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reading a knowledge book book store 100 free action study university 3h 25 and buying the. knowledge machine mall 200 not guaranteed every night also increased by wearing certain clothes. Fitness increases your energy level and prerequisite for options in events. increase fitness by do push ups your bedroom only when all your needs are above 5 50 chance. swim pool only spring and summer months requires bathing suit go for a run park requires sport. clothes light training gym requires sport clothes heavy training gym requires sport clothes and. buying the fitness machine mall 200 not guaranteed every night also increased by wearing certain. Charm decreases the chance of giving a bad compliment and prerequisite for options in events. increase charm by practice speech bathroom only when all your needs are above 5 50 chance. sunbath pool only spring and summer months get a haircut mall 50 party nightclub 15 50. reading the charm book bookstore 100 and buying the charm machine mall 200 not guaranteed. every night also increased by wearing certain clothes. Morality is a Bree MC specific trait that describes how good or bad your character is This controls what. actions might be available with certain other characters positive points will be called morality and. negative points immorality, Your starting attributes are also raised by your choices in the prologue. These there are the skills which currently matter in gameplay All skills are picked at the start of the. game skills but some skills can be learned as the game progresses Initial skill choice is detailed in the. Walkthrough section,Good Skills, Martial arts need less fitness to win a fight that one s on me sorry guys. Video games need less knowledge to win the videogame event. No sleep need 1 hour less sleep, Hung get 1LP if romance options happen to encounter the trouser python 1LP if you re in. the bathroom with sasha or bree first asking you to leave counts always impregnate a girl. when you cum inside her if she has pregnancy content. Guitar prerequisite for the band storyline, Cooking desire gain from eating with Sasha and Bree in the morning this skill is earnable. ingame and can affect dialogue with some characters. Shooting Has some effect on Aletta s story,Dancing Has minimal effect on current story.
Luck Starting money boost,Golf No current effect, Skills also influence Daily Passive Love more on that under 1 5. Bad Skills,Debt lose 100 each week before paying rent. Unlucky Surprisingly no effect,Animals Hate Me No effect. The Office, For Mike the only way to reliably get money is to work at the office you can also roam the streets for a. random event or play vidya but you won t get far that way Either work hard 4 hours or work 4. hours work hard gets you more money and costs more fun but is only available if all your needs are. above 5 work is available if your needs are above 3 You also have random events while working that. can change how much money you get, Work is only available in day hours and from monday to saturday this is important because of the next.
important Every monday morning 100 will be required to pay the rent if you can t do this then you ll. take a massive relationship hit with your roommates. At the office you have a promotion bar When this reaches 100 you will receive a promotion This. includes a new office and a salary increase The more promotions you get the more your salary. increases Promotions will also unlock new content, For Bree or for Mike if he loses or quits his office job the alternative are mall jobs Mall jobs pay much. less than the office job and are not very fulfilling but they will do the trick. Bakery This job pays based upon your Charm, Electronic Shop This job pays based upon your Knowledge. Gym This job pays based upon your Fitness, Bookstore This job pays based upon your Charm and pays twice the amount as the Bakery For. Bree it requires 25 morality, Sex Shop This job pays based upon your Charm and pays twice the amount as the Bakery For. Bree it requires 25 immorality, You can purchase items at various shops There are four types of items you can buy.
Gifts Gifts are items that are specifically to be given to the romance characters They can be. flowers candies books clothing and certain sex shop items such as the slave collar. Consumables Consumables are items that you buy and use They include items such as cakes. mint candies medicine and condoms, Clothing Clothing are items that you can equip for some effect You have two slots to equip A. main clothing and an accessory Each item in the clothes shop describes what it affects. Plot items Other items exist for plot purposes and cannot be used explicitly but may be needed. to make some scenes available Examples of this are the bicycle or car which unlocks the beach. Note that plot items can also be clothing such as the sport clothes and fancy clothes needed to. unlock the gym and nightclub respectively, Each week you re supposed to do certain chores as part of the household There will be a bar that fills. up to 100 while you are in the house When you have filled this bar it will go away. These are best left until sunday as you don t have that much to do during that day. If you don t do the minimum of 4 chores then you ll lose 10LP with both Bree or Mike if Bree MC and. Getting Sick,You have a small chance of getting sick every day. If you get sick other characters will comment on it but it otherwise has minimal effect on the game If. you buy medicine in the mall using it will immediately remove the effect. There are more than 15 romance options in the game almost all girls but Scottie can be romanced for. Attributes, Each romance option has 3 attributes Love Points LP Kink Points KP and Lesbian Points GP Each. character also has their favourite talk topics favourite gifts favourite dates and or television programs. Also each character has their own schedule so you ll have to adjust your schedule depending on what. romance you re after,Love Points, LP represents how much a character likes you and is on a scale of 0 100 Love Points tend to have a cap.
based upon events once you reach that cap it will often enable the next event in their story chain As of. this time many of the characters still have caps below 100 which indicates more story is planned for. them in future versions of the game, Love Points can be gained and lost through interactions with the characters giving them gifts sending. them texts and through Daily Passive Love DPL DPL Daily Passive Love are LP that each character. gets based on your attributes skills and the clothes you wear these get applied the first time you meet. a romance option that day For attributes it means that if the DPL attribute is above the LP then you gain. 1 LP Each character s DPL is also influenced by the clothing you wear more on that in 3 4 clothing. Characters have favourite gifts These gifts provide a bonus to love points. After a certain amount of LP 50 the character will change pose this is when you know to strike. Kink Points, If Kink Points are positive it is a measure of how submissive they are and the icon is a pair of handcuffs. If Kink Points go negative it is a measure of how dominant they are and the icon is a whip Only certain. characters can go into Dom Points and this opens up alternative scenes with them. Kink Points can be raised by giving them A sex slave s story book purchased in the bookstore or. lowered by giving Mistress Amanda, It can also be raised by spanking but only once they have reached 10 KP and cannot be raised past 40. Watching S M Porn with characters at home for characters who do not live at home this can be done. on home dates will raise KP as well, Raising Kink Points will open new options such as piercing collaring agreeing to have unprotected sex. If KP goes negative certain characters can instead get Dom Points DP. Lesbian Points, GP is a measure of how likely it is that a girl will agree to a threesome Currently threesomes exist only.
