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First published by Justin Jackson in 2015,Copyright Justin Jackson 2017. All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced. stored or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic. mechanical photocopying recording scanning or otherwise without. written permission from the publisher It is illegal to copy this book. post it to a website or distribute it by any other means without. permission,Second Edition,This book was professionally typeset on Reedsy. Find out more at reedsy com,Hello world,Define your goal. I Build Something People Want,How to succeed,Choose the right market. Understanding Jobs to be Done,Target the struggle Paint the dream.
II The Lean Marketing Stack,Setting up Segment,Using Google Webmaster Tools. Using Google Analytics,Using Mixpanel,III Before You Launch. Two marketing channels to focus on,The landing page cheat sheet. How to write blog posts that get noticed,How to build an email list. Set a price,IV Launching,How to build a street team.
Your launch plan,Your launch checklist,V After You Launch. How growth works,SEO Basics,Get more leads,Guide your leads through the funnel. Close the deal ask for the sale,VI Case Studies,Adam Wathan. Tracy Osborn,Nathan Kontny,Sean Fioritto,Garrett Dimon. Closing thoughts,Choose the right market,Here s a truth that doesn t get talked about much.
Some markets are bigger easier to reach and more eager to pay. than others, If you re hunting for ideas you should start in an environment. that matches these criteria, 1 Customers are motivated to spend money to improve their. 2 You can acquire customers through affordable marketing. 3 The customer base is big enough to support your business. Case study Nathan Barry and ConvertKit, Nathan started ConvertKit in 2013 positioning it as Email. marketing for digital product businesses During this time he. specifically targeted beginners Initially he was able to grow to. 5 000 in MRR monthly recurring revenue but a problem. Beginner customers are more likely to churn says Nathan. Churn refers to users who cancel their subscription For a. Software as a Service business churn is the enemy If you re. bleeding more customers than you re acquiring your business. can t grow, At the beginning of 2014 a bulk of ConvertKit s beginner. customers churned and MRR dropped to 1 337,ConvertKit s MRR January 2013 May 2014.
In October of 2014 Nathan made a big decision He stopped. working on all his other projects and went full time on. ConvertKit The goal Grow revenue and make the business. profitable He decided to change his target market from. beginners to professional authors Nathan s full time focus. and new tagline helped Revenue slowly began to grow again. But ConvertKit s major inflection point came in March of. 2015 Nathan decided to radically change the positioning from. Email marketing for authors to Email marketing for. professional bloggers, Other people in the industry made fun of him Really they. said when are you going to target real businesses, However the hunch paid off In July of that year revenue. increased 48 Growth continued from that point on MRR went. from 5 000 in 2015 to over 700 000 in 2017, Nathan s story underlies an important point target market. and positioning play a significant role in a SaaS success. ConvertKit s MRR vs positioning, Positioning was key Nathan later said we now serve one of. the best markets in the world, ConvertKit was improving their product along but the real.
breakthrough came when they found their ideal customer. One of the truths of successful startups the thing you set out to. make is not usually what you end up making,Fred Wilson. How to find your ideal customer, There are two paths to building a profitable product. 1 Create your product first and then find clients who want it. 2 Start with an excellent market do your research and make a. product for them, In this book I recommend the second option Here are some. techniques for increasing your chances of choosing a profitable. Start with people like you, Years ago I met Mike McDerment from FreshBooks FreshBooks. is online invoicing software Over 5 million folks use their. platform to send invoices accept payments and track expenses. Mike explained the genesis of FreshBooks in this blog post. In January 2003 I was running a four person design agency I. was using Microsoft Word to create our firm s invoices and I was. pulling out my hair because Word simply wasn t built to create. good looking invoices efficiently or report on my business One. day I accidentally saved over an old invoice and something in. me snapped I knew there had to be a better way Over the next. two weeks I coded up a solution for my clients and eventually. we turned that side project into what is now FreshBooks. I took a class from Mike on marketing strategies He told us. about all the different ways he was reaching potential. customers One thing stuck out for me, Me Mike it sounds like you re only going after web designers.
Why not market FreshBooks to other niches, Mike Starting with web designers made sense for us We were. designers we knew where they hung out we knew they were. online and we knew they needed to manage invoices because. we had that problem ourselves It would have been way harder. and expensive to go after plumbers Web Designers was a niche. we could easily get to, Since then FreshBooks has expanded to serve all sorts of. niches lawyers marketing agencies therapists but putting. their initial focus on designers was key to their success. Choose a market that is easy to reach, Mike also knew that web developers would be simpler to reach. because they congregated in groups online, In 2008 FreshBooks was running ads on TweetDeck and. Echofon two well liked Twitter clients At the time Twitter was. still a relatively small network made up largely of early adopters. in the web community It was the perfect place for FreshBooks to. reach its niche, Interest based groups that congregate online are easier to.
connect than other types of folks, I ve consulted for multiple health startups whose biggest. challenge has been to reach the medical doctors they wish to. serve The medical community is a closed community They. don t maintain social media accounts and getting their email is. challenging These companies had to resort to cold calling and. direct mail to reach their audience which is significantly more. Find a market with buying power, You re looking for a customer who can buy your product easily. In Nathan s case a professional blogger is the only person he. needs to persuade to buy his product There s only one decision. maker they don t need to run their expenses by anyone else. Many software products like project management software. have to convince a whole team of people to make a sale You. need to talk to the CTO the COO the Product Manager and the. development team Purchasing decisions made by committee. increase the cost of every sale, Purchasing power also refers to how much money people can. spend to solve their problems, A college student might have the autonomy to spend their. money as they please but they re generally cash poor A. business owner on the other hand has both spending authority. and the budget,Look for a market that has the desire to improve.
