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O C C A S I O NA L C HI P S PAGE 2, Meeting John H Gorrell I remember he may have been the first. to start carving Cottonwood bark with,and many original scenes. And Wilmer A Hibbits Jr,Wilmer also took the time to teach. other and to share his supply of carving,Election These two fine gentlemen and ex. cellent carvers both have left our,He will be remembered especially.
The final Woodcarvers Guild quar premises to be with their God They for his presence at the 2008 Labor Day. terly and formal meeting for 2008 will left us with memories that if we review carving show in the Pine Room just a. take place Monday December 8 at our associations with them we can say month before he died Even though he. about 7 30PM in the club room that we are thankful to have known was in pain he always managed to. This important meeting will see the them smile and said he did not want to miss. election of officers every 2 years who Illness was their companion up to the show Wilmer loved people and. will guide this organization for the fol the last days of their life but pain com my impression is that of a kind young. lowing years Also two seats for of the plaints were never part of their discus man who spread kindness to those. Board of Directors will be up for elec sions Even though they were in pain around him. tion Please step forward and run for their smiles and optimisms were to be It is such a shame that cancer can. one of these offices For a listing of admired remove from us a man so young. those presently guiding this organiza,tion see the left side first page. John Gorrell 79 of Washington, PA died Monday September 8 2008 John Gorrell and Wilmer Hibbits. The agenda will also include the, John lived most his young life in may be gone from our midst but they. determination of treasury funds that, Wheeling He was a high school star will be remembered in our future gab. will be directed toward the Soup Kitch,athlete and obtained a teaching degree sessions.
ens and the Stifel Center children s, from the University of Pittsburgh We the carvers wish to express our. John worked in various jobs from condolences to the families of both. These funds were derived from all, teaching selling and even owned his men Keep their good memories in. of the hard work by participating mem, own company He was fireman fisher your hearts and thank God for sharing. bers selling raffle tickets during the, man hunter and a very skilled carver your time with them. Labor Day Show and the Oglebayfest,He joined our carving group probably.
10 15 years ago early records were not,Your attendance and participation is. needed and welcomed for this im,John specialized in carving the life. portant meeting,sized humming birds and kept the club. supplied with blanks His carvings,New Members were varied and well executed and he. enjoyed the lunches at various restau,A big welcome to some new carving.
members who desired to join us in,rants after the Thursday carving ses. For the birds, making chips Please make wel I was honored to have John positioned Bird carving is an on going project. come next to my table at the Labor Day carv for some members thanks to the hard. John L Hoffman Bethany Sept 08 ing shows His smile and gentle nature work of an experienced new member. Mary Letzeler Wheeling Sept 08 attracted many visitors to stop at his Susan Dorsch who is sharing her ex. ALSO table pertise in power carving, We welcome back a past member who Susan s involvement also has been. has returned after a long absence Wilmer Hibbits 53 of Steuben a benefit to the club thanks to her. John Pobicki Moundsville Jan 09 ville Ohio died Saturday 4 2008 from friendship with Roz Daisey who stops. the gavages of cancer by when she is traveling by Wheeling. He was a craneman at Wheeling Many of the finished birds we have. Pittsburgh Steel Wilmer Joined our observed are very nice Further prac. Some Thoughts Guild probably some time prior to tice will improve this skill This is the. Birthdays are good for you The more 2000 before records were kept He first time power carving has been used. you have the longer you live joined thanks to the teaching school in the club rooms. AND offered by the Steelworkers Union and This new power carving group is. I m so old that whenever I eat out they W P Steel in Steubenville not seen up front They are confined to. ask me for the money up front Wilmer was an excellent carver who the back room because of the dust. loved to innovate and carve some origi burning odors and noise. nal pieces,O C C A S I O NA L C HI P S PAGE 3, The raffle winners of the drawing should be commended and thanked for. Cart load of held at the conclusion of the show are their interest They are Bill Baker. posted on the club bulletin board The McKees Rock PA Andrew Bokin. Other stuff wife of member Ron Pickens Beverly White Hall PA Marylyn Kushner. won the top prize of a weeks stay at the Oakdale PA Michael Nicholson No. Oglebay deluxe cabin Richard Kent va Scotia Canada Douglas Ross Mar. a show exhibitor from Beaver Falls PA tinsburg WV Rev Fenton St John. won a dinner for four at the Oglebay Evansville IN Miranda Sykes Black. Ihlenfeld Dinning Room in Oglebay Lick OH and Ray Thurston Mentor. Park Likewise Rob Butts husband of OH,member Joyce and Phyllis Burkle.
