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2 File 770 160,File 770 is Taral 40 photos 4 12 13. available for Andrew Porter photos 9 32,news art 33. arranged trades Brad Foster Cover 39 45 50,o r b y Steve Stiles 38 43 49 51. subscription 8 Alan Beck 16 19 52 53,for 5 issues 15 Marty Cantor photos 4 5. for 10 issues air John King Tarpinian photo,rate is Grant Canfield 3 54.
Karl Lembke photo 6, File 770 160 is edited by Mike Keith Stokes photos 7 46. Glyer at 705 Valley View Ave Art Credits Michael Nelson photo 10. Monrovia CA 91016 Telephone Alan White 2 Alice Lawson photos 11 17. 626 305 1004 E Mail Bill Rotsler 2 18 35 37 Frank Wu 14. Mikeglyer cs com John O Halloran photo 15,Editorial Notes by Mike Glyer. Rich Lynch in China Did you know that the File 770 blog is Sending My Name to Mars I unhesitatingly and unthinkingly added. blocked by the Great Firewall of China my name to a list being sent on a microchip to Mars aboard the Mars. Rich sent an e mailed to tell me about this interesting discovery Science Laboratory rover That s the only way to go If I stopped and. I m in the People s Republic of China on a business trip all this week thought about it at all why would I do it. and discovered that the F770 website is blocked over here I didn t Will anybody ever find that chip Why would anybody read it if. realize that you were such a subversive they did And since earthbound operating systems change all the time. Now you know often ceasing to support previous file types what are the odds that. Rich s Chinese visit was captured in an AP photo he appeared NASA itself won t be able to read the chip by the time astronauts go. seated behind China s Science and Technology Minister and the U S looking for the rover. Secretary of Energy in a snap taken at the 4th Carbon Sequestration Pshaw only a party pooper cares about those questions The cor. Forum CSLF Ministerial Conference in China on September 22 rect response is Yippee My name s going to Mars. Wild Wild Westercon,By John Hertz, At Westercon LXIV West Coast S F Con this year 1 4 July Fair. mont Hotel San Jose California the news of the weekend was site. selection Seattle for 2012 was voted last year Portland Oregon was. the only Westercon LXVI bid to file in time for this year s voting Its. committee lacked many known Portland veterans and its proposals. struck many voters as vague A bid for Granzella s Inn amidst the. California olive country which did not file apparently on purpose and. seemed to be presented as both a joke and a protest outdrew the Port. land bid 42 41 This threw site selection to the Business Meet. ing After three heated hours ably chaired by Kevin Standlee the. Portland committee still had not enough support and the Business. Meeting attended by far more than cast votes before voted the 2013. Westercon to the Granzella s committee which under the By Laws is. not bound by its original proposal but may settle on any site in the. west of North America Gene Anderson of the Portland committee. and Kevin Roche Andrew Trembley of the Granzella s committee Foglio s Girl Genius As noted here earlier I led discussion of three S. were seen in conference At one point Roche spoke opposing his own F classics Leinster s Ethical Equations Anderson s Brain Wave. bid urging voters to consider in earnest and Dick s Man in the High Castle Watching the Masquerade cos. Hugo nominee Maurine Starkey exhibited in the Art Show for the tume competition which was short but sweet I sat with two Sikhs one. first time I remember She noted with pleasure work by Stu Shepherd of whom was at his first s f con and had many accurate remarks A. who had long drawn for Revell I moderated Chris Garcia and Randy Spokane bid for the 2015 Worldcon emerged In the Fanzine Lounge. Smith at the annual Westercon Last Minute Hugo Nominees Review John O Halloran talked of taiko drumming At filking our home. managing somehow to go over the entire ballot in one hour and a half made music Barry Gold sang his wife Lee s No More Need to Pray. session Regency dancing had been hosted by me on Friday Alan of Asimov s Mule and Kate Gladstone s Waldo of Heinlein s. Winston who was otherwise unable to attend the con came on Sunday Waldo Jones Round about midnight Monday with hotel restaurants. to host a second evening for which I borrowed a costume from Roche all closed I left to eat upon returning found the Dead Dog party until. to dress as Vanamonde Von Mekkhan from Guest of Honor Phil the last dog is closed too and reluctantly slept. November 2011 3,Crotchety is Amazing,Steve Davidson The Crotchety Old Fan is. celebrating because he was finally awarded,the trademark for Amazing Stories by the U S.
