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2 Map of the City,4 The Metropolitan Cathedral,6 The Anglican Cathedral. 8 St George s Hall,10 Mann Island,12 Future Liverpool. 16 Debate and Discussion,19 Our Experience, This magazine was produced by 20 young people aged 13 18 in August. 2016 to mark the launch of RIBA North, It provides their interpretation responses and insight of the opening exhi. bition Liverpoole Mover Shaker Architectural Risk Taker. The magazine has been designed to support a visit to the exhibition or to. be read and enjoyed as a magazine in its own right. The group produced the magazine in just four days It includes a wide. range of drawings photographs and text produced by them. We hope you enjoy it,Director of PLACED,The RIBA exhibition.
features buildings that,were never realised,However different. designs for some of these,were built Our map shows. where these buildings are,located in the city and 10. where you can read,more about them in our,The Metropolitan. If you re from Liverpool we re sure you have heard. about the Metropolitan Cathedral If the name doesn t. The feature that would, ring a bell then it s the cone like building in which a.
tower rises from the centre You would think from the. define this building would, look of it that is has a very brief history but there is. more to it than what meets the eye The conception,be a 91 metre high dome. of the Cathedral goes back over 100 years before the which could hold the. building we know today was even designed,largest organ in the world. A building of two halves, The Cathedral as we know it today was completed in at the time. 1967 But beneath the modern fa ade of the Cathedral. lies Lutyens crypt As soon as you enter the crypt after. walking through the futuristic interior of the Cathedral. above you notice how different the two spaces are On. top it is light and airy with windows all around while. the crypt is darker and more closed,TIMELINE The story before the Cathedral.
Sir Edward Lutyens was recruited to design a second Cathedral People started building the Cathedral by first constructing a crypt. for Liverpool Lutyen based the now Metropolitan Cathedral on to go below it The building of the crypt was postponed during. St Peter s Basilica which is a completely different design to the World War 2 when Lutyens sadly died After the war the crypt. Cathedral today Building started for the design of the first was completed but further construction halted due to Lutyen s. Cathedral on the 5th of June 1933 death, What if things had gone differently How much has this design impacted our city. One thing everyone can agree on is that if one of Has it given architects working on buildings in the. these failed designs had actually been used then the surrounding areas opportunity to take risks We. city would be very different In our opinion the city think that the design of the Metropolitan has had a. would have another historical building which would direct effect not only the surrounding area but also. not have been as risky architecturally but would have on architects themselves It feels like the building has. provided more heritage The Cathedral would have allowed architects to push the boundaries of design. also fitted in better with a traditional Cathedral design beyond the usual comfort zones and create a bolder. which may have tied the area together and provided future. another architectural landmark for the city, On Hope Street there is a diverse range of buildings. As you can see the Cathedral today is more modern such as the Stirling Prize winning Everyman Theatre. compared to its surroundings but is this a bad thing and the Philharmonic Hall However there is also a. range of more traditional buildings nearby such as. Rising to the surface Liverpool University s Victoria Building This means. Today the Cathedral stands as one of the city s that the immediate area has a balance between the. landmarks and tourist attractions The design old and the new which we think adds culture and. challenges the normal conventions of a Cathedral variety to the city. due to its creative flair and modern edge, If the Luytens design had been built this may have. Most Cathedrals are easy to spot They use traditional restricted future development in the area It could. construction and a crucifix plan The Metropolitan have been very overpowering When coupled with the. is different When approaching the building we felt Anglican Cathedral at the other end of Hope Street it. the only thing that identified it as a Cathedral was may have intimidated and restricted other architects. the cruciform detail on the front of the building With We believe the modern design of the Metropolitan has. bright colours and a very geometric concrete structure allowed the area to have more variety. it s difficult to not become immersed in the beauty. of its intricate design We think that this design is. architecturally stunning complicated and vibrant, Dr William Godfrey the Archbishop of Liverpool in 1953 kept Heenan then held a competition in which Sir Frederick Gibberd s. the 4 million budget and stayed with Lutyen s overall ideas but design was chosen Building began in October 1962 and the. reduced the scale of the building However Godfrey faced heavy Cathedral we know today was completed in 1967. criticism and when John Heenan took his place as leader of the. project he decided the design should be scrapped,The Anglican Cathedral.
We think it would have been better if the,design by Charles Herbert Reilly above. had been built instead of the Anglican,Cathedral building we have today We like. the current Catherdral building but we feel,it would have had a different impact on. Liverpool if we had built this alternative, When we first saw the RIBA exhibition we were really Our opinions. surprised to see there had been other designs for the We thought the exhibition was very interesting and. Anglican Cathedral unique The buildings are different and special in. their own way with all sorts of shapes and sizes We. Building a Cathedral in Liverpool was never easy and thought most of the buildings look exclusive and. there were many decisions made before the current memorable. Anglican Cathedral was built,It was interesting and made you think how our.
