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a Morphemes Allomorphs,b Phonological and Morphological Conditioning. c Classification of Morphemes,Unit IV English Syntax. a Syntactic Processes,b Syntactic Devices,c Deep and Surface structure. Unit V Semantics,a Lexical and Grammatical Meaning. b Semantic Theories,c Semantic structure,Unit VI Socio linguistics.
a Language Variation,b Code Dialect Idiolect and Registers. c Varieties of English,Suggested Readings, Brown K Ed 2005 Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics 2nd Edition Oxford Elsevier. Crystal David Ed 1995 The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language CUP. Hussey Stanley 1995 The English Language Structure and Development Longman Otto Jespersen 1905 Growth. and structure of English Language, John Clark and Colin Yallop 1990 An Introduction to Phonetics Phonology Oxford Blackwell. McCrum Robert William Cox Robert McNeil 1986 The Story of English Penguin. Quirk Randolph Sidney Greenbaum Geoffrey Leech Jan Svartvik 1985 A Comprehensive Grammar of the. English Language London Longman,Yule G 1996 The study of Language Cambridge CU. Paper Code E 103 Title English Poetry 1,Poetry from Chaucer to the Romantics.
Unit I Elements of Poetry,a Lyric Sonnet,b Narrative Poetry. c Stanza Forms major meter Types,Unit II a Geoffrey Chaucer. Prologue to the Canterbury Tales Complete work,b John Donne. The Canonization Valediction Forbidden Mourning,Unit III a William Shakespeare. Sonnets i That Time of the Year thou may See st in me. ii When in the Chronicles of Wasted Time,b John Milton.
Paradise Lost Book I Complete work,Unit IV a John Dryden. Absalom and Achitophel,b Alexander Pope,Rape of the Lock Complete work. c William Blake,Tyger Tyger,Unit V a William Wordsworth. Tintern Abbey Three Years She grew in Sun and shower. b ST Coleridge,Kubla Khan,Unit VI a PB Shelley,Ode to the West Wind. b John Keats,Ode to the Nightingale,c Lord Byron,She Walks in Beauty.
Suggested Reading, Board of Studies Mizoram University 2004 Poetry Down the Ages Hyderabad Orient Longman. Crompton Rickett Arthur 1992 A History of English Literature Delhi Universal Bookstall. Cuddon J A 1991 The Penguin Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory London Penguin Books. Daiches David 1971 The Penguin Companion to English Literature New York McGraw Hill. Frederick B Artz 1963 Renaissance to Romanticism Chicago and London University of Chicago Press. Peter Jones 1977 Shakespearean Sonnets London Macmillan Press. Rajan B 1947 Paradise Lost and the Seventeenth Century Reader Chatto Windus London. Robinson F N 1957 The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer Oxford University Press. Stephen Matterson Darry Jones 2000 Studying Poetry London Arnold and New York Oxford University Press. Verity A W 1910 Milton s Paradise Lost Cambridge University Press. Paper Code E 104 Title Biography Autobiography and Thought Maulana Azad Studies. Unit I Background to the Study,a Maulana Azad the Journalist. b Maulana Azad the Leader,c Maulana Azad the Educationist. Unit II Tazkera Selections,Tamheed Introduction,Unit III Khutbaat e Azad Selections. a Iftetah e Madarsa e Islamiah Inauguration of the Madarsa e Islamiah. b Hindustani Committee Bihar, c Mahatma Gandhi ki Yaadgar In Memory of Mahatma Gandhi.
Unit IV Ghubaar e Khaatir, Chidiya Chide Ki Kahani The Story of Hen and Cock Sparrows. Letter No 19 17 March 1943,Letter No 20 18th March 1943. Unit V India Wins Freedom Selections,Unit VI Al Hilaal Editorials Selections. Suggested Readings, Azad Abul Kalam 1974 Khutbat e Azad ed Malik Ram New Delhi Sahitya Akademi. Azad Abul Kalam 1967 Ghubar e Khatir ed Malik Ram New Delhi Sahitya Akademi. Azad Abul Kalam 1968 Tazkera ed Malik Ram New Delhi Sahitya Akademi. Azad Abul Kalam 1988 Al Hilaal Lucknow Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy. Azad Abul Kalam 1959 India Wins Freedom Bombay Orient Longman. Abdur Razzaq Malihabadi 1958 Azad Ki Kahani Khud Azad Ki Zubaani New Delhi. Qaiser Wahab 2009 Scientific Insight of Maulana Azad trans Syed Mohammed Haseebuddin Quadri MANUU. Paper Code E 105 Fundamental of Information Technology. Offered by the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology. Semester II,Paper Code E 106 Title English Drama 1.
Drama of the Renaissance Elizabethan Period,Unit I Background to the study of Drama. a Origin Development of English drama,b Elements of Drama. c Classical Drama,Unit II Christopher Marlowe Dr Faustus. Unit III Ben Jonson Volpone,Unit IV William Shakespeare King Lear. Unit V William Shakespeare As You Like It,Unit VI Webster The Duchess of Malfi.
