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Finger Pickup Corn Meter,Metering Systems Service Manual. fi, Finger Pickup Corn Meters ct s, Repair Maintenance and Adjustment Fa. FACT 1 Today s KINZE Finger Pickup Corn Meter is FACT 3 Proper service and maintenance of meters. the best finger pickup meter ever produced and of the total planter can affect meter. performance and population seed spacing, Finger type seed metering was first. accuracy , commercially produced in 1968 by John, Deere KINZE began producing its A properly repaired and adjusted meter can be performance. own Finger Pickup Corn Meter in 1980 tested on a number of different test stands to indicate. and since that time has made many population accuracy seed count and seed spacing Many. changes and improvements The earliest other conditions that undoubtedly affect seed spacing. changes made were to the carrier plate accuracy can not be simulated in a shop or on any kind of test. and fingers stand Infield checks behind the planter are still an important. part of adjusting a planter for optimum field performance . Ongoing improvements to the KINZE meter have been made. in many components of the meter and large investments Some conditions affecting seed drop that can not be simulated. have been made to produce meters in house to even more on a test stand include . rigid specifications and tighter tolerances than ever before . Overall condition of the planter especially the drive. Research and testing continues to ensure that the meters components where excessive wear stiff chains . are adapted to new seed coatings seed treatments and new improper alignments improper tire inflations etc . seed grading systems being used by various seed companies can cause erratic seed drop . Field conditions and tillage practices causing row. unit bounce and vibration can contribute to less than. optimum population and spacing accuracy , Troublesome hopper applied seed treatments are.
not normally used when testing , Recommended operating speed ranges should be observed. for optimum performance , FACT 4 Seed size shape and coating can affect. meter performance and accuracy , Different shapes and sizes of seed corn can perform dif . ferently in the same meter but the finger pickup meter has. demonstrated its ability to plant all sizes within acceptable. accuracy ranges Different seed coatings and treatments. FACT 2 Current KINZE Finger Pickup Corn Meters, can also affect metering For this reason it is always advis . are carefully designed and manufactured, able to check a meter s condition and adjustment prior to.
using genuine KINZE parts to ensure top, planting using the seed that will be planted . quality performance and reliability , Thirty seven 37 parts including 12 springs and 12 fingers FACT 5 The basics of assuring a meter is clean in. plus hardware are produced to make each finger pickup good repair and properly adjusted to factory. meter Every part is manufactured on proprietary tooling specifications can be more important for. to tolerances developed by KINZE Engineering proper meter performance than the fine tun . ing being advocated by some non KINZE, Specifications on some parts require tolerances so tight that service providers . they can not be measured without sophisticated equipment . Multiple checks are performed throughout the manufactur After nearly twenty years of refining manufacturing and. ing process to ensure all parts meet these specifications servicing finger pickup meters KINZE knows these ba . KINZE recommends that only genuine KINZE parts be sics can provide excellent meter performance over a broad. used to rebuild or repair KINZE meters to ensure optimum range of seed sizes and shapes While KINZE recognizes. meter performance that subtle adjustments may be possible to enhance meter. 2 TM, Rev 9 11, Finger Pickup Corn Meter,Service Manual Metering Systems. performance for a specific seed the feasibility of changing FACT 7 KINZE recognizes and respects the op . that subtle adjustment every time a seed variety changes is portunities for service providers other than. in doubt Further if such adjustments are minor it is uncer authorized KINZE Dealers to offer meter. tain that those adjustments will hold over the course of a repair and adjustment services . complete planting season , KINZE welcomes fair and competent competition Such.
Each complete new KINZE Finger Pickup Corn Meter is tested competition makes us better and assures farmer customers. prior to packaging and shipment to assure that it performs the best possible product quality performance and service . to KINZE specifications As a manufacturer who produces We believe KINZE and our properly trained and equipped. tens of thousands of finger pickup meters each year KINZE KINZE Dealers will continue to provide the best available. can not know what specific seed size type or coating will be service and value . used in any individual meter Therefore we must adjust each. meter to the factory specifications that will ensure the best FACT 8 Some non KINZE meter repair and adjust . possible performance over a broad range of seeds KINZE ment providers are inaccurately advising. has added a wave washer between the adjustment nut and farmer customers that they should be able. finger holder to ensure the set tension is held as the meter to seek warranty reimbursement for repairs. components wear in not done by an authorized KINZE Dealer or. for the use of non KINZE replacement parts , If an individual meter can be fine tuned to a particular seed. to improve accuracy such improvement in no way indicates According to the terms and conditions of the KINZE Limited. a defective meter or any defective component parts New Warranty KINZE will repair or replace any part manufactured. meters that perform to KINZE factory test standards and or supplied by KINZE that fails to meet KINZE specifications. specifications should not require the replacement of parts or that is deemed to have failed due to defective materials. or workmanship ,FACT 6 Different test stands can be used to check. finger pickup meters and authorized KINZE KINZE will not in any case allow warranty credit for work not. Dealers may choose to use different test performed by an authorized KINZE Dealer or for any parts. stands procured from other manufacturers or suppliers . Much has been written and said regarding the accuracy If a new KINZE Finger Pickup Corn Meter is known to KINZE. and merits of different test stands and procedures More to have been repaired by any service provider other than. important than the type of test stand or procedure used is an authorized KINZE Dealer KINZE can not allow any war . the interpretation of those test results and the customer ranty claim for that meter The customer should expect to. service that results KINZE has always strongly encouraged return that meter to the alternate service provider for that. its authorized Dealers to acquire and use a meter test stand provider s consideration for their reimbursement of any labor. as a planter service to their customers While we offer and or repair parts . promote a KINZE test stand we have many Dealers providing. FACT 9 KINZE will continue its pursuit of superior. excellent service with other styles of test stands . product quality performance and reliability , KINZE first used a belt type test stand in the early 1980 s and we will continue to work through prop . later opting for the current test stand that provides a much erly equipped and factory trained authorized. larger 1000 seed sample for a more statistically accurate KINZE Dealers to provide customers with. population accuracy assessment quality repair parts and product service after. the new equipment sale , We understand the preference of some Dealers and other. service providers for a belt type test stand as well as the FACT 10 Planter owners should be wary of claims. perceived advantages of the belt We believe multiple repeti made by meter repair and adjustment service. tions of each meter test should be made to verify test results providers that significant dollar benefits will. when using a belt type test result from their adjustments to brand new. finger pickup meters KINZE believes new, meters need to run to break in the meter.
