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List of Contents,1 General and Safety Instructions 3. 2 General 7,2 1 Proper use 7,2 2 Structure of the dosing pump 7. 3 Function 8,4 Dimensional drawings 9,5 Technical data 11. 5 1 Electric motor data 13, 5 2 Technical data ATE servomotor MEMDOS E optional 14. 6 Performance curves 15,7 Installation 17,7 1 General information 17.
7 2 Installation location 18,7 3 Drain pipe 18,7 4 Electrical connection of the pump 18. 7 5 Wiring diagrams for ATE servomotor for stroke length adjustment 21. 7 6 Level control 22,7 7 Back pressure and safety valves 22. 7 8 Injection nozzle installation 22,7 9 Installation example 23. 8 Operation 24,8 1 Stroke length adjustment 24,8 2 MEMDOS DX operating elements 24. 8 3 Switching on off 24,8 4 Operating mode selection 24.
8 5 Alarm 25,8 6 Other settings 26,8 7 Factory setting 26. 8 8 Connections and cable assignments 26,9 Start up 28. 9 1 Start up of MEMDOS E with ATE servomotor 28,10 Shutdown 29. 10 1 Disposal of old equipment 29,Device revision 29. 11 Maintenance 30,11 1 Lubrication 30,11 2 Maintenance of the bearings 30.
11 3 Maintenance of the ATE servomotor optional 30. 11 4 Diaphragm replacement 30,11 5 Valves 32,12 Explosion proof dosing pumps ATEX 36. 12 1 General 36,12 2 Special conditions 36,12 3 Dosing of flammable media 36. 13 Troubleshooting 37,14 Spare parts 38,15 External vent optional 43. Warranty claim 46,CE declaration of conformity 47, 2 Operation Maintenance Instructions List of Contents. 1 General and Safety Instructions,1 1 General, This operation manual contains basic instructions to be followed during installation operation and main.
tenance It is therefore essential for the assembler and the responsible personnel operator to read this. operation manual before installation and start up and it must remain available at the place of installation at. Besides the general safety instructions in this Safety section the special safety instructions inserted in the. other sections are also to be followed, 1 2 Identification of safety instructions in this operation manual. Disregarding the safety instructions in this operation manual may cause danger to persons the environment. and the system Safety instructions are identified by the following symbols. Indicates an immediate danger, Failure to follow this instruction will lead to death or extremely serious injuries. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation Failure to follow this instruction can lead to death or extremely. serious injuries, Indicates a potentially hazardous situation Failure to follow this instruction can lead to minor injuries or. damage to property,ATTENTION or NOTICE, Failure to follow these safety instructions may endanger the machine and its functions. This indicates additional information that makes work easier and ensures trouble free operation. Information attached directly to the dosing pump such as. cable markings,markings for fluid connections, must be followed without fail and must remain fully legible at all times.
1 3 Personnel qualifications and training, The personnel employed for operation maintenance inspection and installation must be suitably qualified. for this work The responsibilities areas of competence and personnel supervision must be clearly defined. by the operating company Personnel who do not have the required know how must be duly trained and. instructed If necessary this can also be done by the manufacturer supplier on behalf of the operating. company In addition the operating company must ensure that the personnel are fully familiar with and. have understood the contents of this operation manual. 1 4 Important safety instructions, When installing and using this electrical device basic safety precautions should always be followed includ. ing the following, Read and follow all instructions Keep this operation manual for future reference. To reduce the risk of injury do not permit children to use this product unless they are closely supervised at. General and Safety Instructions Operation Maintenance Instructions 3. Risk of electric shock Connect the device only to a SCHUKO socket outlet protected by a ground fault circuit. interrupter GFCI Contact a qualified electrician if you are uncertain whether the socket is protected by a. Do not bury the cable Fix the cable to minimise possible damage due to lawn mowers hedge trimmers and. other equipment, To reduce the risk of electric shock replace the cable immediately if damaged. To reduce the risk of electric shock do not use an extension cable to connect the device to the power sup. ply use an appropriately located outlet socket, 1 5 Hazards due to failure to follow safety instructions.
Failure to follow the safety instructions may endanger not only persons but also the environment and the. device Failure to follow the safety instructions may invalidate any damage claims. The following hazards in particular may result,failure of major equipment functions. failure of required maintenance and repair methods. danger to persons due to electrical mechanical and chemical effects. danger to the environment due to leakage of hazardous substances. 1 6 Safety conscious working, The safety instructions contained in this operation manual must be observed The operating company is. responsible for ensuring compliance with local safety regulations Faults that may affect safety must be. repaired immediately, 1 7 Safety instructions for the operating company operator. Leakages of dangerous substances e g aggressive toxic for example due to a broken diaphragm must. be suitably drained away so that they do not cause danger to persons or the environment Statutory regula. tions must be observed, Dangers due to electric current must be prevented for further details refer to the VDE1 regulations and. regulations of the local power supply companies, German Association for Electrical Electronic Information Technologies.
