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1 Introduction 3,1 1 Release Notes revision history 3. 2 About Gupta SQLBase 3,2 1 New features 3,2 2 Discontinued and deprecated features 3. 3 Packaging and documentation 3,3 1 Packaging and delivery information 3. 3 2 Related documentation 4,4 Supported environments and compatibility 4. 4 1 Supported systems 4,4 2 OpenText product compatibility 4.
4 3 Language support 5,5 Installation and upgrade notes 5. 5 1 Installation notes 5,5 2 Upgrade notes 6,6 Fixed issues 6. 7 Contact information 10,Gupta SQLBase 12 2 1 Release Notes. 1 Introduction, These Release Notes provide an overview of Gupta SQLBase 12 2 1 including new features delivery. information and supported platforms OpenText recommends that you read these Release Notes in. conjunction with the documentation included with the software package If any conflicts exist the. Release Notes supersede the other documentation, We also recommend that you check OpenText My Support https support opentext com for any.
patches or documentation updates that may have been posted after the initial release of this product. 1 1 Release Notes revision history, Revision date Sections revised Description of revisions. 2020 02 06 First release All new content,2 About Gupta SQLBase. This section provides an overview of Gupta SQLBase 12 2 1. SQLBase 12 2 1 is the first quality release for the SQLBase 12 2 product line. 2 1 New features, Gupta SQLBase 12 2 1 includes the following new features. No new features in SQLBase 12 2 1,2 2 Discontinued and deprecated features. The following features have been discontinued in this release. No discontinued features in SQLBase 12 2 1, The following features have been deprecated in this release.
No deprecated features in SQLBase 12 2 1,3 Packaging and documentation. Downloads and documentation for Gupta SQLBase are available on OpenText My Support. https support opentext com,3 1 Packaging and delivery information. The software and documentation for Gupta SQLBase includes. Windows 32 bit Install,Windows 64 bit Install,Gupta SQLBase 12 2 1 Release Notes. Redhat Linux 6 32 bit Install,Redhat Linux 6 64 bit Install. Redhat Linux 7 64 bit Install,Windows Embedded Deployment Pack.
Linux Embedded Deployment Pack,3 2 Related documentation. For additional information about Gupta SQLBase or for supplemental information about related. products refer to the following documents which are available on OpenText My Support. https support opentext com, https knowledge opentext com knowledge llisapi dll Open 62165519. 4 Supported environments and compatibility, This section provides details about supported platforms systems and versions. 4 1 Supported systems, SQLBase is available to run on the following systems. Windows 7 SP1,Windows 8 8 1,Windows 10,Windows Server 2008 R2.
Windows Server 2012,Windows Server 2016,Windows Server 2019. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 6 9 and above,Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 7 3 and above. The Visual Studio plugin supports,Visual Studio 2012. Visual Studio 2015,Visual Studio 2016,Visual Studio 2017. Visual Studio 2019,4 2 OpenText product compatibility.
The section provides details about which versions of other OpenText products are compatible with this. release of Gupta SQLBase 12 2 1, Note For the latest compatibility information for OpenText products refer to the Compatibility. Matrix https knowledge opentext com go matrix on OpenText My Support. Gupta SQLBase 12 2 1 Release Notes,Product name Version Notes. OpenText Business Intelligence OTBI 11 0,OpenText Integration Center OTIC 16 0. 6 3 7 0 7 1,OpenText Gupta Report Builder,6 3 7 0 7 1. OpenText Gupta Team Developer,2 0 2 1 2 2,OpenText Gupta TD Mobile.
4 3 Language support, Gupta SQLBase is currently localized in the following languages Additional languages may be. available in future releases,Component Languages,EN DE JA FR IT ZH ES RU. SQLBase Server B UI UI,SQLTalk Plus B UI,Command Center B. UI user interface only,B both user interface and online help. 5 Installation and upgrade notes, This section provides additional installation and upgrade information including related or third party.
product information and any required critical patches. 5 1 Installation notes, Before you install Gupta SQLBase review these additional installation notes and verify related. product or third party product requirements,Gupta SQLBase 12 2 1 Release Notes. On Red Hat Enterprise Linux the SQLBase distribution does not include certain libraries that are. independently available through the package manager These packages are. ICU International Components for Unicode, These can be installed via the yum package manager You may have to allow Linux to install its. updates to enable more recent versions of the packages to be installed. The wxWidgets package requires installation of the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux repository. The following commands will install all of the above requirements. yum y install epel release,yum repolist, yum install wxGTK3 java 1 8 0 openjdk libicu openssl. If you are installing the 32 bit RPMs on a 64 bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 the 32 bit versions of. ICU OpenSSL and wxWidgets are required,yum install wxGTK3 i686 libicu i686 openssl i686.