Suggested Readings, Edward Albert 1979 History of English Literature Oxford OUP. Halliday Fe 1969 A Shakespeare Companion Baltimore Penguin. Hazlitt Williamm 1957 The Round Table and characters of Shakespeare plays London J M Dent and Sons. Peacock Ronald 1957 The Art of Drama London Routledge and Kegan Paul. Raleigh Walter 1953 Shakespeare London Macmillan, Richard Dutton 2002 Ben Jonson Cambridge Cambridge University Press. The Norton Anthology of Poetry 1983 W W Norton and Company New York. Urry William 1988 Christopher Marlowe and Canterbury London Boston Faber and Faber. William J Long 2007 English Literature New Delhi AITBS Publishers. Paper Code E 107 Title English Essay and Short Story. Unit I Background Study,Unit II Francis Bacon Of Books Of Friendship. Addison and Steele Periodical Essay Sir Roger at Church of the Club. Unit III Charles Lamb Poor Relations,Chesterton A Piece of Chalk. Unit IV Hazlitt Indian Jugglers,Unit V Katherine Mansfield A Cup of Tea.
Somerset Maugham A Bad Example,James Joyce A Little Cloud. Rudyard Kipling How the Camel got its Hump,Arthur Conan Doyle The Red Headed League. Unit VI P G Wodehouse The Prize Poem Jeeves in Spring Time. Anton Chekov Strong Impression,Achebe Marriage is a Private Affair. Guy de Maupassant Useless Beauty, Harriet Beecher Stowe Mss Katy did And Miss Cricket. Qurratulain Hyder The Sound of Falling Leaves,Suggested Readings.
Chesterton G K 1994 Father Brown Stories London Penguin. Daiches David 2003 Critical Approaches to Literature Kolkata Orient Longman. Kulkarni B R 1998 Indian English Essay Atlantic, Ramanan Mohan G Pingali Sailaja eds 2000 English and the Indian Short Story New Delhi Orient Longman. Trevelyan G M 2000 English Social History London Penguin. Ward A C 1999 Twentieth Century Literature The age of Interrogation Delhi Shubhi. Paper VIII,Paper Code E 108 Title English Fiction 1. Novel from Daniel Defoe to George Eliot, Unit I Elements of Fiction Plot Character Action Point of View. Unit II Daniel Defoe Robinson Crusoe,Unit III Jane Austen Northanger Abbey. Unit IV Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol,Unit V Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre.
Unit VI George Eliot Silas Marner,Suggested Readings. Berger Morrroe 1977 Real and Imagined Worlds The Novel and Social science Cambridge Harvard Univ Press. Bhargava Rajul Subshsree eds 2004 Of Narratives Narrators New Delhi Ravat Publications. Brooks Cleanth and Robert Penn Warren 1959 Understanding Fiction New York Appleton Century Croft. Edgar Pelham 1933 The Art of the Novel New York Russell Russell. Karl Frederick R and Marvin Magalaner 1970 A Reader s Guide to Great Twentieth Century English Novels. London Thames and Hudson, Kennan Rimmon and Shlomith 1985 Narrative Fiction Contemporary Poetics New York Methuen Co. Kennedy X J 1976 An Introduction to Fiction Boston Little Brown and Company. Knott William C 1977 The Craft of Fiction Virgina Reston. Morris Wright 1975 About Fiction New York Harper and Raw Publishers. Talbot Mary M 1995 Fiction at work Language and Social Practice in Fiction New York Longman. White Hayden 1987 The Content of the Form London The John Hopkins Press. Paper Code E 109 Title Literary Criticism 1, Unit I Backgrounds Definition and Scope and History of English Literary Criticism. Introduction to Classical and Medieval Criticism,Unit II Sir Philip Sidney An Apologie for Poetry. John Dryden An Essay of Dramatic Poesy,Unit III Samuel Johnson Preface to Shakespeare.
Mary Wollstonecraft A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. Unit IV William Wordsworth Preface to Lyrical Ballads. ST Coleridge Biographia Literaria Chapter XIII,Unit V Mathew Arnold The Study of Poetry. Unit VI TS Eliot Tradition and the Individual Talent. Oscar Wilde The Critic as Artist,Suggested Readings. Abrahams M H 1957 Glossary of Literary Terms Rinehart. Sainstbury George 2004 A History of English Criticism Atlantic Publishers. Leitch Vincent B 2008 Living with Theory Malden Publishers. McDonald Christie Transformation in Personhood and Culture after Theory. Malpas Simon ed 2005 The Routledge Companion to Literary Theory Routledge. Bralley Frank et al 1973 Literary Theory and Structure New Haven Yale Univ Press. SEMESTER III,Paper Code E 110 Title English Drama 2. Drama from Shaw to Modern times,Unit I Congreve Way of the World. Unit II Sheridan Rivals,Unit III George Bernard Shaw St Joan.
