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Copyright and trademark information, The contents of this Documentation are subject to the Public Documentation License Version. 1 0 the License you may only use this Documentation if you comply with the terms of. this License A copy of the License is available at. http www openoffice org licenses PDL rtf, The Original Documentation is OpenOffice org User Guide for Version 2 x. Contributor s G Roderick Singleton, Portions created by G Roderick Singleton are Copyright 2005 2006 All Rights Reserved. All trademarks within this guide belong to legitimate owners. Note a copy of the PDL is included in this template and is also available at. http www openoffice org licenses PDL rtf, Please direct any comments or suggestions about this document to. grsingleton openoffice org,Acknowledgements, I wish to recognize the Technical Writers of Sun Microsystems for the fine model they have.
provided for organizing this document I also wish to thank Erwin Tenhumberg for his blog. Mary Ellen Dawley for her indexing effort Ross Johnson for his editing correctionsand. manitoban for the docking text in chapter 2,Modifications and updates. Version Date Description of Change, 0 9 2005 11 11 grs 9th draft issued for comment switched to master doc. stewart s amendments and added a chapter on XML usage. 0 10 2005 11 11 grs 10th draft issued for comment fix page numbering. 0 11 2006 01 31 grs 11th draft issued for comment updated index. 0 12a 2006 02 20 rj 12th draft issued for comment corrections for 2 0 to. replace 1 1 x references, 0 13 2006 02 21 grs 13th draft issued for comment integrated Ross Johnson s. changes and edited for consistent grammar, 0 14 2006 03 02 grs 14th draft issued for comment document layout to be. more bookish, 0 15 2006 04 10 grs 15th draft issued for comment Added POSTNET section.
0 16 2006 06 19 grs 16th draft issued for comment Added file recovery info. to Troubleshooting chapter, 0 17 2006 06 27 grs 17th draft issued for comment Corrected Overview. 0 18a 2006 07 19 grs 18ath draft issued for comment updated concordance. file section and added JMF section to Chapter 14 and wps. 0 19 2006 07 31 grs 19th draft issued for comment Added new export PDF. 0 20 2006 08 16 grs 20th draft issued for comment Fixed many legacy terms. and added language writing aids and comment on style. 0 21 2006 10 18 grs 21st draft issued for comment Integrated ztyx and. walteram updates to chapters 3 4 and 10, 0 22 2007 03 06 grs 22nd draft issued for comment added more info on. keyboard shortcuts to Chapter 5 Impress and minor, 0 23 2007 04 09 grs 23rd draft issued for comment Fixed pagnination errors. Overview 1,Using the Guide 1,Important Features with 2 x 3. Open Standards XML File Format OASIS OpenDocument 3. New Multi pane View 3, New CustomShapes compatible with Microsoft AutoShapes 3.
More Slide Transitions and Animation Effects 3,Enhanced PDF Export 3. New enhanced Database Features 5,Mail Merge Wizard 5. Enhanced Word Count Feature 5,Support for Nested Tables 5. Digital Signatures Support 5,XForms Support 5,WordPerfect Filters 6. Calc now has 65 536 Rows 6,Enhanced DataPilot Support 6.
Native Installers 6,Native Desktop Integration 6,Floating Toolbars 6. Style Paint Brush 6,Quickstarter for NIX Operating Systems 7. Multiple Language Support 7,New Charting Module 7,Chapter 1 Using OpenOffice org Help 9. OpenOffice org Step by Step Help 9,Turning tips on and off 10. Extended Tips 10,Turning extended tips on and off 10.
OpenOffice org User Guide for 2 x i,Help Agent 10,Turning the Help Agent on and off 11. Chapter 2 Working With OpenOffice org 13,The User Interface 13. Starting OpenOffice org 13,The OpenOffice org Writer Window 14. Toolbars in the OpenOffice org Window 14,The Title Bar 14. The Menu Bar 15,The Toolbars 15,Examples of Floating Toolbars 16.
Using Floating Toolbars 17,The document window 17,Docking toolbars 17. Docking windows 18,Changing the Visibility of Buttons on Toolbars 18. Opening and Saving Documents 19,Opening Documents 19. Saving Documents 22,Changing the Work Directory 23. Saving Documents Automatically 23,Backup a File Automatically 23.
