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The MD 100,Superior Quality and Reliability,With a Lower. Life Cycle Cost, High Capacity Compressor The unique exterior design allows. At the heart of the MD 100 is the individual panels to be removed and. X214 Deep Sump two cylinder replaced instead of the entire skin. Reliability and performance, compressor engineered specifically for SMART REEFER Controller. you ve come to expect in,R 404A and R 134a It is considered. an innovative new design to be the most efficient reciprocating. Simplified keypad,to reduce incorrect,compressor in the industry.
SMART REEFER operation of the system,delivering optimum pumping. Visible set point confirmation,industry s most and cooling capacity. Enhanced load protection, advanced microprocessor Clean and Silent Engine Enhanced temperature. Addressing two ever growing concerns management, Exclusive TherMax exhaust and noise emissions the Reduced operating costs. system provides MD 100 utilizes the powerful TK 370 Reduced repair and. faster defrosts 3 cylinder liquid cooled diesel maintenance costs. Reduced downtime, superior heating capacity engine It is the cleanest burning.
most fuel efficient and quietest for increased revenues. Frame and exterior running engine available Auto Phase Reversal. panels are lightweight Sound Reduction System Avoids reverse fan rotation. and corrosion resistant while on electric standby,Our new Sound Reduction System is Protects loads. offered as an option on the MD 100,Comprehensive Two Cycle Sentry. Year Warranty Service Accessibility Provides fuel savings of up to 85. Designed for rapid and full access by stopping engine when refrigeration. to the engine compartment saving is not needed and restarting it. time and money in service operations when refrigeration or battery. charge is needed,Maintenance, Maintenance is a significant These units come standard equipped. portion of the life cycle cost of with Thermo King s exclusive. a temperature control system EMI 2000 filter and fluids package. Thermo King s MD 100 uses increasing service intervals and. innovative design to minimize reducing scheduled maintenance. maintenance resulting in lower costs by up to 40,maintenance cost 2 000 hour oil change. Extended 12 000 hour coolant,Maintenance Interval,Precision Control and.
Performance,Monitoring and Control,Distributing perishable cargo requires. accurate and reliable temperature control With,Thermo King s MD 100 SMART REEFER you. now have the ability to maintain ideal conditions,and monitor the system s performance thereby. reducing fuel consumption and unit downtime,Troubleshooting is simplified alarm codes. alert the driver to take corrective action before,a problem develops A range of programmable.
features lets the driver tailor the operating,conditions to the load. Diagnostics,38 alarm codes,Unit self check,Service test mode. Interface board test,Belt driven dual evaporator fans. Deliver superior system for faster defrosts,and superior heating capacity. An exclusive feature in all Thermo King,SMART REEFER units is the proven TherMax.
The Thermo King SMART REEFER system heat and defrost system TherMax is simply. employs two high output belt driven fans a better way to generate more heating. that are powered by the system s diesel capacity when it s needed. engine This creates a large volume of high,velocity air circulation throughout the entire. cargo area providing faster box temperature,pulldowns faster recoveries after door openings. minimal temperature fluctuations and virtual,elimination of hot spots and short cycling. The MD 100,Key Features,and Options,Protection,Data Capture. SMART REEFER Controller,Communications,Simplified keypad to reduce.
incorrect operation of the system, Visible set point confirmation DAS Data Acquisition System. Enhanced load protection A high performance data acquisition system. Enhanced temperature management that records temperatures set point operating. Reduced operating costs modes and external events, Reduced repair and maintenance costs Data can be output to computer or printer. Reduced downtime for increased revenues Operates independently of unit controller. Auto Phase Reversal 512K memory stores over one year s data. Reassures customer of total quality control,Avoids reverse fan rotation. Provides evidence of correct practice,while on electric standby. Approved to EN 12830 and IP 65 standards,Protects loads.
Up to six independent sensors, Magnetic Door Switches Automatic power up and shut off. Minimize cargo temperature fluctuations to protect unit battery. Protect load TranScan 2,User friendly temperature recorders for all. makes of temperature controlled equipment,Environmental Simple data offload to PC. Protection Journey reporting printouts at the touch of a button. Low decibel sound A complete tracking and load monitoring. reduction system for tool at your fingertips,quieter operation. Monitor sensitive loads via the web,Clean burning diesel engine.
Satellite and cellular options available,meets all EPA requirements. Less frequent oil coolant,changes means less,waste generated. Standard and,Optional Features,Standard Features,SMART REEFER Controller. Auto Phase Correction,Two Year Warranty,EMI 2000 extended maintenance. Cycle Sentry start stop control system,Diesel electric Auto switching.
