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2003 music highlights,5 11 Primary Music 2 3,Play Time Recorder Course 3. 11 14 Key Stage 3 4 7,Adventures in Music 4,Enjoying Music 5. Creating Music Around the World 6,14 16 Key Stage 4 GCSE 8 13. Fortissimo 8 9,Cambridge Assignments in Music 10 12. All General Interest 14 15,5 11 Primary Music,Tim Cain Fanfare.
A music course for the primary curriculum, Fanfare is a concise music course for primary schools It has been. specifically designed to support the non specialist teacher. Titles available,Simple course structure, Fanfare Fanfare is a stimulating and lively course using a. strong selection of musical extracts The course,Book 1 0 521 45857 9. structure is simple and easy to manage,Ages 7 9 Paperback. Key features include,Compact Disc 1 0 521 45860 9,Clear lesson plans to save you valuable.
preparation time,Book 2 0 521 45858 7, Ages 9 11 Paperback Opportunities for assessment and differentiation. 5 95 with built in progression, Compact Disc 2 0 521 45861 7 Exciting ideas for activities to make learning. 13 95 VAT music fun for children,Teacher s Book 0 521 45859 5. Quick activities, 17 95 Fanfare also provides lots of quick five minute. activities which support skills development across. all areas of the curriculum,Primary Music 11 14,Margo Fagan Play Time Other Primary Titles.
100 Good Tunes,0 521 56994 X for the descant recorder. Recorder Course Paperback Margo Fagan,7 75 A repertoire book for use. alongside Play Time stages,The best selling course for 2 and 3. Titles available pupils aged 5 Music in the, Play Time Play Time is carefully graded and 0 521 44825 5 Primary School. Paperback Janet Mills, Stage 1 0 521 56993 1 includes real tunes right from the 14 75 This acclaimed handbook.
start shows how all teachers and,Stage 2 0 521 56992 3 pupils can enjoy composing. Paperback performing and listening to,3 75 music,Stage 3 0 521 56991 5. Paperback Music Through Topics,4 25 0 521 34842 0 Veronica Clark. Stage 4 0 521 56990 7 Spiral bound A resource book for primary. Paperback 21 95 music teachers,5 25 Available while. stocks last,Stage 6 0 521 56988 5,5 95 Gently into Music.
0 521 56897 8 Mary York,Paperback Ready planned music lessons. 19 95 for 5 8 year olds presenting,Carefully structured. 0 521 56896 X a wide variety of activities,Stages 1 4 are for the descant recorder. and feature graded tunes large print and 17 95 VAT. illustrations,Stage 6 is for the treble recorder See page 15. For Popcorn and Get Together also,of interest in primary schools.
01223 325588 01223 325152 educustserve cambridge org. Play Time Primary Resources 3,11 14 Key Stage 3 Music. Roy Bennett Adventures in Music,An excellent resource for key stage 3. A series introducing key ideas and a wide range of music for listening. and appraising,Titles available,Explores a range of music. Adventures in Each volume explores a range of works and. Music composers Illustrations stories mini portraits of the. Book 1 0 521 56937 0 composers and details from the works studied help. Paperback bring the music to life, Cassette 1 0 521 56943 5 Provides an introduction to the. 18 95 VAT orchestra, Book 2 0 521 56936 2 A diagram shows the layout of an orchestra and.
Paperback includes details of the instruments in the different. 6 95 sections As each piece of music is explored pupils. Cassette 2 0 521 56942 7 learn more about the instruments and the sounds. 18 95 VAT they make,Book 3 0 521 56941 9,Paperback Includes activities. 6 95 Activities allow pupils to find out more about the. Cassette 3 0 521 56940 0 instruments involved and the composition of the. 18 95 VAT piece,Book 4 0 521 56939 7,Paperback Accompanying cassettes. 6 95 A cassette accompanies each book providing, Cassette 4 0 521 56938 9 extracts from the works included in the books. 4 Adventures in Music,Key Stage 3 Music 11 14,Roy Bennett Enjoying Music. A wide ranging music resource for secondary schools. Three highly illustrated books combining facts with anecdotes. to help students appreciate music across the centuries. Titles available,Introduces the Orchestra, Enjoying Music Enjoying Music introduces students to the various.