Separate regulations must be observed if the MEMDOS E is operated in areas with a potentially explosive. atmosphere The operating company must determine the explosion hazard area classification and select. the appropriate equipment Further information can be found in paragraph 7 1 Installation paragraph 7 4. Electrical connection and section 13 Explosion proof dosing pumps. 1 8 Safety instructions for inspection maintenance and installation work. The operating company must ensure that all maintenance inspection and installation work is undertaken by. authorised and duly qualified personnel who have studied this operation manual. Any work on the machine must only be carried out after it has been brought to a complete stop Always. follow the procedure specified in the operation manual for shutting down the dosing pump system. Dosing pumps or systems which convey hazardous media must be decontaminated. All safety and protective equipment must be re attached and activated immediately after the work has been. 4 Operation Maintenance Instructions General and Safety Instructions. Particular care must be taken when repairing the MEMDOS E if used in areas with a potentially explosive. atmosphere Due to the risk of sparking care must be taken to prevent metal parts or tools knocking against. one another When repairing it is better to move the dosing pump out of the area with a potentially explosive. atmosphere, The instructions given in paragraph 7 2 Installation location and section 9 Start up must be observed. before start up, 1 9 Unauthorised modification and production of spare parts. The device may only be modified or converted in consultation with the manufacturer Use only the manufac. turer s spare parts and accessories Otherwise the warranty is invalidated. 1 10 Inadmissible operating practices, Any methods of operation other than those described in section 2 Proper use are not permitted and will. cancel any manufacturer liability under the warranty. 1 11 Dosing of chemicals, When working on dosing systems the local accident prevention regulations must be observed and the. specified personal protective equipment must be worn The following standard protective clothing is recom. mended depending on the hazardousness of the metered medium. Protective clothing Protective gloves Protective goggles. All persons responsible for assembly and maintenance of piping hoses and accessories should wear this. protective equipment, Before working on the dosing pump and system disconnect it from the mains supply and prevent it from.
being switched on, Any chemical still present in the dosing head may spray out when the power supply is reconnected This. may lead to chemical or other burns to the face and hands Dosing lines must always be connected before. switching on again, The chemical resistance of the construction materials in the pump must be verified before dosing aggres. sive media, The pump dosing head and the system connections and lines may be under pressure Working on the dos. ing system requires special safety precautions and is allowed only for suitably trained personnel. Chemical may spray out This may lead to chemical or other burns Always release the pressure before. starting work on the dosing pump, Before working on the dosing head valves and connections flush the dosing pump with a harmless medium. water in most cases to avoid unintentional contact with the metered medium. Never look into the open end of a clogged line or valve Chemical may flow out unexpectedly and cause. chemical or other burns to face and hands, Before start up all screw connections must be inspected for correct tightness and leak tightness and must.
be re tightened using an appropriate tool if necessary. General and Safety Instructions Operation Maintenance Instructions 5. If connections at the dosing head are loosened during operation for venting or other reasons leaking chem. ical must be removed properly This is the only way to avoid health hazards due to chemicals and chemical. corrosion of the dosing pump Leaking chemical may also damage the diaphragm at its mounting edge. If changing the chemical check the materials in the pump and other system parts for chemical resistance If. there is a danger of chemical reaction between the different media clean thoroughly beforehand. To operate the pump mount the fan cowl in order to ensure sufficient cooling of the motor. The protection class of the control unit is only ensured if the connection ports are protected by caps or the. standard connectors are inserted, Fire hazard Shock wave parts may fly off and cause fatal injury MEMDOS DX must never be used in areas. with a potentially explosive atmosphere, Under certain operating conditions the drive motor of the DX version might heat up considerably This may. cause burns to the hands To avoid unintentional contact provide an appropriate safety device. Lethal voltage, Adjustment work inside the ATE servomotor optional for MEMDOS E must be carried out carefully Connec. tions and internal limit switches might be live Additional limit switches might be live even when the auxiliary. voltage is switched off ATE servomotor After installation work on the ATE servomotor or before start up. re attach the cover,1 12 Transportation, No special devices are required for transportation of the dosing pumps However it is advisable to choose a. transport method appropriate for the weight of the dosing pumps e g transport trolley If transporting with. the oil drained the dosing pump should preferably be placed in the horizontal position Otherwise stability. must be ensured by screwing it onto the transport frame. 1 13 Scope of delivery, Carefully unpack the dosing pump and any accompanying accessories ordered so that small parts are not.
left inside the packaging Compare the delivery content with the delivery note immediately If there are any. discrepancies find out the cause,The following are part of the scope of delivery. MEMDOS dosing pump,Suction and discharge side connections. 2x cables for MEMDOS DX,Operation manual,ATE servomotor optional. Separate fan optional, 6 Operation Maintenance Instructions General and Safety Instructions. 2 1 Proper use, The device is intended for the following purpose only the conveying and dosing of chemicals.
Operating safety is guaranteed only if the device is used for its intended purpose Use for any other purpose. is not permitted and will cancel any liability under the warranty The operating conditions described in sec. tion 5 Technical Data must be observed,2 2 Structure of the dosing pump. a Dosing head,b Suction side valve,c Discharge side valve. d Drain pipe,e Stroke length adjustment,f Stroke length adjustment lock. g Motor terminal box MEMDOS E power supply,h Oil inlet. i Oil outlet,j Control unit MEMDOS DX,k Operating panel with display.
l External switch off contact,m Level input contact. n External control contact,o Power supply MEMDOS DX. p Motor connection,q Warning alarm relay,General Operation Maintenance Instructions 7. 3 Function, Motor driven diaphragm dosing pumps of the MEMDOS series are used in industry in the process engineer. ing sector and in water treatment and wastewater processing. The MEMDOS E and MEMDOS DX are available in two overall sizes. Size 1 max 160 l h delivery capacity,Size 2 max 380 l h delivery capacity.
To reduce the risk of electric shock do not use an extension cable to connect the device to the power sup ply use an appropriately located outlet socket 1 5 Hazards due to failure to follow safety instructions

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