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Greetings from the Office of the Governor, It s my privilege to welcome you as a North Dakota driver Whether you are operating a car. truck motorcycle or RV or enjoying our communities as a bicyclist or pedestrian everyone who. uses our roads shares a responsibility to make transportation safe and enjoyable This booklet. contains important information outlining the state s rules and regulations for keeping you and. other drivers safe on North Dakota s roadways, Please review this information and make the personal commitment to adhere to the rules of the. road and to be aware of new laws that affect the motoring public including distracted driving. laws We want to help you stay safe as a driver and valued community member. Jack Dalrymple,Introduction, The privilege of driving a motor vehicle in the state of North Dakota must first be earned This. manual will help you earn and keep this privilege, The manual is designed as a basic reference for all drivers and should be used to prepare for. the written driver s examination It does not include some of the information needed to qualify. for driving passenger buses school buses motorcycles and heavy trucks Such additional in. formation is contained in separate manuals available at all driver license offices. This manual will introduce you to North Dakota traffic laws rules of the road and other safe. driving practices You owe it to yourself to develop all the skills and knowledge needed to become. a safe driver,Drivers License Division,North Dakota Department of Transportation.
North Dakota Drivers License and Testing Locations. To obtain a North Dakota operator s license you must visit one of the Drivers License offices. No appointment is required to take the knowledge test or the visual screen test however you. must have an appointment for a road test Knowledge testing is allowed up to one hour prior. to noon if testing at an office that closes for lunch and one hour prior to closing. Please note You will receive a failed test score if you leave the testing area while your test is. in progress, The knowledge test fee is 5 The road test fee is 5 The fee for a Class D permit license is. 15 The fee for a duplicate Class D permit license is 8. Lunch Hour Schedule All sites closed from 12 00 1 00 p m except Bismarck Minot Grand. Forks and Fargo, Holiday Schedule Offices are closed on the following holidays. New Years Day January 1 Martin Luther King Jr Day the third Monday in January. Presidents Day third Monday in February,Good Friday the Friday preceding Easter Sunday. Memorial Day the last Monday in May Independence Day July 4. Labor Day the first Monday in September Veteran s Day November 11. Thanksgiving Day the fourth Thursday in November,Christmas Eve December 24 offices close at noon. Christmas Day December 25, If January 1st July 4th November 11th or December 25th fall on a Sunday the following Mon.
day shall be the holiday If these holidays fall on a Saturday the preceding Friday is the holiday. Drivers License Offices CHECK LIST FOR TESTING, For current office locations and hours go to Remember required documents. www dot nd gov Click on Driver,1 Knowledge test items. For road test appointments dial toll free at,1 855 633 6835 Proof of legal presence current. name date of birth social security, TTY users may call Relay North Dakota at number and proof of address See list. 711 For services that can be done online go of acceptable forms of identification. to www dot nd gov click on Driver on following pages You will not be. allowed to test without proper,General Information identification.
All drivers license offices are ADA accessible Out of state licensed applicants must. produce a valid out of state operator s, Language interpretation for general business license in addition to the required proof. is provided for people with limited English of legal presence current name and. proficiency LEP date of birth, Additionally the Request For Reasonable Ac As authorized by NDCC 39 06 07 and. commodations SFN 60135 can be accessed NDCC 39 06 03 1 all applications for. at the following NDDOT website location permit license or identification card. http www dot nd gov forms sfn60135 pdf must contain the social security num. The noncommercial Class D knowledge test ber of the applicant. is offered in English Arabic Spanish Somali All applicants less than 18 years of age. Russian Vietnamese Turkish Swahili Ne must have a parent legal guardian or. pali Serbo Croatian French and Chinese designated person sign approval and. Automated American Sign Language and Au sponsorship on the application Legal. dio testing is available at the Fargo James guardian must present guardianship. town Bismarck Dickinson Williston Minot papers,Devils Lake and Grand Forks drivers license. offices No appointment needed Arrive no later than one hour prior to. noon if testing at an office that closes, The motorcycle Class M knowledge test is for lunch and no later than one hour. offered in English and Spanish Automated prior to closing You may not be allowed. American Sign Language and Audio testing is to test otherwise. available at the Fargo Jamestown Bismarck, Dickinson Williston Minot Devils Lake and Children pets except medical alert ser.
Grand Forks drivers license offices No ap vice animals backpacks purses pa. pointment needed per pen pencil markers cell phones. i pods notebooks i pads tablets etc, The commercial CDL knowledge tests are are not allowed in the knowledge test. offered in English only Audio testing is avail ing area. able at the Fargo Jamestown Bismarck, Dickinson Williston Minot Devils Lake and IMPORTANT You will receive a failed. Grand Forks drivers license offices No ap test score if you bring any of these. pointment needed items into the testing area You are re. sponsible for securing these items in a,safe place prior to testing You will also. receive a failed test score if you leave,the knowledge testing area before your. test is completed, 2 Road test items A horn clearly audible for 200 feet.