for a small number of characters, GP is raised through watching lesbian porn and giving them Yuri Manga. When you reach at least 20 LP with a romance option you can then give them gifts Most gifts will offer. an LP boost but some will open up story options Some gifts can only be ever given once Other gifts can. be given multiple times but their effects will be reduced in the future such as the flowers and the. candies For some characters the Sexy Underwear or Sexy Swimsuit will allow them to wear a sexier. version of that outfit at appropriate times For most characters the slave collar will given enough KP. change the character to be your slave, On Valentine s Day most characters give just chocolates then others will pick from their list Christmas. or the MC s birthday you ll receive a gift if you meet the character that day and have at least 20LP. birthday or 25LP Christmas and Valentine s, Each character has a specific list of items to give and if you already have that item they ll skip to the next. one if they run out they ll give you a cake, Each character has inherent traits which influences which actions they will like on dates these dates will. be discoverable when you get enough LP They ll also influence how much LP you ll gain from the clothes. you wear Certain characters also have anti traits meaning if you do an action they may lose LP. Both MCs have 2 roommates one of which is always Sasha Roommates have more options than other. characters, You can watch TV with the roommates regularly Each roommate has his or her own chart for programs.
You can cook a meal for the roommates for easy LP if you have the cooking skill. Upon reaching a certain LP and sometimes after clearing specific events you may ask a character out on. a date Sometimes these characters will ask you on a date. If they ask you then a time is automatically chosen If you do ask then you can choose the time either in. the afternoon only Saturday or Sunday or evening This means either 14 00 or 20 00. Different dates cost a different amount of money, If you don t take a character on a date on the day it was agreed upon then you ll lose a whopping 20 LP. Be careful because some events will cause you to miss the date time. When the time to go on a date comes you will get an action icon to take the person on the date It will. appear only at the hour of the date If you miss the date due to an event you can still call and cancel the. date as long as you do it before midnight After midnight you will take the hit for missing the date. On a date you ll have a bar at the top of the screen called Date Score DS Every action that increases. LP will fill the bar and every action that decreases LP will deplete it so take care what you do or say A. full bar means a successful date, You can also get DS for certain actions these fill the bar too but don t alter LP. Dates generally last for 6 hours and it s possible for your date to propose to continue the date either an. evening date location or the nightclub, If a date is successful usually with a high enough date bar you might be able to ask your partner home. for sex A high morality Bree MC will usually not have sex right away and some girls may need additional. events to unlock sex, The MC may purchase clothing in the clothes shop in the mall The MC can wear one piece of clothing. and one accessory Most clothes add to traits but some clothes unlock special locations Some clothes. also affect the DLP of dates depending upon their traits Depending on the traits of the characters each. piece of clothing and accessory you wear has a chance of adding 1 to your DPL if multiple traits apply to. the same girl then both will count for example on sasha the leather jacket has a 40 chance of gaining. 1LP and 20 chance of 2 LP, Some items are for Mike MC while differently named variations with the same effects are for Bree.
Clothing that unlocks a location does not need to be worn merely owned. Clothing Item Cost Effect Traits Favored Unlocks,Leather jacket 100 5 Charm Submissive Rebel. Tweed blazer Cardigan 100 5 Bookworm Family,Sweat pants 100 5 Fitness Sportsy Dominant. Funny shirt 100 5 Charm Geek Playful,Military fatigues Leather 100 5 Charm Submissive. pants Gourmand, Swimsuit 200 10 Fitness Sportsy Beach playing in pool. Sport clothes 200 10 Fitness Sportsy Gym, Fancy clothes dress 200 10 Charm Pacifist Princess Nightclub High class.
restaurant,Accessory Cost Effect Traits Favored,Sport shoes 100 5 Fitness Sportsy Dominant. Geeky pen 100 5 Knowledge Bookworm Family,Cool sunglasses 100 5 Charm Submissive Rebel. Funny badge 100 5 Charm Geek Playful,Military boots 100 5 Charm Submissive Gourmand. Luxury watch bracelet 200 10 Charm Pacifist Princess. If Mike MC has sex with a girl and cums inside her there is a 1 in 3 chance she will become pregnant. unless he has the hung trait in which case there is a 100 chance she ll become pregnant. When a girl becomes pregnant sometime in the next week she will have a special conversation with MC. where she breaks the news Some girls do not want children and will want an abortion Some girls will. want to keep it, If at the end of the conversation she decides or is coerced into keeping the child after 7 full days her. art will update to the pregnancy version Not all girls currently support pregnancy. Booty call, If the MC has 75 LP 25 KP you may call the character up and go directly to the post date sex.
Love amp Sex Second Base Walkthrough for version v19 12 2 Game Mechanics You have two kinds of statistics Needs and Attributes There are a number of romance options they can interact with They have three primary statistics Love Points LP Kink Points KP and Lesbian Points GP Certain other romance options have additional statistics as noted in their sections In Love and Sex you

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