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Camp Merrie Woode Spring 2009, A Place of Rarest Beauty The Final Piece Spring 2009 Update. In these times of economic downturn and financial that the campaign can be successfully concluded and. uncertainty Merrie Woode has much for which to be therefore the Committee has decided not to solicit. thankful a beautiful mountain location with 390 acres additional gifts at this time However we certainly. of land her dedicated directors and staff her loyal welcome any additional gifts pledges and will continue. campers alumnae parents grandparents and friends to monitor closely the payment of outstanding pledges in. and an extremely capable Board who all work together order to determine when and if further solicitations will. to carry on Merrie Woode s proud tradition a tradition need to be made in the future. started in 1919 We thank everyone who helped make these land. How fortunate Merrie Woode was to buy the Final acquisitions possible and who thereby protected Merrie. Piece of her land acquisitions in 2005 and to conduct a Woode s beautiful setting from encroaching development. very successful campaign to pay for this purchase We The camp has served for many years as a place of peace. are so grateful to all of those who have so generously and tranquility and will continue to do so because of the. contributed to this campaign The Campaign Committee generosity of her loyal supporters What a comfort it is in. led by Bobby Hassinger and Nancy Swann has these shaky times to know that Merrie Woode is there for. determined that if all current pledges are paid in full all of us as she has been for many years. A Place of Rarest Beauty The Final Piece Contributors. Reflects gifts received through March 31 2009, Mighty Oak 100 000 and above Mr and Mrs James L Ferman Jr John and Ann Preston Carey Kate. Anonymous 1 Rex and Duvall Fuqua Harry and Janie McMullen Cline. Tommy and Beth Holder Henry and Diane McRae Graham Cashiers Valley Rotary Club. George and Rudi Robbins Pillow Bunch Sanders Griffin Charles and Sylvia Sparkman Coker. Ashley Sullivan and Chris Sullivan Donna Handford Cecil and Amy Conlee. Jeanie and Ben Hardesty Margaret Hardesty Rob and Anne Emack Couch. Maple 50 000 99 999 Rudisill Gray Hardesty Matthew and Hilda Dill. R Howard Dobbs Beth and Bobby Hassinger Jim and Wynn Gregory Dorsett. Hebe Sanders Dowling Bobby and Avery Harrelson Jones Jim and Denice Dunn. The William A Graham Family Mrs William P Kemp Jr Ron and Arline Atkins Finch. Brenton and Lindsay Graham Halsey Melanie John and Boo Tyler Kennedy Rick and Joan Fleischer. Halsey Crittenden Liza Halsey Perrin and Kate Perry and Patty Thompson King Alice and Isaac Freeman. Halsey Smith John and Betty Blackmon Kinnett Jacqueline and Matt Friedlander. Matt and Frankie Schoolfield Jordan Jed and Debe Lykes Pat and Emily Pittman Funderburk. Tommy and Carla Hulsey Simmons Mr and Mrs William McCoy Harold and Ginger Somerville Hallock. Mr and Mrs Sherwood H Smith Jr William and Susan McIntyre John and Susan Hamilton. Jane Woodruff Jane Aldridge Montgomery Jerry and Melissa Harrelson. John and Jean Kinnett Oliver Rosalie Horton, Poplar 25 000 49 999 Charlotte Pippin Jimmy and Liz Counce Irwin. Beau and Sally Allen Robert and Gaylen Alders Reynolds Mr and Mrs Raymond A Jones Jr. Royall and Henri Dibrell Brown Richard and Marietta Clark Reynolds Jim and Barry Stout Kaminer. Mrs Thomas B Dameron Jr and Family Mrs Stagg