NRC Circular Notice 1979 013 Replacement of Diesel Fire

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Ix Se rvic F 3rtS Deminb er am 4,No 74T 13 3A,Topics No e rhis topiv rce i7 svvd to Jdd. Caution regardiug chockiny,Controller Relay for current drdw File Group 13. whan installing magnetic switches, Please destroy copy dated April Re I B 1Inlin Cam 5M. Group l3 01 Z CIl,New Components Available For Industrial. Fire Pumps,NH 220 lIF N SSS F NT 455 Fl and NT 855 FZ l A.
Series Engines, A new high pressure fuel pump shut off valve Part No Y. Wen replacing 11 884B Magnetic Switch 199573 DC Rh. 216930 Fig 1 toptional field replacern wit and magnetic Contactor and 212481 Wiring Harness In tha tieldltey. switCh Part No 217588 Fig 2 have been released to should be replaced with new design corrponents. imprve operation of inline 6 cylinder Industrial Fire Pump. enoines Cution When topIJng 1184 Magnetis tcd it,199573 DC Retly Contamor W hb21758a8tiS4 wit. always cl ck the contro5lmwrelay fai nrmxlmm ciwiI. draw The new 217583 Magnetic Switch has a 6 ep, draw whareas the old combinAtion has approximabt 3i. ampefis draw Where necessary the contio3ti w r, utsally be replaced Conuict local controUer toPrnat. A r ew wiring harness AR 1 498 which Inc udfes two I. Part No 217588 Mainetic Switches wiring harness nd. mounting hardware must be u ed when making conversion l. Installation Instructions,1 Raemove w i r harngets c eitpinn tormiiul.
ammeter magnetic svwitches and voltage regulator u. alternator,2 Remove magnetic switch and DC relay, C 3 Install 211088 Bracket to cylindew block alxwe crankn. No 1 Fv NAV lhu fl Z,4 Install two 2 217585 Magnetic. Switchesopposiw,in Enin Comp Inanul,other with l start. dpAhndles in posit4on7,eera 6 R Install new Wif inM hwrals s fS0 R. COILYERMNALS J 2 6 8 9 I 0and I11 on terminal block N o 1 0. x eMan No s 2t and 13 on voltag r Wutar ee i,4 diagrarn Fig 3.
CONTACT TERMINALS n, Curn A placard Cummins Fire Pump Engnes Initial St. Operation Instructions containing initial start up o. operation instructions and a mintennc, i i covering all nmodels of Cummins Industrial FiePn. t Engtines is no s available and may be ordered as Sutn. rO w 337g004 0 from Lhuratiorrs Control Swve MI 8,f2 oWaterstra Trail Jeffersontown Ky 40299 POox 9. FiD 2 Mog gtic Swjt,11u m17n ins,11O2IS1 w I,co p HDople 1 t Co7rpe s quote. ins Engine Company Inc Columbus Indiana U S A 47201. Ntew Xtalders, Engine Comnpany Ltd Darlington Co Purharn Ensilarnd PleO W.
suI Y Kr Pr,4 t tipb Hi S S,cq4 ristnbad,Fi WiliV 3. uLtUibM he Ft l aim iPidRobflul rw s ee Fez,J his IP ja X tip tefue tai. IE Circular No 79 13 Enclosure,July 13 1979 Page 1 of 2. LISTING OF IE CIRCULARS ISSUED IN,LAST TWELVE MONTHS. Circular Subject Date Issued To,No of Issue, 78 13 Inoperability of Multiple 7 10 78 All Holders of.
Service Water Pumps Reactor OLs and CPs,except for plants. located in AL AK CA,FL GA LA MS SC, 78 14 HPCI Turbine Reversing 7 12 78 All Holders of BWR. Chamber Hold Down Bolting OLs or CPs for plants,with a HPCI Terry Tur. bine excepting Duane,Arnold and Monticello,78 15 Checkvalves Fail to 7 20 78 All Holders of. Close In Vertical Reactor OLs or CPs,78 16 Limitorque Valve 7 26 78 All Holders of.
Actuators Reactor OLs or CPs, 78 17 Inadequate Guard Training 10 13 78 All Holders of. Qualification and Falsified and applicants,Training Records for Reactor OLs. 78 18 UL Fire Test 11 6 78 All Holders of,Reactor OLs or CPs. 78 19 Manual Override Bypass 12 28 78 All Holders of. of Safety Actuation Signals CPs,79 01 Administration of 1 12 79 All Holders of. Unauthorized Byproduct Licensees except,Material to Humans Teletherapy Medical.
Licensees and each,Radiopharmaceutical, 79 02 Failure of 120 Volt Vital 2 16 79 All Holders of. AC Power Supplies Reactor OLs and CPs, 79 03 Inadequate Guard Training 2 23 79 All Holders of and. Qualification and Falsified applicants for Special. Training Records Nuclear Material Licenses,in Safeguards Group I. IE Circular No 79 13 Enclosure,July 13 1979 Page 2 of 2. LISTING OF IE CIRCULARS ISSUED IN,LAST TWELVE MONTHS.
Circular Subjppt Date of Issued To,79 04 Loose Locking Nut On 3 16 79 All Holders of. Limitorque Valve Reactor OLs or CPs,79 05 Moisture Leakage In 3 20 79 All Holders of. Stranded Wire Conductors Reactor OLs or CPs, 79 06 Failure to Use Syringe 4 19 79 All Holders of. and Battle Shields in Medical Licensees,Nuclear Medicine except teletherapy. 79 07 Unexpected Speed Increase 5 2 79 All Holders of. of Reactor Recirculation BWR OL s or CP s,MG Set Resulted in Reactor.
Power Increase, 79 08 Attempted Extortion Low 5 18 79 All Fuel Facilities. Enriched Uranium Licensed by NRC, 79 09 Occurrences of Split or 6 22 79 All Materials. Punctured Regulator Diaphragms Priority I Fuel,In Certain Self Contained Cycle and Operating. Breathing Apparatus Reactor Licensees, 79 10 Pipefittings Manufactured 6 26 7 9 All Power Reactor. from Unacceptable Material Licensees with a,CP and or OL.
79 11 Design Construction 6 27 79 All Applicants,Interface Problem for and Holders of. Power Reactor CPs, 79 12 Potential Diesel Generator 6 28 79 All Power Reactor. Turbocharger Problem Operating Facilities,and all Utilities. The investigation revealed that Cummins Engine Company issued a Service Parts Topics No 74T 13 3A announcing new components available for Industrial Fire Pumps NH 220 1F N 855 F N 855 F1 NT 855 F2 series engines to improve operation of inline 6 cylinder Industrial Fire Pump Engines In this topic Cummins recommends that when replacing the 118848 magnetic switch and 199573 DC relay

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