Saving Recovery Information Automatically Every n Minutes 23. OpenOffice org File Formats 24,XML file format names 24. OpenOffice org XML file structure 25,Definition of the XML formats 26. Setting Tabstops 26,Sending Documents as E Mail 27. Single Messages 27,MailMerge 27,Printing Documents 28. OpenOffice org User Guide for 2 x ii,Displaying Print Previews 29.
Reduced Printing of Documents 30, To print two pages beside one another on one sheet of paper 30. Printing in Black and White 30,Printing text and graphics in black and white 30. Printing all Draw and Impress documents in black and white 30. Printing only text in black and white 31, Printing all Writer documents with black and white text 31. Printing the current Writer document with black and white text 31. Printing Brochures 31,Spellcheck 32,Automatic Spellcheck 32. Checking Multilingual Texts 33,Starting Spellcheck 34.
Excluding Text From the Spellcheck 35,Adding Writing Aids for Other Languages 35. Getting New Writing Aids 35,Using Automatic Functions 40. Using AutoCorrect and AutoFormat 40,Turning off URL Recognition by AutoCorrect 42. Undo URL recognition 42,Turn off URL recognition 42. Other AutoCorrect functions 42,Creating a Letter Template With the Wizard 44.
Find Replace 45,Finding a Word in Text 45,Searching for Whole Words Only 46. Match Case 46,Searching for Text With Wildcards 46. Searching Backward 47,Current Selection Only 47,Searching for Styles 47. OpenOffice org User Guide for 2 x iii,Searching for Text Attributes 47. Searching for Special Formats 48,Similarity Search 48.
List of Regular Expressions 48, Digital Signatures and Printing or Exporting Documents 51. Only open password no restriction 53,open password restricted 53. Permission restricted only 53,PDF without restriction Default behaviour 53. Permissions available 53,Printing 53,Changes 53,Enable copy 54. Enable accessibility 54,Programming PDF Security in Macros 54.
Chapter 3 Managing Text Documents With Writer 57,The OpenOffice org Writer Functions 57. Writing 57,Designing and Structuring 57,Desktop Publishing with OpenOffice org Writer 58. Calculations 58,Creating Drawings 58,Inserting Graphics 58. Customizable Program Interface 58,Drag Drop 58,Extensive Help Functions 58. The OpenOffice org Writer Window 59,Windows of OpenOffice org Writer 59.
Entering and Formatting Text 60,Entering New Text 60. To enter new text 60,Line breaks 60,OpenOffice org User Guide for 2 x iv. Automatic correction 60,Word completion 60,Inserting Text 60. Switching Between Insert Mode and Overwrite Mode 61. Using the keyboard 61,Using the mouse 61,Entering Text Anywhere on a Page 61. Selecting and Deleting Text 62,Deleting characters 62.
Deleting text 62,Selecting text to delete with the mouse 62. Selecting text to delete with the keyboard 62,Deleting non adjacent pieces of text 62. Status bar uses 63,Setting the Viewing Zoom Factor 63. Editing or Activating Hyperlinks 63,Applying Various Fonts 63. Keyboard Navigating and Selection in Writer 64,Inserting Special Characters 64.
Inserting Protected Spaces Hyphens and Conditional Separators 65. Non breaking spaces 65,Non breaking hyphen 65,Hyphen em dash and en dash 65. Manual Hyphenation 65,Emphasizing Text 66,Changing the colour of Text 66. Rotating Text 66,Defining Borders 67, Choose Format from the menu bar Borders tab page 67. Use the Borders floating toolbar with Tables 69,Superscripts and Subscripts 71. Applying subscripts superscripts retrospectively 72. OpenOffice org User Guide for 2 x v,Writing in Uppercase or Lowercase 72.
Moving Text Sections in Documents 72,Resetting Font Attributes While Typing 73. Example procedure for resetting Font Attributes 73. Quick Formatting Using the Adjacent Paragraph Format 73. Using Sections 73,Sections and Columns 75,Inserting Sections 75. Editing Sections 75,Formatting Text With and Without Styles 76. Direct Formatting or Formatting With Styles 76,The Style Concept in OpenOffice org 77. The Styles in the Styles and Formatting Window 77,Paragraph Styles 77.
