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11 ENGLISH SOCKET SET,12 METRIC SOCKET SET,13 WIRE CUTTERS. 14 TERMINAL CRIMPERS,15 WIRE STRIPPERS,16 RAZOR KNIFE. 17 ELECTRICAL TAPE, 3, INTRODUCTION, BERGSTROM S NITE AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM. The NITE system is a compact electrical 3 000 or 3 600 for 4 battery upgraded system . BTU air conditioning system This unit is quality engineered to provide a dependable. means of air conditioning to the cab area without idling the engine The NITE unit is. completely self contained and runs on 12 volts using the greatest deep cycle battery. technology , This no idle air conditioning system is designed to provide cool air to the cab interior in. order to maintain passenger comfort In order to conserve battery power and life this. system is not designed to instantly cool down a hot cab that has been sitting under an. extreme solar load If these kind of conditions occur it is recommended to start the. trucks engine and let the OEM a c system help cool the cab for a few minutes Then. the truck can be shut off and the NITE system will continue to keep the cab cool and the. driver comfortable , The NITE system operates independently off of it s own deep cycle batteries and is.
completely isolated away from the trucks starting batteries The A C is operated by its. own 3 speed control It cycles through 3 blower settings low medium and high On. high speed the system will run for 1 hour and then automatically switch the blower to. medium speed in order to conserve battery power The control has a battery indicator. light so the driver always knows how much charge he has A green light equals full. charge a yellow light equals half charge and a red light means the batteries need to be. recharged The NITE batteries will be fully recharged after about 4 6 hours of driving . 4, NITE INSTALLATION PROCEDURE, GENERAL COMMENTS,AIR CONDITIONER LOCATION. Depending on the type of vehicle the best location for mounting the a c unit will vary . Generally the units are mounted underneath the matress in the sleeper either in the. center compartment or one of the side storage compartments However the unit can. be mounted anywhere else inside the cab of the truck provided you adhere to the. following conditions , Unit must be mounted flat on the floor of the vehicle . Do not mount the unit outside of the vehicle to prevent weather damage and lack of. performance , The condenser air inlet and exhaust must be diverted out underneath the truck with. openings in the floor , For ease of installation make sure the condenser openings do not interfere with any. support structures underneath the floor , Also consider the following when selecting a location .
Ducting, Electrical routing, Condenser inlet exhaust openings. Recirculation air,AIR CONDITIONER MOUNTING, A mounting plate and the hardware are provided with the NITE kit . Choose the air conditioner unit location, Use the provided template to mark and cut out the two rectangles needed for the. condenser openings , The mounting plate gets mounted to the floor then the unit attaches to the mounting. plate , For ease of installation make sure the condenser openings do not interfere with any.
support structures underneath the floor , 5, A C DUCTING INSTALLATION. Ducting kits are application specific Depending on the application some kits are. designed to tie into the OEM ducting and others are universal and supplied with a 4 flex. hose In routing and installing the systems ducting the following criteria must be. observed , Route the ducting with smooth bends and transitions Avoid crushing the duct work. with tools and etc , Be sure all of the treated air is routed above the mattress as close to the driver s. body as possible , Kits are supplied with a T Duct . POWER KIT INSTALLATION BATTERIES ISOLATOR ,BATTERIES.
The NITE system is powered by two 6 volt batteries or 4 for upgraded system running. in series to give you 12 volts The batteries are a sealed deep cycle dry cell battery . They need to be mounted inside the provided battery box es The battery box es are. generally mounted on the frame rail of the truck However if there is no room on the. frame rail the batteries may be mounted inside on of the trucks side storage. compartments Since the batteries are sealed and dry celled there is no hazard in. doing this Things to observe when mounting the battery box . Find a general location on the frame rail usually just behind one of the fuel tanks . Be sure to have at least 4 inches of free space on both sides of the battery box to. allow room for wiring and the rubber latches , Try to locate existing holes or bolts in the frame rail to capture It is difficult to drill a. hole into the frame so this will help ease the installation . 6, SEPARATOR, The separator is mounted in the sleeper under the mattress. It is electrically connected between the truck batteries and the NITE batteries. 7, NITE AIR CONDITIONING AND HEATING SYSTEM, OPERATION MANUAL. CONTROLS, NO IDLE AIR CONDITIONING NO IDLE HEATING. OFF LOW MEDIUM MAX OFF ON TEMPERATURE CONTROL, BATTERY INDICATOR VENTILATOR.
