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Contextual Public Administration,a Ecological Approach Fred Riggs. b Rational Decision Making Approach Herbert Simon,c Development Administration Approach. i Political Economy Approach,ii Marxist Approach,Contemporary Developments. a New Public Administration,a Non Weberian perspectives. b Value questions,c Clientele perspective,b New Public Management.
a Good Governance and Development,b Feminist Perspectives on Public Administration. Grassroots governance alternative perspectives,b J Nyerere. Albrow Martin Bureaucracy London Macmillan 1978, Arora Ramesh K Comparative Public Administration An Ecological Perspective New. Delhi Associated Publishing House 1979, Bhattacharya Mohit Restructuring Public Administration Essays in Rehabilitation New. SUGGESTED READINGS,Delhi Jawahar 1999, Gant George F Development Administration Concepts Goals Methods Madison.
University of Wisconsin Press 1979, Henry Nicholas Public Administration and Public Affairs Delhi Prentice Hall of India. Leftwich A Governance in the State and the Politics of Development Development and. Change Vol 25r 1994, Minogue Martin The Internationalization of New Public Management in The. Internationalization of Public Management Reinventing the Third World State edited. McCourt W and M Minogue U K Edward Elgar 2001,M A in POLITICAL SCIENCE. SECOND SEMESTER,COURSE CODE MAP 202 COURSE TYPE CCC. COURSE TITLE THEMES IN INDIAN POLITICAL THOUGHT,CREDIT 06 HOURS 90.
THEORY 06 THEORY 90,THEORY 70 CCA 30, OBJECTIVE The purpose behind this course is to introduce students to the richness. and variety of the tradition of Indian Political Thought a tradition that spans centuries if not. millennia culminating in the various present day understandings of Indian society. Perspectives,a Classical and Shramanic,b Islamic and Syncretic. c Contemporary Theories Liberal Marxist Gandhian Post colonial Hindutva. Theories and Practices of Knowledge,a Classical and Shramanic. b Colonial,a Monarchical,b Colonial and Post Colonial. Conception and Forms of Community,a Community in pre modern and modern times.
b Forms of Community Janapada Sangha Jati Quam Samaj. Critical Perspectives on Indian Society,a Shramanic. b Syncretist,c Reformist,d Socialist,e Gandhian,The Nation in Indian Political Thought. UNIT 5 15 Hrs,a Cultural and Religious Nationalism. b Economic Nationalism,c Critiques of Nationalism, Drekmeir Charles Kingship and Community in early India California Stanford University. Press Stanford 1962, Pt Sastri N A Cultural Heritage of India v 1 Ramakrishna Mission.
Roy Asim ed History and Politics Perspective from South Asia Oxford University Press. Delhi 2006, Heesterman J C The Inner Conflict of Tradition Essays in Indian Ritual Kingship and. Society University of Chicago Press Chicago 1988, Subhramanyam Sanjay Muzaffar Alam eds Moghul State 1526 1750 Oxford University. Press Delhi 1998, Jalal Ayesha Self and Sovereigny Individual and Community in South Asian Islam since. SUGGESTED READINGS,1850 Routedge 2001, Anderson and Guha eds Changing Concepts of Rights and Justice in South Asia School of. Oriental and African Studies London 2001, Chatterjee Partha ed State and Politics in India Oxford University Press Delhi 2005.
Thapar R From Lineage to State Social Formations of the Mid First Millennium BC. Oxford University Press Delhi 1984, Srinivas M N Social Change in Modern India Orient Longman India 1967. Jafferlot C ed The Sangh Parivar A Reader Oxford University Press Delhi 2005. Chatterjee Partha Nationalist thought and the Colonial World A Derivative Discourse Zed. Books for United Nations University London 1986, Cohn Bernard Colonialism and Its Forms of Knowledge Princeton University Press New. Jersey 1996, V R Mehta and Thomas Pantham ed Political Ideas in Modern India Thematic. Explorations New Delhi Sage 2006 Introduction and other selected chapters. Anthony Parel From Political Thought in India to Indian Political Thought in Western. Political Thought in Dialogue with Asia edited by Takashi Shogimen and C J Nederman. Plymouth UK Lexington Books 2009 pg 187 208,M A in POLITICAL SCIENCE. SECOND SEMESTER,COURSE CODE MAP 203 COURSE TYPE CCC.
COURSE TITLE INTERPRETING MODERN INDIA,CREDIT 06 HOURS 90. THEORY 06 THEORY 90,THEORY 70 CCA 30, OBJECTIVE This course is about introducing students to the conflicting ideas of what. India is today and where it might be heading Therefore the focus is on the various related. discourses of the cultural social political economic that are the sites of intense debate today. Conceptions of the Modern,a Indological,b Gandhian. c Nehruvian,d Tradition Modernity Debate,e Post Colonial. Perspectives on Justice and Social Transformation,UNIT 2 15 Hrs.
Conceptions of Nationalism,a Subaltern Nationalism. b Communal Nationalism,c Secular Nationalism Toleration. d Internationalism Cosmopolitanism,Development and its critiques. a Debates in Environmental Studies,b Debates in Industrialisation and dispossession. Community Civil Society Public Sphere,a The Community vs civil Society debate.
b The Public Sphere,Debates on Globalisation, Thapar Romila The Aryan Recasting Concepts Gurgaon Three Essays Collective 2008. Inden Ronald Orientalist constructions of India Modern Asian Studies xxx3 pgs 401 446. Thapar Romila Early Indian History and the legacy of D D Kosambi EPW XLIII 30 July. Parekh Bhikhu Gandhi Oxford University Press USA 1997. Hardiman David Gandhi in his time and our Indian Legacy Permanent Black New Delhi. Chakrabarty Dipesh Provincialising Europe Postcolonial Thought and Historical. Differnece Oxford University Press Delhi 2000, Nandy Ashis The Intimate enemy Loss and Recovery of the Self Under Colonialism Oxford. University Press Delhi 1983, Rudolph and Rudolph The Modernity of Tradition Political Development in India. University of Chicago Press Chicago 1984, Guha Ranajit Dominance without Hegemony History and Power in Colonial India Harvard. University Press Cambridge Mass 1998, Sarkar Sumit A Critique of Colonial India Papyrus Calcutta 1985.
