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New Headway Upper Intermediate,Test Booklet, Note to the teacher. This Booklet consists of, 12 Unit Tests,Each Unit Test revises the corresponding unit in. New Headway English Course Upper Intermediate,Student s Book . 3 Progress Tests,Progress Test 1 revises Units 1 4 . Progress Test 2 revises Units 5 8 ,Progress Test 3 revises Units 9 12 .
Answer key, There is an answer key for all the exercises apart from the. translation exercise at the end of each unit test . Each test has a total score of 100 , These tests may be photocopied freely for classroom use . They may not be adapted printed or sold without the. permission of Oxford University Press , 2, 4 Complete the sentences with a compound noun or. Unit 1 adjective formed from life house or home Make sure. you spell the word correctly one word two words or. with a hyphen , Name , Example I never buy potatoes from a supermarket . All our vegetables are home grown , 1 How do you say these numbers and dates Circle the 1 My children hated living abroad They were.
correct form a or b the whole time , Example 321 2 Since they won the lottery they ve enjoyed a. a three hundred and twenty one, b three hundreds twenty one luxurious . 1 Liverpool 3 Chelsea 0 football score 3 I do my grandmother s shopping as she is. a Liverpool three Chelsea zero , b Liverpool three Chelsea nil. 4 Due to advances in medical science people s, 2 01902 phone code has increased . a nought one nine nought two, b oh one nine oh two 5 We ve finished decorating so we re organizing a.
party for all our friends , 3 40 0 tennis score , a forty love b forty nil 6 I was shocked to see the number of . 4 7 May date people sleeping on the streets , a the seventh of May b the seven of May. 2 points for each correct answer 12, 5 1999 year . a one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine 5 Complete the sentences with the correct form of do be . b nineteen ninety nine or have Some of the answers are negative . 1 point for each correct answer 5 Example Have you ever been to Japan . 1 I work in a large company but I like it very, 2 Complete the table with the other parts of speech Two. examples have been given much , 2 you been waiting long .
Noun Adjective Verb, 3 It s very hot today it , promise promising promise. 4 I don t understand what they saying , scare , 5 The job advertised in last night s paper . poison , 6 You don t see your parents very often When . organized , they emigrate , entertain, 7 Have you moved house yet No we . hate, 8 A new road being built through the town, 1 point for each correct answer 10 centre at the moment .
3 Mark the stress on the following words 1 point for each correct answer 8. Example promise, organized development promising, playful entertain. 1 point for each correct answer 5, Oxford University Press Photocopiable 3. 6 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the 8 Translate these sentences . verb in italics One example has been given , 1 She took the plunge and decided to emigrate about. have a month ago , 1 We have French classes twice a week . 2 Don t call the office at one o clock We , a meeting 2 We all suffered from culture shock at first but now.
3 You re so lucky You three we feel very much at home . holidays already this year , work , 4 I m a designer but I in the 3 You re boring me with all your questions Go and. sales department at the moment look it up in a book . 5 She in London when I last , saw her , 6 He for three different 4 If you re bored there s plenty of housework to be. done , companies since last year , , travel, , 7 Before she emigrated last year she never. abroad 5 My life has changed a lot since I was made. redundant last year , 8 People to the moon in the. , 25th century , , 9 I 5 000 miles by the end of, this month 6 When my father was a child his family decided to.
move abroad , 2 points for each correct answer 16 . 7 Make these sentences passive , Example They re repairing the bridge 7 When I went to London last week I had dinner at. The bridge is being repaired a brilliant restaurant . 1 Has someone repaired your car , , 2 They haven t printed the results yet 8 Are you being paid for working during the. holidays , , , 3 They won t tell the staff about the problems . , , 9 That puppy s very cute but it hasn t been house .
4 They are improving the property trained yet , , 5 They don t manufacture computers at that factory . 10 If they haven t been found by 9 30 we ll have to. 6 They will advertise the new product on TV organize a search party . , 7 They must do the work carefully , 3 points for each correct answer 30. 2 points for each correct answer 14 TOTAL 100, Oxford University Press Photocopiable 4 Name . 4 I tried to get the barman s attention but he, Unit 2 and served someone. else first , Name 5 My brother is a real loner He hates.
in group activities , 1 Complete the exclamations with What What a 2 points for each correct answer 10. or How , Example How terrific 4 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the. phrasal verbs from the box Some of the verbs are in the. 1 wonderful meal passive Not all the verbs are used . 2 awful , put on take off take after take out put off. 3 silly thing to say take back put out put away put down. put up with take over, 4 brilliant news , 5 clever children Example She puts on make up twice a day . 6 absolutely ridiculous 1 My new computer didn t work so I it to. 7 nice surprise the shop , 8 confusion 2 My memory is hopeless I have to everything.
in my diary , 1 point for each correct answer 8, 3 They re worried about their jobs Their company. 2 Complete the expressions with take or put next month . Example take drugs 4 I won t any rudeness from, 1 a risk the children . 2 place 5 Start your homework now it , until later . 3 a plan into practice, 6 There s no danger now as the fire. 4 my advice, , 5 sb in charge of, 7 After a lot of financial difficulty her business.
