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The rest of the paper is organized as follows A III DESIGN OF MUHADITH. discussion related to the domain knowledge is, presented in Section 2 Design and the modules of the Major modules of Muhadith are a inference engine. Muhadith are discussed in Section 3 Implementation b knowledgebase c parser and fact extractor d. details are discussed in Section 4 and the discussion is distributor and aggregator e sub inference modules. concluded in Section 4 f explanation facility and g database Muhadith. provides a Web interface for the users to query the. II DOMAIN BACKGROUND expert system User s query is passed to the Web. server At Web server query is parsed and required, Hadith is defined as a tradition or the collection of the. data is extracted from user s input Extracted data is. traditions of Muhammad the Prophet of Islam, then sent to the fact extractor which in turn connects. including his sayings and deeds and his tacit approval. the database to fetch the related information,of what was said or done in his presence 18 Islam. has two fundamental sources Quran and Sunnah It is The fact extractor extracts the facts from the. agreed on that Quran is preserved in its real form as information and these facts are then passed to. narrated in Quran We have undoubtedly sent down the distributor component which in turn connects to six. Reminder and We will truly preserve it 19 Sunnah Web services to execute six sub inference components. of Prophet PBUH is also included in above promise in parallel These six sub inference components are. by necessity as a practical example of Quran developed for different classes of the Hadith Each of. implementation 20 Quran cannot be understood these six sub inference components deals with a. correctly without Sunnah 20 Companions of Prophet specific class of Hadith Each of these components has. Muhammad and those coming after them has preserved local inference capability and local knowledgebase. Sunnah by memorizing writing down and then passing Each component connects to data provider to fetch. it generation by generation to others 20 Need for specific facts from database Each component is also. verification of chain of reporters arise when people attached with explanation module This explanation. other than the companions started to narrate directly module is used to explain the reason for the. from the Prophet A crucial reason for the verification classification of Hadith to user Every sub inference. was because of the different false sects that started the components returns results to the combiner module that. deliberate fabrication of Ahadith So different scholars amalgamates and returns the results of all classes of. of Hadith Muhaditheen worked to collect Hadith Hadith to the user Details for each module are as. knowledge and created strict rules for approval of follows. Hadith On the basis of these rules every Hadith can be. A Muhadith Inference Engine, checked and authentic Ahadith can be differentiated.
from the fabricated ones Because of the complexity Muhadith inference engine possess dual interactivity It. and massiveness of the related knowledge only an interacts with the a user query to extract the facts. expert of Hadith sciences can classify a Hadith A from the provided data and b knowledgebase to fetch. normal person is unable to find whether the Hadith is rules that can be applied on the extracted facts from the. authentic or unauthentic user Inference engine is divided in following sub. A Hadith is composed of two parts a text of the, Hadith and b chain of the reporters Authenticity of i Parser and Facts Extractor. Hadith is checked by applying different rules on text of. the Hadith and chain of reporters known as Mustalah Data provided by the user is passed to the parser. al Hadith Ahadith can be classified into seven major module for parsing User inputs the text of Hadith and. classes according to the a Reference to a particular may provide chain of the reporters The chain of. authority ATR b Links in the chain ATL c reporters is a string containing names of all the. Number of Reporters ATN d Nature of text ATNt reporters and commonly used words in the chain Parser. e Manner in which Hadith is reported ATM f to extracts names of the reporters from the chain and. passes the parsed information to the fact extraction. Hidden defect found in Isnad or text of Hadith ATH. module The facts extraction module requires the,g Reliability and memory of reporters ATR. information on the reporters to build and extract the. Detailed discussion of these classes can be found in 2. facts for decision Therefore the facts extractor prior to. Muhadith uses the rules defined for these classes and extracting facts interacts with the facts provider. classifies the input Hadith in a sub type of these classes module The facts provider module is intended to. along with the reason and explanation for classification provide the detailed information against the reporter s. Muhadith can help experts of Hadith in taking decisions name To find the reporters information the fact. and also to a non expert to understand that why a provider interacts with the database and fetches the. Hadith is said authentic and other as unauthentic information on the reporters. Figure 1 Design of Muhadith Expert System, This information is sent back to the fact extractor module receives the facts from the distributor Each sub. which in turns extract required facts from the received module can interact directly with the fact provider to. information find any module specific information from the database. Each sub inference module also interacts with the,ii Distributor and Combiner. explanation module for reasoning and explanation, The distributor module acts as a scheduler and After applying rules on available facts and interaction.
distributes the facts to different sub inference modules with explanation facility each module returns the. for processing and classification The combiner module results to combiner. collects results and explanations from the sub inference. B Muhadith Knowledgebase,modules arranges them in a presentable format and. passes all the information back to user Muhadith is a rule based expert system Knowledge is. represented in form of binary decision tables and rules. iii Sub inference Modules,are defined in form of IF THEN ELSE statements A. Scholars have categorized the Hadith in seven major comparative study of IF THEN rules and a decision. classes based on various attributes 20 In the table is provided in 21 As we have multiple classes of. Muhadith expert system we have developed separate Hadith so each class of the Hadith has separate. sub inference modules for each of these classes Each knowledgebase Each component has its own decision. sub inference module has its own local knowledgebase table and rules. that contains rules Every sub inference module targets. General format for knowledgebase rules of Muhadith is. a specific class among the seven Hadith classes and has. different rules and information A sub inference,Rule Id Rule Name. COMMENT Comment text, IF condition THEN conclusion IF condition THEN conclusion ELSE. Conclusion, An example of the first rule for this knowledgebase is.
