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Description,CONTENTS Page,Description 2,User Assessment 7. Technical Assessment 13,Manufacturer s comments 19. Manufacturer s data 20,Questionnaire Data 21,Acknowledgements 24. MDA information,DESCRIPTION,The Ohmeda Giraffe OmniBed is a novel device. designed to operate as both an incubator and a,radiant warmer so reducing the necessity of.
transferring the patient This mobile device,incorporates all the usual features of modern. incubators and radiant warmers In incubator,mode Photo 1 it has air temperature and baby. skin temperature control and integral,humidification In radiant warmer mode Front. Cover Photo it has baby skin temperature control,and manual heater control where the user selects. the percentage of power output from the radiant, heater The Giraffe operates either as an incubator.
or a radiant warmer never as both simultaneously, Auditory alarms have adjustable volume and Photo 1 Giraffe OmniBed in incubator mode. visual alarms include a large bank of red light radiant heater switches off and the heater cover. emitting diodes LEDs above the control panel doors close. FACILITIES Raising the canopy when the incubator is in servo. Canopy The transformation from incubator to controlled baby mode automatically activates the. radiant warmer mode is activated by the touch of a radiant heater in servo controlled baby mode using. foot switch see Photo 2 and Photo 1 located on the same set temperature Similarly if the canopy. the wheel base parallel to the vertical height is lowered and the radiant heater was in baby. adjustment VHA pedals There are VHA and mode the incubator will activate and continue to. canopy foot switches located on each side of the operate in baby mode. wheel base frame The canopy can also be,activated by a finger switch located each side. beside the vertical rails inset Photo 3 Once the,pedal or canopy up finger switch has been pressed. the canopy rises in one uninterrupted movement,On activation using either switch the canopy. immediately rises and small doors enclosing the, radiant heater at the control end of the canopy start.
Photo 2 Special foot pedal for raising canopy,opening When the canopy reaches its maximum. height the heater doors are fully open and the If the Giraffe OmniBed is in air controlled mode. radiant heater automatically switches on when the canopy is raised then the radiant heater. when the canopy reaches the end of its travel will. To switch back to incubator mode the down activate in pre warm mode and prompt the user for. finger switch marked must be pressed and a manual heater power setting When lowered in. held to activate the lowering mechanism If it is manual heater mode it will operate in air. released the canopy will stop in mid travel temperature mode as an incubator at the last set air. Immediately the canopy starts its descent the temperature or at 33 C the programmed pre warm. MDA evaluation 02090 July 2002 2,Description, temperature and then prompt the user for a walls may be removed for cleaning. manual air temperature, The mattress has staight sides but is curved at the. ends giving an overall oval shape Photo 3 It has,a sliding mechanism and can be withdrawn when. horizontal from either side When withdrawn it,may also be rotated about its centre 360 rotation.
available to allow better access to the neonate, The mattress can be freely tilted to any angle up to. 12 in either the feet up or head up direction when. inside the baby compartment Photo 3 To, activate the tilt a small slider at the controls end of. the mattress is squeezed to release the tilting,mechanism The mattress is locked into position. on release Tilting the mattress with the Giraffe,Omnibed in incubator mode requires the user to. open a port or access door,Vertical Height Adjustment VHA Foot.
switches marked and located on the wheel,base frame Photo 1 activate the powered height. adjustment mechanism and allow adjustment of,the bassinet for user comfort or for more. comfortable access by parents sitting beside the,Giraffe for example when confined to a. wheelchair The range of travel is stated in the,Manufacturer s Data. Photo 3 Access door open and mattress tilted Controls and Information Screen Controls for. Inset canopy finger switches all facilities except the VHA and the canopy. Patient area bassinet The bassinet baby operation are located above and to the back of the. compartment has four sides that can be removed bassinet in a module attached to the two upright. individually for cleaning Three sides can be rails see Photo 4 The control panel is divided into. folded down to increase patient access the back two areas the left hand side consisting of buttons. panel below the control panel does not fold down and indicators for temperature adjustment and. This panel on the samples we saw had a long display and the right hand side containing an. tubing port the two longer sides or access doors electroluminescent EL control information. have two ports each The access doors sides are screen which displays and controls all the. hinged at the base and are weighted so that if they accessory options on the Giraffe OmniBed. are left unlocked and fractionally open they,move towards the closed position Their being.
unlocked is evident from the orange flashes,visible on the catches The end panel above the. humidifier may optionally have a hand port a,long tubing port or no ports We saw one model. with a hand port Photo 1 and one with no port,Front Cover photo. In incubator mode the canopy fits snugly onto the, four sides allowing only the two side access doors. to be folded down The panel furthest from the,controls cannot be folded down with the canopy in.