Enjoyable wonderful great were relative of member Pat won dinners for Recently Joe Rich demonstrated. some of the words described on the two The other two winners were from his carving abilities at the Constitution. comments sheet from the exhibitors the local area The retail price of all of Hall in Wheeling Joe attempted to sell. who participated in the last Labor Day these prizes was over 1200 00 tickets for the Christmas Tree raffle. carving show No complaints were Thanks to all who bought and sold tick during this event but Joe said unlike. submitted One note from John Dun ets for this project This keeps our last year he never sold one ticket. kle was to close the Sunday show at 4 club dues low and allows show expens. PM I m sure there are a few others es to be met It keeps the club solvent A word about our raffles Men. who travel home would like to see this A special big thank you is issued to tioned is made about a lot of raffles but. happen Fred Logsdon and his wife for selling in reality we only have two paying raf. It is not advisable from our 100 00 worth of tickets fles Both occur toward the end of each. promoters stand point to remove this year, last hour from Sunday which allows Treasurer Dan Kerr informs us The first is the raffle for the 6. visitors to stop after taking part in other that a new item by Jim Stadtlander is Oglebay prizes cabin and dinners the. Oglebay Park activities Sunday usual available for member use It is a plastic proceeds are for our own club solvency. ly is a busy and relaxing day for visi guide for carving deciduous trees and the balance to the annual Soup. tors Sorry John but we thank you and There are other carving study guides Kitchens that we support. appreciate your participation and com videos etc available for member use The second paying raffle is for the. ment ask Dan or Ed Peyton carved ornament Christmas Tree Raf. fle The 1 st prize is the tree and then, Speaking of the show we have During the year we always have there are from 12 20 other smaller priz. observed that may local carvers who someone donating wood or other items es raffled The proceeds from this is. are not club members or wish not to be to the club and this year is no excep given to our home base the Stifel Fine. members wait for this show to buy tion Most are anonymous donors but Arts Center to be used for the many. items from all of the vendors There we still issue them a big thank you children s programs that they offer. are not too many true carving shows See Joe Hodorowski or one of the The other raffles mentioned are. within this area other club officers about the availabil strictly free to the attending members. ity of both carving or turning wood These prizes are always due to the gen. Saturday evening dinner held this stored in the cellar We also have some erosity of members and or participat. year at Undos Restaurant was again an nice small pine cutoff boards which are ing show vendors. enjoyable affair with 64 folks attend free for the taking. ing Lots of gifts were raffled to the Thanks to go out to 6 of our visiting. enjoyment all those at the 8 tables The club roster is available to those out of town friends who took part and. Some of the prizes included carving requiring a copy should contact Joe demonstrated during the show for their. tool sets individual tools supplies and Hodorowski It is up dated periodical carved donations of 9 items for the. other items donated by some members ly Those who have an E mail address Christmas tree raffle They are Bill. by the club and by all of the vendors listed with us receive a revised copy in Baker Lester Sally Powers Richard. who attended Thank you all WORD periodically Kent Betzy Duke Leeper John Os. man and Ray Thurston, The used carving and woodworking We have a number of members Thanks also to Dunkle Knives Allen. magazines that were sold during the who live a great distance from Boxes And Such and Little Mountain. show for 25 cents each was a huge Wheeling pay dues and receive this for their donations for the free raffle at. success It saved the items from being newsletter Some are show the show dinner. destroyed and afforded someone the participants some are show visitors. opportunity to re enjoy the contents and others are never seen Those folks. This was the brain enlightenment of Ed,Peyton Thanks Ed. O C C A S I O NA L C HI P S PAGE 4, As corresponding secretary of the Dolly were driver Clark Adams and Alpacas are animals that resemble Lla.
