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Marson Manual Rivet Tools,HP 2 Professional Hand Rivet Tool M39000. The HP 2 is the number one selling hand rivet tool in the industry Known and trusted. for durability quality and performance the HP 2 is often copied but never duplicated Its. square shoulder fulcrum pin of cold formed heat treated steel prevents pin rotation. that can elongate the engaging holes and cause premature tool failure in. imitation tools Other quality features include precision die cast. high strength aluminum alloy body drop forged carbon steel upper. handle and thick cushion molded vinyl grips for comfort The. HP 2 sets up to 3 16 steel rivets and comes with four mounted. nosepieces 3 32 1 8 5 32 and 3 16 and a service wrench. HP 3 Professional Hand Rivet Tool M39002, This multi functional hand rivet tool offers long ergonomically designed handles to. increase leverage and to secure the rivet in the nosepiece while the tool is in use in any. position The HP 3 offers powerful riveting capacity with 4 standard nosepieces to set. 3 32 1 8 5 32 and 3 16 blind rivets in all alloys It features a drop forged steel handle. with heat treated aluminum body with steel insert high quality powder coated finish. special alloy steel fulcrum pin with anti wearing design and durable jaws and jaw case. Klik Turn SP 1 M39005, The SP 1 swivel head hand held rivet tool features a patented positive. ratchet locking feature which will allow the swivel head section of the. tool to turn 360 and hold in place in any of the forty plus positions The. high strength steel body and cast aluminum head complement this new design in. a swivel head riveting tool The SP 1 also includes built in threaded nosepiece storage. holes and a service wrench The SP 1 sets up to 3 16 steel rivets. Warning This product contains phthalates that are chemicals known to the State of California to. cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. AFSIndustrial com,Marson Manual Rivet Tools,Big Daddy Rivet Tool M39031. The Big Daddy is the most versatile and powerful Marson. brand hand riveter taking the hard work out of setting. large diameter blind rivets Its extra long handles provide. excellent leverage and permit working a foot beyond natural. reach Other features include a patented bearing design self adjusting. two piece jaws and single unit body construction with a steel insert to provide. stronger threads for the nosepieces included In addition the Big Daddy features a double gear. reduction system which easily sets from 1 8 to 1 4 diameter Klik Fast rivets in all alloys including. 1 4 Klik Split and 3 16 and 1 4 Klik Lock rivets And a one piece collet case eliminates the. need to adjust the tool when changing rivet diameters The Big Daddy model M39031 comes with. 5 32 3 16 and 1 4 nosepieces which are stored in the body. Big Daddy Rivet Tool M39010, This is the same tool as 39031 but comes with 3 16.
1 4 and special 1 4 Klik Split rivet nosepieces,Big Daddy II Rivet Tool M39032. It s the Big Daddy Rivet Tool you ve always counted. on for tough quality and professional design but with. an added measure of safety This hard working tool is newly. designed to feature a built in mandrel collection receptacle simply. remove the end cap on the bottom handle to discard the spent mandrels. Reduce mandrels on the floor increase productivity and boost safety. When setting Marson brand Klik Lock rivets no special nosepiece is required. Warning This product contains phthalates that are chemicals known to the State of California to. cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. AFSIndustrial com,Marson Next Generation,Automatic Rivet Tools. These next generation professional series air hydraulic riveters are designed to be lightweight and well balanced Both are engineered to. maximize stroke and pull force with a 3 jaw set For added convenience you can direct connect or use the attached swivel Each tool is. supplied with nosepieces to set rivets in all alloys and comes complete with adjustment service wrenches hydraulic fluid fluid applicator spare. jaws and a removable swivel air connection line with an air OFF ON valve built in An adjustable vacuum system control located inside the. mandrel collection bottle allows you to control the force of air needed to hold the rivet in place Or you may operate with the vacuum system. turned off Recommended air pressure is 70 95 PSI, MP 3V Professional Grade M39045 MP 4V Heavy Duty M39048. Stroke 3 4 Stroke 1,Pulling Force 1 800 lbs Pulling Force 3 420 lbs. Capacity 3 32 3 16 all alloys Capacity 5 32 1 4 all alloys. Weight 2 9 lbs 1 4 monobolt nosepiece included,Weight 3 7 lbs.