Life Cycle TherMax System,Cost Factory Installed Options. DAS Data Acquisition System, Two Year Warranty Low Decibel Sound Reduction System. Two year warranty on all major components R 134a Refrigerant Package. Reduces maintenance costs,Please see our Warranty Statement. Dealer Supplied Options,Door Switches, Extended Maintenance Interval Thermo King High Performance Battery. Thermo King EMI 2000 will extend your maintenance,SVC Guaranteed Maintenance Contracts.
interval and reduce your operating cost by,Reducing clean up and disposal cost. TranScan 2 data capture, Reducing environmental impact with less spillage and waste Trac King tracking and monitoring. Extending engine life with improved efficient filtration. Reducing scheduled maintenance costs by up to 40,Cycle Sentry. Stops engine when refrigeration is not needed and restarts. Thermo Gard,when refrigeration or battery charge is needed. Fuel savings of up to 85,Increases component life,Reduces maintenance costs.
The Bronze Program from,Diesel electric auto switching. Thermo King SVC provides,Automatically starts diesel. engine if electric standby fails you with coverage for. Manual override for inside operation interim inspections and. Protects the load automatically preventive maintenance. without manual intervention services for 2 years,TherMax system on truck refrigeration units. Faster defrosts and greater heating capacity,Save Money. and run cleaner with the,Life Cycle Cost Engine Emissions.
Lower fuel costs lower maintenance costs Plus Thermo King offers superior The MD 100 features the environmentally. and higher resale values mean that a design components build quality and friendly TK 370 engine which produces. Thermo King unit s total life cycle cost is performance which means enhanced substantially less emissions than. actually lower than competitive products load protection and reduced downtime the competitor s engine Plus you ll. resulting in increased revenues breathe easier knowing that the. TK 370 meets all known EPA,emission requirements nationwide. Purchase Price,Maintenance,Life Cycle Cost,Purchase Price. Maintenance,Residual Value,Thermo King Competition Thermo King Competitor s. TK 370 Engine,Expert Service,and Support are as,close as this sign. Enjoy the support of the,Thermo King Dealer Network.
Over 200 factory authorized service centers nationwide. find one nearby at www thermoking com,System Performance. Refrigeration capacity System net cooling capacity at 100 F. ambient temperature and high speed engine 60 Hertz electric power MD 100. Return air to evaporator 35 F 0 F 20 F, With Standard R 404A Refrigerant Package BTU hr Up to. Capacity on engine power 11 000 8 200 5 000,Capacity on electric standby 8 900 7 100 4 800. With Optional R 134a Refrigerant Package,Capacity on engine power 13 500 6 700 n a. Capacity on electric standby 10 500 5 800 n a,Heating capacity.
Engine power 10 500 BTU hr,Electric power 5 100 BTU hr. Airflow on high speed engine operation,Airflow volume 0 Pa static pressure 1 600 ft3 min. Discharge Velocity Air Throw 26 ft sec, Model 30 cooling heating on engine operation 829 lbs. Model 50 cooling heating on engine electric standby 878 lbs. Engine 3 cylinder liquid cooled,Model TK 370,Rating 12 hp. Maintenance Interval 2000 hrs,Compressor lightweight aluminum alloy.
Model TK X214,Displacement 13 9 cu in,Electric standby motor. Voltage phase cycles 230 3 60,Rating 5 hp, Refrigerants R 404A or R 134a zero Ozone Depletion Potential ODP internationally approved. Charge 6 6 lbs,Specifications,Dimensions Warranty, Inches Millimeters Terms of the Thermo King Warranty. are available on request from your,local Thermo King dealer Please. reference TK 50047 for the Thermo King,23 Self Powered Truck unit warranty.
Engine Model TK 370 meets all,known EPA emission requirements. 863 711 applies to units manufactured,after December 2005. Providing equipment and services to manage controlled temperature environments for. food and other temperature sensitive products our Climate Control Technologies sector. encompasses both transport and stationary refrigeration solutions Our product brands include. Thermo King a world leader in transport temperature control systems and Hussmann a. manufacturer of refrigeration and food merchandising equipment. www thermoking com www hussmann com www ingersollrand com. TK 53425 1 PL 6 06,2006 Ingersoll Rand Company,Printed in U S A on Recycled Paper. High Capacity Compressor At the heart of the MD 100 is the X214 Deep Sump two cylinder compressor engineered speci cally for R 404A and R 134a

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