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Additional articles available in digital format marked with AA see below for more info . Optional Reading, Williams Duncan Ryuken and Christopher S Queen eds American Buddhism Methods and. Findings in Recent Scholarship RoutledgeCurzon 1999 . Course Schedule,W1 Introduction Seager ix xviii Tweed 1 12. W2 American and Buddhist Contexts Seager 12 32 Tweed 13 23 BellahAA opt Williams 71 . W3 American Encounters with Buddhism Seager 3 11 33 47 Prebish 1 10 183 95 Tweed. 25 27 38 42 61 65 73 78 133 40 163 68 193 200 opt Williams 91 114. W4 The Theravada Tradition Seager 136 57 Prebish 163 180 Tweed 322 24 opt Williams. W5 Japanese Buddhist Traditions Seager 51 89 Prebish 31 47 79 97 Tweed 281 85 324 . 28 opt Williams 3 19, W6 Zen in America Seager 90 112 Prebish 49 78 117 28 Tweed 229 235 261 64 opt . Williams 20 35, W7 Tibetan Buddhism Seager 113 35 Prebish 99 115 Tweed 264 68 BernardAA opt . Williams 100 14, W8 Chinese and Vietnamese Buddhist Traditions Seager 158 81 Prebish 13 30 129 46 .
Tweed 268 70 315 19 331 34 opt Williams 36 56,W9 No classes Spring Break . W 10 Monasticism and Inter religious Dialogue Seager 216 31 Prebish 147 61 Tweed 362 71 . 376 77 opt Williams 117 42, W 11 Ethnicity Race and Gender Seager 185 200 Prebish 196 206 238 52 Tweed 274 81 . OhnumaEB opt Williams 215 37, W 12 Socially Engaged Buddhism Seager 201 15 Prebish 266 86 opt Williams 168 80. W 13 Buddhism and Ecology Tweed 342 49 PoceskiAA, W 14 Reflections on the Americanization of Buddhism Seager 232 48 Prebish 287 98 Tweed. W 15 Documentary and student presentations,W 16 Student presentations and discussion.
Additional Articles, Bellah Robert et al Habits of the Heart Individualism and Commitment in American Life second ed . University of California Press 1996 vii xxxv 275 96 . Poceski Mario Buddhahood of Grasses and Trees Buddhism and Vegetarianism Indra s Net . and Creatures Release in Chinese Buddhism Bron Taylor ed The Encyclopedia of Religion and. Nature Continuum International Publishing 2005 231 32 438 39 847 48 1691 93 . Bernard H Russell Research Methods in Anthropology AltaMira Press 2002 322 64 . recommended , Encyclopedia Articles recommended , Robert Buswell ed Encyclopedia of Buddhism Macmillan Reference 2003 available as e Book at UF. Cohen India 352 60 Crosby Therav da 836 41 Bielefeldt Japan 384 91 Jorgensen Chan. School 130 37 Poceski China 139 45 Davidson Tibet 851 59 Samuels Monasticism 556 60 . Ohnuma Gender 302 06 , Online e Learning System email Communication. The syllabus and other course materials are posted online via UF s e Learning system lss at ufl edu using Canvas . Students should send all written communications to the instructor directly using the email address given above . The final grade will be based on each student s individual performance and his her fulfillment of the course. requirements as stipulated in the syllabus , The same course rules and expectations apply equally to all students no student is entitled to special consideration. or unique treatment Other extraneous or irrelevant factors including student s personal desires or expectations. about grades will not be considered Students should also not expect retroactive changes or other forms of grade. modification , Students should take all assignments and other course requirements very seriously There will be no opportunities.
