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BH2 Series System Microscope, The BH2 Series of topquality microscopes facilitates the use of a wide range of microscopic. techniques depending on the choice of accessories The Koehler type illumination elicits. the full performance of the LB Series objectives yielding photomicrographs of the highest. quality This series of microscopes is suitable for a very wide range of applications from. routine laboratory work to educational and research investigations. W a n d l n g v through the binocular tube in phatamicrb. The design of the entire system microscope graphy thereby adding significantly to. stands observationtubes stages etc bears ease of operation. witness to creative and inventive thinking Improved Illumlnatlng System. One example may be seen in the design All BH2 Series microscopes employ the. of the coarse stage adjustment in which widely accepted LB Series objectives and. movement is limited in the upward direction WHKl OX eyepieces as standard equipment. in order to prevent contact between objective providing F N 20 widefield observation. and specimen The coarse and fine focusing BH2 Series microscopes provide Koehler. knobs are of coaxial design and the mini illumination to exploit the full benefits of the. mum increment on the fine adjustment knob LB Series objectives A wide choice of. represents a stage mwernent of just two condensers provides uniform illumina icm. microns The coaxial stage control knobs from ultra low to high magnifications. are located close to the focusing knobs These microscopes incorporate precentered. low enough to permit operation witt wt halogen lamps aspherical collectors and. having to raise the arm off the arm rest fully enclosed light paths designed to keep. In addition the BH2 TR30 trinocular observa out dirt and dust. tion tube features constant tube length,adjustment which allows camera focus. BHS System Microscope, This top quality microscope features a long life 12V I W halogen lamp which provides. bright illumination for a wide range of applications It is ideally suited for advanced research. work and investigatians requiring high precision,BHSF Mhwcqm Stand. The BHS F stand is of a robust and stable,design unaffected by vibration or shaking.
Highly reliable it is ideal for photomicro,graphic purposes. The stand incorporates a h i g h p e r f o m,transformer which is unaffected by fluctua. tions in the line vdtage and so always,provides light of uniform brightness and. mlor temperature,The ball bearing sextuple revohring nose. piece accepts law to high magnification,objectives with 45mm parfocal distance.
This feature contributes significantly to,greater efticiency in microscopy. BHSLSH Halogen Lamp Housing,The IN l W halogen lamp provides a. bright light source suitable for many types,of microscopy The precentered lamp has. an average life of around 2 000 hours,reducing slgnlflcantly the time lml with. troublesome bulb change,BHT System Microscope, Employing the same revoking nosepieces stages observation tubes etc as the Model.
BHS the Model BHT microscope uses a different type of illumination system and electrical. components A compact microscope it offers excellent cost performance. BHFF Mkmscmp Stand,Smaller than the BHS model with a. different transformer arKl lighl source,Extremely functional. The dust proof illuminating system keeps,the light path clean. LS HI Lamp H W n g,Encloses a precentersd 6V 20W halogen. LB Long Barrel Objectives, The LB Long Barrel Series ranges from inexpensive objectives to top quality and special purpose.
objectives Thls extensive selection enables the user to choose the ideal lens for the. purpose intended,In the design of LB objectives OLYMPUS. has drawn upon its extensive and renowned,expertise In optical technology The objectives. offer the following features,1 High resolution,2 Superior contrast. 3 Excellent field flatness,4 F N 20 widefield observation with. WHKl OX eyepiece,5 Ultra ow magnification objectives are.
parfocal wtth high magnification lenses sprrn ApochmAIlt. S Plan Apodumat Objactlm,These objectives are of the highest quality. design Chromatic aberration is thoroughly,compensated field flatness is superb and the. high numerical aperture provides outstanding,resolution. S Plan Aohmmat ObJechs,The S Plan objectives are the most popular. high quality objectives in the LB series,Excellent optical correction across the.