Patent and Trademark Office on September,28 He originally applied for it in 2008. Davidson is familiar with Amazing Stories,rocky history stumbling along through. bankruptcy when Gernsback lost ownership,through a series of publishers and editors. Teck Publications Ziff Davis Ultimate,where it enjoyed a brief and all too short. resurgence under the tutelage of Ted White,Dragon Publications and through a series of.
corporate buy outs ended up as a Hasbro,toys property and licensed to Paizo Publica. tions which re introduced it as a mass media,geek culture mag until its demise in 2005. By 2007 Hasbro had abandoned the trade,mark Davidson then managing the intellec. tual property department of an R D firm,was routinely reviewing the status of some of. his favorite marks Noting rights to the Amaz,ing Stories mark had lapsed he filed an appli.
cation for the mark in 2008,Davidson s ambition is to revive Amazing. as an online magazine and he has rounded up,a brain trust to advise him. Serving as his board of advisors are four,former editors of Amazing Stories Barry. Malzberg Patrick L Price Ted White and,Joseph Wrzos who edited under the pen. name Joseph Ross Each has extensive ex,perience in the sf genre as an author agent.
editor collector and or historian,News of Fandom,Also Frank Wu has been enlisted to cre. ate the cover for the Davidson s first issue, of Amazing Stories did not fight extradition to California to face To be eligible for the Monica Hughes. murder charges When arraigned in an Al Award a book must be an original work in. 2011 Rebel and Phoenix Winners hambra CA courtroom on July 8 he pleaded English aimed at readers ages 8 to 16 The. The Rebel and Phoenix Awards were pre not guilty to the murder charge first award will be given in October 2012. sented September 24 at Fencon VIII and Gerhartsreiter will be back in Alhambra. DeepSouthCon Superior Court on January 18 2012 for a 2011 SF F Translation Awards. Brad Foster received the Rebel Award for preliminary hearing where a judge will decide The winners of the 2011 Science Fiction and. his work as a fan artist presented by Steven if enough evidence exists for the case to go to Fantasy Translation Awards were announced. H Silver trial at the 2011 Eurocon in Stockholm, Selina Rosen won the Phoenix Award for Long Form A Life on Paper Stories. her work with up and coming authors and her HarperCollins Sponsors Georges Olivier Ch teaureynaud translated. work on Yard Dog Press Toni Weisskopf Monica Hughes Award by Edward Gauvin Small Beer Press Origi. presented the Phoenix Bill Parker received The Canadian Children s Book Centre has nal publication in French 1976 2005. the Rubble Award at the hands of Gary Robe launched the Monica Hughes Award for Ca Short Form Elegy for a Young Elk. for bringing the Worldcon and two years of nadian children s literature Sponsored by Hannu Rajaniemi translated by Hannu Ra. work to Southern fandom HarperCollins Canada the new award will janiemi Subterranean Online Spring 2010. honor children s sf and fantasy fiction and Original publication in Finnish Portti 2007. Clark Rockefeller Faces comes with a 5 000 cash prize A special award also was presented to. Hughes who passed away in 2003 wrote British author and translator Brian Stableford. Murder Trial in LA in recognition of the excellence of his transla. Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter a k a Clark over thirty five books and has been called. Canada s finest writer of science fiction for tion work. Rockefeller will be tried in California on Each winning author and translator will. charges of murdering LASFS member John children by critic Sarah Ellis in The Horn. Book magazine receive a cash prize of US 350, Sohus in 1985 He is also a suspect in the This was the inaugural year of. disappearance of Sohus wife Linda whose She won many major literary awards in. cluding the Governor General s Award then the awards given by the Association for the. body has never been found Recognition of Excellence in Science Fiction. Already serving 5 years in Massachusetts known as the Canada Council Prize for Chil. dren s Literature in 1982 and 1983 Fantasy Translation ARESFFT. for kidnapping his daughter Gerhartsreiter,4 File 770 160.
