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Meeting of Trustees,May 12 2020,Approved actions follow. A Approval of minutes of previous meetings April 14 2020. Supporting documents filed with official minutes,B Approval of personnel actions Human Resources. B 1 Human Resources Report,B 2 Adjunct Outreach Contracts. Supporting documents filed with official minutes,C Financial Information. C 1 Checks processed in excess of 50 000,C 2 Revenues.
C 3 Expenses,C 4 Cash in Bank,Supporting documents filed with official minutes. D Non Renewal of Employment Contracts,Supporting documents filed with official minutes. II E Tax Incentive Grant, Trustee Douglass requested information on what it means to apply for a tax incentive grant Dr Ruda explained. that the Department of Commerce offers this grant to non profit organizations The organization can then sell. those tax incentives to the public in an effort to raise money GCCC will be using the monies for mobile cadaver. tables GCCC will partner with our local high schools to loan out the cadaver tables for high school students use. II F Increase Spending Authority for External Investigation. Trustee Hitz inquired as to why GCCC was receiving an invoice this late CFO Karla Armstrong stated that. Lewis Brisbois had received 2 late invoices from Dr Walters Trustee Hitz and other trustees engaged in a. lengthy discussion as to approval of this request for additional funds Trustee Tedrow suggested a letter with. payment to confirm that this will be GCCC s final payment to Lewis Brisbois. Rupp moved seconded by Smith to approve consent agenda items II E Tax Incentive Grant. Ayes Wasinger Hitz Douglass Smith Tedrow Rupp,Motion carried 6 0. Supporting documents filed with official minutes,Meeting of Trustees.
May 12 2020, Tedrow moved seconded by Rupp to approve consent agenda items II F Increase Spending Authority for. External Investigation,Ayes Wasinger Douglass Tedrow Rupp. Nays Hitz Smith,Motion carried 4 2,Supporting documents filed with official minutes. MONITORING REPORTS and ENDS REPORT, The trustees discussed Treatment of People 1 4 and approved as presented. REVIEW MONITORING REPORT,No review scheduled,PUBLIC COMMENTS.
No comments this month,PRESIDENT S REPORT, This portion of the meeting is related to student accomplishments activities campus visitors and special. events that have taken place in the GCCC campus community since the last Board of Trustee meeting. President s Report,Board of Trustees Tuesday May 12 2020. No accompanying Prezi Meeting will begin at 6 p m at https zoom us j 95038159058. 100th Commencement Ceremony, GCCC held its 100th commencement program on Friday May 8. It was livestreamed on You Tube s Buster TV And a recording is also available. The program featured every graduating student who opted in to walk for graduation. o Many students also submitted photos and personal info such as their activities and memories to be. displayed during the program, o Students received digital copies of the slides that were showcased during the virtual program on Monday. as a keepsake moment, o They will receive a hard copy of the commencement program featuring names of all 508 graduates when.
they receive their diplomas later this summer, At peak over 575 viewers were watching the program live on Friday. Nearly 3 500 views on YouTube total to date, The program was a tremendous team effort involving administration Records Office Creative Services. PR Marketing IT and Adam Shrimplin from Shrimplin Photography. Meeting of Trustees,May 12 2020, Wrapping up the spring semester and finishing with finals this week At the end of the semester spring enrollment was up. 70 students 4 25 and was approximately 3 down in credit hours Despite what we have worked through and the. transition to distance learning this is a good sign and proud of the work by faculty and staff to keep the withdrawals and. loss of credit hours negligible In the middle of March prior to going to online we were experiencing a 1 5 increase in. credit hours so to be able to mitigate and work through this with students is reassuring of the processes in place Our. focus has transitioned to summer and fall enrollment and working to complete virtual enrollment days with students at. this time Currently the admissions office has 261 students registered for enrollment days and will be coordinating. orientation advising and enrollment with students for these selected days for fall. CARES Act Emergency Grants, Over 572 000 in CARES Act funds have been distributed to 723 eligible students. The bulk of these were mailed late last week as checks to current addresses and included a letter from myself. o About 180 have applied for additional emergency grant funds these applications will be reviewed by. Financial Aid Office, A webpage went live on Monday on the GCCC webpage that details our handling of both the CARES Act and.