6 pressure on sb, suddenly last year , 7 my arm round sb. 8 You should help me tidy up the house I m fed up. 8 responsibility for sth with everything myself , 1 point for each correct answer 8 2 points for each correct answer 16. 3 Complete the sentences with a word or expression from 5 Circle the correct form of the verb in each sentence . the box and the correct form of take or put , Example I haven t had any news from my friends. drugs no notice for granted work first for ages They re travelling They travel. ages part, around Europe , Example I ve never taken drugs in my life 1 When I arrived at the tourist caves people were. 1 My boss doesn t appreciate what I do for the already queuing already queued to get in . company She just me 2 Could you move out of the way of my camcorder . 2 The hotel was supposed to be easy to find but it please I record I m recording the display . us to get there 3 We re exhausted because we ve explored we ve. 3 It s a shame that people have so little time to relax been exploring the city all morning . They always have to , Oxford University Press Photocopiable 5.
4 I was appalled at the amount of rubbish 7 Translate these sentences . that people had left had been leaving on 1 I ve been taking exams recently which is why I feel. Mount Everest so tired , 5 He worked was working as a tour guide when I . met him , 6 The growth of tourism started was starting in 2 It s a hell of a journey to get from my home to. the 1960s work , 7 We need to act quickly because tourists . are destroying destroy this historic site , 8 Look at this I ve been writing I ve written our 3 He enjoys his work but he always puts his family. names on the wall of the cave first , , 1 point for each correct answer 8.
, 6 Put the verb in brackets into the correct form of the. 4 What nice people They never take our help for, Present Perfect simple or continuous . granted , Example I ve eaten eat too much spicy food I. feel sick now , 1 He write a green travel , guide for the last six months 5 I ve been revising hard and I ve already taken four. exams so far this week , 2 Thousands of tourists .
, see the temples in Thailand this year , , 3 I never film my holiday on a. camcorder 6 My plane took off late because of the awful. weather conditions , 4 My friends travel around, . Australia for the last six months , , 5 We can t visit the caves because the authorities. close them 7 I m taking two weeks off work to go on holiday so. you ll be left in charge , 6 I ve run out of money but I buy . , some wonderful souvenirs , , 7 She learn Spanish in.
preparation for her trip to Peru 8 I wish you would stop putting me down You take. after your mother , 8 My back really hurts I , , carry that heavy backpack all day . , 9 He catch several serious illnesses, 9 Mum s nearly ready She s just putting her make up. since going abroad , on , 10 I always think of myself as a traveller. , rather than a tourist , , 2 points for each correct answer 20. 10 That novel was terrific Once I d picked it up I. couldn t put it down , , , 3 points for each correct answer 30.
TOTAL 100, Oxford University Press Photocopiable 6 Name . 6 Once I start writing I m OK but I often feel sick. Unit 3 with nerves , 7 After I had my baby I suffered badly from. Name depression , 8 I love cinema from all over the world and I don t. 1 Write a reply question for the statements mind watching films with . Example A I m getting married 1 point for each correct answer 8. B Are you , 1 A I want to tell you something 3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the. words in brackets , B , Example I hit my head and I don t know how long.
2 A John s got some great news , I lay on the floor unconscious and. B helpless conscious help , 3 A I wasn t very happy 1 My friend told lies about me I was shocked at her. B and kind loyal , 4 A There was a terrible accident 2 The boys broke into an old factory. B and caused damage use measure , 5 A My sister s having a baby 3 The two main qualities I need are and. B mature reliable , 6 A We ve sold our house 4 Thanks to extra teachers and money the.
B government s campaign against has, 1 point for each correct answer 6. been literate success , 5 I complained to the manager because the staff were. 2 Complete the sentences with a correct prefix from A and polite help . and word from B Some of the words are written with a. hyphen 1 point for each correct word 10, A B, 4 Complete the text with the correct form of the verb in. self conscious brackets , anti cooked, ex author A funny thing happened happen to me while I was at a. fore boyfriend, local music festival with my boyfriend who 1 win .
under European, sub social two festival tickets earlier that week It was Saturday. pre titles afternoon at about three o clock when we 2 . co cast, arrive at the festival and hundreds of people 3 . pro exam, already get there I 4 spend the first couple. Example I wish I wasn t so shy and self conscious . of hours just looking at all the different styles of clothes. 1 I wrote half the chapters in the book and my, that people 5 wear and the amazing. wrote the rest , hairstyles they 6 have , 2 The weather isn t very good today At about seven o clock we joined a huge crowd of.
3 Even though he left her for another girl she has a people at the main stage after one of the most popular. good relationship with her bands 7 start to play After about half an. 4 She loves going to parties and meeting people but hour I 8 realize I wanted to go to the toilet. he s and sometimes even rude so I left my boyfriend enjoying the music It 9 take . about ten minutes to walk to the toilets and there was a. 5 I sent my steak back because it was cold and, big queue when I got there After about three quarters of. , an hour I 10 make my way back to the concert , Oxford University Press Photocopiable 7. 6 Translate these sentences , There was an even bigger crowd of people by then so I. just looked for a tall guy with dark hair jeans and a black 1 I think he misunderstood what I said because. when I arrived he d already gone , leather jacket which was what my boyfriend 11 . wear I spotted a guy who looked like this , , pushed my way through the crowd and stood in front of .
him After the band 12 finish I turned round 2 I went to the police after I had lost my wallet but. looked at the guy properly and realized it wasn t my it was useless It was never found . boyfriend I 13 stand with a , complete stranger for over an hour I went very red . mumbled an apology and then saw my boyfriend who, 3 I was reading a book while my friend was watching. 14 look for me for ages Where TV so neither of us saw her leave . 15 you disappear to he asked , , He never believed my story . , 2 points for each correct answer 4 As soon as we found our seats the curtain went up

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