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TORCH STAFF,Torch betasigmaphi org,December 2013 January 2014. Editor Seann McAnally Volume 132 Issue 7,Graphic Designer Eric Burgess. Assistant Editor Betsy Thomas,Letter From The Editor. I ve always loved the holiday season and I look forward every year to. BETA SIGMA PHI INTERNATIONAL, watching one of my favorite movies the classic It s a Wonderful Life. Address 1800 West 91st Place George Bailey s realization that his life of domesticity and small scale good. Kansas City MO 64114 0500 deeds has in fact made him rich in love and friends if not money has al. Phone 816 444 6800 ways touched me It shares something in common with another Christmas. 8 30 am 5 00 pm CST M F classic Dickens A Christmas Carol of which there are many fine versions. my favorite is the musical Scrooge starring Albert Finney Both of these. Fax 816 333 6206 stories share the theme of transformation George Bailey in his darkest. Insurance Only 800 235 2806 hour wishes he d never been born Ebenezer Scrooge s goodness is bur. Long Term Care Insurance 888 290 7207 ied beneath seemingly impenetrable layers of cynicism and emotional pain. Gifts Only 800 821 3989 In both cases supernatural intervention leads them to a spiritual awaken. ing and they re transformed by the power of love Luckily most of us don t. need the power of angels or Christmas ghosts to give us a similar epiphany. DIVISION CHAIRMEN we have those beautiful films I think I m transformed just a bit every year. Laura Ross Wingfield laura betasig by the Christmas season and the examples of George and Ebenezer. maphi org On Line Chapters Conventions I think Beta Sigma Phi also has the power to transform us for the better For. Vivian Iddings Director of Service example our executive director Laura Ross Wingfield used to be nearly. viviani betasigmaphi org AK AZ CT DC DE crippled by shyness I was afraid of people she said I would not go up. KY MA MD ME MI MS MT NH NJ NV NY PA to a group of new people and try to speak Speaking in public was the most. Puerto Rico Germany RI VA VT WV frightening thing I could ever imagine But Beta Sigma Phi transformed. Laura At conventions I would muster my courage walk up to a group of. Karla MacRae karlam betasigmaphi org ladies to introduce myself and I would be accepted It happened so often. Canada GA Greece HI IL IN KS MN NM Nor that eventually I overcame that fear And every time I gave speeches no. way Scotland WA WY Russia matter how bad they were someone would tell me that it meant something. Cynthia Meadows cynthiam betasig to them Now I talk to strangers all the time. maphi org AL AR CO MO NC TN OH OK SC Beta Sigma Phi also transformed me Coming from the world of newspaper. TX Belgium Zimbabwe journalism I had developed a very cynical attitude about people Waking. Cindy Vance cindyv betasigmaphi org up in the middle of the night to take photographs of car crashes and fires. Austria Australia CA England Finland FL ID IA covering stories about toxic chemicals at former nuclear facilities and look. LA Mexico NE ND OR Saudi Arabia SD UT WI ing at the local cops Police Blotter every day will do that to you I began to. see the world as an essentially negative place because let s face it that s. all most media outlets give you bad news,E MAIL ADDRESSES.
Torch Department Here at The Torch I have seen first hand through your submissions and. my attendance at conventions in Iowa and Virginia the power of life learn. Torch betasigmaphi org ing friendship and the unspoken but understood fourth aspect LOVE. Rushing Department Sisters have given of themselves in so many ways especially during the. Rushing FriendlyVenture betasigmaphi org holidays but all year round These stories mean a lot to me At a big news. paper these would be considered fluff or feel good pieces But what s. Gift Department wrong with that Nothing I say Beta Sigma Phi has given me a gift no one. Gifts betasigmaphi org could purchase in a store proof that the world is a good place full of good. Home Page people This Christmas season I realize that transformation is the best gift. I have ever received,http www betasigmaphi org, Whatever you celebrate during the holiday season for most of us that s. Beta Journal Christmas but remember that we DO have sisters who celebrate Hanuk. http www betajournal com kah Kwanzaa and other seasonal holidays I hope it brings you the same. Beta Sigma Phi is an international women s friendship network It also warm feelings it brings me I hope it brings you the realization that we can. provides educational programs to its members and opportunities for all change for the better Happiness is a choice Sometimes like George. service to others We are women of all ages interests and educational and Ebenezer we just need a nudge in the right direction. and economic backgrounds and are the largest organization of our kind. in the world For Beta Sigma Phi membership information call I think Tiny Tim said it best when he said God Bless Us Everyone. 1 888 BETA 2B1 238 2221,5 You Light Up My Life,A sister shares a recipe for special memories. 8 Happy Holidays, Christmas has always been a special time for sisters in Beta Sigma Phi. to focus on service and giving Here are just a few ways members have. celebrated the holiday season,12 Conventions, The 2012 13 convention season drew to a close over the last few months. Here s a wrap up of the fun your sisters have been up to. 14 Chapter in the Spotlight, Chapter Down Under celebrates 50 years of sisterhood.