You want the type of customer that is highly motivated to solve. their problems They re willing to spend money to overcome. obstacles and make progress in their lives or their business. Professional bloggers make most of their money by building. an email list They are a great market for ConvertKit to target. because email is the core of their business Furthermore if. they re having problems with their existing service like. MailChimp they ll be highly motivated to switch, Desire is important Certain types of business owners can. spend money as they please but they re cheap They re not. willing to pay to overcome certain types of problems If you ve. ever been a part of a business budget discussions you ll notice. that every business has certain non negotiables Phone service. website hosting and email service are necessary for most. businesses But other applications are just nice to have. Pick a market that s big enough, To have a sustainable business you need enough people in your. target market with the ability and desire to pay you If your. market is too niche it s going to be difficult to make a profit. However if there are thousands or millions of people in that. market your opportunity to attract leads is greater Choosing a. niche is still important but it has to be sizeable enough to. support your business, For example my friend Adam Wathan wrote a book called. Refactoring to Collections It shows PHP developers how to use. Laravel Collections to refactor their code,Stack Overflow Developers Survey 20175. Adam s potential market size is much greater than someone who. focuses on Python programmers He had another advantage. PHP was sizeable and was being ignored by many publishers. They felt it wasn t cool enough These developers were hungry. for good resources,A trick for choosing the right market.
Ask yourself this question, Who is already paying you for your time and expertise. My friend Francois was a web development consultant Over. time he started attracting a specific clientele Shopify store. Eventually he built a SaaS specifically for this group They. were already paying him as a consultant so he knew they were. likely to pay him for software, A trick for determining if you have the right market. Here s a good way to evaluate whether a given customer type. meets all these criteria, If a market has a long running conference or trade show it s. probably a safe bet Conferences are expensive 500 and. require a significant mass of people who are highly motivated to. Look at Nathan Barry s audience of professional bloggers. The BlogWorld conference now called NMX has been running. since 2001 which attract hundreds of conference goers every. The other benefit of events like this is you can register and. get a feel for attendees Ask them questions,What tools do they pay for. What s the most recent software purchase they made What. triggered that purchase, What are they currently struggling with in their business.
What workarounds are they using what tasks are they. currently doing in Excel,Do you like them, Another good reason to attend conferences events and. meetups you ll get a sense if you like the customer. Before rushing to create a product you need to stop and ask. Do I even want to serve this market, There s a lot of advice on finding product market fit My. recommendation is that you get founder market fit right first. Product market fit is a good market with a product that can. satisfy that market Marc Andreeson, When Marc says good market he means a defined group that. can pay for products, By that definition dentists are a lucrative market They run. profitable businesses They re willing to pay to save time save. money or make money But just because they have problems to. solve doesn t mean you re the person to solve them. My friend Patrick McKenzie had that experience He used to. run a SaaS called Appointment Reminder Before launching our. mutual friend Peldi asked him a question, Is optimizing the schedule of dentists offices your passion.
When Patrick answered no Peldi was exasperated, Then why are you committing to working on that for the next. several years, Serving an audience you don t like is one of the worst feelings in. the world You have to show up every day and answer their. emails fix their bugs reset their passwords To do customer. research you need to hang out with them a lot Want to get. sales You have to go to trade shows make contacts call them. on the phone, Put another way if you don t like cats don t start a feline rescue. Why product founder fit matters, In September 2015 Marco Arment woke up to discover he had the. 1 paid app in the App Store He d developed an early ad blocker. for iOS called Peace, He d previously achieved success with other apps like.
Instapaper and Overcast but nothing to this level, He should have been ecstatic but instead he was miserable. He described his inner conflict on his blog, Achieving this much success with Peace just doesn t feel good. which I didn t anticipate but probably should have I still. believe that ad blockers are necessary today but I ve learned. over the last few crazy days that I don t feel good making one. Even though I m winning I ve enjoyed none of it That s why. I m withdrawing from the market I m just not built for this. business 6, Here s another example of why product founder fit matters. I was at a conference when I met Chris He d spent his whole. life in the lottery business He noticed a huge opportunity China. and India were just getting into legal gambling He d just inked. For example my friend Adam Wathan wrote a book called Refactoring to Collections It shows PHP developers how to use Laravel Collections to refactor their code Stack Overflow Developers Survey 20175 Adam s potential market size is much greater than someone who focuses on Python programmers He had another advantage PHP was sizeable and was being ignored by many publishers They felt it

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