Nicholson Sanders Randall and Anne Mann. Mac and Mildred Davis Ed and Becky Savitz Nicholas and Laura Northen Manos. Mr Marc Helmick and Ms Ashley Helmick John and Claire Kinnett Tate Anderson and E Marlowe. Howard M Jenkins Jay and Mary Jane Scott Trimble Will and Becky Davis McKee. Mr and Mrs Earl Johnson Jr Mr and Mrs George G Villere Will and Missy Underwood Miller. Donald and Peachy Mobley Kohler Anne and Cross Williams Jr Keith and Elizabeth Cheek Morgan. Laurie Cherbonnier and Chris Nielsen Mr and Mrs J Hulon Williams III Alice and Harlan Prater. David and Nancy Conkle Swann Rosemary E Williams Albert and Susan Gregory Warburton Redd. Bryan and Carolyn Clark Taylor C Martin and Daphne Flowers Wood Georgia Schneidau Simpson. Chris and Elizabeth Keenan Thompson Rocky and Margie Johnson Springer. Jim and Frances Tims Rhododendron 5 000 9 999 Stephen and Janice Ferman Straske. Anonymous 3 Donnie and Barry Lohmeyer Stout, Dogwood 10 000 24 999 Inman and Tricia Allen William and Elizabeth Crane Swent. Catherine Blanchard Boardman Jorie and Jim Andrews Ann and Jim von Thron. Terrell and Deane Valentine Bowers Bonneau and Sharon Bleakley Ansley Woodie and Betsy Hassinger Van Horn. Edgar and Ashley Bright Fred and Malinda Bradley Bergen Mark and Betsy West. Nina Sledge Burke and Eleanor Burke Farris Rich and Ann Stewart Crane Boss Ward and Margaret Williams Williams. Catherine Carr Bridget and Bobby Bories Carrie Evie Margaret and John Cross Williams Sr. Peggy and Weatherby Carr Read and Jody Branch Danielle and Donaldson Williams. Sharon and Matt Cole Chris and Adelaide Davenport Bratcher Margaret Menge Winston. Mary Moren Sellers Crommelin and Family Scott and Leah Wilkinson Brockway Robert and Bright Kinnett Wright. Forsyth Sellers Donald and Family Mary Ann Cooper Broughton. Thomas and Martha Simkins Davis Lee and Sunny Burrows. Camp Merrie Woode Spring 2009,A Place of Rarest Beauty Contributors continued.
Galax 2 500 4 999 Alan and Tina Cone Frances Russell Rockwell. Chip and Amelia Andrews Abbott Katie Burt Connell Virginia and John Rowan. James Adams Jr and Caroline Lee Adams M E and Lilla Calhoun Costello Dolly and Graham Sadler. Hank and Nancy Dameron Almquist Richard and Mary Anne Lohmeyer Cover Mary and Justin Schmidt. Albert and Elizabeth Toepleman Borden Ryan and Boofie Lupton Crimmins James and Harriet Schnell. Kimberlin and Helen Nalty Butcher Mark and Lucy Sparkman Crosswell Mrs Jack Scott. Craig and P nut Crumbliss Chambers Mr and Mrs Cornelius C Crusel Jr Mike and Jennie Scott Shad. Chan and Vee Smith Chandler Rebecca Dameron Jim and Josie Shuford. Austin and Meredith Weeks Chase Matt and Evie Hackney Smith Davis Charles Simons. Tom and Jody Ragland Darden Winifred S Davis Roy and Mary Davis McLendon Smart. Manuel and Julie Harrower Diaz Dallas and Margaret Denny Mrs Vernon F Smith. Lawrence and Vevie Dimmitt Mallory Lykes Pat and Kate Beasley Dilworth West and Nancyellen Keane Smithers. Dimmitt Genevieve Lykes Dimmitt Elizabeth Genevieve Dimmitt Kristi Snyder. Lykes Dimmitt Lawrence Hundley Dimmitt IV Robert and Caroline Whitehead Doherty Banks and Louise Wooten Talley. Carl and Elise Blitch Drake Mr and Mrs Roddey Dowd Sr Paul and Melissa Tolmie. David and Christe Ray Eades Douglas and Catherine Hassinger Drennan Donald and Mary McManaway Tucker. Louis Freeman Rick and Tweed Cline Eckhard Bob and Sarah McTigue Tuthill. John and Sallie Harris Glover Roger and Patty Hale Thornhill Edwards Chris and Margaret