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TUESDAY 12th MAY, TRACK 1 TRACK 2 TRACK 3 TRACK 4 TRACK 5 TRACK 6 TRACK 7 TRACK 8. 09 30 KEYNOTE,Quantum supremacy what s in it for me. 11 00 COFFEE BREAK, 11 30 I ll get back to Keep calm and Do or don t Getting started What is a Continuous Software Qualities of a. you task await put it on Azure There s no try with React Microservice integration and architecture highly effective. asynchronous Kim van Wilgen Or is there The Oliver Sturm Allen Holub delivery for foundations architect. methods in C power of databases styles patterns Venkat. Jeremy Clark monads Jimmy Bogard trade offs Subramaniam. explained Sort Neal Ford,Hoogendoorn,13 00 LUNCH BREAK. 14 00 Ten OO design OpenID Connect Closures the Rediscovering Microservices Code analysis Software Visualising. patterns every OAuth 2 0 next great JavaScript migration team culture architecture software. developer security best development in Venkat patterns Jonathan Johnson foundations architecture. should know practices software Subramaniam Mark Richards identifying with the C4. in 90 minutes Dominick Baier technology characteristics model. Andrew Clymer Jules May Neal Ford Simon Brown,Richard Blewett.
15 30 COFFEE BREAK, 16 00 Getting func y Fundamentals of Continuous Building Choreographing Controlling Actors the past Towards an. delegates in Machine security serverless data Microservices wildfires while and future of evolutionary. NET Learning Kim van Wilgen APIs Allen Holub only getting software architecture. Jeremy Clark Jeff Prosise Julie Lerman singed engineering Venkat. Jessica White Juval Lowy Subramaniam,17 30 DRINKS RECEPTION. WEDNESDAY 13th MAY, TRACK 1 TRACK 2 TRACK 3 TRACK 4 TRACK 5 TRACK 6 TRACK 7 TRACK 8. 09 30 What s new in Fundamentals of Naming is hard The final line of Practical event Essential Git scenarios How people. async for NET Deep Learning let s do better defence storming architecture how do I fix learn. Core Jeff Prosise Kate Gregory browser security Allen Holub practices that Kim van Wilgen. Andrew Clymer headers Mark Richards Rob Richardson. Richard Blewett Christian Wenz,11 00 COFFEE BREAK, 11 30 Diving deeper OpenID Connect From clever Getting started Building a Reactive How to rock Zen of. into dependency OAuth 2 0 code to better with ASP NET Microservices Systems remote working architecture. injection tips from the code Core 3 x architecture in Dave Farley Sven Peters Juval Lowy. Jeremy Clark trenches Dror Helper Phil Japikse small steps. Dominick Baier Sander,Hoogendoorn,13 00 LUNCH BREAK.
14 00 Security features Practical AI for Dark patterns Moving to Understanding Messaging with Dev and test Software project. to consider in software responsible ASP NET Core Kubernetes metaphors agility for your design. NET Core developers software design 3 x from fundamentals Jimmy Bogard database with Juval Lowy. Cecilia Wiren Jeff Prosise in the age of ASP NET Jonathan Johnson Docker. moving fast and Phil Japikse Julie Lerman,breaking things. Joe Natoli,15 30 COFFEE BREAK, 16 00 Kotlin for NET Moving to Entity Stop blaming Hidden Effective Securing Docker Design patterns Leading and. developers Framework Core your users for treasures Microservice containers in dynamic guiding. Hadi Hariri 3 x bad passwords browser APIs communication Kubernetes just functional development. Phil Japikse Scott Brady Christian Wenz conversation fixes that right languages teams. patterns Rob Richardson Neal Ford Mark Richards,Jimmy Bogard. 17 30 SESSIONS END,THURSDAY 14th MAY, TRACK 1 TRACK 2 TRACK 3 TRACK 4 TRACK 5 TRACK 6 TRACK 7 TRACK 8. 09 30 Machine Unit testing Twelve ways to Versioning The rise and fall CQRS and event Add security Automating. Learning for C patterns for make your code ASP NET Core of Microservices sourcing into your Agile architecture. lovers building concurrent code suck less APIs Mark Richards Oliver Sturm process governance. sophisticated Dror Helper Venkat Phil Japikse Cecilia Wiren Neal Ford. ML models with Subramaniam,Jeff Prosise,11 00 COFFEE BREAK.
11 30 Run faster Get Kata The death of Supporting an Choosing from Adopting Patterns of Restructuring. parallel Kevlin Henney data retention old fashioned the many ways Domain Driven software migrating. programming in rot and risk AngularJS app in to Docker in Design at scale architecture architectures. C Heidi Waterhouse a modern Azure combating near Allen Holub Neal Ford. Jeremy Clark TypeScript world Rob Richardson enemies. Jennifer Wadella Andrew Harmel,Law Gayathri,Thiyagarajan. 13 00 LUNCH BREAK, 14 00 What s new in Core software What do you JavaScript the GraphQL and Demystifying DbC Design by Patterns of. C interfaces design principles want from me grumpy parts Microservices micro frontends Coding event driven. and how to use for developers Figuring out Rob Richardson Oliver Sturm Luca Mezzalira applying TDD architecture. them effectively Venkat what users principles to Mark Richards. Jeremy Clark Subramaniam really need architecture,want will Allen Holub. actually use,Joe Natoli,15 30 COFFEE BREAK, 16 00 Version control Emotional code Leadership Experience Building reliable The effective The lost art of Lambda You. for data Kate Gregory without a report bringing systems with developer software design keep using that. Jules May paycheck DDD to a big Polly work smarter Simon Brown letter. Jennifer Wadella corporation Andrew Clymer not harder Kevlin Henney. Julie Lerman Sven Peters, 16 50 Tech for good Parallel loops Surviving a The model code Y2K and other.
James Crowley Andrew Clymer security audit of gap disappointing. your ASP NET Simon Brown disasters risk,site reduction and. Christian Wenz harm mitigation,Heidi Waterhouse,FRIDAY 15th MAY. POST CON POST CON POST CON POST CON POST CON POST CON POST CON POST CON POST CON. WORKSHOP 1 WORKSHOP 2 WORKSHOP 3 WORKSHOP 4 WORKSHOP 5 WORKSHOP 6 WORKSHOP 7 WORKSHOP 8 WORKSHOP 9. Software Developing Practical Compassionate Advanced EventStorming Machine A modular Hello quantum. architecture React Microservices refactoring deployment for Domain Learning for development world. the hard parts applications pipeline Driven Design NET developers process. techniques modelling with ML NET, Neal Ford Mark Oliver Sturm Allen Holub Clare Sudbery Dave Farley Kenny Bass Dino Esposito Juval L wy Jules May. Richards Schwegler, All post conference workshops run from 09 30 17 00 with mid morning lunch and mid afternoon breaks. design Juval Lowy 15 30 C O F F E E B R E A K 16 00 Kotlin for NET developers Hadi Hariri Moving to Entity Framework Core 3 x Phil Japikse Stop blaming your users for bad passwords Scott Brady Hidden treasures browser APIs Christian Wenz Effective Microservice communication amp conversation patterns Jimmy Bogard Securing Docker containers

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