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with Imagining it Today,Tomorrow Starts,main street downtown. mobile mobile alliance, Statement of Assets Liabilities Net Assets Statement of Assets Liabilities Net Assets. Modified Cash Basis audited as of June 30 2017 Modified Cash Basis unaudited as of June 30 2017. Assets Assets,Current Assets Current Assets, Cash and Cash Equiv 245 159 Cash and Cash Equiv 326 707. Total Current Assets 245 159 Retail Forgivable Loan Program 1 000. Total Current Assets 327 707,Fixed Assets, a letter from the president Property Equipment 84 264. Accumulated Depreciation 16 814,Other Assets 1 653.
Total Assets 327 707,Total Fixed Assets 69 013 Liabilities Net Assets. Total Assets 314 262 Net Assets,Designated Funds 20 167. Liabilities Net Assets Undesignated Funds 307 540, buildings coming off of the old building death spiral because Unrestricted 136 378 Total Net Assets 327 707. What a year this has been Starting with the recent affirmation. of this smart and effective incentive for preserving America s Temporarily restricted 119 746. that the city is moving in the right direction the citizens re. historic buildings Thanks to the hard work of sponsor Rep Total Net Assets 256 124. elected the entirety of the leadership of the city in August. Congratulations Mayor Stimpson Gina Fred Levon Joel Bess Victor Gaston the entire Mobile County delegation and Statement of Revenues Expenses. John and C J of course the bill s original author Beth Marietta Lyons a Temporarily Restricted Assets Modified Cash Basis unaudited as of June 30 2016. new state historic tax credit was passed in May It is a more Fa ade Grant Fund 50 398. This has been the summer of great announcements each complicated application process than before but we have five Cathedral Square Fund 25 693 Revenue. years instead of three and with this we can rebuild Alabama s Co working Space Incubator 25 476 Membership Dues 82 300. one building on the excitement of the previous In particular. historic cities and bring much needed vibrancy to downtowns City Parks Design Project 12 500 Summer Concert Series 5 000. two developments that will change downtown forever were. across the state but especially Mobile Lt Tommy P Menton Memorial 5 679 Special Events 13 417. announced Meridian at the Port 267 residential units. with an amazing view of the Mobile River and Merchant s. Total Temporarily Restricted Assets 119 746 Investment Income 186. Plaza 70 000 SF of office and 84 apartments overlooking We have banded together with Mayor Stimpson and 22 Downtown Gift Card 94. beautiful Bienville Square These announcements are other mayors across the state to ask our federal legislators to GO Zone Financing 67 044. exemplary of this year s annual luncheon theme Tomorrow preserve and enhance the super important federal historic tax Statement of Revenues Expenses Total Revenue 168 041. Starts with Imagining It Today Because we have imagined credit As Congress moves through tax reform this important Modified Cash Basis unaudited as of June 30 2016. a vibrant walkable urban village and because we ALL have incentive is indeed threatened To Rep Byrne s credit he is a. done the hard work to make it a place of constant delights sponsor of the Historic Tax Credit Improvement Act We are Revenue Expenses. for workers residents and visitors alike the tomorrow we hoping that Senators Shelby and Strange will sign on as well General Donations Contributions 505 Retail Incubator 35 000. envisioned a dozen years ago is happening Temporarily Restricted 85 925 Special Events 10 580. One of the most difficult challenges we have is retail Investment Income 580 Gift Card Program 2 402. So what else has happened this past year Well 41 parcels within development Obviously adding 600 new residential units will Endowment Earnings 9 390 Marketing 19 116. the BID sold That s a record since we ve been tracking sales In help but so will the arrival of Olde Mobile Antiques Gallery Endowment Contributions 750 Incentive Expenses 4 000. the office sector 51 000 SF of owner occupied office space is The building is being transformed at St Louis Street and Special Events 2 500 Economic Development 30 000. being added and still there was an uptick in the office occupancy Washington Avenue will soon be the location of their 29 090 Miscellaneous 13 112 Management General Expenses 21 805. rate for 2016 I particularly want to recognize Hargrove Control SF antiques gallery and wildly popular monthly estate sale Total Revenue 112 762 Total Expenses 122 903. Automation s renovation of 27 000 SF of the long vacant and Already their relocation plans have triggered the opening of. underused WALA Building This brings this stellar company s an antique lighting store across the street along with a cheese Operating Expenses Excess Revenues over Expenses 45 138. total investment in downtown s historic buildings to over 16M and wine shop and perhaps some other exciting use nearby Supporting Program Services. renovating and occupying over 142 000 SF most of which was Helping enliven the area the coming renovation of Ward Community Research Projects 69 413. long vacant and in some cases quite decrepit Properties 450 St