oPening SatuRday novembeR 16 TRIXIE MATTEL MOVING PARTS

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2 HOTDOCSCINEMA CA,OPENING at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema in November. MEMBERS BRONZE 8,TICKETS 13,SAVE Gold Free,Opens Thursday November 14. Margaret Atwood A Word,after a Word after a Word,D Nancy Lang Peter Raymont Canada 2019 91 min. Millions of readers know her books from cover to cover Her 1985. instant classic The Handmaid s Tale spawned a zeitgeist defining. Emmy Award winning TV series But how much do you really. know about the woman behind the stories In this revealing. new documentary the literary icon and national treasure guides us. through her rich private life from her upbringing in the Canadian. wilderness and her early years as a poet all the way to the set. of The Handmaid s Tale and the recent release of its follow up. The Testaments one of the most anticipated novels of the decade. Opens Saturday November 16,Trixie Mattel Moving Parts. D Nicholas Zeig Owens 2019 USA 91 min, Trixie Mattel the half Ojibwa drag queen comedian folk musician and.
Dolly Parton superfan best known for snatching the crown in season. three of RuPaul s Drag Race All Stars with her charisma uniqueness. nerve and talent provides an all access pass to her rollicking one. woman show tour While Trixie may radiate near delusional confidence. the man beneath the makeup Brian Firkus does not and that tension. makes for a raw and deeply intimate portrait With insights into Trixie s. Full of funny and heartfelt performances and Brian s life this untucked peek behind the gingham. moments NOW Magazine curtain explores the darkness that underpins comedy the pitfalls of. success and the pressures of being a professional performer. Opens Friday November 29,Assholes A Theory,D John Walker 2019 Canada 74 min. With rampant narcissism threatening to trash civilization as we know it. the time has come for Assholes A Theory an entertaining and oh so. timely new doc from acclaimed director John Walker Built around a. lively conversation with Aaron James author of the New York Times. bestseller of the same name this Hot Docs 2019 favourite investigates. the breeding grounds of contemporary asshole culture from Ivy League. frat clubs and Silicon Valley to Wall Street and beyond Why do assholes. A thoughtful accounting of society s thrive in certain environments What explains their perverse appeal and. most obnoxious people NOW Magazine success Monty Python s John Cleese LGBTQ activist Vladimir Luxuria. and more weigh in offering a few hopeful signs of civility in an otherwise. rude n nasty universe,Playing this Month Playing this Month. Linda Ronstadt The Sound of My Voice Once Were Brothers Robbie Robertson. D Rob Epstein Jeffrey Friedman 2019 USA 95 min and The Band. One of the most popular female recording artist of all time Linda Ronstadt reigned over rock pop country D Daniel Roher 2019 Canada 100 min. and folk in the 1970s Though her incredible voice was lost prematurely her legacy will withstand the test. of time Award winning filmmakers Rob Epstein and Jeffrey take us through the singer s extraordinary Take a load off and explore the storied life and career of Toronto rock legend Robbie Robertson from his early. life and career through deeply touching performance footage and reminiscences from some of her closest days on the Six Nations of the Grand River reserve to the formation of roots rock superstars The Band Executive. collaborators including Dolly Parton Bonnie Raitt and Emmylou Harris produced by close friend Martin Scorsese this confessional doc digs into Robertson s personal ups and downs. while offering unprecedented access into a glorious chapter in music history. HOTDOCSCINEMA CA 3,November 6 11,Presented in partnership with. Wednesday November 6 Saturday November 9,6 30 PM 12 30 PM. The Splendid Table Today Explained, Matty The Flavour Lord Matheson New York Times food columnist Melissa Clark.
