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RENR ORS Manual for the Centre User,TABLE OF CONTENTS. INTRODUCTION 3,Definitions 3,Online Registration System 4. Flowchart of Activities 4,Menu Options User Privileges 5. Accessing the ORS 5,REGISTRATION MENU OPTION 7,Registering Candidates 7. Registering a New Candidate 8,Special Characters and Accents 9.
Registering a Candidate from a Previous Sitting 12. Selection of A Candidate s Subjects 15,Edit Candidate s Personal Details 17. Edit Candidate s Subjects 19,Querying for Candidates 20. View Candidate Details 21,Candidate Privileges 21,GENERATE SEQUENCE NUMPERS OPTION 22. Forward Registration Files to Ministry 23,Forward Amendment Files to Ministry 24. Export Database Fields 25,REPORT MENU OPTION 25,MINISTRY USERS MODULE 28.
Forward Registration Files to CXC 28,9 October 2014. RENR ORS Manual for the Centre User,INTRODUCTION, 1 This manual provides information on the operation of the Online Registration System. ORS application Part A deals with the role of the Centre User and Part B deals with the. role of the Ministry Local Registrar s office, 2 The ORS application was originally developed for use with the mainstream. examinations offered by CXC thus some of the functionalities present in the system will. not be applicable to the RENR Users,Definitions Acronyms. 3 For the purposes of this manual the following definitions acronyms are given. i CXC Caribbean Examinations Council, ii CCSLC Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence.
iii CSEC Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate. iv CAPE Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination. v CVQ Caribbean Vocational Qualification, vi RENR Regional Examination for Nurse Registration. vii Candidate number a 10 digit number assigned to a candidate at. each sitting The number normally varies from one sitting to another. viii ORS Online Registration System,ix Ministry the Local Registrar s office. x New Candidate a candidate who is taking the RENR examination. for the first time or who registered for CSEC examinations before. 2004 or CAPE examinations before 2005, xi Former Candidate a candidate who was registered for CSEC. examinations in 2004 or afterwards CAPE and CCSLC examinations. in 2005 or afterwards RENR examinations in October 2014 or. afterwards or for the CVQ programme, xii Student Portal a website https ors cxc org studentportal where. candidates can view their registration records individual timetables. and examination results, xiii Password MUST be at least eight 8 characters in length and.
include one 1 upper case one 1 lower case one 1 digit and one. 1 special character Example JohnDA3 Here the represents the. special character Other special characters include. The asterisk should not be used as a special character. 9 October 2014,RENR ORS Manual for the Centre User. xiv UCN Unique Candidate Number It is an eleven digit number digits. 1 4 represent the year in which the UCN was first issued and digits 5 ll. are randomly generated numbers,xv User any person interfacing with the ORS. Online Registration System Application ORS, 4 The ORS is a web based application that operates with browsers Internet Explorer 6. or later versions and Mozilla Firefox The Google Chrome browser sometimes present. challenges when changes are made to the ORS application and its use is not. recommended, 5 The data keyed in the ORS are forwarded by the Centre to CXC via the Ministry. The data files are then loaded by CXC into its Examining Processing System EPS The. processed files are copied back to the ORS and may be accessed through the various reports. available in the ORS There may be some differences between the data keyed in the ORS by. the Centres and the data in the EPS since the data in the latter are unlikely to contain some of. the irregularities present in the ORS,Flow of Activities.
The flow of activities from the creation of a Centre Administrator to the submission of. registration data file to CXC is given in the diagram at Appendix I. Menu Options User Privileges, 6 The Administrator may assign Users into different groups and the group a User is. assigned determines the User s rights or privileges to interface within the Menu and Menu. Sub Options as shown in the table below,Menu Option Menu Sub Option. Registration Register Candidate Yes Yes,Registration Edit Candidate s Data Yes Yes. Registration View Candidate s Data Yes Yes Yes Yes. Registration View Candidate s Data List Yes Yes Yes Yes. Registration Candidate Privileges Yes,Generate Sequence Numbers Yes. Import Export Export Registration Data Yes,Import Export Export Amendment Data Yes.
Import Export Export Database Fields Yes,Reports Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes. User Add Remove User,9 October 2014,RENR ORS Manual for the Centre User. 7 A User may be assigned into one of the following Groups. i Additions add candidates,ii Edits edit candidates records. iii View view candidates records, iv Super User interfaces within all the areas of the ORS except Add Remove. Users and set up the Local Fees Maintenance Table Each centre must have a. Super User even if none of the other types of Users named in the above table. Accessing the ORS, 8 The steps listed below should be followed when the User has been assigned login.
credentials,i Connect to Internet,ii Type the URL address https ors cxc org. 9 Figure 1 will be displayed The User is required to. i Enter User Id,ii Enter Password, iii Select the particular period required from the dropdown arrow. iv Select Login,9 October 2014,RENR ORS Manual for the Centre User. 10 The Main Menu screen at Figure 2 below will be presented. 11 From Figure 2 the User can select from the Menu options Registration Generate. Sequence Numbers Import Export Report Change Password and Logout The SBA and. Query Review options are not operational in the RENR application. 12 When a User is logging into the system for the first time the User will be required to. change the password assigned When the password has been changed the User is. automatically logged out and must login again with the new password. 9 October 2014,RENR ORS Manual for the Centre User. PART A REGISTRATION MODULE,REGISTRATION MENU OPTION.