Unit IV TS Eliot Murder in the Cathedral,Unit V Harold Pinter The Birthday Party. Unit VI Samuel Becket Waiting for Godot,Suggested Readings. Archer William English Dramatists of Today London S Low Marston Searle Rivington. Daiches David 1971 The Penguin Companion to English Literature New York McGraw Hill. Frank Wadleigh Chandler 1914 Aspects of Modern Drama New York Macmillan. Long William J 2007 English Literature New Delhi AITBS Publishers. MorganA E 1924 Tendencies of Modern English Drama Constable Company Ltd. Raymond Williams 1952 Drama From Ibsen to Eliot London Chatto Windus. Strang Barbara M H 1970 A History of English London Routledge. Ward A C 2006 Twentieth Century Literature Delhi Shubhi Publications. Paper Code E 111 Title English Fiction 2,Novel from Thomas Hardy to Modern Times. Unit I Thomas Hardy Tess of the D Urbervilles,Unit II Joseph Conrad Heart of Darkness. Unit III Virginia Woolf Mrs Dalloway s House, Unit IV James Joyce Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man.
Unit V D H Lawrence Sons Lovers,Unit VI Graham Greene Heart of the Matter. Suggested Readings,Wayne C Booth The Rhetoric of Fiction. Hudson Graham Greene A Critical Study,Lodge David Language of Fiction. Collits Terry Post Colonial Conrad Paradoxes of Empire. Mallet Phillip Thomas Hardy Texts and Contexts, Kimball Joyce and the Early Freudian A Synchronic Dialogue of Texts. Paper Code E 112 Title Literary Criticism 2,Unit I FR Leavis The Great Tradition Introduction.
Unit II Cleanth Brooks Language of Paradox A Richards Practical Criticism. Unit III Jacques Darrida Structure Sign and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences. Unit IV Gilbert Sandra and Susan Gubar The Mad Women in the Attic Introduction. Unit V Wolfgang Iser The Reading Process,Unit VI Edward Said Orientalism Introduction. Suggested Readings, Abrams MH Ogden IA Richards 1932 The Meaning of Meaning. Bressler Charles E Literary Criticism An Introduction to Theory and Practice. Gupta J P 2007 An Introduction to Literary Criticism ABD Publishers. Guerrin Wilfred L A Handbook of Critical Approaches to Literature. Warren and Wellek 1956 Theory of Literature New York Harcourt Brace World. Northrop Frye Anatomy of Criticism Four Essays Princeton Univ Press. Hilda Schiff ed 1976 Contemporary Approaches to English Studies. Terry Eagleton 1976 Criticism Ideology A Study in Marxist Theory. Paper XIII,Paper Code E 113 Title English Poetry 2. Poetry from Victorian to Modern Times, Unit I Robert Browning My Last Duchess Andrea Del Sarto. Elizabeth Barrett Browning Sonnets from Portuguese. Unit II Alfred Tennyson Ulysses,Mathew Arnold Dover Beach.
Unit III WB Yeats The Second Coming,Gabriel Rossetti Blessed Damozel. Unit IV GM Hopkins God s Grandeur Pied Beauty,Unit V WH Auden In Memory of WB Yeats. The Unknown Citizen,Unit VI TS Eliot The Waste Land. Journey of Magi,Suggested Readings, Ellmann Richard 1964 The Identity of Yeats New York OUP. Ellmann Richard 1948 Yeats The Man and the Masks New York Norton. Levis F R 1933 New Barings in English Poetry London Chatto Windus. Rajan B 1947 T S Eliot a Study of His Writings, Smidt Kristian 1961 Poetry and Belief in the Work of T S Eliot London Routledge and Kegan Paul.
Stephen Matterson Darry Jones 2000 Studying poetry London Arnold and New York OUP. RAJAN Balachandra W B YEATS A Critical Introduction. William J Long 2007 English Literature New Delhi AITBS Publishers. SEMESTER IV, Paper Code E 114 A Title English Language Teaching. Unit I Language Learning Theories Methods and Approaches. Unit II Teaching of Language Skills 1,Unit III Teaching of Language Skills 2. Unit IV ESP EAP EBP EEP,Unit V Curriculum and Pedagogy CALL CALT. Unit VI Testing and Evaluation,Suggested Reading, Abbott G Wingard P eds 1992 Teaching of English as an International Language A Practical Guide. Surrey Nelson, Bowen T Marks J 1994 Inside Teaching Options for English Language Teachers Oxford Heinemann.
Brown H D 1994 Teaching by Principles An Interactive Approach to Language Pedagogy Prentice Hall. Celce Murcia M ed 1991 Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language Rowley MA Newbury House. Green S 2000 ed New Perspectives on Teaching and Learning Modern Languages. c Mahatma Gandhi ki Yaadgar In Memory of Mahatma Gandhi Unit IV Ghubaar e Khaatir Chidiya Chide Ki Kahani The Story of Hen and Cock Sparrows Letter No 19 17 March 1943 Letter No 20 18th March 1943 Unit V India Wins Freedom Selections Unit VI Al Hilaal Editorials Selections Suggested Readings

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