Photo 4 Control and information panel,place The side access doors have double walls to. reduce radiant heat loss and provide a channel for Seven buttons covered with a tactile membrane on. the warm airflow into the incubator These double the left side allow selection of the available. 3 MDA evaluation 02090 July 2002,Description, temperature control modes Clockwise starting or disabling the canopy foot switch enabling or. from the top right are buttons for baby disabling the VHA foot switches and the limits for. temperature control mode baby icon manual manual and patient controlled alarms. heater power mode available when operating as a,In bed scales if fitted can be activated and used. radiant warmer heater icon air temperature,by selecting the scales icon. control mode available when operating as an, incubator fan icon increased fan activation Servo controlled relative humidity can be selected.
available when operating as an incubator open if this option is fitted using the three drops icon. incubator and air flow icon decrease and increase Storage A sliding storage drawer is fitted beneath. temperature setting and symbols the bassinet and may be accessed from either side. respectively and overriding the 37 C setting Additional shelves and poles may be added. A small indicator beside each button illuminates to Weighing scales Optional integral scales can be. display which options are selected In Photo 4 the fitted beneath the mattress The scales are operated. Giraffe is in incubator mode with air temperature from the EL display screen on the right hand side. control set at 34 C The incubator indicates that of the control panel and selecting the scales icon. the air temperature is 31 9 C and the baby s skin accesses the in bed scales menu The menu. temperature sensor indicates a temperature of software leads the user through a procedure to. 31 4 C The increase fan speed button has also weigh the infant within the warming environment. been selected The scales should be calibrated annually using the. The EL control and information screen is activated procedure described in the service manual The. by pressing the knob in the top right hand corner patient weight data can be trended. and rotating it to highlight the various options To. select an option the icon must be highlighted and,then the knob pressed Further pressing and. rotation of the knob will enable selections from the. menu within that option,A help screen indicated by gives more details. on alarm conditions Next to this a clock icon can, be selected to activate a general timer which could. be used for clinical procedures An Apgar timer,with associated tones is also available. The chart icon accesses a menu of patient and, machine monitoring information Displays include Photo 5 X ray tray withdrawn.
monitoring the change in air temperature baby, temperature heater power if in radiant warmer X ray tray An X ray tray may be fitted beneath. mode and relative humidity over periods of 2 8 the bassinet to enable X rays to be taken without. 24 or 96 hours Each graphical display line can be disturbing the infant This may be done with the. toggled on or off using the display screen The canopy up or down The tray is shown withdrawn. screen returns automatically to normal after in Photo 5 The scales if installed fit below the. displaying the trending information mattress and above the X ray tray and have an. open clear space where they coincide with the X, The smiling face and thermometer motif ray tray area CEDAR Note X rays taken using. activates a procedure which on entry of patient the tray may result in a higher dose to the patient. weight gestational age and post natal age suggests because of the bedding the mattress and other. a possible air temperature range for that patient plastics In a previous user assessment of. This information is based on research published in incubators incorporating X ray trays or slots. Archives of Disease in Childhood by Sauer et al MDA Evaluation 375 it was discovered that users. 1984 59 p18 22 tended to prefer to place the baby directly onto the. The spanner symbol accesses the setup screen X ray plate From experience they had found that. allowing the user to change some basic parameters this resulted in clearer images and helped the. including the unit of temperature measurements radiographer to minimise the dose to the baby. C or F the volume of the alarm tones enabling,MDA evaluation 02090 July 2002 4. Description, Neonatal Incubator Mode by pressing the open incubator icon again. Temperature Control The Giraffe OmniBed CEDAR Note For conditions under which the. temperature controls are on the left hand side of high speed fan is activated see Manufacturer s. the main control panel see Photo 4 and Photo 6 Comments. Air temperature control mode is selected by,pressing the air temperature control button When.
switched on in incubator mode the Giraffe prompts,for a set temperature This can be set at any. value in the range 20 C to 39 C using the overide,37 C button in increments of 0 1 C by pressing. the arrow keys as shown in Photo 6 here the set,temperature is being increased by pressing the. button The measured air temperature and the set,air temperature 23 7 C and 33 3 C respectively in. Photo 6 are displayed at the bottom right of the,temperature control panel the measured.
temperature is a larger display,Photo 7 The water reservoir. Humidification The Ohmeda Giraffe OmniBed,has an integral humidification system option The. water reservoir is built into the end of the bassinet. furthest from the controls and contains a heater,Photo 6 Control Panel setting air temperature. in incubator mode,column see Photo 7 The heater column in the. humidity system is designed to heat the water to, Baby skin temperature may also be used to control boiling point and then release water vapour into.
the incubator The patient sensor should be the warm air stream conveying it into the patient. attached to the baby as described in the chamber The water boiling mechanism is. manufacturer s instructions and the device designed to prevent infection reaching the patient. switched into baby mode by pressing the baby from the humidity system The water in the. icon When baby mode has been selected a reservoir itself does not boil The reservoir and. temperature range of 35 C to 37 5 C in 0 1 C heater column are marked with minimum and. increments is available the incubator will adjust maximum water levels When the reservoir is. the level of warm air to achieve this temperature tilted open the heater column marker corresponds. The fan speed may be increased to enhance the air to the maximum level on the plastic reservoir. flow through the double walled side panels of the when it is closed. Giraffe OmniBed by pressing the Boost Air To activate the servo controlled relative humidity. Curtain button This extra flow of warm air is option the three drops icon is selected on the EL. designed to help reduce heat loss and increase the controls and information screen and the knob. rate at which the incubator achieves the set pressed see Photo 8 The level of relative. temperaure This feature is also designed to help humidity can then be set in the range 30 to 95. reduce heat loss when the access door is open as in 5 increments by turning the knob clockwise. demonstrated by the icon for activation Once or deactivated by selecting off To confirm a. activated the fan operates at high speed for 20 choice the knob must be pressed again. minutes and then automatically switches back to,normal speed it may be manually switched back. Neonatal Incubator Infant Radiant Warmer Ohmeda Giraffe OmniBed SUMMARY Advantages Incubator and infant radiant warmer in one device Relative humidity option swivel mattress all around access uniform central thermal environment Disadvantages Care needed on raising canopy to avoid collisions with other equipment close by Expensive Water reservoir difficult to open Price ex VAT

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