Registering Candidates, 13 All registration data relating to the RENR examination must be keyed in and. submitted through the ORS within the time frame set by CXC. 14 The screen at Figure 3 allows the User to register a candidate in the system To get to. this screen select the Registration option from the Main Menu screen then select Register. Candidate from the dropdown arrow, 15 The User is given the option of registering a New Candidate or a Former Candidate. 9 October 2014,RENR ORS Manual for the Centre User. Registering a New Candidate, 16 When the New Candidate radio button at Figure 3 is selected the screen at Figure 4. 17 When registering a New candidate the personal details must first be completed on the. Register Candidate screen It is recommended that candidates use the name given on their. birth certificate, i First Name the first name of the candidate should be keyed in this field.
ii Middle Name the candidate s middle name s should be keyed in this field If the. candidate does not have a middle name the field can be left blank. iii Last Name the last name or surname of the candidate MUST be entered in this. iv Date of Birth the date of birth must be keyed The format of the date must be. entered as Day Month Year two digits for the Day DD two digits for the Month. MM and four digits for the Year YYYY, v Gender this compulsory field must be entered as either Male or Female. 9 October 2014,RENR ORS Manual for the Centre User. Special Characters and Accents, 18 The name fields accept only letters and the special characters such as space. apostrophe dollar sign number sign at sign accent and tilde which. may form part of some names If one is using Windows special character including the. accent and tilde can be added by copying and pasting the appropriate character from the. Character Map tool To obtain the Character Map click on the Start Menu All. Programs Systems Tools Character Map The accent characters the system can accept are. 19 The screen at Figure 4 when populated looks like that at Figure 5. 20 When OK tab is clicked the User would be presented with the screen at Figure 6. 9 October 2014,RENR ORS Manual for the Centre User. 21 The additional fields that may be completed are given below. i Comments 1 2 and 3 these fields are optional and can be populated by the User. with information that may be specific to the candidate Centre or for any non. definitive use, ii Cell Number and Email these fields are optional and may be used to capture the.
candidate s cell phone number and email address The phone number should include. the area code and keyed in the format given in Figure 7 no space between the area. code and the cell number The email address is required in the event of a need to. contact the candidate or verify the candidate s authenticity. 22 When the additional optional fields have been populated as appropriate a screen. similar to the one at Figure 7 would appear, 23 No entry needs to be made in the Age field the system automatically inputs the age of. the candidate based on inputs keyed in the D O B field. 24 The Previous Period field and the Previous Candidate field are disabled and do not. appear on the screen when a candidate is being registered as a New candidate. 25 Before the Save button is clicked to save the candidate s records the buttons for. Subject Fees Add Delete Preview and Amendment History are all grayed out At this time. the Unique Candidate Candidate and Sequence have not been assigned. 26 When the Save button is selected the screen at Figure 8 is presented The previously. disabled buttons at paragraph 25 are now enabled and the Unique Candidate is assigned. Each candidate will be assigned a single UCN for his her lifetime relationship with CXC. The use of the UCN helps CXC to track a candidate across the various examination sittings. ideally from primary to tertiary The UCN also facilitates the speedy issue of Transcripts. 9 October 2014,RENR ORS Manual for the Centre User. and Certifying Statements of Performance The success of the UCN depends on Users. selecting the previous record s of candidates from one sitting to another and from one level. to another, 27 If the User attempts to register a candidate as New who has written examinations. before the system would prompt the User when the Save button is selected However this. prompting will only occur if the candidate s personal details firstname lastname date of. birth and gender match those of a candidate s in the database A modal box similar to the. one at Figure 9 would be presented The User must decide whether the candidate is one of. those presented If Yes the appropriate Select button must be chosen if No the Cancel. button must be chosen, 28 The User should be satisfied that the candidate is not one of those highlighted in the. 9 October 2014,RENR ORS Manual for the Centre User.
database before selecting the Cancel button If the User selects the Cancel button the modal. box would be closed and the User returned to the Register Candidate screen. The button saves the data entered into the system and displays a. confirmation message Candidate data have been saved. 29 The button saves the data which were entered then clears the screen. allowing the User to add a different candidate into the system. 30 The button displays the candidate s subject s more on this topic is. given in the next section of this manual, 31 The button displays the candidate s fees this topic is not applicable. in the RENR application,32 The button removes a candidate from the system. 33 The button exits the page or screen, 34 The Preview button displays the candidate s Subjects Registered Report. 35 The Amendment History button shows all the amendments that were made for a. candidate after the registration cutoff date,Registering a Candidate from a Previous Sitting. 36 When a candidate who has written examinations before is being registered the User. must select the Former Candidate radio button in Figure 3 above The screen at Figure 10. 9 October 2014,RENR ORS Manual for the Centre User.
37 The User is given the option for searching for the candidate s past record by using the. Candidate or the candidate s personal details The system does not allow the User to search. using the middle name as part of the matrix,38 In this case the Candidate may be a. i 10 digit candidate number the system searches for ALL the candidates in the. database that were issued with this number over the years. ii 11 digit UCN the system searches for the one only candidate with this number. in the database This is the preferred number to use when searching for a. candidate s previous record, iii 16 digit CVQ number the system searches for the one only candidate with this. number in the database, 39 In Figure 11 the search is being made on the candidate s personal details only Once. the Search button is clicked the results will be presented as at Figure 12. 9 October 2014,RENR ORS Manual for the Centre User. 40 A search on personal details will present ALL the candidates in the database with. GENERATE SEQUENCE NUMPERS OPTION 22 Forward Registration Files to Ministry 23 Forward Amendment Files to Ministry 24 Export Database Fields 25 REPORT MENU OPTION 25 MINISTRY USERS MODULE 28 Forward Registration Files to CXC 28 RENR ORS Manual for the Centre User 9 October 2014 3 28 INTRODUCTION 1 This manual provides information on the operation of the Online Registration System ORS

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