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Site name KENILWORTH CASTLE,Created by ENGLISH HERITAGE LEARNING TEAM. Please provide an explanation of how your site meets each of the following points and include the most appropriate visual images of your site Refer to your. images to justify your explanation of how the site meets the criteria. Criteria Specifics about the site in relation to this criteria Sources that can be used with this criteria. a The reasons for the location The site upon which Kenilworth Castle sits today lies within the Morris RK Kenilworth Castle English Heritage. of the site within its surroundings former royal manor of Stoneleigh Guidebooks 2015 p 37. Much of the parcel of land granted to Geoffrey de Clinton by King www english heritageshop org uk books. Henry I r 1100 35 was given by Geoffrey to the priory of media guidebook kenilworth castle. Kenilworth which he founded around 1124 only keeping for. himself enough land to build his castle and hunting park Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Garden. Geoffrey de Clinton chose to situate his castle on a low sandstone Teachers Kit. hill bordered by small streams to the south and west This www english. elevated position offered a good vantage point and the marshes heritage org uk siteassets home visit places. formed by the two streams also provided some initial deterrent to visit kenilworth castle school. to attack visits kenilworth castle and elizabethan. In the wider landscape the site s proximity to Warwick was garden teachers kit ks1 ks4 pdf. politically important in the 1120s and in the 1170s King Henry II. r 1154 89 took the site back into royal control for its strategic. importance, b When and why people first Henry de Beaumont 1st Earl of Warwick had been a loyal Morris RK Kenilworth Castle English Heritage. created the site supporter of King Henry I but the king had concerns about the Guidebooks 2015 p 37. loyalty of his son Roger who succeeded his father to become the www english heritageshop org uk books. 2nd Earl of Warwick in 1119 media guidebook kenilworth castle. As a result of his doubts King Henry I promoted Geoffrey de. Clinton s status within Warwickshire including making him sheriff Kenilworth Castle history website www english. As part of his promotion De Clinton was also granted land in heritage org uk visit places kenilworth. Stoneleigh a royal manor very close to Warwick castle history and stories. 2 Copyright OCR 2018, In the early 1120s Geoffrey de Clinton with the favour and. support of the king built the first castle on this site further. advancing his power and influence against Roger de Beaumont. c The ways in which the site Early Medieval Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Garden. has changed over time The initial structure built by Geoffrey de Clinton was probably a Teachers Kit. collection of simple wooden buildings situated on a rise however www english. with the support and resources of King Henry I this was soon heritage org uk siteassets home visit places. joined by the stone keep which still stands today to visit kenilworth castle school. Geoffrey de Clinton also built a causeway leading to the castle visits kenilworth castle and elizabethan. entrance This structure had the additional purpose of damming garden teachers kit ks1 ks4 pdf. the two streams and forming a small lake mere to the west of. the castle Kenilworth Castle phased site plan, De Clinton s son Geoffrey II is not thought to have made any www english. significant changes to the site though by the time of his death the heritage org uk siteassets home visit places. keep had several forebuildings and a small bailey to visit kenilworth castle history kenilworth. In the 1170s the castle returned to the Crown King Henry II felt castle phased plans pdf. the site was of significant strategic importance and began a series. of building works to develop and strengthen the defences Kenilworth Castle description website. There is evidence of both an inner and outer bailey the latter www english. having a gatehouse and probably defended by banks and a ditch heritage org uk visit places kenilworth. With the improved outer defences changes were made to the castle history and stories history description. keep making it more of a living space and less of a defensive. structure these changes included the modification to large round English Heritage YouTube Channel A Mini. arched windows to provide greater light Guide to Medieval Castles 2017. When King John r 1199 1216 took control of the castle he www youtube com watch v RXXDThkJ3Ew. heightened the dam which vastly increased the size of the lake. mere to the west of the castle Kenilworth History and Archaeology Society. King John also added greater stone defences including towers to website. the outer bailey and incorporated the existing gatehouse into a www khas co uk. new entranceway structure with two D shaped towers with. battlements Kenilworth Castle significance website. King John also added the second top floor to the keep including www english. a chamber at the top of the south west turret Most of King John s heritage org uk visit places kenilworth. 3 Copyright OCR 2018, works were completed in 1210 15 and his defences are little castle history and stories history significance.
changed today, In 1234 5 a king s chamber king s chapel and queen s chamber Molyneux ND Kenilworth Castle in 1563. were recorded within the castle almost certainly in the inner English Heritage Historical Review 3 2008. bailey pp 46 61, Simon V de Montfort 6th Earl of Leicester created the Brays a www tandfonline com doi abs 10 1179 1752. series of banks and ditches defended by a wooden palisade These 01608797653120 src recsys. mid 13th century outworks defended the dam and its water. Late Medieval, The House of Lancaster transformed the fortress into an. extravagant palace including building the large kitchen great hall. and a range of fine chambers around the inner ward. In the early 14th century Thomas of Lancaster created an 800. acre deer park and probably added further accommodation for his. household in the form of the Water Tower He also constructed a. new chapel in the outer bailey, In the 1370s extensive work was carried out on the castle by John. John of Gaunt s additions and changes were based on King. Edwards III s r 1327 77 lodgings at Windsor Castle and included. remodelling the apartments services and kitchens At this time a. magnificent new great hall was also built, At this point the main structures of the castle were complete All.