Valid North Dakota operator s permit Mirrors one or more so that you can see. the road 200 feet behind you,Applicants less than 16 years of age. are required to present a driver s edu Seat belts,cation Certificate of Training. A windshield and windows all made of, See page 2 Road Test Waiver details safety glass If tinted a light transmittance. Applies to ages 15 and older of 70 percent for the windshield and at least. 50 percent for other windows is required,Applicants under 16 must be accompa. nied by a parent or legal guardian Windshield wipers. Vehicle must be currently registered NOTE The road test will not be administered. and pass an equipment inspection be if the above items or any other factors lend. fore the road test will be administered themselves to an unsafe vehicle or unsafe. working environment,Arrive early for your appointment to.
ensure everything is in order for your After you are licensed the following in. scheduled test spection will help keep you safe on the. Pets except medical alert service ani, mals passengers and electronic de At least once a month you should do the fol. vices such as cell phones ipods etc lowing,will not be allowed in the vehicle during. the road test 1 Check your Tire Tread, Self parking vehicles are not allowed The ap Hold a penny with Abraham Lincoln s. plicant must test in a different vehicle or deac body between your thumb and forefinger. tivate the self parking feature,Place Lincoln s head into the deepest. looking groove on the tire,VEHICLE INSPECTION,If you can see all of his head your tire is.
Part of your responsibility as a driver is to,too worn it should be replaced. keep your vehicle in safe running condition, You must allow driver examiner personnel to 2 Check your Tire Pressure. inspect your vehicle,Open your car door and on the inside. Before you take your road test your vehicle jamb you should see a sticker take note. will be inspected In order to pass inspection of the PSI the measurement for tire. your vehicle must be currently registered and pressure. have the following equipment in proper work,ing order Use a pressure gauge to check your. tires make sure you check them when,Brakes for stopping and parking they are cold.
Headlights with high and low beams Compare the number on the gauge to. the PSI that was on the sticker,Brake lights and taillights. If the numbers do not match you will,Turn signals,need to either let some air out of the tire. A leak free exhaust system including a or inflate the tire until the numbers do. muffler match,3 Check your Brake Lights,Noncommercial Drivers License Manual Revised 2017. Turn on your car A B or C vehicle operators have 30 days in. which to acquire a North Dakota Commercial, Have a friend or parent stand off to the Drivers License Proof of North Dakota resi. side at the rear of the car dent address is required. Step on the brake pedal By knowing and understanding the rules of. If your friend or parent did not see the the road and by demonstrating your ability to. brake lights come on the fuse or bulb operate your vehicle you will earn the privi. needs to be replaced lege of driving in North Dakota. 4 Check your Windshield Wipers Except for the exemptions listed all North. Dakota residents must have a valid North, Clean wiper blades periodically with a Dakota operator s license or permit in order.
rag or alcohol wipe to maintain their ef to drive in North Dakota For your operator s. fectiveness license or permit to be valid it must be signed. by you You must have this license or permit, You may need to replace them yearly if in your possession every time you drive. you live in a sunny hot or cold region, and twice a year if you live in a dusty or EXEMPTIONS. dry region,1 Non residents at least 16 years of age who. 5 Check your Oil have in their possession valid licenses. Open the hood of your car from their home state or country includ. ing members of the Armed Forces while, Find the oil dipstick remove it wipe it stationed in North Dakota A non resident. clean and reinsert it must be at least 16 years of age to drive in. North Dakota,Pull out the dipstick again if the film of oil.
does not reach the markings add more 2 Employees of the United States govern. oil ment or North Dakota National Guard while,operating a government vehicle on official. 6 Check your Coolant business, Open the hood of your car 3 North Dakota residents on active duty in. Find the coolant tank this is usually next the Armed Forces outside North Dakota If. to the radiator these people held a valid operator s license. when they left the state it will remain valid, If the coolant doesn t reach the mini until 30 days after discharge or separation. mum fill line add more coolant from the service,PEOPLE WHO CANNOT GET A LICENSE. YOUR OPERATOR S LICENSE,1 Those under 16 years of age unless eligi.
Any person other than a nonresident stu ble for a restricted license. dent a tourist or a nonresident member of, the Armed Forces who has lived in this state 2 People whose licenses are revoked or sus. for 90 consecutive days shall be deemed a pended in this or any other state. resident of North Dakota for the purpose of, driver licensing You may operate a Class D 3 Applicants who have been determined to. or M vehicle with an operator s license from be addicted to drugs or alcohol or those. another state for a period of 60 days after you considered to be a hazard to public safe. become a resident of North Dakota Then you ty on our roadways because of mental or. are required to take the necessary tests to ob physical disability. tain a North Dakota operator s license Class,Revised 2017 Noncommercial Drivers License Manual. 4 Persons who have a history of epilepsy Individuals under 16 must complete a mini. blackouts seizures fainting spells or other mum of 50 hours of supervised practice driv. lapse of consciousness ing in variable conditions Your parent legal. guardian must then accompany you to the, Exception to 4 The person in question has test site on the day of your road test and sign. had no seizures for at least six consecutive that you have completed this requirement. months and is willing to submit to the re, quired medical examination NOTE This is in addition to the formal driv.
er s education requirement,Road Test Waiver,Instruction Permits allow you to legally prac. tice driving Any time you operate with an in The Class D road test may be waived by pre. struction permit a person with a valid license senting a North Dakota Driving School Cer. for the class of vehicle being driven who is tificate of Course Completion certifying you. at least 18 years of age and has had at least have completed a minimum of 30 hours of. three years of driving experience must ride in classroom driver training and a minimum of. the seat beside you An individual other than six hours of actual behind the wheel driver

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