Ullrich. Katherine and Gil Griggs Marshall and Claire Evans Diana and Charles Untermeyer Ellie. Patrick and Sheila Proby Gross Edward and Amy Farrior Stuart and Mary Blair Scott Valentine. John and Florence Hanes Slaughter and Sue Harrison Fitz Hugh Charles and Marjorie Waddell. Ned and Ellen Ansley Hardison Chip and Laura Ford Mimi Wallace. Randy and Anne Rawlings Harrell Philip Woollam and Tina Freeman Cynthia and Philip Warth. Elliott and Terrell Luck Harrigan Andrew and Nancy Dicks Gay Suellen Wideman. Bob and Hester Hodde Michael and Gillian White Goodrich Dan and Amy Wilbanks. J Garrett and Helen Hamilton Horsley Fred and Mary Duke Sanders Grubbe Cornell and Mary Leland Davenport Wilde. James and Rosalind Jeter Philip and Maurine Shores Halperin Barry and Jacquelyn Buttram Wright. David and Stephanie Gross Julian Bill and Gay Browne Hardy Edith and Landon R Wyatt III. Graham and Dana Borden Lacy Bill Harper Sarah and George Young. Kelly and Kara Smith Land John and Margaret McCall Harper. Christopher and Miriam Beasley Lykes Ann and Worth Harris Trillium up to 999. John and Elizabeth Dempsey Merritt Judith Johnson Hays Anonymous 3. John and Anne Tarbutton Mori Holman and Margaret Head Nancy MacDougald Albert. Gene and Ann Preaus Claudia and W A Heath Jr Chase and Holly Pierce Ambler. Mike and Fran Reeves Mrs and Mr Sherman Heazlitt Mr and Mrs Chip Anderson. Blair and Stirling Cassidy Smith Adam Levesque and Lucy Henderson Malcolm and Elizabeth Hallock Andrews. Elaine Roberts Stowers and Anna Stowers Pete and Kathy Barnes Hendricks Fayne Ansley. Charles and Helen Bradley Tarbutton Harriet Broughton Holliday James and Susan Anthony. Len and Pam Pitman Turner Marriott Horton Madeline Baird. Henry and Chamie Grandy Valentine Evelyn Hanes Moore Horton Mary Ella Mead Baker. Whit and Catherine Cranston Whitham Andrew and Marilee Keenan Hovet Bryan L Baldwin. John and Elisabeth Harper Wiener Sam and Anne Davis Hummel Waverly Burlage Bamman. Preston and Kris Bell Humphreys Peter and Susan Adams Bance. Water Lily 1 000 2 499 James and Elta Posey Johnston Damon and McLean Johnston Barbieri. Anonymous 1 David Jones Robert and Janet Drennan Barnes. John and Gay O Neal Abbott Matt and Frankie Schoolfield Jordan Helen and James Bartelsmeyer. Bond and Virginia Neal Almand Marcia and Douglas Kronn Nicholas and Amy Oehmig Battaglia. William and Loring Harris Amass Ed and Kit Landry Ayers Whitton Baughman. Kevin and Perri Anderson Amy and Tandy Lewis Janet and Jim Bean. Andrew and Jody Shartle Anderson Joan Martin Rob and Barbara Beard. Holly Armistead Anderson Donie D D Neal Martin Michael and Kaki Johnson Behr. Ian and Carrie Banwell Mrs June R Matsos Ken and Beth Beuley. Donald and Tracy Barron Mr and Mrs John Medlin Jr Betsy Beveridge. Rob and Barbara Beard John and Anne Ritter Michel Amy and Eric Bicknell Sarah. Wirt and Margaret Beard Mrs Lizora Schoolfield Miller Susan Birkhead. Kara and Andy Berly Meredith Marriot Horton Miller Douglas and Connie Bischoff. Mark and Nancy Beveridge James Montieth Mr and Mrs J Daniel Blitch III. James and Nancy Hill Carter Bland Lane and Cille Orr Morrison Frank and Connie Dunaway Blythe. Andrew Brantley Robert and Marguerite McKee Moss Holly and Chad Boswell. Grace and James Broughton Morgan and Anne Sognier Murray Catherine and Cam Bowman. Bryce and Nancy Schneider Bugg Tony and Susan Rutland McCullar Pattie Moore Boyette and Andy Boyette. Hadley and Cameron Smith Callaway Ben and Mary