entire lens surfaces makes them ideally,suited for use in differential interference. Prn AahKWnet,contrast microscopy and for super widefield. observation,S Plan FL ObJacthres I,The ultra low magnifications lX 2X of these. objectives make them ideal far examinatkm,of large specimen areas They are fully. parfocal with other LB c b j e t i i s The,SRanFL2X objective is suitable for super.
widefieid otservatlons C, Note The objectives prform bast with the BHPULC DPknAohr Mt. ultra low condenser,D Plan Achromat O b J e d w,With D Plan objectives fleld flatness is. guaranteed up to F N 20 Ideal for photo I R B,micrographic purpses they are widely used. in research educational and routlne work,D mrolmt Objective8. These are the most economically priced,objectives in the LB series Resolution and I r l.
flatness in the center portion of the field,of view are excellent and they are particularly. suitable for routine work educational,purposes or training. This type of abjective is ideal for examination CC. of specimens with no cover glass such,as blood smears. A varlety 01 other types of objectim are available for. dlffarent applicatOwts and requirements including,p h m t r a s t reflected light flwrescmce or. polarked light microscopy,Eyepieces and Condensers.
To complement the performance of our LB objectives an extensive range of eyepieces and. six types of condensers are available To exploit the full performance of objectives with. magnifications from IX to lOOX requires the choice of the proper condenser. LB Serbs Eyepieces,Designed for use with LB Series objectives. WHK eyepieces are easy and comfortable,to use and are of widefield W i n F N 20. with the WHKlOX eyepiece The high eye,point makes them easy to use by persons. who wear glasses and enables fatiguefree,observation over long periods of time. Other eyepieces in the series include the,WHK8X WHK15X NK5X and NK20X.
NFK Serks Photo Eyapkcss,These photo eyepieces are speclflcally. designed for photomicrography They are,available in 2 5X 3 3X 5X and 6 7X. WHKlNK Eyepieces I h magnifications,An extensive rangeof condensers is available. covering brightfield and darkfield observa,The BH2 AAC is a top quality achromatic. aplanatic brightfieldcondenser which permits,full compensation for all aberrations The.
swingat BH2 SC condenser is suitable for,a wide range of magnifications Several other. condensers are available including the,general purpose BH2CD and the BH2 ULC. for ultra low magnification,Observation Tubes, All BH2 series observation tubes have constant tube length adjustment This feature. automatically maintains the optimum observation conditions when interpupillary distance is. varied without requiring troublesome adjustments,BHBB130 Binocular Obswatlon f i b e. The BH2 6130 is designed exclusively for,visual observation.
Inclination 30 to the horizontal,lnterpupillary distance 53 75mm with. constant tube length adjustment,Maximum F N 21,BHSTR30 Mrmcular Observation Tube. This tube increases the efficiency of photo,graphic work since it perrnRs camera focusing. through the bkocular section The three step,llgM path selector allows photwnicrography. and observation at the same time,Inclination 30 to the horizontal.
lnterpupillary distance 53 75mm with,constant tube length adjustment. Maximum F N 21,B H N W Sup r Wkkfleld Attachment,The BH2SW attachment presents the observ. er with a field of view about twice the size,of that obtained with wdinarv obwrvatbn. tubes and thus reduces to a minimum the,need to move the specimen around This. resutts in a sinnificant Increase in work 1,efficiency Ths 3 step light path selector.
and constant tube length adjustment allow I,camera focusing through the binocular. section for photomicrography,Inclination 30 to the horizontal. Interpupillary distance 56 75mm with,constant tube length adjustment. Maximum F N 26 5,BH2 m Wkal Photohrbe,This tube presents the most economical way. of conducting photomicrography The bim,cular observation tube must be removed in.
wder to attach the vertical phototube and so,ohenration is not pssible at the same. time as photomicrography, A selection of stages is available including those suitable for differential interference contrast. and fluorescence microscopy,BH2SVR Mechankal Stage with. RlgM Hand Low Drfve Contrds,This is the mast popular stage for many. areas of research and testing Covered ball,races prevent contaminationby dust and glass.
chips Scanning area is 76mm O x 50mm 0,A 270 rotation capability makes this stage. highly suitabie for photographic framing and,for differentialinterferencecontrast purposes. Note Range of rotation is reduced to 65 when a M e t. ential interferencecontrastcondenser is attached,BH2WL Mechanical Stege with. Left Hand Low Olhre Controls,Has the same features as the BH2 SVR. except that the controls are locatedon the left,BH2SH Mechanical Stage wlth.