LASFS Moves,to New Clubhouse,LASFS Deals for New Clubhouse. Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society,members voted at the club s April 21. meeting to sell their North Hollywood,clubhouse and buy a new place in Van. A real estate agent had approached,the club in September 2010 with an. offer to purchase the building A price,was agreed upon but the sale depended.
on the club finding a replacement prop,erty This is not as precipitous as it. sounds LASFS has discussed for,years the idea of expanding its existing. facility or moving to a larger building,and set aside some funds for the pur. pose Before long the LASFS Board of,Directors found a new place that met. most of their requirements,The sale price of the old clubhouse.
and the purchase price of the new,building were the same 525 000. Commissions and costs reduced the,amount realize from the sale but the. club s Century Fund made up the dif,ference and will also pay for the initial. remodeling work,The new building is 4400 sq ft, much larger than the combined floor First Meeting at LASFS new Clubhouse in Van Nuys Above Lee Gold fore. space in the two buildings at the old site ground back to camera on her left Barbara Harmon June Moffatt Below. which was around 2100 sq ft The Socializing area viewed from rear of meeting room Photos by Marty Cantor. club s new address is 6012 Tyrone,Ave Van Nuys CA 91401 one block.
north of Oxnard and one block east of,Van Nuys Blvd That s not very far. from where I formerly lived on Wood,man Ave a return address familiar to. some of you long time File 770 sub,This Old Clubhouse LASFS ended. its 34 year run at the Burbank Blvd,clubhouse on Thursday August 25. Taral Wayne happened to be in town,and Marc Schirmeister took him to the.
meeting which Taral documented with,a few photos,Before LASFS bought the property. in 1977 it was owned by a leatherwork,ing business There also was a radio. mast beside the back building which,served a nurses beeper alert service It. was an attractive nuisance Frank,Gasperik once climbed it so the club. eventually took it down,The front building was used for.
socializing and to house the library,The back building was the meeting. room shown in Taral s photos Look,ing at them brings back memories You. November 2011 5, can see the paneling Jerry Pournelle helped install and the free carpet. that Gary Louie salvaged from his employer The column supporting. the roof beam used to be covered with plaques honoring two members. who qualified as Pillars of the LASFS Bruce Pelz and Michael Ma. LASFS bought its first clubhouse on Ventura Blvd in 1973 The. first meeting drew over 100 people enough to stuff the place to the. gills This foreshadowed the club s rapid growth enabling them to buy. the Burbank Blvd place in 1977 For many years weekly attendance. averaged around 150 though it has since dwindled, Mr First Nighter The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society held. the grand opening of its new clubhouse in Van Nuys on September 1. I went early to scout out the parking and reached the clubhouse. around 6 p m in time to greet Karl Lembke and Christian McGuire on. my way I paid my dues to treasurer Elayne Pelz and followed registrar. Michelle Pincus on a guided tour of the new place, The clubhouse occupies a block long commercial building formerly.
divided between several businesses In the new configuration there is a. large meeting area with an enclosed office to one side a spacious so. cializing area and a big section for the club library There. are other substantial nooks and crannies that will be used for storage or. to place things like the soda machine where they won t be in the way. And there s a full kitchen, LASFS held a potluck dinner and Eylat Poliner did heroic labor on. the set up Fans brought cuisine from four continents and Brooklyn. George Mulligan explained at length that corned beef and cabbage is Marc Schirmeister and Mike Glyer. not a native Irish dish, Marc Schirmeister s donation got the biggest reaction an ice chest. full of rare and exotic soft drinks from Galco s Soda Pop Stop in High. land Park CA There was Moxie Old Rhode Island Molasses Root. Of Drinks and Doors, Beer A J Stephens Raspberry Lime Rickey Leninade Fukola Cola by John Hertz. Spruce Beer and Kickapoo Joy Juice You should see what I didn t. buy laughed Marc Reprinted from Vanamonde 952 When I saw an empty Moxie bottle. clubhouse on Thursday August 25 Taral Wayne happened to be in town and Marc Schirmeister took him to the meeting which Taral documented with a few photos Before LASFS bought the property in 1977 it was owned by a leatherwork ing business There also was a radio mast beside the back building which

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