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Welcome Cocktail, All sports lovers know that refueling prior to exercise is to maximise muscle glycogen storage A scientific. meeting certainly needs to be considered quite a sporty performance for speakers and those who follow. Michael Meger the first rate presentations over several days not to mention those who organise the event . Sunday s welcome cocktail was held in the charming Hotel Zur Tenne in the centre of Kitzb hel s pretty old. town It was the first refueling stop for delegates prior to the four day conference week It gave a foretaste. of the substantial scientific programme and Austrian flavours for the coming week In his opening speech . Martin Zahlbruckner Chief Executive Officer of delfort AG warmly welcomed all the delegates He. invited them to enjoy the relaxing and healthy environment of Kitzb hel and the conference venue where. they could share ideas and discuss subjects of mutual interest Michael Meger President of the CORESTA. Scientific Commission also admired the exceptional working environment offered to CORESTA in the. Martin Zahlbruckner middle of such beautiful Austrian scenery He was delighted to share such an international platform with. scientists to express their knowledge in science and regulatory affairs . CORESTA s Role, At Monday s opening session the Standards Task Force. presented its report The audience was reminded that the. Task Force s role was to improve structure and document. the process of CORESTA cooperation They were also. informed that a new Task Force Project Management Office. PMO had been approved by the Scientific Commission. in order to deliver an appropriate framework within. CORESTA as regards to definition and achievement of the. organisation objectives improved integration of projects. within the organization and oversight of entire project. cycles , Intergroup IG Papers, Two IG papers were selected to be presented at both the SSPT and AP meetings because their subjects are of. common interest to both sides , The first paper by Michal Morton Altria Client Services USA described the demonstrated variability in measured. levels of NNN in smokeless tobacco products It dealt with NNN levels measured in dark air cured dark fire cured. and Burley tobaccos used to produce smokeless tobacco products over either a six or ten year crop period . The second IG paper by Oliver Yiend AB Sustain UK dealt with sustainability in particular the AB Sustain. Sustainable Tobacco Programme which was launched in 2016 The programme s core is continuous improvement. of the crop production cycle with a strong focus on providing supply chain information data needed to help drive. positive change in tobacco processing sites and their supplying farms . Workshop Cigars, This workshop could easily have been entitled All you wanted to know about cigars but never dared to ask At.
the end of the workshop one had a better overall understanding of the diversity of cigars as well as the difficulties. faced by regulators and testing laboratories to handle this diversity . The three speakers of the workshop approached cigars from different perspectives . Katherine Ciambrone senior Vice President Chief Compliance Officer ITG Brands USA presented the. regulatory side of cigars She spoke on the subject of the building blocks of a regulated product and briefly. explained why cigars pose a unique challenge to the regulators She pointed out difficulties in achieving the right. balance in regulators mission concerning cigars , Michael Hartley Vice President Agronomy Universal Leaf Tobacco Company USA presented the agro side view . He gave a detailed description of cigar tobacco the different production practices and their impact on required. quality which differs greatly to that of cigarette tobacco and finally the differences between cigars . The third speaker was Peter Joza Director of Science . Cigars Workshop speakers Peter Joza Michael Hartley Katherine Ciambrone. Technology Labstat International ULC Canada He, commented how challenging the testing of cigars could. be and the role CORESTA Recommended Methods have, played CRM 64 and 65 on the foundation of the additional. testing of mainstream constituents in cigar smoke . Many questions from the floor were asked and answered and. it was agreed that much work still needs to be done in. particular on different reference products However the. main message was put in a nutshell by the chairman Rob. Stevens we need to work together we have to collaborate . Other Presentations, October was somewhat too early for skiing season in Kitzb hel and. snow was seen only on the peaks which was good and allowed all the. participants to fully concentrate on the presentations selected by the. Reading Committee Delegates were offered 133 high level presentations. including posters and Sub Group and Task Force reports in different. sessions dedicated to filters biomarkers cigarette design physical. methods aerosol characterisation analytical methods and exposure . liability Nevertheless the main focus at this event was in particular e vapour products cigars and regulation . CORESTA has become more and more active in e vapour products since 2013 responding to an urgent demand. by e cigarette and e liquid manufacturers academia regulators equipment suppliers and testing labs During the. Kitzb hel conference two sessions were dedicated to treating this topic first the E Vapour Products session then. the E Vapour Methods session The E Vapour Sub Group also held its meeting in Kitzb hel with a record number. of participants , On Tuesday afternoon a large poster session took place in K3 Conference Hall All in all 54 posters were displayed .
presentations were vivid and many questions and answers were in the air as people circulated in between the rows of. poster panels ,Networking Afternoon,The mountains are and will remain wild. whichever way you ascend On Wednesday,afternoon most of the CORESTA delegates used. the cable cars to go up the mountain but a few,decided to go up on foot Once at the summit . all were charmed by the stunning views of the,massive mountain ranges from the sunny terrace. where a second refueling a delicious buffet,lunch was waiting for them These moments of.
relaxation are necessary breaks for participants,and offer them the opportunity to network with. colleagues and develop new relationships with,peers . Those who chose to return on foot may have had,a vague idea of the unimaginable courage needed. by downhill skiers to fly down the slopes at,motorway speed It made them realise that you. have to bear the responsibility of your actions and that mistakes can be irreversible Independently of. transport used the networking afternoon was highly appreciated by all participants . Tyrolean Evening, At the Tyrolean evening at the end of the last day of the event Huub.