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Daily Show correspondent Mo Rocca gives his favourite dead. people the send off they never got in this rollicking celebration of. lives worth reliving Sunday November 10,More with Anna Maria Tremonti. See one of the country s most cherished broadcasters and. 9 15 PM master interviewers at work in this exclusive first look at Anna. Maria Tremonti s new longform interview podcast featuring. Canadaland presents The Fakes of the Nation a special sit down with award winning artist Vivek Shraya. Jesse Brown and the Canadaland crew Wag the Doug Commons. Oppo join forces for a lively and irreverent take on the. state of Canadian power post election Plus get a behind the scenes. look at the network s next major podcast,Uncover with Missing Murdered. Friday November 8 Experience Canada s greatest investigative journalists. in action at this unique live storytelling collaboration. 6 30 PM between two true crime mega hits from CBC Podcasts. emceed by The National s Ian Hanomansing,Deconstructed with Mehdi Hasan. From the team that brought you Intercepted comes a refreshingly. provocative analysis on the ups and downs of American and. global politics from revered Al Jazeera English host Mehdi Hasan 8 00 PM. renowned for his hard hitting interviews with Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren and more The Allusionist, After a sold out show at last year s Festival Helen Zaltzman. and her award winning British podcast are back by popular. demand and ready to delight word nerds with a brand new live special. PASSES TICKETS,HOTDOCSCINEMA CA PODCAST,save on pa.
and ticket,Monday November 11,Still Processing, Close the Festival with this special live edition of The New York Times. award winning culture pod hosted by Pulitzer Prize winning critic. Wesley Morris and New York Times Magazine staff writer Jenna Wortham. Creators Forum supported by Box Office Sponsor Event Sponsors Media Sponsor. 4 HOTDOCSCINEMA CA,FILMS FREE,Changing the World MEMBER. Must see docs revealing staggering new perspectives SCREENING. Rat Park Midnight Traveler, A film by Vice Studios D Hassan Fazili 2019 USA UK Canada Qatar 90 min. D Shawney Cohen 2019 Canada 92 min When the Taliban puts a bounty on an Afghan director s head he. captures on his phone camera his family s uncertain and dangerous. Can we ever solve the global drug crisis In 1978 Canadian quest for asylum in this account of the love shared between a family. psychologist Bruce K Alexander conducted a radical experiment Director Shawney Cohen will join us for a live Q A on the run. involving rats and heroin that would revolutionize the way following the screening. we understand addiction Thirty years later this timely and In Arabic English Turkish and Bulgarian. conversation worthy VICE doc connects the long forgotten Rat. Park findings with three stories taking place 10 000 miles apart FRIDAY NOVEMBER 1 6 30 PM Followed by a post screening panel exploring the. revealing why addiction is not really about the substances it s urgent themes of the film. about the cages we live in,TUESDAY NOVEMBER 5 6 30 PM. Rat Park is a VICE Studios production produced in association BRONZE 8. with CRAVE a division of Bell Media Inc and produced with the TICKETS 13 Silver 6. participation of The Telus Fund SAVE Gold Free,FREE for Hot Docs Members.
Visit hotdocs ca members for details,Special Event. Koyaanisqatsi Sound Bath Fantastic Fungi, D Godfrey Reggio 86 min 1982 USA 19 D Louie Schwartzberg USA 2019 81 min. The beauty of the planet and its collision with humankind was Hailed for its healing properties and appearing in everything from. exquisitely captured decades ahead of its time in Godfrey Hit pause before the screening join us in the theatre superdrinks to beauty products mushrooms are having a major moment. Reggio and Philip Glass s wordless 1982 masterpiece Jaw for a meditative sound bath experience inspired by the That s not all this remarkable organism may even contain the secret to. dropping visions of the natural world cloudscapes ocean waves audio world of the film and created by Philip Jacobs from saving life as we know it on Earth. the desert scenery of Monument Valley But then power lines Toronto Sound Therapy. mines and atomic explosions Sit back as images of changing. landscapes around the globe swell to Glass s cult score in a Join director Louie Schwartzberg and special guests. transcendental meditation on life out of balance Friday November 15 8 30 PM Thomas Anderson University of Toronto and Tosca Teran. Mushroom Toronto for a post screening talk on the,mushroom boom. SUNDAY DECEMBER 1 6 15 PM, This programming was made possible with the help BRONZE 8 BRONZE 8. MEMBERS MEMBERS, of a prominent Canadian cannabis brand TICKETS 17 Silver 6 TICKETS 13 Silver 6.