emergency grant application, o The webpage is required for DOE compliance and details about how many students received funding and. how much money has been distributed will be updated weekly on this page. We will continue to distribute these funds as more students become eligible by completing their 19 20 FAFSA this. If all funds are not exhausted it is possible some Summer 2020 students will also receive CARES Act funding. Re opening committee, The college has implemented a committee to review and provide a framework for re opening Following the Plan set forth. by Governor Kelly on the four phases of reopening the committee is working to develop policies and protocol for. reopening GCCC While there is not a timeframe set on when we will reopen the most important aspect at this point is to. use this time to put preventative measures and safety measures in place In addition to policies and protocol the. committee is also reviewing physical prevention features such as plexiglass inserts at main office counters enhanced and. increased cleaning and sanitation and other steps As a college other considerations that are being discussed and. reviewed are for residential life as well as for the classroom setting as we prepare for fall and reopening. FHSU Transfer Connect, Transfer Connect is a new partnership between GCCC and FHSU that went live April 20. At least five students have signed up for this program already. It allows students to receive academic advising as a GCCC student from a FHSU transfer coordinator streamlining. the transfer process by providing a direct line of communication with FHSU staff. It is a very valuable partnership because more students transfer to FHSU from GCCC than any out Kansas college. or university approx 40 50 annually KBOR reporting. Rural Business Development Grant, GCCC has been notified that we have received the Rural Business development grant that we submitted This grant will. cover the costs for 34 000 worth of equipment for the carpentry program We will begin to work with the advisory. council to get equipment ordered and in place for the fall semester. Meeting of Trustees,May 12 2020, REPORT FROM FINNEY COUNTY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION FCEDC.
No report from FCEDC this month,REPORT FROM KACCT, Beth Tedrow was notified on April 27 that the KACCT Executive Committee will conduct a Zoom call on June 6. from 8 15a m to 9 45a m,REPORT FROM SGA,No report from SGA this month. REPORT FROM FACULTY SENATE, Nicole Dick Math Instructor Faculty Senate communicated that faculty are currently administering finals and. working on instructional policies Faculty Senate will not vote until the fall. OWNERSHIP LINKAGE, Trustee Wasinger would like to commend Dr Ruda and his administration for taking care of their own GCCC. did not furlough any employees and made sure that they still feel appreciated by delivering yard signs to express. we are all one big Buster Family,EXECUTIVE SESSION.
Smith moved seconded by Tedrow to go into executive session for fifteen 15 minutes for the purpose of an. individual employee s performance allowing five 5 minutes to clear the room The open meeting will resume in. the President s Conference Room in fifteen minutes 15 7 40 p m Included in the executive session will be. Trustees only,Ayes Tedrow Douglass Hitz Smith Wasinger Rupp. Motion carried 6 0,Board recessed into executive session at 7 25 p m. Included in Executive Session,GCCC Board of Trustees. Board reconvened into open session at 7 40 p m,No action taken. At this current time the BOT would like to compensate Dr Ruda for 10 days of vacation. Tedrow moved seconded by Smith to approve a ten day vacation payout to President Ruda. Ayes Wasinger Douglass Smith Tedrow Rupp Hitz,Motion carried 6 0.
Meeting of Trustees,May 12 2020,Next Board meeting will be June 9 2020. July 2020 meeting will be moved to July 21 to accommodate the budget s completion. Meeting adjourned at 7 53 p m by Chair Wasinger,Amy R McVey Dr Ryan Ruda Dr Blake Wasinger. At peak over 575 viewers were watching the program live on Friday Nearly 3 500 views on YouTube total to date The program was a tremendous team effort involving administration Records Office Creative Services PR Marketing IT and Adam Shrimplin from Shrimplin Photography Meeting of Trustees May 12 2020 Spring Wrapping up the spring semester and finishing with finals

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