Paragraph Style 78,Character Styles 80,Hierarchical Styles 80. Numbering Styles 81, Creating New Character Styles or Paragraph Styles 81. Creating Document Templates 82, The Advantages of the Styles and Formatting Window 83. Formatting Multiple Paragraphs 83,Changing a Style the Easy Way 83. Page Styles and Page Numbers 84,Create Page Styles 84.
Editing Page Styles 88,Page Breaks as Paragraph Formats 88. Changing the Format of Page Numbers 89,Page Styles Summary 91. Defining default Templates 92,Templates and Styles 93. Copying Styles Between Templates and Documents 93,OpenOffice org User Guide for 2 x vi. New Style from Selection 94,Transferring Formats With Fill Format Mode 94.
Updating Styles From Selections 94,This is how to update a Style 94. Style can also be updated by using drag and drop 95. Entering and Formatting Text Automatically 95,Disabling the AutoCorrect Function 95. ASCII Quotation marks are replaced with Custom Quotes 95. Sentences always begin with a capital letter 95, Three identical characters will become a whole line 96. Automatic Spellcheck 96,To exclude words from Spellcheck 96. Using AutoText 97,Defining AutoText 98,Using AutoText in Networks 99.
Printing AutoTexts 99,AutoText With AutoComplete 100. Exceptions in AutoCorrect 100,Example 100,Text Frames 101. Inserting Editing and Linking Text Frames 101,Inserting Text Frames 101. Editing Text Frames 102,Linking Text Frames 102,Using Text Animation 104. Drawing Lines in Text 107,Editing Text With FontWork 108.
Aligning Text With Lines 110,Aligning text on a free form line 110. Aligning text with straight lines 110,The Navigator 111. Jumping From One Object to Another in Text 111,OpenOffice org User Guide for 2 x vii. Jumping to a Specific Page 112,Chapters in Navigator 113. Indexes and Tables of Contents in Writer 114,Defining Index Table of Contents Entries 114.
Editing or Deleting Index and Table Entries 115,Creating a Table of Contents 116. Creating Alphabetical Indexes 117,Creating User Defined Indexes 117. Using a Concordance File 119,Preparation 119,Entering Data 119. Example file 120,Creating Bibliographies 122, Updating Editing and Deleting Indexes and Tables of Contents 123. Editing the Format of an Index Table of Contents 123. Indexes Covering Multiple Documents 124,Headings and Numbering 125.
Numbering and Numbering Styles 125,Turning Bullets On and Off 125. Turning Numbering On and Off 126,Example numbered list with sublevels 127. Outline Numbering 127,Automatic Bullets and Numbering 128. Numbering Illustrations by Chapters 129,Defining Number Ranges 129. Using Master Documents and Subdocuments 131,Importing Lists From Other Text Programs 136.
Changing Numbering via the Keyboard 136,Interrupting and Continuing Numbering 137. Delete the automatic numbering 137,Formatting the paragraph 137. Continuing numbering with a new starting value 137. OpenOffice org User Guide for 2 x viii,Numbering Lines 138. Line Numbering for All Paragraphs 138,Line Numbering for Particular Paragraphs 138. Tables in Text 139,Inserting Tables 139,Inserting an empty table using the mouse 139.
Inserting an empty table via the Insert menu or floating toolbar 139. Inserting a single row table by typing or 139, Inserting from OpenOffice org Calc with the clipboard 139. Inserting from OpenOffice org Calc using drag and drop 140. Deleting Tables 140, Inserting Paragraphs Before Tables at Start of Page 141. Resize columns rows and cells 141,Table AutoFormat 141. Table properties in general 141,Calculating in Text Documents 143. Formulae in Text Documents 143,Formula Options 143.
Basic Calculation Functions 143,Basic Functions in the Submenu 143. Operators 143,Statistical Functions 144,Trigonometric Functions 144. More Defined Values 145,Calculating in Text 145,Calculating With formulae Located in Text 146. Conditional Text 147, Defining and using conditional text by example 147. Defining a conditional variable 147, Type Reminder in the document and then add space 147.
Defining a condition and the conditional text 148,Displaying the conditional text 149. OpenOffice org User Guide for Version 2 x OpenOffice org User Guide for 2 x 0 2 First edition 2005 04 11 First English edition 2005 04 11

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