302 E M39062 304 E M39064,Stroke 812 Stroke 1,Pulling Force 2 000 lbs Pulling Force 4 200 lbs. Capacity 3 32 3 16 diameter Capacity 3 16 1 4 all alloys. in all alloys and up to 1 4 in including structural rivets. aluminum steel combinations,Also included are 3 16 and 1 4. Weight 4 lbs Monobolt Magna Lok assemblies,Weight 5 5 lbs. AFSIndustrial com,Marson Next Generation,Automatic Rivet Tools. BT 1 M39020, Cordless battery powered tool features built in mandrel.
collection box and high capacity 14 4 V Li ion 3 9 A h. battery pack Charge time is approximately 60 minutes. Also comes with replaceable carbon brushes and storage. for other nosepieces Soft grip handle reduces vibration. and fatigue,Stroke 79 20mm,Pulling Force 1 870 lbs. Capacity 3 32 to 3 16 diameter in all alloys,Weight 4 6 lbs 2 087kg with battery pack. IntegraFuse IF 1 M39075, The IF 1 is the one and only tool needed for single pull installations. of all blind rivets and structural blind fasteners from 3 16 to. 1 4 Single integral front end eliminates the need for nosepiece. change out during installation The secret to the IF 1 s unique. versatility is its stroke the longest in the industry. Stroke 1 125 28 575mm,Pulling Force 4 600 lbs 20 5kn NEW. Capacity 3 16 1 4,Weight 4 8 lbs 2 177kg, Does not include HUCK BOM structural blind fasteners.
AFSIndustrial com,Marson Rivet Nut Tools,Rivet Nut Setter RN 1 M39300. Capable of installing all sizes of rivet nuts and threaded inserts up to 1 4 20 and 6mm threads in. steel The next generation Rivet Nut Setter features a quick change mandrel and longer handles. for improved leverage and an adjustable stroke positive stop locking feature Rivet Nut Setter is. ergonomically designed with a forged heat treated steel upper handle precision die cast body of. high strength aluminum alloy patented fulcrum pin design and comfortable hand grips Available in a. variety of kit forms,Klik Turn SRN 2 M39400, The SRN 2 swivel head hand held rivet nut tool features a positive ratchet locking feature NEW. which allows the swivel head to turn 360 This feature helps hold in place in forty plus. positions A new design the SRN 2 features a heat treated steel upper handle and precision. die cast body of high strength aluminum In addition the SRN 2 offers adjustable stroke with. a positive locking feature patented fulcrum pin design quick change mandrel comfortable hand. grips and longer handles to improve leverage Included are built in threaded nosepiece storage holes. and a service wrench The SRN 2 can set steel and aluminum rivet nuts up to 20 and 6mm The tool is. supplied with 8 32 10 24 and 10 32 mandrel nosepieces. Quad Leg Nut Installation Tool MJN 2 M39043, Brand new from Marson the MJN 2 hand held Quad Leg Nut Installation tool is. designed to effortlessly set quad leg nuts and Jack Nuts in sizes ranging from NEW. 6 32 1 4 20 and M4 M6 It works by threading the bolt to the quad leg. nut then dropping the component in the slot of the tool inserting it into the. pre drilled hole and squeezing until set Tightening the exposed bolt completes. the installation, Jack Nut is a registered trademark of Stanley Engineered Fastening. 325RN M34604, Choose the M34604 for installing larger size Rivet Nuts Model M34604 is a heavy.
duty tool that will install 10 24 through 3 8 16 and 5mm through 10mm threaded. inserts in aluminum or steel Quick change mandrels easily adjustable stroke. Supplied with 1 4 20 mandrel and nosepiece only,425RN M34607. Like the 325RN the 425RN will install the full range of Rivet Nuts It offers quick. change mandrels easy adjust stroke and a fast action Push Pull plunger that can. be used to spin on and spin off rivet nuts for more speed Supplied with 1 4 20. mandrel and nosepiece only,AFSIndustrial com,Marson Rivet Nut Tools. 140 SP M39223, The 140 SP features Spin Pull action in a smaller tool Just hold the Rivet Nut onto. the mandrel end and engage The tool will automatically spin the nut on Insert. the Rivet Nut in the hole and pull the trigger to set the fastener Then toggle to the. bottom trigger and reverse spin the mandrel off Easy installation in seconds Comes. supplied with inch mandrels and nosepieces 6 32 through 1 4 20 conveniently. stored in a durable carry case Mandrels and nosepieces for 4mm through 6mm can. be purchased separately The 140 SP can set thread sizes from 6 32 through 1 4 20. and 4mm through 6mm in aluminum or steel,Spin Pull Rivet Nut Setting Tool M39225. The new Marson 160 SP Spin Pull rivet nut setting tool is our most powerful air. hydraulic rivet nut tool yet Engage the rivet nut onto the mandrel and the 160 SP. automatically threads the fastener on the tool Pressing and holding the trigger in. position will set the rivet nut and reverse itself out automatically all in one operation. This advanced tool features an adjustable stroke knob in the base of the tool to fully. adjust stroke length to suit any grip range Included is a swivel air inlet for increased. mobility For added convenience adjustments and changes are performed outside. the tool with no required tear down to adjust the stroke or change thread sizes The. 160 SP can set thread sizes 4 40 through 1 2 20 and 3 5mm through 10mm in. aluminum or steel,Spin Spin Pneumatic Rivet Nut Tool SST Series.
