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Introduction, The MultiMachine is a multi purpose machine tool that a semi skilled mechanic with just. regular hand tools can build using scrap car and truck parts Electric power is not needed . In Developing Countries the MultiMachine has the potential for saving or improving the lives of. many thousands of people These machines can be used in many ways . In the health sector by its use in building water pumps filters water well drilling rigs and. hospital furnishings , In agriculture by its use in building farm machinery and irrigation pumps . In transportation by its use in building and repairing parts for vehicles . In communications by its use as as a cell phone charging station . In village life by being a source of battery power for home lighting . In education by providing vocational education students with machine tools that they build. themselves and then are able to take back to their villages when they graduate . It could provide a local self supporting infrastructure that would be available to keep water and. irrigation pumps in repair Many NGOs go to great effort and expense to drill water wells and. provide pumps in rural areas of underdeveloped countries These pumps often fail because there. is no person able to repair them A small MultiMachine based business could provide a pump. repairman with the means to earn a living in an area where these pumps and wells are used The. pump repairman could support himself by doing machine shop type jobs like making and. sharpening agricultural tools and equipment and resurfacing vehicle flywheels brake drums and. disks , Machine tools often draw power intermittently from gas or diesel engines or electric motors Any. surplus power could run a welding machine built from a vehicle alternator and also recharge. batteries that in turn could be used for home lighting or recharging cell phone batteries . The combination of a MultiMachine and a welder can be used to build different types of metal. bending and rolling machines that can be used to manufacture fuel efficient cook stoves pots . pans and similar products , The MultiMachine also provides a way to machine simple zinc and aluminum castings made. from the metal found in old car parts Without this machining the castings are of limited use but. simple machining can turn them into hundreds of different kinds of products . Vocational education takes hands on learning Few vocational schools in developing countries. have sufficient numbers of the machine tools that are necessary for training students This is no. problem with student built MultiMachines , A machine tool is a powered mechanical device typically used to fabricate metal.
components,2, Look around you Almost every manufactured product that is made of metal is a. combination of parts that have been machined castings screws and bolts and sheet bar. and tubular metal that has been welded bent rolled or spun into a needed shape The. essentialy free MultiMachine and the tools it can produce can do all this . A group of specialized MultiMachines can do much more The MultiMachine can be easily. built in dozens of special versions that are specially built to do just a single type of metal. working job If these special machines were grouped together and driven from a common. power source they could be used in a form of Developing World mass production Most of. these machine versions could be built with just one or two broken vehicle engines a piece. of pipe a few feet of steel bar a sack of cement and a few easily made zinc aluminum. castings , I am certain that MultiMachine newsgroup members will help adapt our designs to the. types and sizes of material available in any community . Special thanks to George Ewen of Engine Mill fame Jeff Hansen Kevin. Olson and to my craftsman friend Frank Patterson , And a very special thanks to my wife Clarissa who put up with me during the. four years this project took ,3, Table of contents. page,1 Cover,2 Introduction,4 Table of Contents,6 What the MultiMachine can do.
10 5 construction techniques secrets , 1 Using engine blocks as building blocks. 2 Boring the block to fit the bearing outside diameter. 3 The spindle can be a piece of pipe the diameter of the bearing inside diameter. 4 The use of a three bearing spindle, 5 The engine blocks are clamped together with plate and keystock rather than dovetails. 12 The machine is made of 5 modules that attach to a vehicle engine block. 1 The vertical slide, 2 The drive unit, 3 Mounting the machine. 4 The overarm, 5 The spindle,13 About money accuracy and skills. 15 Tools,17 Construction starts, The spindle in detail.
22 Step 1 What do you want your machine to do , Step 2 Really learn the instructions . Step 3 Getting the stuff together ,24 Step 4 The machine and engine shops. Step 5 When you get the blocks to your shop, 25 Step 6 The MultiMachine needs something to sit on. 26 Step 7 Modifying the block,29 Step 8 Mounting the block. Step 9 Powering the machine, 34 Step 10 The big plate that replaces very hard to make dovetails.
38 Step 11 Mounting the big plate,39 Step 12 The vertical slide. 43 Step 13 The cross slide,48 Step 14 The overarm, 50 Step 15 Building your own Broken bit tangential cutting tools. 52 Step 16 Building your own lathe chuck,4, 53 Step 17 How to cut threads the way it was done 90 years ago it still works today . 54 How to build a really big MultiMachine,54 The ratchet drill. 55 Two easy to build temporary lathes,57 The giant MultiMachine .
60 Pipe size chart,63 Morse taper chart,64 Metric bearing chart. 66 Glossary,5, The MultiMachine is a metal lathe that can be built to. machine something as big as a manhole cover , It can face and cut tapers by simply rotating. the cross feed on the turntable ,It can drill and bore in many different ways. It s an end mill, It s a horizontal mill that can work well with really cheap eBay.
cutters This resharpened cutter cost 75 cents , My MultiMachine made a 400rpm. single pass cut of 822 x 1 2 in this, piece of 6061 aluminum . Other arbors can be easily made, for fly cutters wood and metal saw. blades surface grinding wheels and sanding drums and discs . 6, How can the MultiMachine do all these things , In almost every kind of machining operation either the work piece or the cutting tool turns If. enough flexibility is built into the parts of a machine tool involved in these functions the. resulting machine can do almost every kind of machining operation that will physically fit on it . You may have heard of 3 in 1 machine tools basically a combination of lathe mill and drill. press The MultiMachine starts there but adds many other functions It can be a 10 in 1 or even. more machine tool that is built by using vehicle engine blocks in a LEGO like fashion . It can be built as a one engine block machine with a plate and. angle iron vertical slide , Or as a two block version with an engine .
block based vertical slide , Or as a two block lathe only version See the fixed lathe bed version below . This is a three block version with a fixed ,long lathe bed and a rear mounted vertical. slide Great if you have limited space This,version is similar to a Kitchen and Wade. multipurpose machine below that was used,aboard ships for many years a far more. useful design for a machine tool than the,common 3 in 1 machine .