15 Angels of Mercy, Part two of our series about sisters who serve in our armed forces. meet two ladies who brought the healing touch to servicemen. in WWII and the Vietnam War,22 From the Archives, This issue we examine the Lost Art of the Program Book Cover with. a look back at some lovely inspiring art from Beta Sigma Phi s past. 27 Featured Program, This issue s featured program is appropriately enough about Christmas. Assistant Torch Editor and International Alpha president Betsy Thomas. share some fun ways to kick this program up a notch. On the Cover,Our resident artist Eric Burgess added some. Beta Sigma Phi flair to this vintage illustration,originally featured in The Torch in the 1930s.
TORCH TRADITIONS,TOP PHOTO 4 Conventions New Chapters. Friendly Ventures,24 Chatter,29 International Award. This photo of Connie Stoermer and Arla King of of Distinction. North Carolina Pi Master Havelock has good, composition action and tells a story nicely done 30 Gifts. THE TORCH OF BETA SIGMA PHI ISSN 0888 8930 Official Publication of Beta Sigma Phi 1800 West 91st Place Kansas City Missouri 64114 0500 Periodical postage paid at Kansas City. Canada Post Publications Mail Product Sales Agreement 1548255 Published 7 times a year by Beta Sigma Phi International Member subscription price 14 00 per year Non member sub. scription price 14 00 per year Individual copies 2 50 Printed in U S A POSTMASTER Send address changes to The Torch of Beta Sigma Phi PO Box 8500 Kansas City MO 64114 0500. December 2013 January 2014 The Torch 3,Conventions 2014. Alabama Mobile,Alaska Juneau,Welcome These,New Chapters.
Arizona Beta Beta Master Flaggstaff,British Columbia Beta Upsilon Master. Maple Ridge,Arkansas Little Rock June 21 22,California Torchbearer Eta Bakersfield. Australia Perth Oct 24 26,California Torchbearer Zeta Merced. British Columbia N Delta Conclave March 1,Florida Gamma Xi Master Brooksfield. California Monterey May 1 4,Kentucky Torchbearer Beta Maysville.
Carolinas Asheville NC April 25 27,Michigan Beta Lambda Master Flint. Colorado Denver June 27 29,Missouri Gamma Theta Master Blue Springs. Florida Daytona Beach May 16 18,Missouri Online Upsilon Kansas City. Georgia Atlanta Sept 19 21,North Carolina Chi Master High Point. Iowa Clear Lake June 6 8,North Dakota Laureate Mu Fargo.
Kentucky Lexington June 20 22,Ohio Beta Master Akron. Louisiana Lake Charles March 16,Pennsylvania Beta Omicron Master Sayre. Maine Bangor June 20 22,Pennsylvania Torchbearer Iota Montoursville. Michigan Mackinac Island October 3 5,Quebec Beta Master Saint Lambert. Mississippi McComb Sept 19 20,South Carolina Preceptor Alpha Kappa Hampton.
Missouri St Louis Oct 10 12,Texas Beta Delta Zeta Deer Park. Montana Missoula June 13 15,Virginia Laureate Beta Upsilon Roanoke. New York Rochester October 3 5,Washington Beta Nu Master Bellevue. Ohio Dayton June 6 8,Oklahoma Cruise June 1 8,New Friendly. Oregon Portland June 20 22,Quadra State Cruise Vancouver B C Sept 21 24.
