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QUICK START, To play a game of chess right away without reading the entire manual first simply follow. these Quick Start steps,1 Insert six AA Type AM3 R6 batteries. into the computer making sure to observe,the correct polarity If desired you may. 6 x AA AM3 R6,also purchase an optional AC adapter for. use with this unit,2 Press GO to turn the game on If the.
computer does not respond press into the,hole marked ACL at the top edge of the. unit next to the adapter socket as,described in Sections 1 1 or 7 1. Set up the chess pieces in the initial 3,starting position for a new game with the 1. White pieces closest to you,4 To reset the computer for a NEW GAME of. chess simultaneously press the CLEAR,and ENTER keys.
5 Enter moves by executing them on the,board pressing the chess pieces down. gently on the from and to squares for PRESS,6 As soon as the computer makes a move. that move is shown in the display window,Two board lights also come on to point to. the row and column of the piece to be,moved Press the computer s piece lightly. onto the indicated from and to squares to,complete the computer s move That s all.
there is to it,Make your next move as described above. Press STOP at any time to turn the,computer off Enjoy your game. GO STOP LEVEL,POSITION OPTION INFO TAKE BACK,BLACK WHITE CLEAR ENTER. A B C D E F G H,KEYS AND FEATURES, 1 SENSORY CHESSBOARD Each board square contains a g INFO KEY Press to enter Info Mode to display game. sensor that automatically registers piece movement Board information and watch the computer think. squares can also be pressed within Level Mode to select levels h TAKE BACK KEY Press to take back one individual. and within Option Mode to select game options move a move for either side You may take back up to. 2 ACL Reset At the top edge of the unit next to the Mains about 200 individual moves. Adapter Socket Used to eliminate static discharge after i BLACK and WHITE KEYS Press to change levels one. inserting new batteries at a time in Level Mode and to cycle through options in. 3 MAINS ADAPTER SOCKET Socket for the optional Mephisto Option Mode and Info Mode Also used to select the color in. mains adapter Position Mode, 4 BATTERY COMPARTMENT Uses six AA Type AM3 R6 j CLEAR KEY Press to exit Option Mode Verify Mode Two.
batteries Players Mode and Position Mode Press to exit Level Mode. 5 LCD DISPLAY WINDOW Used to show moves and move without changing the level unless you have used the board. information during a game Also used for level and option squares to change the level in which case CLEAR acts like. selection piece verification position set up rotating display ENTER and enters the new level Press simultaneously with. and other game information the ENTER KEY to reset the computer for a new game of. 6 GAME KEYS chess, a GO KEY Press to turn the computer on k ENTER KEY Press to change sides with the computer. b STOP KEY Press to turn the computer off When off the press while the computer is thinking to force it to move Also. computer retains the current board position and the moves of used to clear the board in Position Mode to turn options on. the current game up to about 200 individual moves for up and off in Option Mode to jump between backwards and. to one full year forwards in a Game in Two Players Mode and to exit Level. c LEVEL KEY Press to enter Level Mode Within Level Mode Mode after changing playing levels Press together with the. press LEVEL to skip over eight levels at a time CLEAR KEY to reset the computer for a new game of chess. d PIECE SYMBOL KEYS or Used to l NEW GAME Press and hold CLEAR then ENTER to reset. verify and set up positions Also used to promote pawns the computer for a new game Then release ENTER before. e POSITION KEY Press to enter Position Mode to set up or releasing CLEAR. change board positions 7 BOARD LIGHTS Used to show game moves take back. f OPTION KEY Press to enter Option Mode to access game moves and verify set up board positions. and display options,INTRODUCTION, Congratulations on your purchase of this exciting new SPECIAL FEATURES AT A GLANCE. chess computer Perfect for all types of players this Strong 64K program boasts an estimated Swedish Elo rating. computer can be whatever you want it to be a challeng of 2200 ideal for advanced players. ing opponent that will test the skills of even advanced Features powerful 32 bit RISC microprocessor. players a perfect chess partner for intermediate players The 256 level setting means you can constantly improve your. or a patient chess coach for beginners Chess is a very skills. fascinating game and this computer includes a tremen Offers 64 levels of play for learning variety and experimen. tation including Speed Chess Tournament Training, dous number of features that will let you enjoy the game. Problem Solving and even special Fun Levels designed. even more So go ahead study the features at your expressly for beginners. leisure play some great games and above all have fun Watch the computer as it thinks you ll see the principal. variation the computer s evaluation of the current position its. search depth and more, 1 GETTING STARTED THE BASICS Need a hint Just ask for a move suggestion. Set up positions and problems for further study,1 First Install the Batteries or Optional Adapter.