Louis Street for retail and apartments will Public Improvements 5 000. begin in early 2018 And Precision Engineering s relocation of Management General Expense 8 753. One of the most important tools for triggering downtown s 150 professional employees to 400 St Louis Street will bring Depreciation 460. growth has been the state and federal historic tax credit The much desired vibrancy to a building that is being transformed Total Operating Expenses 83 626. Admiral Staples Pake Precision Engineering Buick Building like a chrysalis. Temple Lodge The Steeple the list is long and outstanding of. In the block to the east construction should begin in the 1st built many with pedestrian lanes We can and should demand. Quarter of 2018 on Innovation PortAL a project led by the that the bridge be an amenity that brings people TO Mobile. Mobile Chamber of Commerce This new addition to our as much as it enables people to travel THROUGH Mobile We. downtown innovation ecosystem joins Exchange 202 and must have the self confidence to demand extraordinary public. Fuse Factory in providing space training and a mentorship works This bridge will be the legacy of our generation Let. community for budding and expanding businesses of all sizes us make it a legacy our grand children s grand children will. appreciate and for which they will thank us, The east end of St Louis Street is abuzz with construction The. Federal Courthouse is on schedule and shaping up to be a Twelve years ago the property owners and city council took. landmark for the century The public art commissioned for the a chance and created the city s first Business Improvement. building will include an interior piece by Jason Middlebrooks District In doing so they created an organization to work with. and an exterior sculpture by Mobile s own Raine Bedsole a laser focus on presenting a clean and vibrant public realm. They created an organization to be the go to resource for. Speaking of art we believe that the city should be filled with investors businesses expanding and relocating visitors and. artworks of all sizes To that end we have commissioned a other users of downtown Why do we do things like pick up. series of bike racks bas reliefs and small sculptures through litter plant flowers remove graffiti clean storm drain screens. the years Earlier this year we unveiled Equino a bronze by interfere with panhandlers clean up messes and hang Holiday. Casey Downing that commemorates the 20th Anniversary of lights and American flags Why do we advocate for removal of. the Mounted Police and Cathedral Square and remembers Lt the nasty garbage cans from the sidewalks or the enforcement. Tommy Menton a beloved police officer of the noise ordinances or the freedom to sit at a sidewalk. caf and drink wine from a proper glass or for a new public. Murals are popping up everywhere We ve joined the party school in Barton Academy or for commercial parking lots to be. and commissioned local artist Devlin Wilson to paint on fenced and screened We do this and so much more because. our building s side wall in recognition of the Alabama 200 to repopulate a dense urban environment people simply. celebrations Barton Academy Alabama s first and perhaps expect and frankly demand the public realm to be clean to. most impressive school building Look for that to be completed feel safe AND that it will provide numerous and continuously. in October or when it doesn t rain for a few weeks straight positive experiences. We applaud the Mobile Museum of Art for their PopUp Gallery Downtown is an ecosystem that is constantly changing 54. at 300 Dauphin Street where they present their stunningly of our property owners are new since 2005 It is the natural. beautiful glass collection in what had been a stunningly dull order for some businesses to shrink and some to grow The. parking ticket payment center constant is people and their love for this place generation after. generation The work we do is by its nature somewhat invisible. We nearly lost the Crescent Theater this spring Thanks to the and easy to take for granted As a colleague of mine said last. efforts of the Crescent Theater Film Society and the donations week we address the issues that will not solve themselves. of hundreds of very passionate film aficionados a solution was. found to a tenant landlord dispute and funding was provided You are reading this report today because you are invested in. to keep this very important amenity open for two years some way in this city and most particularly in this downtown. Please continue to be that zealous advocate for downtown. Perhaps the greatest art project of the century will begin to Together we are rebuilding that walkable urban village. take shape in earnest next year I m talking about the I 10 imagined a dozen years ago On behalf of the whole team at. Mobile River Bridge Yes this is an art project The opportunity the Downtown Alliance I Thank You. is before us for this bridge to be an amenity that we enjoy. visually AND actually whether by car foot or bicycle All Elizabeth P Stevens. over the country breathtakingly beautiful bridges are being. 1 Provide you with useful directions and maps,2 Escort you to your destination.