before any fine tuning may make a lasting, and measurable difference . KINZE Manufacturing Inc , Williamsburg IA 52361 0806. Rev 9 11 TM, 3, Kinze Finger Pickup Seed Meter, Metering Systems Field Service Information Service Manual. Plateless seed in most cases is a mix of graded flats. and rounds of the same size Most sizes of plateless. seed will meter very accurately The mix of rounds with. the flat seed improves the ability of the meter to singulate. the flat seed , The easier the seed is to singulate by the meter the more. forgiving the meter is in regard to adjustment mechanical. condition and operating speed , Fungicide Seed Treatments.
Fungicide treatments change the finish or texture of the. seed coating and affect the meters ability to hold the. seed and meter accurately Captan a commonly used, fungicide for years leaves a rough or course finish on the. seed Newer fungicide formulation such as Maxim Apron. treatments have become very common and continue, to increase in market share Maxim Apron treatments. Even if a seed meter is in good mechanical condition leave a smooth polished finish on the seed which causes. and properly adjusted the accuracy of the meter can be underplanting especially with flat seed sizes Changes. affected by three conditions made to the 1998 production finger holder assembly. have greatly improved the ability of the seed meter to. 1 Size and shape of seed being planted accurately meter seeds with these new treatments . 2 Fungicide Seed Treatments, 3 Meter operating RPM. Size And Shape Of Seed,The seed meter must be able to singulate one seed. from a given amount of seed in the meter and drop that. seed at the precise instant to achieve accuracy of seed. placement The size and shape of the seed can affect. how difficult or easy the seed is to singulate , A small seed has a greater tendency of over.
planting than a large seed , A flat seed has a greater tendency of overplanting. than a round seed Flat seed can become locked, together or stacked one on top of the other. under the metering fingers and fail to separate, as the fingers pass over the indentation of the. carrier plate , Therefore a small flat seed is the most difficult. seed to singulate and a large round seed is the, easiest to singulate .
4 TM, Rev 9 11, Kinze Finger Pickup Seed Meter, Service Manual Field Service Information Metering Systems. Meter Operating RPM Seed Meter Lubrication, Proper meter RPM is critical to maintaining maximum To ensure efficient operation of the finger pickup seed. metering accuracy meter and extend the life of its components mix one. teaspoon of powderd graphite with the seed twice, As meter RPM is increased beyond the ideal RPM daily Even distribution of the graphite with the seed is. range the chances of the meter overplanting will also critical with newer seed coatings to provide lubrication. increase As the RPM drops below the ideal RPM range for the seed pickup mechanism Graphite application. the chances of the meter underplanting will increase frequency may need to be increased if using additional. seed additives ,What is the ideal meter speed range . This can only be determined accurately with the use Erratic Planting. of the meter test unit This eliminates other factors that. could affect actual planted population such as drive A loose finger holder assembly will cause the finger. wheel slippage etc The ideal meter RPM range for any pickup seed meter to plant erratically The GA8343 wave. given seed size is plus or minus 3 of 100 on the washer is designed to ensure proper meter tension to. meter test unit maintain accurate operation of the seed meter With the. finger holder against the carrier install the wave washer. As a general rule of thumb a meter RPM range of and adjusting nut Tighten adjusting nut to fully compress. between 55 and 65 RPM would be ideal for most the wave washer Then back off the nut to 2 flats 1 12. conditions to to obtain rolling torque of 14 to 22 inch pounds . The following example will help you to determine the. approximate RPM a meter is turning in a normal planting Overplanting By The Seed Meter. situation , Overplanting by the seed meter is a result of more than.
If the seed transmission is set on the 1 1 ratio one seed at a time being delivered to the seed belt . the seed meter will be turning approximately 11 This may show up as doubles or triples The cause of. RPM per MPH of ground speed overplanting is primarily due to meter RPM being high. or excessive wear of the carrier plate at the indentation . On a Model 2000 Planter set on 30 row, spacing and using the 23 tooth drive and driven. sprockets the planted population would be Underplanting By The Seed Meter. approximately 26 659 seeds per acre and the Underplanting can generally be isolated to the finger. ideal maximum ground speed would be 6 MPH assembly It may be caused by . 11 RPM x 6 MPH 66 meter RPM Misadjustment of finger assembly . To give you an example of why meter RPM can greatly. TION ChART 20 84300 73050 65600 servicing finger pickup meters KINZE knows these ba sics can provide excellent meter performance over a broad range of seed sizes and shapes While KINZE recognizes that subtle adjustments may be possible to enhance meter FACT 3 Proper service and maintenance of meters and of the total planter can affect meter performance and population seed spacing

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