Viz e Head of Regulatory Affairs delfort AG Chairman of the. SSPT2017 Organising Committee and President of CORESTA. Board underlined the fact that the scientific information is the main. priority of CORESTA Huub was happy that delfort was able to offer. Huub Viz e, this opportunity for so many participants from various backgrounds to. present their work He was impressed by the excellent presentations . and how willing people were to share their ideas with fellow. colleagues discuss their work and develop new projects . Thanks to delfort it is not only world class skiers who benefitted from. Kitzb hel s invigorating atmosphere but all CORESTA delegates and. accompanying persons participating at the conference It was a great. event which lifted people to their potential and they certainly went. back home refueled by science and Austrian hospitality . Accompanying Persons, 24 accompanying persons made the most of the charming town and. surroundings of Kitzb hel Innsbruck and the medieval castle of. Kufstein They also had the opportunity to visit a traditional glass. craftsmanship centre and the world famous Swarovski Kristallwelten . The beauty of the Tyrol region was enhanced by the sunny weather. and delicious food , Joint Meeting of the, Agronomy Leaf Integrity and Phytopathology Genetics Study Groups. Santa Cruz do Sul Brazil 22 26 October 2017, The Oktoberfest was over but the sun was shining . people were smiling and spring was arriving in Santa. Cruz do Sul when the CORESTA AP2017, conference took place from 22 29 October 258.
scientists from 22 countries came to the tobacco, capital of the world to present their work share and. learn from each other SindiTabaco generously, hosted this event for the second time with. contributions from local companies and made it even. better based on their former experience and know . how , During the week local press and radio provided the. Santa Cruz population with a daily briefing on the. event and related how the event was gathering together a fine spectrum of specialists from different sectors . technicians agronomists phytopathologists geneticists researchers university professors and other professionals in. one way or another connected to tobacco production . As per tradition Sub Groups Task Forces and ACAC took the opportunity to organise their own meetings on. Saturday and Sunday Ten meetings in all were organised prior to the conference . Welcome Reception, The hosts welcomed participants on Sunday 22 October by. organising a welcome reception at the Santa Cruz Country. Club where the President of SindiTabaco and Chairman of the. AP2017 Organising Committee Iro Sch nke announced that it. was a great honour to host the event for the second time in twelve. years Opportunities like this are rare and we are very happy. to be able to host this meeting that brings together the world s. leading experts in research and development Responding to the. host Lea Scott the Vice President of the CORESTA Scientific. Commission thanked the organisers of this year s meeting for. their generosity and mentioned that the large number of delegates. Iro Sch nke and Lea Scott were proof of the importance of Santa Cruz do Sul to the. tobacco industry , Working Programme, Monday s programme began with the official opening in the central auditorium of.
the University of Santa Cruz do Sul UNISC The theme of the opening paper. presented by Iro Sch nke was Tobacco production in Brazil CORESTA was. honoured to have as a second speaker the superintendent of the Ministry of. Agriculture Livestock and Food Supply Mapa in Rio Grande Bernardo AP2017 at a glance . Todeschini He gave a presentation on Brazilian agribusiness overview and how Hosted by SindiTabaco with. tobacco fitted into this context The following session dealt with good agricultural local financial and logistical. practices GAP and the afternoon was reserved for tobacco specific nitrosamines assistance . TSNAs and biotechnology , Held at the University of. Santa Cruz do Sul UNISC , 258 delegates , 8 accompanying persons. 22 nations represented, Sessions 14 Workshop 1, SGTF Cttee meetings 10. Bernardo Todeschini Presentations 54 oral , 2 Intergroup 11 posters . 10 SGTF reports, Abstracts available, presentations and full texts .
published on the CORESTA, website www coresta org. Iro Sch nke, Tuesday morning was entirely dedicated to production practices followed by molecular breeding and nutrients. sessions in the afternoon The posters were already on display during the coffee breaks although the main poster session. took place the following day To the great delight of all participants the Tuesday evening culminated in an amazing. Gaucho style barbecue dinner with traditional Gaucho dances and songs . Following the Wednesday Workshop and tobacco field trip Thursday was the last day of the intense four day. working programme The morning presentations covered different topics related to breeding crop protection agents. CPAs and residues The first afternoon session concerned bio control of diseases and insects and the day ended. with the second session on viruses started on Wednesday At the end of the conference a total of 81 presentations. had been made altogether , Sustainable Tobacco Production Workshop. Workshop Sustainable Tobacco Production, The Workshop on Sustainable Tobacco Production started. early in the morning on Wednesday with five panelists They. were all concerned with maintaining tobacco production. and industry in a sustainable way how to make the most of. the advantages of modern technology and how to transfer. tobacco farming knowledge to the younger generations . The first to speak was Oliver Yiend Business Development. Director for AB Sustain UK Oliver explained how he helped. to create AB Sustain s Sustainable Tobacco Programme to. deliver a service to the tobacco industry He explained that. industry expectations had to be taken into consideration and. how farmers could meet its needs , The second speaker was Lea Scott Vice President of.
Agronomy Services at Universal Leaf Tobacco Company . USA In his presentation on Agronomic data collection management and analysis an. overview of the MobiLeaf system he pointed out that the tobacco industry is now in the. era of big data He explained that MobiLeaf mobile device could also be used for data. of the crop production cycle with a strong focus on providing supply chain information data needed to help drive positive change in tobacco processing sites and their supplying farms Workshop Cigars This workshop could easily have been entitled All you wanted to know about cigars but never dared to ask At

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