The versatile low cost Spin Spin pneumatic rivet nut production tool now comes. with a quick change nosepiece assembly and standard socket head cap screw for. convenient replacement and change over For added ease of operation the Spin. Spin offers a superior ergonomic design lightweight body and operates without. stroke adjustment Available models come supplied with two nosepieces of your. choice 4 40 through 3 8 24 and M3 through M10,Spin Tool Model RPM Thread Sizes. SST 1 M39801 3000 RPM 4 40 6 32 8 32 3mm 4mm,SST 2 M39802 1500 RPM 10 24 10 32 5mm. SST 3 M39803 600 RPM 1 4 20 1 4 28 6mm, SST 4 M39804 400 RPM 5 16 18 5 16 24 3 8 16 3 8 24. AFSIndustrial com,Alcoa Fastening Systems Rings TM. For more than 120 years the name Alcoa has been recognized worldwide as a strong leader in product quality and customer. support These strengths are found in every product manufactured for Alcoa Fastening Systems Rings offering the greatest breadth. and depth of fastening system solutions in the industry. Alcoa Fastening Systems Rings AFSR maintains company offices in the United States and in many other countries AFSR fastener. distributors are also located in many of the world s industrial centers where they provide a ready source of AFSR fasteners installation. tools tool parts and application assistance,Americas International Locations.
Industrial Fasteners Division Industrial Distribution Group Industrial Fasteners Division Industrial Fasteners Division. Group Headquarters 14300 Clay Terrace Blvd Unit no 28 Chowringhee Court Unit C Stafford Park 7. 8001 Imperial Drive Suite 250 55 1 Chowringhee Road Telford Shropshire TF3 3BQ. Waco TX 76712 USA Carmel IN 46032 USA Kolkata 700071 United Kingdom. P O Box 8117 Tel 800 826 2884 India Tel 44 1952 2900 11. Waco TX 76714 8117 USA Fax 800 573 2645 Tel 91 33 4069 9170 80 Fax 44 1952 2904 59. Tel 800 388 4825 Fax 91 33 4069 9184,Industrial Fasteners Division Fasteners Division. Fax 800 798 4825, Avenida Parque Lira Industrial Fasteners Division St Cosme Operations. Fasteners Division 79 402 Tacubaya Alcoa Japan Ltd 9 rue de Cressonnieres. 1 Corporate Drive Mexico C P 11850 1013 NBF Hibiya Bldg 72110 Saint Cosme en Varais. Kingston NY 12401 USA Tel 52 55 5515 1776 Uchisaiwai cho Chiyoda ku France. Tel 800 278 4825 Fax 52 55 5277 7564 Tokyo 100 1011 Tel 33 0 2 43 31 41 00. Fax 845 334 7333 Japan Fax 33 0 2 43 31 41 41,Industrial Fasteners Division. Tel 81 3 3539 6577, Industrial Distribution Group Av Na es Unidas 12 901 Fasteners Division. Fax 81 3 3539 6585, 1925 North MacArthur Drive Torre Oeste 3 andar Kelkheim Operations.
Tracy CA 95376 USA S o Paulo SP Brasil Industrial Fasteners Division Industriestr 6. Tel 209 839 3000 04578 000 1508 Centre Road 65779 Kelkheim. Fax 209 839 3022 Tel 0800 015 9888 Clayton Victoria 3168 Germany. Fax 55 11 5509 0200 Australia Tel 49 0 6195 8050,Tel 61 3 8545 3333 Fax 49 0 6195 2001. Fax 61 3 8545 3390,Fasteners Division,58 Yinsheng Road Shengpu. Suzhou Industrial Park,Suzhou Jiangsu 215126,Tel 0512 62823800 8888. Fax 0512 62863810,AFSIndustrial com, The information contained in this publication is only for general guidance and is. not intended to create any warranty express implied or statutory all warranties. are contained only in AFSR s written quotations acknowledgments and or. purchase orders It is recommended that the user secure specific up to date data. Marson Manual Rivet Tools This multi functional hand rivet tool offers long ergonomically designed handles to increase leverage and to secure the rivet in the nosepiece while the tool is in use in any position The HP 3 offers powerful riveting capacity with 4 standard nosepieces to set 3 32 1 8 5 32 and 3 16 blind rivets in all alloys

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