ATR1 Marfu1, COMMENT This is rule to identify a Marfu Hadith under According to Reference ATR class of Hadith. IF Prophet yes AND Companion yes AND Successor yes. CONCLUSION Marfu, An example of decision table for class According to Inference chaining diagram for the above class of. Reference to a particular authority ATR and rules Hadith is shown in figure 2. derived from it is shown in Table 1, Table 1 Sample Decision table for Muhadith Knowledge representation. Hadith type Prophet Companion Successor Marfu Words Quranic. ATR Reference,Marfu NA NA,MatchMafu words text,result Substring text words i. If result 1,returnmarf u, Figure 2 Inference Chaining Diagram for According to Reference Class.
Each class has its own decision table rules and 4 Fillmore Bowen How SOA can ease your move to cloud. inference chaining diagram Because of the space computing IBM Software Group 2012. constraints we have provided the decision table rules 5 Y Zeng Y Cai P Jia H Jee Development of a web. and inference chaining diagram only for a single class based decision support system for supporting integrated. water resources management in Daegu city South,named According to reference to a particular. Korea Expert Systems with Applications Vol 39 No,authority in the paper 11 2012. C Muhadith Explanation Module 6 L Sabucedo L Rif n F Corradini B Re Knowledge. based platform for eGovernment agents A Web based, Explanation facility is used in expert systems to provide solution using semantic technologies Expert Systems. details to user regarding how and why a conclusion has with Applications Vol 37 2010 pp 3647 3656. been drawn 29 Muhadith explanation facility is used 7 J Huang Y Jou L Zhang S Wang C Huang A. to provide the details for classification of Hadith web based model for developing A mold base design. system Expert Systems with Applications Vol 36,IV MUHADITH IMPLEMENTATION 2009 pp 8356 8367. 8 J Tang and Q Wang Online fault diagnosis and, Muhadith is implemented as a SOA based Cloud expert prevention expert system for dredgers Expert Systems.
system accessible through Web Microsoft NET is used with Applications Vol 34 2008 pp 511 521. as development platform Programming languages used 9 F Zetiana X Fengb Z Yunb and Z XiaoShuana. for Muhadith are C Net and Asp Net SQL server is Pig vet a web based expert system for pig disease. used as database management system Users can enter diagnosis Expert Systems with Applications Vol 29. 2005 pp 93 103, the Hadith using the Web interface Input information is. 10 V Papic N Rogulj V Ple tina Identification of sport. passed to the inference engine and results along with talents using a web oriented expert system with a fuzzy. the explanation are returned back to the users module Expert Systems with Applications Vol 36. V CONCLUSIONS 2009 pp 8830 8838, 11 J Bardina andR Thirumalainambi A distributed web. A novel approach has been used to simplify and digitize based expert system for launch operation Proceedings. the task of Hadith classification Service Oriented of the 2005 Winter Simulation Conference 2005. 12 C Zhang The Design and Implementation of a,Architecture SOA is used for Cloud computing. Knowledge Based Communication System in a, compatibility and to solve the communication Framework for Distributed Expert Systems IEEE. problems faced by the legacy Web based distributed Transactions on Communications Vol 43 No 5. expert systems Muhadith enables a layman having little 13 Y Cheung G Hong K Ang A dynamic project. knowledge of Hadith sciences to distinguish authentic allocation algorithm for a distributed expert system. Ahadith form unauthentic ones Ahadith can be Expert Systems with Applications Vol 26 2004 225. successfully classified along with explanation 232. Fabricated Ahadith can be easily distinguished from 14 C Lin S Lin S Horng A parallelized DPPQN based. authentic ones Some aspects of Hadith classification Expert System method and implementation Expert. Systems with Applications Vol 37 2010 pp 1179, that depends on common sense are not covered by the.
Muhadith Muhadith is heavily dependent on data of 15 E Cardozo and S Talukdar a distributed expert system. Ahadith and reporters Our aim was not to build the for fault diagnosis IEEE Transactions on Power. Hadith and reporters database rather our humble Systems Vol 3 No 2. contribution was to provide a platform and 16 M Zhang C Zhang Potential Cases. infrastructure for the expert system Moreover we are Methodologies and Strategies of Synthesis of Solutions. also working to implement the Muhadith as SaaS for in Distributed Expert Systems IEEE Transactions on. Cloud computing Knowledge and Data Engineering Vol 11 No 3 June. REFERENCES 17 G Andrews and F Schneider Concepts and notations. for concurrent programming ACM Computing Surveys,1 Y Gao Y Liu C Wang X Li G Ou Design and. Evaluation of a High Performance Distributed Expert. 18 W Graham Divine Word and Prophetic Word in Early. System HPDES for Aerospace Ground Verification,Islam http www answers com topic hadith accessed. System Procedia Computer Science Vol 9 2012 pp,19 Al Quran Surah al Hijr 15 9. 2 E A Feigenbaum Knowledge engineering in 1980 s, 20 S Hassan An Introduction to the Science of Hadith. Department of Computer Science Stanford University. Darussalam Riyadh 1996,Stanford CA, 21 R Halverson An Empirical Investigation Comparing.
3 M El Refaey and B Rimal Grid SOA and Cloud,IF THEN Rules and Decision Tables for Programming. Computing On Demand Computing Models Grid and,Rule Based Expert Systems Proceeding of the 26th. Cloud Computing Concepts Methodologies Tools and, Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. Muhadith A Cloud based Distributed Expert System for Classification of Ahadith Kashif Bilal North Dakota State University Fargo ND USA Kashif bilal ndsu edu Sajjad Mohsin COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Islamabad Pakistan smohsin comsats edu pk Abstract This paper presents a novel approach for the

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