Khilnani Sunil The Idea of India Hamish Hamilton London 1997. Sarkar Tanika Hindu wife Hindu Nation Community Religion and Cultural Nationalism. Permanent Black Delhi 2001, Nair Janaki Women and Law in Colonial India Zubaan Kali for Women New Delhi 1996. Chatterjee Partha ed State and Politics in India Oxford University Press Delhi 1998. Bhargava Rajeev ed Secularism and its Critics Oxford University Press Delhi 1999. Omvelt Gail Dalits and the Democratic Revolutions Dr Ambedkar. M A in POLITICAL SCIENCE,SECOND SEMESTER,COURSE CODE MAPB01 COURSE TYPE ECC CB. COURSE TITLE ENVIRONMENTAL AND FOREST LAWS,CREDIT 06 HOURS 90. THEORY 06 THEORY 90,THEORY 70 CCA 30, Understands the concept and place of research in concerned subject. Gets acquainted with various resources for research. Becomes familiar with various tools of research, Gets conversant with sampling techniques methods of research and techniques of analysis of data.
Achieves skills in various research writings, Gets acquainted with computer Fundamentals and Office Software Package. EVOLUTION OF FOREST AND WILD LIFE LAWS,a Importance of Forest and Wildlife. b Evolution of Forest and Wild Life Laws,c Forest Policy during British Regime. d Forest Policies after Independence,e Methods of Forest and Wildlife Conservation. FOREST PROTECTION AND LAW,a Indian Forest Act 1927.
b Forest Conservation Act 1980 Rules therein,c Rights of Forest Dwellers and Tribal. c The Forest Rights Act 2006,d National Forest Policy 1988. WILDLIFE PROTECTION AND LAW,a Wild Life Protection Act 1972. b Wild Life Conservation strategy and Projects,c The National Zoo Policy. CHAPTER BASIC CONCEPTS,a Meaning and definition of environment.
b Multidisciplinary nature of environment,c Concept of ecology and ecosystem. d Importance of environment,e Meaning and types of environmental pollution. f Factors responsible for environmental degradation. CHAPTER INTRODUCTION TO LEGAL SYSTEM,a Acts Rules Policies Notification circulars etc. b Constitutional provisions on Environment Protection. c Judicial review precedents,d Writ petitions PIL and Judicial Activism. CHAPTER LEGISLATIVE FRAMEWORK FOR POLLUTION CONTROL LAWS. a Air Pollution and Law,b Water Pollution and Law,c Noise Pollution and Law.
CHAPTER LEGISLATIVE FRAMEWORK FOR ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION. a Environment Protection Act rules there under,b Hazardous Waste and Law. c Principles of Strict and absolute Liability,d Public Liability Insurance Act. e Environment Impact Assessment Regulations in India. CHAPTER ENVIRONMENTAL CONSTITUTIONALISM,a Fundamental Rights and Environment. i Right to Equality Article 14,ii Right to Information Article 19. Right to Life Article 21, iv Freedom of Trade vis vis Environment Protection.
b The Forty Second Amendment Act, c Directive Principles of State Policy Fundamental Duties. d Judicial Activism and PIL, Bharucha Erach Text Book of Environmental Studies Hyderabad University Press India. Private limited 2005, Doabia T S Environmental and Pollution Laws in India New Delhi Wadhwa and Company 2005. Joseph Benny Environmental Studies New Delhi Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company. Limited 2006, Khan I A Text Book of Environmental Laws Allahabad Central Law Agency 2002. Leelakrishnan P Environmental Law Case Book 2nd Edition New Delhi LexisNexis. Butterworths 2006, Leelakrishnan P Environmental Law in India 2nd Edition New Delhi LexisNexis Butterworths.
Shastri S C ed Human Rights Development and Environmental Law An Anthology Jaipur. Bharat law Publications 2006, Environmental Pollution by Asthana and Asthana S Chand Publication. Environmental Science by Dr S R Myneni Asia law House. Gurdip Singh Environmental Law in India 2005 Macmillan. Shyam Diwan and Armin Rosencranz Environmental Law and Policy in India. Cases Materials and Statutes 2nd ed 2001 Oxford University Press. Journal of Indian Law Institute ILI New Delhi,Journal of Environmental Law NLSIU Bangalore. Economical and Political Weekly,Down to Earth,M A in POLITICAL SCIENCE. SECOND SEMESTER,COURSE CODE MAP B02 COURSE TYPE ECC CB. COURSE TITLE ETHICS AND POLITICS,CREDIT 06 HOURS 90.
THEORY 06 THEORY 90,THEORY 70 CCA 30, OBJECTIVE The purpose of this course is expressed in the title itself Ethics is. inseparable from all domains of life from the issues of hunger and poverty to matters of. violence and war to the problems of family decency to political virtues to the ethics of. professional behaviour As many contemporary political practices demand ethical reasoning. we need a more focused and comprehensive engagement between ethics and politics that the. Political Thought in Dialogue with Asia Environmental Science by Dr S R Myneni Asia law House M A in POLITICAL SCIENCE SECOND SEMESTER

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