SAVE Gold Free,SAVE Gold Free,HOTDOCSCINEMA CA 5, Pay tribute to the late verit master with five must see films that defined his MEMBERS BRONZE 8. ground breaking career and brought us inside pivotal moments in the history TICKETS 13 Silver 6. SAVE Gold Free,of music politics and counterculture. Dont Look Back 1969 Kings of Pastry 2009, Pennebaker s definitive classic chronicles Bob Dylan s 1965 tour of England in a ground breaking fly on the wall In his signature v rit style D A Pennebaker and longtime collaborator Chris Hegedus follow the trials and. look at an enigmatic icon poised between rock star and reluctant prophet tribulations of renowned pastry chefs in France as they compete for the country s top culinary honour. FRIDAY NOVEMBER 1 9 00 PM SATURDAY NOVEMBER 2 4 00 PM. Town Bloody Hall 1978 The War Room 1993, Pennebaker and Hegedus capture the now infamous debate between controversial novelist Norman Mailer and a D A Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus s profile of Bill Clinton s 1992 presidential campaign is one of the greatest. group of second wave feminist luminaries including Germaine Greer political documentaries of all time and is still relevant as ever. SUNDAY NOVEMBER 3 6 00 PM TUESDAY NOVEMBER 12 9 00 PM. Monterey Pop 1968, Pennebaker documents the 1967 Monterey International Pop Festival at the height of the Summer of Love.
in one of his most memorable works,THURSDAY NOVEMBER 21 1 00 PM. My Father the Spy,D Jaak Kilmi Gints Grube 2019 Latvia 85 min. In 1978 Ieva Le inskis a student from Soviet Latvia took a vacation that changed her life. forever While visiting her father a senior Latvian official at the United Nations in New York. City he announced he was going to defect and gave her a choice denounce him as a traitor. and return home or stay with him and never see her mother again She chose to stay Decades. later Ieva delves into that choice untangling her family s secrets and pulling back the curtain. on the shady realities of the Cold War,Wednesday November 13 6 30 PM. Thursday November 14 6 45 PM,Q A with co director,Gints Grube BRONZE 12. TICKETS 17 Silver 10,SAVE Gold 8,6 HOTDOCSCINEMA CA.
Special TRIBUTE MUSIC ON FILM Presented with,The Devil and Daniel Hope The Sound of Life. Daniel Johnston D Nahuel Lopez 2017 Germany 100 min. D Jeff Feuerzeig 2005 USA 110 min PG Get to know the virtuoso musician Daniel Hope one of the world s. foremost violinists and the new music director of the Zurich Chamber. For decades underground music hero Daniel Johnston inspired Barry Shiffman Associate Dean of The Glenn Gould. Orchestra A film companion to Hope s performance at Koerner Hall. countless fans and artists from Kurt Cobain to Lana Del Rey School will participate in a post screening Q A. on November 17 The Sound of Life tells the story of his extraordinary. with his haunting honesty and childlike songs of loneliness mortality featuring special performances by students of The. career one of escape expulsion and desire for self discovery. and unrequited love In the wake of Johnston s passing we revisit Glenn Gould School. the cult 2005 film that introduced his singular genius to a wider. audience but also shed light on the singer songwriter s lifelong TUESDAY NOVEMBER 19 6 30 PM. struggles with mental illness,SUNDAY NOVEMBER 3 8 30 PM. MEMBERS BRONZE 8 MEMBERS BRONZE 12,TICKETS 13 Silver 6 TICKETS 17. SAVE Gold Free,SAVE Silver 10,In partnership with,Perfor. NOVEMBER 2019 Assholes A Theory Opens Friday November 29 Page 2 Linda Ronstadt The Sound of My Voice Playing this month Page 2 Margaret Atwood A Word after a Word after a Word is Power Opens Thursday November 14 Page 2 oPening SatuRday novembeR 16 TRIXIE MATTEL MOVING PARTS Page 2 A rare screening of a psychedelic classic Page 4 Pay tribute to doc giant D A Pennebaker Page 5 Revolution

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