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2 Marketing and sustainability, Marketing and sustainability by The authors would like to thank the following. for supporing the Sustainable Marketing,Martin Charter. Knowledge Network and the research work,The Centre for Sustainable Design UK. that has been incorporated within it,Ken Peattie,Centrica plc. Centre for Business Relationships, Accountability Sustainability and Economic and Social Research Council.
Society UK Cardiff University,The Surrey Institute of Art Design. Jacqueline Ottman,University College,J Ottman Consulting Inc USA. J Ottman Consulting Inc,Michael J Polonsky,Victoria University Melbourne for. Victoria University Melbourne Australia,supporting the Sustainable Marketing. Published by Centre for Business Knowledge Network and the research. Relationships Accountability Sustainability work which has been incorporated within it. and Society BRASS in association with,The Centre for Sustainable Design April 2002.
Marketing and sustainability 3, Marketing and sustainability is based on This booklet has been produced as a. an original booklet written by Martin Charter supporting publication for the Sustainable. in 1990 The text has been updated and Marketing Knowledge Network Smart. re written to take account of the changing Know Net a web based information and. and emerging debate of marketing s role in communication platform for marketers. relation to sustainable development interested in sustainability available at. www cfsd org uk smart know net,Marketing and sustainability. Introduction 06,The evolving agenda 06,The drivers for change 07. Towards the triple bottom line 08,The challenge for marketing 09. Discussion key concepts 10,What is the environment 10.
What is ecology 10,What do people mean by environmental quality 10. What is the concept of sustainability 10, What is green consumerism or socially conscious consumerism 10. What is sustainable consumption 11,What is the stakeholder concept 11. What is marketing 11,What is ecological marketing 12. What is greener marketing 12,What is sustainable marketing 12.
Key sustainability issues 13,Strategic implications 14. Why get involved 14,How should companies address sustainability 14. Are there useful guides to business and marketing sustainability 15. What is marketing s role 16,Marketing strategy 18, How will sustainability affect the product life cycle PLC 19. Competitive advantage 19,Research 19,Marketing and sustainability 5. Making the mix more sustainable 20,Product 20, Checklist for a sustainable solutions developer 21.
How can the development of sustainable solutions be encouraged 21. Where does resource recovery fit in 21,How does customer service fit in 22. Packaging 22,What is the best packaging 23,Promotion 26. Developing campaigns 26,Media advertising 27,Literature 27. Public relations 27,Sponsorship 27,Personal selling 28. Direct marketing 28,Exhibitions and conferences 28.
Implications 30,The future 31,About the authors 32. Key publications from the authors 34,06 Marketing and sustainability. Introduction,The early 1990s saw a continuing focus on. The evolving agenda the environment but also with an increasing. A range of studies worldwide have shown emphasis on the broader concept of. that customers whether they are consumers sustainability particularly after the World. businesses or public sector organisations Summit on Sustainable Development in Rio. employees and investors tend to favour 1992 The business agenda during the late. companies that are perceived to be socially 1990s became increasingly focussed on. and environmentally responsible or in short Corporate Social Responsibility CSR as. those that are more sustainable another dimension of the sustainability. agenda This was partly linked to concerns,Concern about the environmental and social. about the impacts of globalisation The,impacts of business is not new and has ebbed.
emergence of global corporations and brands,and flowed over many years But the overall. The significant trend has been towards increased pressure. the convergence of global consumer tastes,the growth of the internet and the trade. for better environmental and social, problems we face performance In the 1970s concern about. liberalisation programme of the World Trade,Organisation WTO have all combined to. pollution resource depletion and population, cannot be solved growth impacted key industries such as oil.
build global markets These markets are,increasingly serviced by global supply. chemicals and cars In the mid to late 1980s, at the same level there was renewed concern about these. chains and by increased outsourcing of,manufacturing to the developing world. issues which affected a wider range of, of thinking we industries including household products. This has raised concerns about the impacts,on the environment and societies of less.
cosmetics tourism and food There was a, were at when we focus on particular product types such as. industrialised countries reflected in Seattle,and other protests against the WTO since. aerosols cars and detergents and the so,created them called green consumer emerged as a. 1999 There is growing scrutiny of the world,behind the product Topfer UNEP with CSR. potential target market for firms There was a, Albert Einstein and issues related to globalisation now.
rush to introduce environmentally friendly or,emerging as a third wave of concern. friendlier products all too often on the basis, of unsubstantiated or exaggerated claims CSR is a base requirement of operating. in the 21st century and is not an option,Tim Sharp Director of Corporate Communications. Balfour Beatty,The CSR and sustainable development. agenda are becoming increasingly prominent,for companies and governments in the early.