Book 1 0 521 56933 8 instruments that make up an orchestra. 8 50 Contains a range of sources, Cassette 1 0 521 56934 6 The series includes photographs quotes from. 19 50 VAT composers illustrations from original manuscripts. Book 2 0 521 56932 X drawings of instruments composers signatures and. Paperback many more original sources to help capture students. 8 50 imaginations,No cassette,Book 3 0 521 56931 1 Includes music quizzes. Paperback Quiz pages offer a refreshing way of revising and. 8 50 help students to absorb the wide range of material. No cassette presented, 01223 325588 01223 325152 educustserve cambridge org. Enjoying Music 5,11 14 Key Stage 3 Music,Paul Sturman Creating Music. Around the World,An ideal introduction to world music.
Creating Music Around the World uses a wide range of resources to. introduce key stage 3 pupils to music from other cultures. Introduces a variety of musical,traditions,Creating Music Around the World looks at the. music of other cultures and encourages pupils to,appreciate a variety of musical traditions Nine. projects explore different countries or continents. for example Israel Japan the West Indies the USA,Encourages an interactive approach. Graphic scores encourage students to read,and play music and to recreate the musical. atmosphere of each place The variety of songs,and accompaniments also help create some of the.
special sounds of each country in a simple but,interesting way. Helps build a wider cultural picture,The Things to do sections encourage students to. explore different aspects of a country This helps,them to develop a deeper understanding of and. 0 521 56907 9 respect for the music and customs of other nations. 6 Creating Music Around the World,Key Stage 3 Music 11 14. Play the Electronic First Assignments, 0 521 56911 7 Keyboard Book 2 0 521 33911 1 David Tutt.
Paperback Nick Haines Paperback First Assignments is a practical. 5 95 Play the Electronic Keyboard 6 95 teacher tested starter course. Available while offers a practical approach to for 11 and 12 year olds from. stocks last music making and is suitable the Cambridge Assignments in. for pupils of all abilities It Music series It covers the basic. requires no previous musical ingredients of music through a. knowledge series of planned activities and,The book demonstrates in easy assignments. stages the different effects of First Assignments can be. the keyboard and introduces recommended to all, basic music theory at the same enterprising teachers it is. time attractively produced with,much thought provoking. Times Educational Supplement,See page 10 12,For more titles in the Cambridge. Assignments in Music series, 01223 325588 01223 325152 educustserve cambridge org.
Key Stage 3 Resources 7,14 16 GCSE Music,Roy Bennett Fortissimo. A comprehensive course for GCSE, Fortissimo is a complete music course which gives you all the support. The whole course is you need to deliver the music curriculum effectively at key stage 4. fantastically well put Complete coverage of the curriculum. together the music is,Fully covers curriculum requirements for. imaginatively chosen performing composing listening and appraising. Develops practical skills and theoretical,and presented the knowledge. Contains many full colour double page spreads, pages of visual and photographs to inspire composing and.
improvising,stimulae for composing,Links in with the IT composition program Notate. and improvising are to satisfy the curriculum requirements for. information technology, strikingly beautiful in Offers an impressive selection of music from the. meticulously 13th century to the present day with many. short this is a treasure different types classical jazz blues rock folk. prepared music course traditional from a variety of cultures both. trove of a book Western and non Western,balancing the demands. www musicteachers co uk Stimulating student materials. of education music, The Student s Book explores structures and concepts. and the students whilst helping students to use and develop practical. will prove valuable and aural skills In addition the book is full of. themselves colourful double page spreads to attract and retain. to secondary teachers,students interest coupled with explanations of.
at key stage 4 and Music Teacher musical terms and examples of musical scores to. aid understanding,Times Educational Supplement,8 Fortissimo. GCSE Music 14 16,A wealth of,material for,performing. Musical scores appraising and,to aid improvising,understanding. Musical extracts,to demonstrate Visual,explanations stimulus. to inspire,Cross cultural,composition,comparisons,Titles available.
