overview of Required Network Communication Ports 39. Network Data Graphical View 42,14 OPERA Server and Application Components 43. Property Management System PMS Servers 43, OPERA Electronic Distribution Suite OEDS Servers 43. OXI OEDS in a DMZ Environment 44, OEDS Servers with a Direct Connection to the Internet 44. OEDS Servers without a Direct Connection to the Internet 44. OPERA eXchange Interface OXI Components and Servers 45. OXI External System Posting INTO OPERA Network 46, OXI External System NOT Posting Into OPERA Network 47.
OXI Variations Summary 47,Property Level Interfaces 48. OPERA Client Server Communications 49,Secure Socket Layer SSL and OPERA 50. For OPERA Versions 4 0 5 0 04 02 50,For OPERA Versions 5 0 04 03 and Higher 50. Wireless Access Points and OPERA 51,User Accounts 52. Microsoft Windows User Accounts 53,Microsoft Active Directory 53.
Microsoft Active Directory Integration to OPERA 53. Credit Card Data Flow 53,Known Issues and Security Enhancements 54. 15 Virtualization 55,Support for Virtual Environments 55. 16 OPERA Hardware Sizing Template 56, This document serves as a guide when determining hardware requirements such as. servers printers workstations for hotel installations running Oracle Hospitality OPERA. Property Management Versions 5 0 04 03 and 5 5 x previously known as 5 0 05 The. installation requires Oracle WebLogic application server media. The Hardware Sizing Guide is intended for customers of Oracle Hospitality OPERA. Property Management Versions 5 0 04 03 and 5 5 x Using this guide customers can. determine their hardware needs and discuss them with the appropriate personnel for. installation and implementation,Customer Support, To contact Oracle Customer Support access My Oracle Support at the following URL. https support oracle com, When contacting Customer Support please provide the following.
Product version and program module name, Functional and technical description of the problem include business impact. Detailed step by step instructions to re create, Exact error message received and any associated log files. Screen shots of each step you take,Documentation, Oracle Hospitality product documentation is available on the Oracle Help Center at. http docs oracle com en industries hospitality,Additional Resources. Network and Communications Guidelines, OPERA Property Management Workstation Setup Guide Release 5 5.
OPERA 5 and OPERA Cloud Client and Server Compatibility Matrix. Revision History,Date Description of Change,December 2014 Initial 5 0 04 03 sizing guide. September 2016 Conform to Oracle Corporation documentation standards. Updated data in certain tables to reflect current technology. April 2017 Added Additional Resources and general edits. July 2017 Added 5 5 x info Resiliency and Redundancy Determining. existing server information Frequently Asked Questions. Oracle Hospitality Network Requirements Introduction to. Network Design OPERA Server and Application Components. Virtualization Hotel Mobile and OPERA Hardware Sizing. 1 Sizing Methodology Overview,Servers have three main components. Each component has factors that determine the proper size. At a high level CPU and memory are driven by the number of users and the. type of processing, Disk configuration is driven by data size and the necessity for speed of access. reduced IO contention, The sizes published in this document are based on analysis of empirical data from Beta. sites and load testing results The hardware specifications are based on available. hardware at the time of writing, The number of connections is the sum of the number of PCs with the ability to connect to.
Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Management at one time plus the number of. external connection sources such as third party software and interface PCs. Examples and generic calculations are included for determining the user equivalent load. of CRS interfaces GDS and OWS, Server sizes are designed to support all Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property. Management modules in any configuration as long as the number of connections is not. exceeded Compatibility and performance of Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property. Management hotel servers with other products such as Yield Management Materials. Management or Back Office products has not been evaluated and should be considered. separately when specifying servers, Large Installations Over 150 Concurrent Connections. Larger installs classified as greater than 150 users require a detailed analysis for proper. sizing Contact your Oracle account representative for help with large configurations as. there are many possibilities based on customer preferences. Supported Platforms, For supported platforms refer to the document OPERA 5 and OPERA Cloud Client and. Server Compatibility Matrix on the Oracle Help Center. 2 Resiliency and Redundancy,Mitigating Business Risk Risk vs Cost. The amount of investment a hotel makes in Resiliency and Redundancy should be. judged to equal the business risk i e the larger the hotel the greater the number of users. and services should mean a greater investment in Resiliency and Redundancy This may. mean an investment in, High quality long standby time UPS with integrated power filters.
Best practices for backups and regular restore testing. Today s servers are very powerful and give us the ability to handle very large numbers. of connections However it may be sensible from a business risk perspective to use one. of the resilient configurations available rather than putting both DB and Application. services on a single server If a hotel IT manager is unsure they should get a. recommendation for Resiliency and Redundancy best practices from Oracle Hospitality. OPERA Versions, This is a hardware sizing document for current versions of OPERA All references to. supported environments and platforms are in reference to OPERA Version 5 0 04 x and. 5 5 x Please contact Oracle Hospitality for recommendations on Hardware Sizing for. other versions of OPERA,Supported Platforms, As of this writing OPERA versions lower than 5 0 04 03 are only certified on Microsoft. Windows 2008r2, Microsoft Windows Server 2012r2 is only certified for OPERA Versions 5 0 04 03 and. above including Database Application and Single Servers. OXI Property Interfaces and HTNG Interfaces are certified on Microsoft Windows 7 as. well as Microsoft Windows 2008r2, All references to Microsoft Windows 2008 in this document are to be understood as. references to Microsoft Windows 2008r2 Microsoft Windows 2008r1 is not considered to. be a valid platform for OPERA installations, All references to Microsoft Windows 2008r2 in this document include Microsoft.
Windows 2008r2 Standard or Enterprise Server unless otherwise noted. All references to Microsoft Windows 7 8 or 8 1 in this document include Microsoft. Windows 7 8 or 8 1 Professional Enterprise or Ultimate unless otherwise noted Both. x32 and x64 are supported unless otherwise noted NO Starter or Home versions are. All references to Microsoft Windows 2012 in this document mean Microsoft Windows. 2012r2 Standard Server unless otherwise noted,3 Determining Existing Server Information. If you are looking to upgrade your OPERA environment and need to determine if your. current system is able to handle the load there are a few key pieces of information that. Oracle Hospitality will need to effectively determine sizing. First we need your property information including, Total Concurrent Users peak maximum concurrent application users accessing. the system,Total Number of Properties,Total number of Property Interfaces. Total number of OXI Interfaces,Total number of HTNG and other Interfaces. To estimate concurrent users a general guideline is 10 of the hotel room count. Second we need your current OPERA Server details including. Operating System,Number and speed of CPU,Amount of RAM.
Speed and size of disks,Array configuration and Drive Layout. OPERA Upgrades, While the upgrade process is very straight forward the hotel should ensure that there is. a successful and valid backup of the OPERA Application folder D MICROS and the. Oracle database through the Oracle agent Failure to do so may result in total data loss. should unexpected issues arise,4 OPERA Xpress Limited Services Server. Sizing 6 Users, OPERA Xpress Limited Services sizing applies to the release of Oracle Hospitality. OPERA Property Management Version 5 0 04 03 or higher For other configurations refer. to either the Single server sizing or use the Standard dual server sizing in this document. servers printers workstations for hotel installations running Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Management Versions 5 0 04 03 and 5 5 x previously known as 5 0 05 The installation requires Oracle WebLogic application server media

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