Tennessee Knoxville,Washington Seattle,June 20 22,Sept 19 21 Venture Chapters. Alberta Alpha Gamma Fort Saskatchewan,By Donna Cummings and Xi Tau. New York Kappa Sigma Hartsdale,Chapter In A Box,By Shannon Hagan. North Carolina Kappa Sigma Fayetteville,By Janice Jacobson and Alpha Chi. Texas Beta Mu Eta Harlingen,By Elaine Adams and Xi Alpha Theta.
4 December 2013 January 2014 The Torch,By Elizabeth Morgan virtual member. of Online Psi full member of Arizona,Laureate Sigma Mesa. Beta Sigma Phi has been a part of my life for as,long as I can remember My mother Betty Mor. gan joined in 1975 when my older brother was a,baby My mom and her sisters have been lighting. up my life and lighting my path for my entire life. I remember when I was a little girl and the ladies came. over for meetings in their nice clothes complete with. lipstick and heels I remember helping polish silver so. that everything would be just right for my mom s, meetings She always hosted her meetings in the for.
mal living room of our house and I would sometimes sit. hiding in the entryway to hear the ladies laughing to. gether Sometimes there would be leftovers from the. special dessert that we would get to taste What a treat. As I got older I sometimes got to help with meetings I. remember one Christmas social in particular when the. ladies of my mom s chapter had a progressive dinner. Our house was the main course location I was dressed. up in a red plaid skirt that had a matching white blouse. with a big collar trimmed in a plaid ruffle to match the. skirt I got to greet all of the ladies and their husbands as. they arrived at our house I felt so grown up and I was. so proud to be playing hostess for my mom s friends. My mom always let me know what Beta Sigma Phi,meant to her and I got to see the work the ladies. did to help our community donating to the local,food pantry creating food baskets for needy fami. lies buying and wrapping presents for less fortunate. children My mom and her sisters set an example for. me and I am proud to be not only her daugh,ter but her sister and friend in Beta Sigma Phi. As a special treat here s a recipe for one of the desserts. that I remember my mom making for her Beta Sigma, Phi meetings The inclusion of oleo certainly dates this. recipe I haven t heard anyone say that in years I ve. made it with butter too and these brownies are just. as delicious as I remember I hope you enjoy them,December 2013 January 2014 The Torch 5.
Brightlighter,Debra Weissmann aka,Brightlighter of British Co. lumbia Epsilon Upsilon,Winfield hosts a monthly,Girls Night Out to meet. women who are inter,ested in Beta Sigma Phi,She picks a place time. theme and shares the in,formation any place she,thinks women will see it. As you can see from the,picture above the events,have been very successful.
Debra is working on the or,ganization of her second. Friendly Venture chapter,Thank you Debra for shar,ing Beta Sigma Phi We. need more members to,follow your example,Boise Valley City Council Rushing Activities. Idaho Boise Valley City Council officers organized Four chapters presented information on their social. a Beta Sigma Phi membership kiosk at the Boise Ses cultural and service activities as well as sharing the. quicentennial Celebration this past summer They basics of sorority with the group Everyone enjoyed. followed up with a lively bunco party for prospec getting acquainted while playing Bunco and re. tive members on September 24 2013 freshments At this point they have three women. expressing an interest in joining a chapter and the. 6 December 2013 January 2014 The Torch,members are very open to them. We Want to See,you at the next,convention,Yes Send the following Recommendation.
Rush Packet,P Friendly Venture Packet For Membership. Please pass on my friend s name and info to see if. that apply Party Plans she d like to learn more about chapters in her area. Member s Name,Name Member,Member Chapter,Her Name Phone. City State Providence,Zip Code Email,City State Providence. Also send me names addresses of members at large and prospective members. for the following zip codes Zip Code Email, Mail to Rushing Department Beta Sigma Phi International. Age Group 20s 30s 40s 50,P O Box 8500 Kansas City MO 64114.
December 2013 January 2014 The Torch 7, The Christmas Season has always been a time for sisters in Beta. Sigma Phi to focus on service and giving not to mention the love. they have for their communities and for one another Here are just. a few of the ways our sisters have celebrated the holiday season. Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree, Here we see a photo of the sisters of Alabama Xi that they have been involved in the downtown area. Beta Sigma Phi also transformed me Coming from the world of newspaper journalism I had developed a very cynical attitude about people Waking up in the middle of the night to take photographs of car crashes and fires covering stories about toxic chemicals at former nuclear facilities and look ing at the local cops Police Blotter every day will do that to you I began to see the

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