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Microsoft visual identity guidelines Welcome, The Microsoft visual identity system capitalizes on. our next wave of product offerings It helps us be, simple clear and direct It elevates the content that. matters most It creates delightful connections,The Microsoft logo celebrates our heritage and. our future It highlights the role we play in many,consumers lives today and the increasing. breadth of unexpected and innovative products,we are delivering.
The identity elements logo typography color,grids tiles imagery and icons make it easier. to create memorable internal and external,communications. Microsoft visual identity guidelines Contents, Our visual elements 1 The role of the Microsoft brand. express our brand,2 Identity system elements,These guidelines are your introduction to how. we can use the visual identity as a thread that ties. Microsoft branded offerings and groups together,17 Logotype.
They are a call to action to align our creative,work and bring a new focus on our connected. visual identity system,Our shared elements unite the things we offer. and when they re used together again and 23 Typography. again they become the foundation for the,stories that we want our brand our products and. our services to tell,For questions regarding the new visual identity. system please see Brand Tools or contact the 39 Grids. Microsoft brand team at corbrand microsoft com,54 Photography.
57 Illustration,61 Putting it all together,70 Showcase. Microsoft confidential For internal use only Materials herein are not for use by third parties including but not limited to OEMS DSPs ISVs. IHVs or resellers Authorized vendors may use materials only pursuant to an express work request and or agreement from Microsoft. Microsoft visual identity guidelines The role of the Microsoft brand 1. What brand should Shared elements across the entire Microsoft portfolio. I use and how does,this guide fit in,At Microsoft we have a portfolio of world class. product brands Through our shared design,elements and principles these brands. communicate a united vision to our audiences, When we create communications which are not Logo Color Type Imagery. associated with any one product brand e g,Windows or Office or which are associated.
with more than one product brand Microsoft,becomes the lead brand. These guidelines cover both the shared design,elements that are used by all Microsoft brands. and product brands as well as the elements,used only for Microsoft led communications. Microsoft Bing Office Skype Windows Visual Studio XBOX. Microsoft and product brands, Microsoft visual identity guidelines Identity system elements 2. Tile Layout grids Content tiles Color,Punchy headline Body text goes here Body text.
goes here Body text goes here,Body text goes here Body text. goes here Body text,Body text goes here Body text,goes here Body text goes here. Body text goes here Body text,goes here Body text,Type Photography Illustration. Segoe Light,Segoe Regular,Segoe Bold,Microsoft visual identity guidelines 3. Perfect time for a,As Microsoft prepares to release an.
unprecedented wave of new products and,connected experiences across PCs phones. tablets and TVs we felt our logo should evolve,as well visually accentuating this new era. The new Microsoft logo is familiar and,welcoming drawing upon the heritage of our. brand values typeface and colors The symbol,is built for the digital world supporting the. diversity of our businesses representing and,endorsing our products and services.
Microsoft visual identity guidelines 4,All Microsoft. branded marketing,communications,must use the full. color logo,The Microsoft logo must be used on 100,of internal and external communications. The logo is intended for use by corporate,organizations and facilities certifications and. subscriptions programs and events competitions,corporate solutions multiproduct hardware.
and Microsoft technologies services and products,Microsoft visual identity guidelines Logo 5. The logo Symbol Logotype,symbol logotype,The logo has two components the symbol with. multiple squares of color intended to symbolize,the company s diverse portfolio of products and. the logotype that uses the Segoe typeface used,in our products and marketing communications. The symbol must be used as part of the logo in all. communications The symbol alone is only used,as a favorites icon by MSCOM Microsoft Store.
and for corporate sites Facebook Twitter and,YouTube No other use is allowed If you have. questions contact corbrand microsoft com,Microsoft visual identity guidelines Logo 6. Let the logo Clear space,Clear space,We respect the logo by giving it some space. The minimum clear space that must surround,the logo is equivalent to the height of its. Minimum size,In print the logo should never appear.
smaller than 1 25 mm On screen it must,appear at least 70 pixels wide. Registration marks,In marketing registration marks on the logo. are no longer necessary except in consumer,packaging applications. Minimum size,On screen 70 px,Print 1 25 mm,Microsoft visual identity guidelines Logo 7. Color variations Full color positive,Use the full color logo Use the positive.
version logotype in gray on light or white,backgrounds The full color reverse logo may. be used on dark color backgrounds as well as,dark areas within photographs. 1 color white black gray scale or vertical,version of the logos are available for limited. use Please contact corbrand microsoft com,for guidance on use of this artwork. Full color reverse,Microsoft visual identity guidelines Logo 8.
Acceptable,backgrounds for,the full color logo,The full color logo may be shown on any of. the colors shown here or on simple areas of,photographs See page 33 for color values. Cyan 300 Blue 660 Blue 286 Blue 288,Purple 526 Purple 269 Red 1807 Orange 144. Green 348 Teal 3295,Cool Gray 7 Cool Gray 11 Black. Microsoft visual identity guidelines Logo 9,Use the display Standard logo.
version of the with ink traps,logo for very large,applications. The standard version of the logo is optimized,for use at small sizes making it the best choice. for most marketing applications Subtle,adjustments have been made to the standard. logo to help it reproduce cleanly and clearly at,small sizes However these adjustments. called ink traps are distracting and,unnecessary when the logo is enlarged.
If the logo will be displayed at a size where the,M in the logotype is more than 1 inch 25 mm. tall use the display logo artwork Contact Display logo. corbrand microsoft com to request display,logo files. without ink traps,min 1 25 mm, Microsoft visual identity guidelines Logo don ts 10. Do not change the size relationship of the Don t place the logo on backgrounds that Don t add effects like shadows. symbol to the logotype provide insufficient contrast dimensions and gradients to the logo. Partner Program, Don t create logo lockups by adding text Don t stretch the logo Don t compress the logo. in close proximity to the logo, Don t place the logo over busy Don t alter the color specifications within Do not attach text of any kind to the symbol.
photographic backgrounds the symbol or the logotype. Microsoft visual identity guidelines Logo don ts 11. Don t create,content tiles at,the same size as,the symbol. First Lastname,Marketing Manager,f lastname microsoft com. Don t create multi color logos for Don t use the symbol by itself in email Don t create content tiles at the same size. any sub brand business group or signatures Refer to page 83 for the as the symbol. division Only the master brand may use approved email signatures. multiple colors,Don t Don t create patterns,of tiles to simulate the. elements of the logo,create tile symbol Don t create. patterns of tiles to,patterns simulate the elements.
of the logo symbol,Don t create patterns of tiles to simulate. the elements of the logo symbol,Microsoft visual identity guidelines Logotype 12. Sometimes Microsoft branded communications Microsoft endorsed communications. Microsoft leads,sometimes it,In cases where the full color Microsoft logo. cannot be used or where Microsoft is,endorsing a featured product brand such. as Office Windows or Xbox use the,logotype only,The Microsoft logo or logotype must appear.
on 100 of all communications,For use in broadcast advertising or. The Microsoft visual identity system capitalizes on our next wave of product offerings It helps us be simple clear and direct It elevates the content that matters most It creates delightful connections The Microsoft logo celebrates our heritage and our future It highlights the role we play in many consumers lives today and the increasing breadth of unexpected and innovative products

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