further additions throughout the 1400s and early 1500s including. a tennis court location now unknown were features of wealth. and status creating a venue for relaxation and pleasure. Post Medieval, When the Dudleys took possession of the castle in the second half. of the 16th century there were again great changes at Kenilworth. John Dudley 1st Duke of Northumberland built the stables and. enhanced the tiltyard,4 Copyright OCR 2018, John Dudley s son Robert Earl of Leicester modelled a new. gatehouse at the north entrance built a new tower Leicester s. Building and made significant improvements to the keep and state. apartments, The architecture and d cor were the height of Elizabethan style. Robert also developed the privy garden, After the Civil War in 1650 the north side of the keep was. broken down and the outer walls destroyed in sections. The site became a farmstead and the buildings of the inner bailey. became a source of salvage and building materials,By the late 18th century the site was ruinous.
d How the site has been used The site had been used throughout its history as a symbol of status Morris RK Kenilworth Castle English Heritage. throughout its history and power starting with Geoffrey de Clinton who supported by Guidebooks 2015. King Henry I built the first castle on the site to maintain influence www english heritageshop org uk books. and control over Warwick media guidebook kenilworth castle. Up until the mid 13th century the castle continued to be used and. developed as a defensive site of strategic importance In 1266 Kenilworth History and Archaeology Society. Kenilworth Castle was besieged by King Henry III r 1216 72 website. one of the most important engagements in war between the king www khas co uk. and rebel barons, When the House of Lancaster took control of the castle in the. early 14th century the purpose of the site changed Moving from. strategic importance to social importance the site was used as a. status symbol and display of wealth for the next 300 years. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I r 1558 1603 when the. castle was owned by Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester the castle. hosted four visits by the queen outstanding for their lavishness. Following the Civil War Parliament used the destruction of all. former Royalist strongholds including Kenilworth Castle as a. demonstration of its power, e The diversity of activities and Geoffrey de Clinton close association with King Henry I and the Morris RK Kenilworth Castle English Heritage. people associated with the site church Guidebooks 2015. 5 Copyright OCR 2018, King John strategic importance and extensive development of www english heritageshop org uk books. defences media guidebook kenilworth castle, Simon V de Montfort probable use of the trebuchet in the 1266. Siege of Kenilworth Simon de Montfort Society, House of Lancaster development and use of the site for pleasure www simondemontfort org montforts life.
and entertaining, John of Gaunt building works to suit his self styled title King of. Castile and Leon, Robert Dudley building for and entertaining Queen Elizabeth I. Robert Langham an official in Leicester s household who was. allowed into the garden during the queen s absence on a hunt and. described it in great detail in his letters, f The reasons for changes to The castle changed hands many times throughout its history Morris RK Kenilworth Castle English Heritage. the site and to the way it was used moving in and out of royal control Guidebooks 2015 pp 41 5. The major change in the purpose of this site came with the House www english heritageshop org uk books. of Lancaster who developed the site from a defensive position media guidebook kenilworth castle. into a residence for relaxation and enjoyment, g Significant times in the site s 1120s first castle and defences built in response to potential Dictum of Kenilworth 1266. past peak activity major threat from Warwick www nationalarchives gov uk education 20re. developments turning points 1210 15 building by King John in response to the papal interdict sources magna carta dictum of kenilworth. 1266 Siege of Kenilworth Siege of Kenilworth Castle article. 1300 50 castle changes from a fortress into a palace www english. 1326 abdication of King Edward II r 1307 27 heritage org uk visit places kenilworth. 1370s building work by John of Gaunt castle history and stories siege kenilworth. 1450s Wars of the Roses castle,1565 75 royal visits by Queen Elizabeth I.
1640 50 Civil War and slighting of the castle buildings. h The significance of specific Mortimer s Tower is the 13th century gatehouse but also holds Kenilworth Castle phased site plan. features in the physical remains at the remains of the original gatehouse built around 1120 www english. the site The gatehouse shows the progression of defences and technology heritage org uk siteassets home visit places. 6 Copyright OCR 2018, including grooves for a medieval portcullis to visit kenilworth castle history kenilworth. The keep built in 1120 has been added to and altered numerous castle phased plans pdf. times These alterations demonstrate the progression of defences. weaponry and also the use and importance of the site over time Kenilworth Castle history website. The large openings at ground level demonstrate the change in www english. function from a defendable military structure to a building for heritage org uk visit places kenilworth. leisure and show castle history and stories history. John of Gaunt s works are an excellent demonstration of the. organisation of a medieval aristocratic household Morris RK Kenilworth Castle English Heritage. The great hall built by Gaunt was a grand display of status and Guidebooks 2015. shows the most up to date architectural fashions of the time www english heritageshop org uk books. Although there is no evidence of the original structures of the 12th media guidebook kenilworth castle. and 13th centuries the presence of an enlarged hall for dining a. suite of grand chambers and extensive kitchens marks a change in Interactive map of Elizabethan garden. purpose for the site from a defendable fortress to a luxurious www english. palace heritage org uk visit places kenilworth, The building works by Robert Dudley Leicester s Building and castle history and stories elizabethan garden. Leicester s Gatehouse illustrate his devotion to Queen Elizabeth I. but also highlight her wish to promote him as she funded all the. In addition to the buildings the reconstructed Elizabethan garden. is highly symbolic in its use of flowers colours and sculpture. i The importance of the whole Locally Morris RK Kenilworth Castle English Heritage. site either locally or nationally as Important in relation to the development of the town Guidebooks 2015. appropriate Political and historical significance in the local area www english heritageshop org uk books.

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