to do additional work for extra credit or better grade . No incomplete grades will be given except in very exceptional circumstances in which case the students should. contact the instructor no later than a week before the last day of classes . Final grades will be computed according to the standard grading scheme in Canvas . Attendance and Participation, Attendance is expected of all students starting with the first day of classes Students who have problems with class. attendance or punctuality should think twice before enrolling in this course For more on the university s. attendance policies see the Undergraduate Catalog . Absences from class will have adverse effect on the final grade Students who miss nine 9 hours of instruction. unexcused comparable to missing three weeks of classes will automatically receive a failing grade . Coming late leaving early being inattentive and other forms of disruptive behavior can be counted as unexcused. Students with exceptional participation performance may be awarded up to 3 bonus points 3 of the final grade . This bonus is entirely based on the instructor s discretion and the final assessment will take into account both the. quantity and quality of individual student s participation in classroom discussions as well as other elements of. coursework , No make up exams will be given except in documented instances of illness or other emergency in which case the. student must contact the instructor directly before the exam if feasible or as soon as possible . If any student has a valid reason to request rescheduling of an exam such as observance of a religious holiday . he she must contact the instructor in person and make suitable arrangements one week before the examination . Failure to act in accord with these instructions will lead to a failing grade . Guidelines for Written Assignments, The research report should be based on field research that involves participant observation undertaken at. a Buddhist group or institution in Florida , The abstract and bibliography must clearly state the topic and provide provisional title of the final paper . It should contain a short 250 to 300 words abstract of the paper and at least 10 titles 15 for grad. students of academic publications pertinent to the student s research topic each of them annotated with. a short summary of contents that indicates how it is relevant to the stated topic . For undergraduate students the field research report should be 1 500 words while the final paper should. be 2 500 words inclusive of notes and citations Graduate papers should be 50 longer There should be a. bibliography at the end of the final paper , The written assignments must be submitted in MS Word and must follow standard academic format Use.
standard font such as Calibri 12 with 1 5 spacing and 1 margins Do not forget to include paper title . course name instructor name date and page numbers . The written assignments must be submitted digitally via e Learning before the final deadline . No late submissions will be accepted under any circumstances Students are encouraged to avoid. procrastination and make early submissions at least a week before the final deadline . Students are welcome to bring early drafts of their papers and ask for feedback advice but they have to. do that in person during the office hours , Classroom Conduct. All students are required to come to class on time as late arrivals and early departures are very. disruptive , Students are expected to be courteous and respectful and abstain from disruptive behavior in the. classroom that adversely affects others and is contrary to the pursuit of knowledge Examples of such. behavior include talking with someone displaying active disinterest in the class e g sleeping or. inappropriate computer use or putting down others Phones should also be turned off during class . Offending students will be asked to leave , It is hoped that there will be lively debates and informed discussions While there is room for individual. opinions and disagreements they have to be expressed in ways that are appropriate for an academic. Office Hours and Communication, Students are encouraged to come to office hours especially if they have questions or need help with the. course materials , The instructor will also be glad to discuss all relevant topics that due to time constrains are not covered in.
class in much detail , Any questions about the course requirements or any aspect of the coursework should be resolved by. consulting the instructor directly and in person preferably during office hours Pleading ignorance or lack. of common sense are not valid excuses for failures to fulfill requirements or abide by course policies . Plagiarism and Cheating, Plagiarism and cheating will result in a failing grade and other serious penalties . For more information see the Academic Honesty Student Guide brochure posted online by the Dean. of Students Office , Disability, A student who has a documented disability that may require some modification of seating testing or. other class requirements should consult the instructor in person at the beginning of the course so that. appropriate arrangements may be made , The student is responsible for communicating his her needs to the instructor as early as possible All. arrangements for changes pertaining to quizzes and exams must be made at least one week in advance . Other Notices, Registration in the course implies that each student enters a contractual agreement with the instructor .
whereas he she is accountable for fulfilling all course requirements and adhering to the course policies . Students are responsible for knowing and following all schedules and instructions contained in this. syllabus as well as any other instructions given in class remember attendance is not optional . ethos the interfaith dialogue between Buddhism and other religions and the impact of Buddhist concepts and ideas on American culture Prerequisites There are no formal prerequisites although students will benefit if they have taken Asian Religions Introduction to Buddhism or other course on Buddhism Requirements

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