,7, Double sided MultiMachines lathe on one side all function machine on the other are perfect. candidates for Variable Frequency Drives that make the machine spindles both variable speed. and bi directional Pictured below is a four block version with doubled vertical blocks mounted. back to back so it can support a 4 long spindle useful with a heavy chuck The machine can. also have a rear vertical slide and a 4 or 5 block version with a Bridgeport like head could have. an added horizontal block with powered spindle added on top . The most common size for a MultiMachine has 12 to 15 of table vertical travel and a 32 lathe swing The. horsepower required for regular lathe type cutting tools makes them hard to use large work pieces BUT If you. replace the cutting tool with a simple 30 bench grinder or even a homemade toolpost grinder you can machine. really big jobs You can even resurface large clutch and brake parts for a truck . By using the simplest metal casting technique a skill that has been around thousands of years . you can turn out products using machined aluminum alloy It then becomes possible to build. things like pump parts and to cast alloy bushings that could replace expensive ball bearings One. common alloy ZA 12 contains about 12 aluminum with zinc as most of the remainder Both. 8, aluminum and zinc are materials commonly used in vehicles making them easily available ZA . 12 has a tensile strength approaching that of cast iron and is such a good bearing material that it. is used for bushing type bearings in steel rolling mills . See the possibilities ,9, The MultiMachine is extremely simple basically 6 unusual construction techniques that. we call secrets and 5 very simple modules that bolt to an engine block . Using engine blocks as building blocks is the first MultiMachine secret Since cylinder bores. are bored parallel to each other and at exact right angles to the cylinder head surface . MultiMachine accuracy begins at the factory where the engine block was built . The second MultiMachine secret In the most common version of the MultiMachine one that. has a roller bearing spindle the kind I built this precision is maintained during construction. with simple cylinder re boring of the 3 cylinder to the size of the roller bearing outside diameter. OD and re boring the 1 cylinder to fit the overarm OD . The best part is that the cylinder boring operations will probably cost less than 50 An engine. machine shop provides the most inexpensive and accurate 0005 on a 4 cylinder machine. work commonly done anywhere and guarantees you that the spindle and overarm will be both. aligned and at an exact right angle to the face head surface of the main engine block that serves. as the base of the machine , The third MultiMachine secret The spindle can be as simple as a piece of pipe machined to. fit the inner diameter of the bearings , The fourth secret is the addition of a third bearing to the spindle The three bearing spindle.
is necessary because the main spindle bearings just float in the cylinder bore so that the third. bearing is needed to locate the spindle act as a thrust bearing and support the heavy pulley . The fifth MultiMachine secret The main engine block and the vertical slide engine block fit. together with the help of two 1 2 x 12 steel plates along with my unique way of clamping the. plates together It s easily built easily adjusted and easily clamped into position without the. workpiece moving Far superior I think to a homemade attempt at a four foot long dovetail . Long angled cuts similar to this, commercial dovetail assembly on the cross. slide shown below would be far more, difficult to build than the MultiMachine s. simple square sections that are bolted, together While the MultiMachine vertical. slide requires only a drill to build a long, dovetail requires a very large milling. machine A hugely important difference ,10, The use of smaller steel bar stock or angle iron may be necessary in some areas where the.
x 12 steel plate may be hard to find Pieces of truck frame rail could be used . Alignment of these foundation parts is critical and substitutes for the preferred steel. plate may be harder to adjust Don t let the difficulty of making a sliding fit deter you from. getting started Build a fixed bed lathe version first and later add a MultiMachine type. vertical slide to the rear of the block ,Here is one kind of substitute. that could work well doubled ,frame walls that are common in. big trucks The rivets can be,ground off and the two pieces. made into a good sliding fit , The sixth MultiMachine secret is a device similar to this that. can be clamped to a shaft It can have capscrews that pass. sideways in order to push or pull another device or can be. made large enough to do dozens of jobs by itself More. about this later ,11, The 5 simple modules that attach to the.
engine block , 1 The vertical slide module is basically a short engine block. with a steel plate bolted to the head surface and a cross slide. attached to to the end bell upper end There are many kinds of. cross slides that can be bought or built If you have a little. money to spend think about buying a 69 ENCO one to use at. first in developing countries however a similar one may be the. equivalent of a thousand dollars Later you can build something. like a massive concrete and steel Romig single or twin lathe. bed and cross slide See the Romig turret lathe design in the MultiMachine newsgroup files . section J V Romig designed machine tools that were featured in Popular Mechanics magazine. for almost thirty years The designs still work well This small cross slide also can be used for. many other projects Example you can fit it on top of a turntable and use it for cutting tapers A. turntable could also be fitted to the top of a big Romig bed to cut tapers . replace the cutting tool with a simple 30 bench grinder or even a homemade toolpost grinder you can machine really big jobs You can even resurface large clutch and brake parts for a truck By using the simplest metal casting technique a skill that has been around thousands of years you can turn out products using machined aluminum alloy

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