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Table of Contents,Introduction 5,System introduction 5. Driving restrictions 6,What is SYNC 7,Safety information 8. How to get going 8,System overview 14,Map display options 21. Status bars 22,Home screen 22,Loading pictures 23,Reverse camera 24. Quick reference chart 25,Setting the clock 27,Voice recognition system overview 31.
How to use voice commands 32,Adjusting the voice prompt volume 35. Voice recognition tutorial 36,Voice name tags 37,User profiles 37. Audio features 40,Satellite radio if equipped 46,Playing a DVD in the system 53. Jukebox features 56,Recording saving music to your jukebox 56. Accessing the music in your jukebox 57,Creating a playlist 59.
User Device if equipped 62,DVD if equipped 65,Climate features if equipped 66. Table of Contents,Information menu 69,Where am I 69. Hybrid information if equipped 69,SIRIUS travel link 74. Accessing your calendar 79,Accessing the help screen 80. Sound menu features 82,Setting a destination 84,Setting a destination by voice 85.
Quick destination options 85,Standard destination options 87. Quick touch buttons 98,Map icons 99,Navigation route preferences 101. Map preferences 103,Route preferences 104,General Information 109. Navigation end user license agreement 109,Glossary 115. SYNC phone features if equipped 119,Phone dependent features 119.
Quickstart How to get going 119, Pairing your phone through your navigation system 119. Making a call 121,SYNC phone features 122, Saving a contact or phone number as a Quick Dial 123. Accessing your phone book 124,Call history 125,System settings 126. Adding pairing a phone 126,Connecting a phone 127,Table of Contents. Deleting a phone 127,Advanced settings 128,Turning Bluetooth on off 129.
911 assist 130,Vehicle health report 133,Setting a ring tone 137. Message notification 138,Automatically download your phone book 139. Modifying your phone book and call history 140,Turning prompts on off 142. Returning to factory defaults 143,Performing a master reset 144. Installing new vehicle applications 144,Accessing SYNC system information 145.
Text messaging with your navigation system 146,Forwarding a text message 150. Voice commands in phone mode 151,SYNC media features if equipped 152. Connecting your digital media player to SYNC 152,SYNC media features 154. What s playing 154, Supported player media formats and metadata information 155. Accessing and using your USB port 155,Streaming music from your phone 156.
Using the Auxiliary input jack Line in 157,Using the play all feature 158. Selecting and playing specific artists 159,Selecting and playing specific albums 159. Selecting different genres 160,Accessing your playlists 160. Playing a specific track 161,Exploring the USB device 162. Accessing BT devices 163, Adding a new device in discovery or discoverable mode 163.
Voice commands in media mode 164,Table of Contents. DVD interaction if equipped 167,SYNC End user license agreement 175. All rights reserved Reproduction by any means electronic or mechanical. including photocopying recording or by any information storage and retrieval. system or translation in whole or part is not permitted without written. authorization from Ford Motor Company Ford may change the contents without. notice and without incurring obligation,Copyright 2008 Ford Motor Company. Introduction,MOBILE MEDIA NAVIGATION SYSTEM, Your vehicle is equipped with a mobile media navigation system which. allows you to listen to record and save music play DVDs audio and. video navigate the vehicle and operate climate control functions if. Your system has a large range of features yet is easy to use The display. screen is the primary means for operating the system through the use of. its vertically tabbed menus text screens and menu displays Screen. selections are made by touching the desired selection on the touch. screen The tabs along the left side of the screen represent the major. components of the system The status bars at the top and bottom of the. screen will stay present for the majority of the time once the system is. turned on and ready for operation The top status bar will contain menu. names icons and a clock The lower status bar contains climate. information if equipped icons and advisory messages Please refer to. Status bars in the System Overview chapter for more information. Navigation guidance is shown on the display touch screen and is. supplemented with voice prompts,Introduction,DRIVING RESTRICTIONS.
In order to prevent the navigation system from distracting you while. driving access to certain functions are restricted when the vehicle is. traveling above 5 mph 8 km h At this time only the Quick Destination. menu items are available for destination entry Restricted functions. Touchscreen keyboard during destination entry Street address POI. Freeway Entrance Exit Intersection,Scrolling of long lists. Travel Link subscriptions if active such as movie times ski. conditions sports scores and scrolling of the weather map. Editing Adding entries in the Address Book,Editing Adding entries in the Avoid Areas List. Jukebox restrictions such as creating editing playlists sorting playlists. editing track artist and album names,Uploading photographs. Note If your vehicle is equipped with SYNC similar features will be. restricted also, When the vehicle begins to move and the Select Route Screen is shown. the highlighted route is automatically selected and guidance begins. When the vehicle speed is reduced to 5 mph 8 km h or less system. restrictions are lifted and you have full access to the system. Introduction,SYNC IF EQUIPPED, SYNC is a hands free communications and entertainment system that.
literally syncs up with all other multimedia systems in your vehicle. SYNC delivers convenience with voice activated calling and hands free. conversations digital media player command and control as well as easy. to use voice commands The world outside your vehicle cabin may be. chaotic but inside with SYNC it s always a smooth ride All you have to. do is sync it and stow it We ll take care of the rest. Welcome to the new world of ingenuity and passion technology that is. both fun and functional Welcome to SYNC,Please visit www SyncMyRide com. SYNC features, SYNC offers a variety of phone and media features such as. Send and receive hands free calls, Play your digital music through voice activated commands. Use voice recognition to access your cell phone s contact list. Transfer an active phone conversation to a hands free environment. Play music stored on your digital media player, Use your device while charging through the USB port. Introduction, Listen to music streaming from your Bluetooth enabled cellular.