Your chess computer runs on six AA Type AM3, R6 batteries and we recommend alkaline batteries for. Use the advanced high speed Selective Search or try out the. powerful Brute Force Search,Includes large user selectable openings. longer battery life Make sure the computer is turned off Coach Mode allows beginners to learn as they play even. and insert the batteries as shown at the front of the gives blunder and capture warnings. manual Then press GO to turn the computer on After the Features chess clock with countdown feature and unique. unit automatically verifies the board lights and LCD display ticking sound option. Take back up to about 200 individual moves, segments a beep will signal that the computer is ready for Play against another person with the computer acting as. play If the unit fails to respond static discharge may referee. cause it to lock up use a paper clip or another sharp Great problem solver up to mate in eight moves. object to press down into the hole marked ACL on the top Retains your current position and up to about the last 200. edge of the unit next to the adapter socket for at least individual moves. one second This resets the computer Advanced energy saving features Automatic Power Down. and built in Power Management Intelligence help to save. To conserve energy and extend battery life this unit. energy and conserve batteries, features integrated Power Management Intelligence Four different Power Saving Mode options enhance the. whereby the computer enters a special Power Saving playing range by further weakening play while saving power. Mode at various times during the game There will be no extending the life of your batteries up to about eight times. visible indication to you when this mode is in effect You. will however definitely end up replacing your batteries. less often Note that this mode also weakens the d Take the piece and gently press it down on the square. computer s play For details on changing Power Saving to which you are moving A second beep sounds and. Modes or turning this option off see Section 6 2 To the computer then starts thinking. further reduce power consumption you may also want to Note At the beginning of a game the computer s reply. set the Auto Power Down option as noted in Section 6 1 is often instantaneous on many levels because it is. This feature causes the unit to turn itself off automatically playing moves which are stored in its openings For full. after about 15 minutes if no keypresses or moves are details see Section 2 7. made during that time,If you would rather not power your computer with.
batteries you may purchase an optional Mephisto Saitek. AC DC adapter Please use only the adapter specified for. 3 Now It s The Computer s Turn,When the computer makes its move it beeps and. shows its move in the display It also turns on two board. use with this computer see Section 7 3 as the use of lights indicating the horizontal row and vertical column of. any other adapter will invalidate the unit s warranty To the piece it wishes to move Press the indicated piece. use the adapter first press STOP to turn off the com down gently on the square until you hear a beep The. puter connect the adapter to the mains power supply computer then uses lights to show you where that piece. and then push the plug at the end of the adapter cable should go Move the piece to the indicated square and. into the socket on the computer Press GO to turn it on press the piece down to complete the computer s move. IMPORTANT To ensure that the computer s memory, contents are not lost keep good batteries installed in the. unit even when you are using the optional adapter,2 Ready to Play Here s How to Move. Follow these steps to start a game,a Press GO to turn the computer on. The display shows the color the piece and the move. b Press CLEAR and ENTER simultaneously to reset the. computer for a new game of chess Then set up the, pieces in their starting positions with the White pieces 4 Change Your Mind Take Back.
Whenever it is your turn to move you may press,TAKE BACK then press WHITE to retract a move The. nearest to you If you are unsure of the piece, positions refer to the rules display shows the move to be taken back and the to. c To make a move lightly press down on the piece you square of that move is also indicated with the board lights. want to move until you hear a beep The sensory Press the indicated piece down on the square and the. board recognizes the piece automatically and two computer shows you where that piece came from Press. board lights turn on to indicate that piece The display the piece down on the from square to complete the take. window also shows the color the piece and the back Repeat by pressing WHITE and then pressing the. square that was pressed indicated board square to retract more moves You may. take back up to about 200 individual moves To resume your desired promotion piece to enter that choice into the. play at any point simply press CLEAR and make another computer The computer recognizes your new piece. move on the board immediately and begins thinking about its next move. Note After taking back a capture the computer re The computer can also promote and underpromote. minds you to put the captured piece back on the board When it promotes the display shows both the pawn and. the piece and its square are displayed and the board the promoted piece Remember to change the piece on. lights for that square are turned on Put the indicated the board after a pawn promotion. piece back on the board and press down on that square. to complete the take back 2 3 Illegal Moves Wrong Moves. Your chess computer never accepts illegal moves If. 5 Game Over Try Another Game, Whenever you finish a game or if you decide to abort. your current game you may reset the computer to start. you attempt such a move the computer sounds a low, double beep and the board lights and display indicate the. square the piece came from Since the computer will not. another game by pressing the CLEAR and ENTER keys allow you to move to an illegal square it will completely. simultaneously A series of beeps signifies that the disregard that square and wait for a legal entry Either. computer is ready for another game using the currently move that same piece to another square or press the. set level piece back down on its original from square and move a. IMPORTANT Resetting the computer for a new game different piece. clears the current game from the computer s memory be If you do not execute a computer move correctly you. careful not to press these keys by mistake will also hear an error beep and see an error message. This indicates that you are either trying to move the. 6 Too Easy Hard Change the Level, When the computer is first turned on it is set to Level.
4 five seconds a move You may however choose any, wrong piece or are moving the computer s piece to the. wrong square If the computer wants to move its pawn. from d7 to d5 for example and you press down on d7. of the 64 playing levels For a detailed description of all and then d6 the display shows Er D5 briefly pointing. the levels and how to change levels see Section 3 out your error The display then returns to showing the. move again D7 D5 and the computer expects you to,press down on d5 to complete its move. 2 ADDITIONAL FEATURES If you press down on a piece and the from square. 2 1 Indication of the Side to Move appears in the display but you decide not to make that. When the computer plays Black it flashes a black move simply press down on that same square again to. square in the display while it is thinking After it has cancel the input Now make another move of your choice. moved a white square is displayed steadily to show that If you change your mind after entering your whole move. it is now White s turn to move This feature allows you to you must take the move back as described in Section 1. tell at a glance whether or not the computer is currently. thinking and which side is to move 2 4 Check Mate and Draw. Master Chess Instructions To play a game of chess right away board pressing the chess pieces down gently on the from and to squares for

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