3 Help you locate a business or service, 4 Call for police or medical assistance if you need help. 5 Provide information on parking Downtown, 6 Provide social services information to people in need. 7 Identify and report hazards,8 Help keep Downtown clean. 9 Share a smile and a watchful eye,10 Provide motorist aid. downtown mobile alliance,2016 17 board of directors.
CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Allen E Teeto Graham Phelps Dunbar LLP. John Arendall Regions Bank Robert Hope USA Foundation. Ginna Inge The Steeple on St Francis, VICE CHAIRMAN FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT Richard Inge Inge and Associates. Jeremy B Milling Milling Commercial Realty Brian Leathers. Merceria Ludgood Mobile County Commission President. VICE CHAIRMAN FOR PUBLIC REALM Arthur J Madden Madden and Soto. Margo Gilbert The Battle House Hotel Bruce McGowin Hand Arendall. Lee Mitchell Trustmark Bank, VICE CHAIRMAN FOR STRATEGIC INITIATIVES Jay Olensky Olensky Office Supplies. John Dukes Helmsing Leach Herlong Newman Rouse P C John Peebles NAI Mobile. Self Radcliff The Radcliff Schatzman Group, VICE CHAIRMAN FOR MEMBERSHIP MARKETING Jill Stork Alabama Power Company. Matt LeMond O Daly s Irish Pub Joseph P Toole The Retirement Systems of Alabama. Jay Weber ServisFirst, Rebecca Byrne Community Foundation of South Alabama HONORARY DIRECTORS. Sam Covert, TREASURER IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIRMAN Cooper Thurber Phelps Dunbar LLP.
Jeb Shell Hargrove Engineers Constructors Tyrone Fenderson BBVA Compass Bank. BOARD MEMBERS, John Browning Burr Forman LLP DMDMC Board of Directors. Pete Burns Burns Cunningham Mackey P C,Stephen Carter S A Investment Strategies. Mike Cowart Cowart Hospitality Services LLC,Daniel Dennis Roberts Brothers. Russ Ford iBERIABANK,Monica Garsed Mobile Gas,Marc Geis C Spire. The Very Reverend Beverly Findley Gibson,Christ Church Cathedral.
DOWNTOWN MOBILE ALLIANCE TEAM LEAD,Elizabeth P Stevens President CEO Michael Roberts. Fred Rendfrey Economic Development Director,Amanda Jones Finance Director REGENTS. Carol Hunter Communications Director James Seaborn. Tracie Strickland Program Coordinator Susan Walker. Shade Pettway,CONTRACTS Nicholas Wade,Denise Browning Financial Consultant. Karrie Maurin AIA Director of Design STEWARDS,Scott Mills. BID OPERATIONS Lorenzo Franklin,Clayton Ratledge Operations Manager Rayford Green.
Hap Kern Horticulturist Mark Frison,Clayvon Fletcher. downtown mobile alliance,2016 17 members, LEADERSHIP CIRCLE 5000 UP BUSINESS SUPPORTER 250 450. Alabama Power Company 1702 Real Estate,Alabama State Port Authority AHI Properties. Burr Forman LLP Alabama Coast Multimedia,Hargrove Engineers Constructors Alchemy Tavern. Armstrong Associates,LEADERSHIP COUNCIL 2500 4500 Candlewood Suites.
Armbrecht Jackson LLP Chick Fil A,C Spire Coastal Bank Trust. Hand Arendall LLC dakinstreet architects,Phelps Dunbar FIT Recruiting. PNC Bank Fried Stewed Nude DBA Wintzell s,Regions Bank Gallery 450. Starnes Davis Florie LLP Gulf Coast Ducks LLC,Trustmark Gulf Coast Shows. Jimmy John s,BUSINESS ADVOCATE 500 2000 Johnstone Adams LLC.
Admiral Staples Pake Precision Engineering Buick Building Temple Lodge The Steeple the list is long and outstanding of buildings coming off of the old building death spiral because of this smart and effective incentive for preserving America s historic buildings Thanks to the hard work of sponsor Rep

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