5 2 Upgrade notes,Before you upgrade review these instructions. If you upgrade from an older version of SQLBase and you would like your databases to migrate. forward UNINSTALL your databases while running your older version of the server This causes the. LOG files to be rolled into the DBS leaving only a DBS file. SQLBase 12 1 can read and upgrade DBS database files from version 8 5 to the current version but. it can t convert LOG files that go with the DBS, Another reason to uninstall the database files is that you might be migrating from the SQLBase 32 bit. to SQLBase 64 bit There is another database conversion required when converting between 32 bit. and 64 bit, This is why you ll want to UNINSTALL the database files before the upgrade to SQLBase 12 1. This is a good time to also backup your files to another location. 6 Fixed issues, This section provides information about past issues that have been fixed in this release. Gupta SQLBase 12 2 1 Release Notes,Issue number Issue description.
SQLB 2433 Incorrect results with fetchthrough and scroll on if order by items are duplicated. SQLB 2456 Both the Command Center and SQLConsole show process status as BLOCKED. SQLB 2709 Investigation into 839 corruption causes. SQLB 2712 64 bit ODBC driver crashes Access when loading pictures. SQLB 2740 An invalid date can be entered via a select statement. SQLB 2793 while installing EDP SQLBase 12 2 an error occurs Installer Linker light exe. failed with error code 103, SQLB 2796 In SQLBase 12 2 0 12329 country sql is missing. SQLB 2800 Installer doesn t accept NFR keys, SQLB 2802 Log files created during an online process are not being cleaned up. SQLB 2803 An installer created by the EDP shows unlimited licenses. SQLB 2804 If the server is running as a service executing dbntsrv exe gives and error about. multiple servers with the same name running,SQLB 2805 Installer doesn t allow modify. SQLB 2806 Old project picked up by EDP on first run Crash when trying to specify a new. SQLB 2807 TD 7 1 SQLTalk Execution Plan not working. SQLB 2808 Upgrading the EDP with the installer doesn t install completely. SQLB 2810 Exception in SQLTalk Plus when trying to create a SELECT script. SQLB 2820 Net Data Driver 12 2 throws System NullReferenceException on disposure of. commands when used in a multi threaded environment. SQLB 2821 NET Standard Core driver should not allow windows authentication on non. Windows OS,Gupta SQLBase 12 2 1 Release Notes, SQLB 2823 Clearing the password in the connection string can throw an exception later. SQLB 2824 SqlTalkPlus shows an error The value for an Int16 was too big or too small but. works fine in SQLTALK, SQLB 2825 Server does not tell the Windows Service Manager if it exited with an error.
SQLB 2826 Few problems in SQLTALKPlus which i have described below. SQLB 2827 Deadlock details are not shown in a deadlock timeout audit. SQLB 2828 Language Reference documentation is incorrect in reference to NET. SQLB 2829 Deadlock occurs when it shouldn t, SQLB 2831 Update Japanese messages used by NET Server Console and SQLTalk Plus. and fix layout issue,SQLB 2832 DDEX provider issue. SQLB 2833 Wrong encoding in Gupta SQLBase Standard dll when using with net core 3 0. SQLB 2835 NETLOG ROLL option causes server crash, SQLB 2837 Document character encoding limitations with NET Core Standard driver. SQLB 2839 Missing files in installer for SSL Certificate creation. SQLB 2840 00107 SQL LNE Application Programming Error Long operation not ended. SQLB 2841 We receive an error System InvalidOperationException Collection was modified. enumeration operation may not execute, SQLB 2842 Net Data Driver 12 1 Multi Threaded Exception Connection must valid and open. SQLB 2843 An error 00107 occurs when reading LONGVAR columns in multiple threads. SQLB 2844 Rolling back an insert on an AUTO INCREMENT table generates a bad log. SQLB 2854 The server password size is too small in the SBTASK database to handle a. server security password,Gupta SQLBase 12 2 1 Release Notes.
SQLB 2855 A view on a system table with custom columns causes load to fail. SQLB 2856 SQLBase EDP generating crash dump files on each shutdown. SQLB 2860 License count problems with SQLBase EDP installations. SQLB 2862 SQLBase crashing with errors 9268 and 3804. SQLB 2863 sqlcsv changes clientname when sharing a session. SQLB 2869 Support silent install capability for SQLBase. SQLB 2872 DBNTSRV EXE creates mini dump on crash even if MINIDUMP is not set in the. SQL INI file,SQLB 2874 SQLBaseOLEDB not registered correctly. SQLB 2881 Crash in getPasswordStatus,Gupta SQLBase 12 2 1 Release Notes. 7 Contact information,OpenText Corporation,275 Frank Tompa Drive. Waterloo Ontario,Canada N2L 0A1,OpenText My Support https support opentext com. For more information visit www opentext com,Copyright 2019 Open Text All Rights Reserved.
Trademarks owned by Open Text One or more patents may cover this product For more information please visit https www opentext com patents. Disclaimer,No Warranties and Limitation of Liability. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the features and techniques presented in this publication However Open Text Corporation and its affiliates accept. no responsibility and offer no warranty whether expressed or implied for the accuracy of this publication. 4 3 Language support Gupta SQLBase is currently localized in the following languages Additional languages may be available in future releases Component Languages EN DE JA FR IT ZH ES RU SQLBase Server B UI UI SQLTalk Plus B UI SQLTalk B Command Center B UI user interface only

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