Advanced voice recognition system fluent in English French and. SAFETY INFORMATION, WARNING Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle. control accident and injury Ford strongly recommends that. drivers use extreme caution when using any device that may take their. focus off the road The driver s primary responsibility is the safe. operation of their vehicle Only use cell phones and other devices not. essential to the driving task when it is safe to do so. Do not attempt to service or repair the system See your authorized. Do not operate playing devices if the power cords and or cables are. broken split or damaged Carefully place cords and or cables where. they will not be stepped on or interfere with the operation of pedals. seats and or compartments or safe driving abilities. Do not leave playing devices in the vehicle in extreme conditions as it. could cause damage to your device Refer to your device s user guide. for further information, For your safety some functions are speed dependent and cannot be. performed when the vehicle is traveling at speeds 5 mph 8 km h and. Ensure that you review your device s user guide before using with. VOICE RECOGNITION IF EQUIPPED, Your navigation system may be equipped with a voice activated feature. which allows you to speak certain commands to the system For further. information please refer to the Voice recognition chapter You can also. press and say a command or Help after the prompt,QUICK START. WARNING Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle. control accident and injury Ford strongly recommends that. drivers use extreme caution when using any device that may take their. focus off the road The drivers primary responsibility is the safe. operation of their vehicle Only use cell phones and other devices not. essential to the driving task when it is safe to do so. Introduction,TO PLAY A RADIO STATION,1 Ensure that the navigation system is on.
2 Press the RADIO hard button,3 Select the AM or FM tab on the. touchscreen,Turn the TUNE knob to the,right left to go up down the. frequency band in individual,increments,Or press SEEK to find the next. strong station up down the,frequency band, Note If RDS is ON and PTY Program type is selected the station. selection will be limited to that specific genre In satellite radio mode if. activated seek is limited to the selected genre,TO PLAY SATELLITE RADIO IF ACTIVATED.
1 Ensure that the navigation system is on,2 Press the RADIO hard button on. the navigation system,Introduction,3 Select the SAT tab on the. touchscreen If your vehicle is,equipped with Satellite Radio the. SAT tab will be present on the radio,For further information on Satellite. Radio refer to Satellite Radio in,the Audio Features chapter.
TO LOAD A CD OR DVD,1 Insert a CD or DVD into the slot. 2 A CD will begin to play A DVD will play audio and video if the vehicle. is in Park P Otherwise only the audio will play,3 Use the touch controls on the. screen to advance tracks scan,pause view the track list etc. TO PLAY A PREVIOUSLY LOADED CD OR DVD,1 Ensure that the navigation system is on. 2 Press the MEDIA hard button on,the navigation system.
3 Select CD DVD tab on the,touchscreen if there is not a CD or. DVD loaded into the system the tab,will be disabled and NO DISC will. appear in the Status Bar when you,try to select it. 4 A CD will begin to play A DVD,will begin to play audio and video if. the vehicle is in Park P,Otherwise only audio will play.
Introduction,TO SET A DESTINATION USING THE NAVIGATION SYSTEM. 1 Ensure that the navigation system is on,2 Press the DEST hard button on. the navigation system,3 Select the Standard tab on the. touchscreen and then press Street,Address to enter a specific street. address as your destination From,this screen you can also choose POI.
Address book entry previous,destination Phone number Freeway. Entrance Exit Map or intersection,as your destination. 4 Enter the required information,Please note that, The system uses a Smart Speller which helps facilitate entering. information through the keyboard, Accented characters in English Spanish and French are converted. internally to non accented characters for search purposes. 5 The screen will show the point entered on a map If this is the. intended destination press Set As Dest A message will pop up while. the system is computing the route,Introduction,6 Select the desired route on the.
right hand side of the screen There,will be up to three routes possible. fastest shortest and unrestricted,from which to choose each. highlighted with a different color,For each route the overall distance. route conditions and the estimated,travel time are displayed. 7 Press Start Route and follow the,instructions,TO PLAY A PREVIOUSLY LOADED DVD IN THE FAMILY.
ENTERTAINMENT DVD SYSTEM IF EQUIPPED,1 Press MEDIA on the navigation. 2 Press the Rear DVD tab, The system will start playing the previously loaded DVD If this DVD was. played but not finished before it will begin to play where it was left off. the last time it was played in the system,USING THE AUXILIARY INPUT JACK. Your vehicle is equipped with an auxiliary input jack which allows a. portable audio device to be listened to through your vehicle s audio. system To access the auxiliary input jack mode,Introduction. 1 Press the MEDIA hard button on,the navigation system.
2 Select the LINE IN tab on the,touchscreen, Once a 3 5 mm input jack is plugged into the Line In jack sound from. the device will be heard through the vehicle speakers. For information on the auxiliary input jack location please refer to. Auxiliary input jack in the Entertainment chapter in your Owner s. USING SYNC IF EQUIPPED,Your vehicle may be equipped with. SYNC a hands free,communication and entertainment,system which allows you to connect. and use a portable media player,through a USB port located in your. vehicle pair a Bluetooth enabled,cellular phone and operate these.
devices through your vehicle Please,refer to the SYNC media chapter. for more information on using portable media players with SYNC and. refer to the SYNC phone chapter for information on pairing your. Bluetooth enabled cellular phone and using the phone features. Ford strongly recommends that drivers use extreme caution when using any device that may take their focus off the road The driver s primary responsibility is the safe operation of their vehicle Only use cell phones and other devices not essential to the driving task when it is safe to do so Do not attempt to service or repair the system See your authorized dealer Do not operate

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