Metcalf McKenney Daniel Bromstad and Eleanor Rhangos. Doug and Ann Cameron Richard and Mary Rodes Nash Thurman and Anne Brooks. George and Betsy Steele Carr Patrick and Mary Norris Preyer Oglesby Kemper and Elizabeth McClatchey Brown. Anne Casscells and Susan Ketcham Harold and Carolyn O Tuel Stuart and Carol Lewis Brown. Virginia Jones Charest Greg and Anne Holland Polk Lee and Libby Buck. Carter and Beverly Bailey Chinnis Brent Price Hilary Burt. James and Louise Johnson Clement William and Martha Lee Pulley Kathryn Calder Barmore. Kenneth and Rush Dorsett Coe Will and Carolyn Ratliff. continues next page,Camp Merrie Woode Spring 2009,A Place of Rarest Beauty Contributors continued. William and Edith Fitzhugh Camp Walter and Betty Brent Goo Caroline and Michael Lockerby. Mary Campbell Betsy Lindsay Goode Ricky and Theresa Snyder Lotspeich. Hugh and Mary Irving Carlyle Campbell Barry and Amy Green Robin and Anne Chichester Lyle. Michael and Ann Campbell Eleanor Griffin Ed and Julie Whitehurst MacKinlay. Dana Letson Carpenter John Griffith Mr and Mrs George White Martin. Dan and Nancy Beers Carithers Haven Hartley Manuel and Mary Melissa Gutierrez Lacy Morris Mattox. Long Curtis and Carrie Colegrove Gunst Anne Marie and Greg McDonald. Austin and Mildred Cobb Carr Greggory and Adrian Steinbach Hale Bill Grubb and Cary McGinnis. Kenneth and Katherine Snyder Carson E Blanton and Susan Hamilton William and Susan McIntyre. Devon and Meg Carrere Carter James and Jeanette Kennedy Hancock Ben and Mary Metcalf McKenney. Terry and Susan Mariani Castle Mary Alice Haney Raymond Brastow and Onie McKenzie. Rick and Linda Tienstra Chazal Julia Ballard Haralson Julia McMahon. Frank and Katherine Crutcher Chisholm Jimmy and Lisa Ruffin Harrison Andrew and Beth McRae. Mr and Mrs Stuart G Christian Jr Mrs Maurice S Hartley Lucy Carothers McRae. Bill and Lucile McKee Clarkson Anne Farrar Hayes Robert and Eloise Parker Meachum. Thomas and Katy Mikell Cochran Jeanne and Michael Heekin Jeanne and Malcolm Meyer. John and Sally Cohen Dan and Debby Heller Kathryn Meyer. Dr Geoffrey and Dr Mary Bess Cole Josh Helms Mr and Mrs J Clifford Miller III. Tom Coleman Laura Tillman Hendley Will and Missy Underwood Miller. David and Harriet Cann Connolly Pete and Kathy Barnes Hendricks George and Betty Evans Mills. Chris and Sallie Shores Cornwall Mr and Mrs L Dale Hendrix Carolyn Flossie Collins Mobley. Carlton and Carol Hancock Craig Ed and Shelley Henson Carlton and Camilla Hyde Moffatt. John and Marie Teague Cranston Alice Nelson Herlihy Dalton Elder Mook. Richard and Mary Woolard Crawford Preston and Frances Talley Herrington Mrs J L Moore. Robin and Stockton Croft Mrs William H Heslip Joyce Gaston Dwight Morgan. Mr and Mrs Warren B Crow III Emily Hicks Betsy Morley. Mr and Mrs Henry Crumbliss Jr Cameron and Sally Soileau Hill Lane and Cille Orr Morrison. Deborah and Robert Csere David Cole and Holly Hill Garrett and Ellen Gibson Moseley. David and Carter Cunningham Vianda Hale Hill Harold and Page Oxnard Mulherin. Judith Cunningham Margot and Chet Hinton Smith Morgan and Jill Na. cold days of winter with the warmth of summer so far gone the Spirit of Merrie Woode was still alive in her dear campers This is just one example of the stories which can be found in the newly reopened Camp Merrie Woode archives These treasures have been buried for years in dusty boxes folders and envelopes just waiting for

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