OPERATION NOTES, After 1 hour of operation the MAX A C setting will automatically switch to the. MEDIUM A C setting This feature is done to provide optimum system energy. efficiency With the upgraded 4 battery system the max A C setting remains. constant , The heater ventilation mode is to be used for continuous operation of the heater at a. pre selected temperature setting The temperature control knob has no function. while in ventilation mode , The Green battery light indicates normal operation When the battery light changes. to Yellow it indicates the batteries are at about half charge The light will change to. Red and the system will shut down automatically when the engine needs to be. started in order to recharge the batteries , 8, NITE AIR CONDITIONING AND HEATING SYSTEM. OPERATION NOTES, For optimal comfort Bergstrom recommends to close the curtain between the cab.
and the sleeper when using the NITE A C and heating system . The NITE systems A C is designed to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the. cab without the engine running , The A C unit will not pull down a hot cab that has been sitting in the sun without the. factory A C running To assist the NITE system in cooling down the cab start the. engine and run the factory A C system for a few minutes This will help cool the cab. to a respectable temperature Once the cab is pulled down the NITE system will. maintain a comfortable temperature , The system must be turned off every time the system is not in use or the batteries. May not charge properly After use of the system be sure to turn the control knob to. the off position even if the unit is not running . BATTERIES FUSES, The NITE A C and heating system uses its own batteries A battery separator keeps. the starting batteries from being drawn down , The NITE A C and heating system switches off automatically when batteries charge. level is low , The system must be turned off every time the system is not in use or the batteries.
may not charge properly , The A C fuses 2 are located next to the NITE A C unit under the bunk . The parking heater fuse 1 is located inside the battery box . SERVICE, The NITE A C unit is not serviceable If problems are encountered please contact. the NITE line at 1 866 204 8570 , 9, A C UNIT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. The Nite unit is mounted under the bunk in the central compartment The treated air. duct ing will be tied in with the existing OEM drivers side tower duct The existing louver. on the back wall is going to be removed and the opening needs to be enlarged to allow. clearance for an additional louver and the Nite systems controls . 1 Underneath the trucks bedpan locate a location on the floor and towards the back. wall which does not have a support brace running directly underneath it Use the. template orientated as shown to mark the condenser openings in the floor Use the. outside edge of the template to cut away the floor mat so the aluminum floor is. exposed , 2 Remove the template Now use a drill bit to drill out the opposing corners on. each of the two rectangles , 10, 3 Use a jigsaw or an airsaw to cut out the two rectangles These two openings will act.
as the air inlet and exhaust for the A C Units condenser Once the openings are cut. place the aluminum mounting plate into position as shown . 4 Use the provided 1 tek screws to mount the aluminum plate securely to the floor . Now the a c unit can be prepared for installation . 5 First remove the 4 torx screws shown in red to allow clearance for the a c unit to. drop freely into the mounting plate , Blower outlet. 6 The 90 degree plastic elbow needs to be attached to the outlet side of the unit . Mount the square metal bracket to the side of the unit as shown Use the existing 5. torx screws located in this same location , 11, 7 Mount the plastic elbow to the metal bracket as shown The elbow will need to. facing the drivers side wall of the truck when the a c unit is mounted in position . Make sure all four metal tabs of the bracket seat inside the walls of the plastic elbow . Secure using the provided tek screws or black sheet metal screws . 8 The square shaped OEM ducting that lies across the back wall needs to be. removed Remove this piece as shown , 12, 9 The left side of the OEM ducting needs to be capped off with the supplied plastic. cap Use the provided S clips Place one clip in the center of each side of the cap . Firmly push the cap over the top of the duct allowing the S clips to bite into the. original duct as shown in the illustrations below . 10 The other plastic elbow now needs to be cut in order to fit on the inlet of the drivers. side tower duct Cut the elbow in half and secure with the provided S clips or tek. screws for extra support as shown below , Note It is recommended to use both the tek screws and the S clips for attaching. this part , 13, 11 The a c unit can now be installed Place the supplied rubber drain tube into position.
on the bottom side of the unit as shown below Lift the unit into place Be sure the. outlet is towards the back wall with the elbow outlet facing towards the drivers side . From underneath the truck double check to insure the drain tube stayed in place . 12 Once the unit is in place secure it to the aluminum mounting plate using the four torx. screws which you removed in step 5 Use one screw in each of the four corners as. shown above and secure tightly , 13 Before installing the flexible hose the louver modification needs to be done up above. first This insures no debris gets caught down inside the unit or the ducting . 14, LOUVER CONTROL PANEL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. 1 Remove the existing louver located in the rear driver s side corner Place the. provided template into place as shown and secure with the provided sheet metal. screws Use an airsaw or a jigsaw to cut out the vinyl and the front side of the. plastic which lies inside the rectangle of the template as shown below . Note Be sure to leave the top 2 holes open to allow mounting clearance for the. INSTALLATION PROCEDURES Air Conditioner Location low medium and high On high speed the system will run for 1 hour and then automatically switch the blower to medium speed in order to conserve battery power The control has a battery indicator light so the driver always knows how much charge he has A green light equals full charge a yellow light equals half charge and a red light

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