years of the new Century with 2002 providing,another important milestone via the World. Summit on Sustainable Development in,Johannesburg,Marketing and sustainability 07. Consumers The media,The drivers for change, Individuals concern about the environment is In the run up to Rio in 1992 environmental. Internationally companies like The Body Shop measurably growing and is being translated concern and consumer interest were. and Ben Jerry s pioneered green markets into a demand for greener products although strongly influenced by media coverage of. before the idea of business sustainability the precise extent to which consumers are issues like Chenobyl and the Exxon Valdez. became widely acknowledged In addition to willing and able to differentiate between There has since been a series of peaks and. such celebrity green brands there have also products and brands on the basis of social troughs of concern throughout the nineties as. been a range of less well known companies and environmental performance is a issues have been highlighted by the media. operating in green niche markets typically contentious issue Research from The including the Brent Spar BSE and genetically. based on a deeply held set of values that Cooperative Bank has indicated there are modified food. creates rather than follows a market eg distinct segments of greener ethical. On a broader front the European media, Blackmores in Australia or Tom s Of Maine consumers emerging who are becoming. has been the leader on many CSR and, or Seventh Generation in the USA An progressively more discerning about the.
sustainability issues which have then been, example of a company whose strategy products brands and companies they. picked up in the US Oxfam Greenpeace, strongly reflects its internal values is Wilkhahn patronise. and Amnesty International were often the, For Wilkhahn the basis of all entrepreneurial A recent study by the Cooperative Bank in the key drivers of CSR and environmental. activity is the preservation of the ecological UK suggested that around one in three people coverage throughout the decade. fundamentals of life securing entrepreneurial in the UK purchased on the basis of ethics in Source Good News and Bad The Media Corporate. independence and consequently securing 1999 At least 5 of consumers consistently Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development. jobs respecting human dignity and due search for ethical labelling recycle get 2002 SustainAbility and Ketchum in cooperation. observation of social and ethical rules We with UNEP. involved in boycotts and discuss issues, regard ourselves as as part of society for related to brands. Business to Business B2B customers, which we bear active responsibility Wilkhahn Source Cowe R and Williams S quoted in Draper.
In Business to Business B2B markets, will therefore in future support and promote S 2000 p7 Corporate Nirvana is the future. socially responsible London UK Industrial Society companies may have little choice but to. the aims of sustainable development within,embrace change to satisfy their customers. the scope of what is possible for a medium, In the USA Roper Starch Worldwide has There are growing numbers of companies. sized office furniture manufacturer, identified five segments of consumers each large and small that are being certified to. The balance between economic ecological with varying degrees of concern and action environmental and social management. social and cultural goals to secure desired The True Blue Greens major green systems and standards such as ISO 14001. independence shapes corporate culture and purchasers and recyclers 11 EMAS and SA8000 As part of this process. the way in which Wilkhahn rates success and to protect themselves from any. The Greenback Greens will buy or give, We involve our employees distributors accusations of allowing their suppliers to do.
green won t make lifestyle changes 5, customers and public opinion formers in the their dirty work for them such companies are. Sprouts who care but would only spend, implementation of corporate image We shall increasingly insisting on environmental and. a little more to buy green 33, keep them informed about developments in social audits and accreditations from their. sustainability management and allow them Grousers who see the environment as a. due participation in further developments problem but somebody else s 18. Basic Browns who essentially don t,Source Dr Jochen Hahne Managing Director. Horst Knigge and Thorsten Pree Director Wilkhahn care won t care 31. Added Values Wilkhahn www wilkhahn com Source Roper Green Gauge 2000. Bad Munder Germany June 2000 Roper Starch Worldwide. External pressure to improve the social and,environmental performance of a company.
can come from a number of sources,08 Marketing and sustainability. Introduction,CSR is a base Regulation,The range of social and environmentally. Towards the triple bottom line, requirement of orientated regulations facing companies. has grown rapidly Regulation is increasingly,Environmental and social constraints close in. almost daily on the operations of the firm, operating in the forcing producers to take responsibility for.
packaging waste and end of life consumer,the depletion of natural resources air and. water pollution regulations involving changes, 21st century and durables Other measures are aimed at. specific environmental problems such as,to hazardous waste human rights in supply. chains are just some of the examples today s, is not an option contaminated land or climate levies which. aims to reduce firm s CO2 emissions,businesses can ill afford to operate by ignoring.
such factors if they are not to be caught with, Regulation is also tackling issues of their trousers down In a CNN world where. Tim Sharp Director of Corporate Communications, Balfour Beatty accountability through Right to Know bad news can move across the internet at. measures and social responsibility in relation the speed of light companies have to be. to issues such as equal opportunities accountable to a broader set of stakeholders. Although environmental regulation in particular One of management s biggest hurdles is. can seem almost overwhelmingly complex for reconciling growing customer and investor. smaller companies without legal specialists expectations of a rising standard of living with. helpful on line guidance is becoming available the reality of deteriorating natural resources. eg via sites like NetRegs and environmental quality. www netregs environment agency gov uk Sensitivity to the social ethical and. environmental context in which a firm operates,Public opinion. is simply good business and certainly a pre,The Brent Spar controversy showed that a. requisite for long term legitimacy and survival,company with a good reputation which.
Firms must integrate these issues into their,abides by environmental regulations can still. broader strategic thinking by adopting a triple,become the focus of media and environmental. bottom line approach rather than purely,pressure groups resulting in a public relations. focusing on growth in market share sales,and profitability. A study by the Conference Board a US based,We believe there is a direct correlation.
economic research organisation suggests,between good performance in integrating. that a high proportion of respondents 42,corporate responsibility pol. Public relations 27 Sponsorship 27 implementation of corporate image sustainable Marketing and sustainability Marketing and sustainability for

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