Horhontal Mvo Contds,The stage controls are horizontally located. on the left and right hand sides The stage,can be rotated through 40 when the stage. control knobs are on the far skJe and,through 180 when on the near side. BH2SRG Circular Rotatable Stage,This is the idealstage for Nomarskidifferential. interferencecontrast and polarizdlight micro,scopy It features a centering mechanism.
and graduations at 1 intervals around the,entire circumference Stage diameter is. 142mm It accepts stage clips or KM and,FM attachable mechanical stages. BH2SVFR Grooved Meshanlcl lStage with,Right Hand Law hfve Controls. The fluted design prevents slides sticking,to the stage surface due to spilled immersion. oil thus eliminating interruptions In micrs,scopic work The X axis excursion is 52rnm.
and Y axis excursion is 76mm The stage,rotates through 270. Specimen Holders,BH2 PC Phase Contrast Attachment,BH2 KPC Simple Phase Contrast Attachment. Phasecontrast is one of the most commonly used techniques in microscopy It is employed. in the examination of living micro organisms cells etc permlttlng observation of the. internal structures of such specimens under differenf degrees of contrast. BWPC Pham Contnst Attachment,Features an Abbetype turret condenser. wtth a numerical aperture of 1 25,Incorporates annular phase plate for lox. 20X 40X and 100X phase objectives,Incorporates an aperture diaphragm for use.
in brighMeld This diaphragm Is automatically,disengaged in phasecontrast observation. The CT 5 centering telescope with hQh eye,point permits slmple and accurate annulus. The BH2SW super widefield attachment,used in conjunction with S Plan phase. contrast objectives enables observation of,super widefield phase contrast images. Four types of mtrast PL PLL NH and,NM are available.
Two types of objectives are available for,phasecontrast microscopy S Plan Achre. mats and D Achromats They come in,magnifications of 10X 2OX 40X and. 100 and in b t h positive and negative,BH2 KPC Slmple Phese Contnst. Attachment,Used in conjunction with a BH2CD brightfield. condenser and phase contrast objectives,this attachment presents phase contrast.
images easily and economically Available,in 1OX 20X and 40X magnifications I. PL POSI VELOW NH NEGATIVE HIGH,PU POSITIVE LOW LOW NM NEGATIVE MEDIUM. chrornat NH,Green Filter,Abbe Condenser,Phase annular ring. BH2 PC1ORS,PC D Achromat NH,Phase Contrast Oblect ve PCD20XPL. PCD40XPL Q 8,BH2 NIC Nomarski Differential,Interference Contrast Attachment.
The Nomarski differential interference technique is used for unstained specimens such as. living cells Intercellular structure end surface variations can be obsenred as a three. dimensional image under various interference colors. The turret condenser NA 1 40 is fitted,with Nomarskl brisms for lox 20X 40X and. lOOX magnifications as well as light annuli,for 1OX and 40X phase contrast microscopy. These features enabte cornparisms,bemen phase contrast and DIC images. with the greatest of ease,aSiandard S Plan A c h m t objecth can. be used for DIC microscopy Super,widefield DIC observation is also possible.
Has an opem aperture for briihtfield,The Internate attachment has s magnifi. cation factof of 1 a,IF550 interference filter uGhmv. BH2 Series System Microscope The BH2 Series of topquality microscopes facilitates the use of a wide range of microscopic techniques depending on the choice of accessories The Koehler type illumination elicits the full performance of the LB Series objectives yielding photomicrographs of the highest quality This series of microscopes is suitable for a very wide range of applications from

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