guild it seems I must perform many passengers Renda Muklewicz Betty mas but only grow about 3 feet tall. duties that allow me to move around Flanagan Jim Showalter Duke Jor They are related to Llamas and camels. among all of the carvers as they cut dan Harry Sykes and Joe Hodor and are native to the Andes mountain. up wood owski The conversation and meal ranges, Over the last year or so I have observed sharing made the trip enjoyable Their farm located in the Clinton. some remarkable skill advancement The dolly was on board as a favor to Hills area of Ohio County is the third. among a lot of the new carving mem Jim Lukens of Quality Lumber the largest Alpaca farm in West Virginia. bers wood supplier at our show who acci Carvers past and present have many. Patience perseverance and especially dentally forgot to take it when he left skills and interests. practice really pays off for those who Wheeling Jim was selling at the Day. maybe are reluctant to join because ton Show and we just returned his. they say I can t do that property Another story gleamed from the. If you have friends that may like to We also ran into member Susan local newspapers relate the work of the. learn and join bring them in for a look Dorsch our bird carver who drove by wife of member Frank Bulian Mar. around with Harry Sykes If they herself with a friend tha Bulian is the owner of an assisted. like what they see they can join later We saw some of the show partici living facility in St Clairsville named. pants who in the past displayed at our The House of Hearts Martha opened. Labor Day Show They included John her private residence to care for elderly. In January plans are being made to Niggemeyer Dave Rinkes Bob and women and married couples after tak. present another carving class This Jim Stadtlander John Broughton ing care of her handicapped brother for. class will be headed and instructed by Bob Barris John Dunkle knives Ed many years. Jim Ingram with help from Harry Allen Boxes and Such Cheryl Dow The article and accompanying photo. Sykes burner and of course Jim Lukens described this facility as a true family. This class will be another duck carv setting for those in need of care She. ing project similar to the one held last and her staff with some help from hus. year The cost and number of students Long time member Esther Booth band Frank provide a nice community. allowed to participate will be deter of Colerain made the cover of our lo need. mined later The priority for this class cal Ohio side newspaper section called. will be first to those who have not Prime News Her photo along with her. carved this duck in the past If any carvings display showed one of her The return to Wheeling from Co. openings exist then these past students artistic talents lumbus Ohio was welcomed by the. will be accepted The accompany article described activ Guild as member Keith Miller who. Look for the sign up sheet on the ities that she shares with others at the now attends all of the Monday evening. bulletin board in January Colerain Senior Center Not only a carving sessions Keith is a dedicated. carver she paints sews quilts embroi and original type carver who recently. ders crochets knits and makes jewelry gave me lessons on growing Pineap. Thanks to Jim Showalter Duke Another little known fact we carvers ples. Jordan Mike Hurdzan Joe Hodor did not know is that Esther served. owski and Ron Pickens the new time in the Intelligence Department of Recently our old Xerox copier bit. Christmas Tree along with all of the the U S Navy during WWII Stationed the dust and repairs would have ex. other prizes is now on display in the in Washington DC and did secret work ceeded the cost of the new used Xerox. Oglebay Woodcarvers Guild Chartered in 1976 Dues Treasurer Dan Kerr is accepting Guild dues for next year 2009 Also he will ac cept any dues that are in arrears The dues is only 5 00 for the entire year that s quite a bargain Per the club by laws those members who are delinquent in payment for 3 years will be dropped from active status Reinstatement into the club requires payment

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