Student s Book 0 521 56923 0,Teacher s Resource Book Compact Discs 13 95. Teacher s 0 521 56924 9, The Teacher s Resource Book contains chapter A set of four compact discs provides a wide. Resource Book Spiral bound, by chapter support materials with range of musical extracts to support the 45 95. photocopiable question sheets for evaluating explanations in the Student s Book Firm order only. composition and performance For less able,Set of 4 0 521 56925 7. students there are photocopiable listening Compact Discs 79 95 VAT. exercises Firm order only, 01223 325588 01223 325152 educustserve cambridge org.
Fortissimo 9,14 16 GCSE Music,Series editor,Roy Bennett Cambridge Assignments. A flexible approach to music in the secondary school. Cambridge Assignments in Music is a series of resource books for key. stage 4 covering a wide range of topics and themes. Music Worldwide History of Music,Book Elizabeth Sharma Book Second edition. 0 521 37622 X Music Worldwide investigates 0 521 33681 3 Roy Bennett. Paperback both folk and traditional music Paperback A brief outline of the history of. 6 95 from various parts of the non 6 95 western music covering all. Compact Disc Western world including India Cassette 1 important areas with a main. 0 521 37481 2 Indonesia China and the 0 521 24317 3 emphasis on recognition of. 25 95 VAT Caribbean It describes the 16 50 VAT style and period. predominant instruments of Cassette 2 This book interweaves. each chosen culture and 0 521 26829 X,assignments with information. explores the main musical 16 50 VAT,helping students to identify. ingredients of different styles the musical fingerprints of. Assignments exploit the GCSE individual composers and. requirements of listening particular styles and to. composing performing and assess pieces The first cassette. appraising The accompanying contains the less accessible. compact disc provides items the second by, invaluable listening material arrangement with Decca.
and vital links to assignments orchestral pieces and extracts. in the book,Elizabeth Sharma has,marshalled her examples. explanations pictures and,assignments in a thought. ful and electric manner,Times Educational Supplement. 10 Cambridge Assignments in Music,GCSE Music 14 16. General Musicianship Instruments of,Book Roy Bennett Book the Orchestra.
0 521 29813 X General Musicianship covers 0 521 29814 8 Roy Bennett. Paperback its subject through listening Paperback Instruments of the Orchestra. 6 95 and writing questions involving 6 95 helps fulfil the national. Cassette recorded extracts of music Cassette 1 curriculum requirement for. 0 521 24316 5 Interspersed throughout the 0 521 23860 9 students to distinguish. 16 50 VAT book are assignments of 16 50 VAT different instruments Clear. various degrees of difficulty to Cassette 2 explanation using specially. test students knowledge and 0 521 26830 3 commissioned photographs. musical perception Teaching 16 50 VAT drawings and diagrams is. material and many of the items combined with assignments in. featured in the assignments both writing and listening. including all those less readily There are also special. available are found on the assignments plus suggestions. specially recorded cassette for further listening and for a. project file to be compiled by,Popular Music students. Book In the 20th Century The first cassette contains. 0 521 31884 X Colin Cripps extracts illustrating the tone. Paperback Edited by Roy Bennett and and special playing techniques. 6 95 Michael Burnett,of the instruments The second. Cassette This is an introduction to the features large scale well. 0 521 26828 1 main styles of popular music known orchestral pieces and. 16 50 VAT and their individual forms and,extracts by arrangement with. techniques The different Decca,techniques are demonstrated. on the cassette, 01223 325588 01223 325152 educustserve cambridge org.
Cambridge Assignments in Music 11,14 16 GCSE Music. Investigating Musical Styles Performing and Responding. Book Roy Bennett Book John Howard,0 521 38883 X,I would thoroughly. 0 521 42229 9 Twelve projects approach,Paperback Paperback listening and appraising in a. Music Worldwide investigates both folk and traditional music from various parts of the non Western world including India Indonesia China and the Caribbean It describes the predominant instruments of each chosen culture and explores the main musical ingredients of different styles Assignments exploit the GCSE requirements of listening

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