The original idea was to build a gothic style city could have been different. Cathedral in the location of the current St Georges Christina. Hall The money was not able to be raised and the, project collapsed The architects are really creative thinking about. creating these amazing design plans for the buildings. Years later a competition was held for a new design Nimisha. and a new location was selected where the current, Anglican Cathedral is now Three entries were Fascinating different to any other building I ever saw. submitted The one that was chosen was a design by Amy. Giles Gilbert Scott and is the Cathedral we have today. The Cathedral now The Cathedral that could,It was a hot day in August We were have been. making our way to the Anglican It was a hot day in August We were. Cathedral We were only a short walk,trudging up the long sloped path. away from the Cathedral and already,before us The hot summer sun.
you could see it overshadowing,burning our slouched backs The. the city We didn t realize it was on, such a steep hill When we all got to domineering cathedral could. the top of the n e v e r e n d i n g be seen from miles away but it was. hill we were quite exhausted Well different up close It made us feel. some of us were We stood in front special, of the entrance of the gigantic The building itself was beautiful and. grand It was a treat and an honour,building As we looked up it. to enter the palace it felt like royalty,appeared as if it was going to fall.
lived there,because of how tall it was, A huge shadow hovered over us As The entrance was enormous. we walked into the building an it was magical very detailed and. instant cool breeze hit us The space made you feel important Inside it. was massive Walking around we was stunning We felt like the. noticed little things There were Queen would be preparing our. doors with small balconies They afternoon t e a, looked tiny because they were so Inside the sights were unbelievable. high up There were stunning,Looking up at the huge dome at. stained glass windows that each,the top with the beautiful patterns. had a different story behind them,colours and shapes of all kinds.
There was writing and numbers, carved in the walls which were The whole experience was awe. interesting and we wanted to find inspiring but at the same time we felt. out what they meant the building was tranquil and,We found out lots of things from calming. our visit Why don t you visit and,find out things that you didn t. Keeping the Culture, It s one of the finest neo classical buildings in Liverpool. It s the face of the city s culture Can you guess,It s St George s Hall.
St George s Hall has represented Liverpool s culture Hall The eager youth decides to take part Surpris. for about 160 years and the Grade 1 listed building is ingly he manages to win both competitions Success. still standing proudly today Its austere simplicity on However before the builders start working he comes. the outside contrasts with the luxurious interior up with the idea of bringing the two buildings together. to make one St George s Hall After the idea was, You probably know what St George s Hall looks like accepted the architect works on the new design which. But do you know what it was going to look like is what we see today. From Two to One Harvey Lonsdale Elmes changed this imagination into. Imagine a young 25 year old called Harvey Lonsdale reality and earned the title of Young Prodigy Architect. Elmes who is in love with architecture Two exciting. competitions are taking place one for designing 1839 become the year of hard work success and new. Assize Courts and another for designing St George s cultural beginning. View from St John s Garden, Majestic Grand and elegant that s how we describe it What s on. From our visit to St George s Hall we think it s the Before St George s Hall used the hall for music and. perfect place if you are looking to see something the lower levels for prisons and assizes courts. that will take your breath away However that is not the case anymore. St George s Hall is in the best place On one side you St George s Hall is used for a wide range of things. have the busy railway station taking people to and including. from places On the other side you have the tranquil. St John s Garden Exhibitions, From the outside you can see the neo classical style Talks. with the rows of columns narrow stairs collection of Concerts. statues and the design at the top of the building Corporate events. Weddings Winter Art Markets and many more,This contrasts to the inside. Reviews gaining more stars, At first you feel like you are in another world We looked on Trip Advisor and here are some.
The decorative ceiling above astonishes you It is people s views on St George s Hall. supported by the scarlet granite columns that sparkle. in the distance The delicate and detailed designs on Entry is free the hall roof 665. the polished 30 000 tile floor captures your attention and the mosaic floor is great 240. Figures from all angles have hidden meanings 38, Chandeliers glow in the room making it lighter and Fabulous building 13. brighter In the concert hall 7000 pipes are waiting to spectacular venue 9. be played on the stage It s bliss magnificent hall Trip Advisor. Illustration by Connah O Neill Age 17,It looks like. a spaceship,Are our heads still stuck in The Cloud. Adam 9 You may never have heard of The Cloud or even know. what it looks like We couldn t blame you as it never. made its transition from the screen to the street, The design was controversially chosen as the winning. submission in a competition led by Liverpool City, Mann Island a 135 million development seems to Council in 2002 for the Fourth Grace But in 2004.
pop up out of the blue Surrounded by large neoclassic it was cancelled But why did the bold and ambitious. buildings it certainly does give off an alien impression design that was supposedly perfect for Liverpool not. like it fell straight out of 2001 A Space Odyssey the get built. monolith has returned Okay that is a little far fetched. but isn t that the whole premise of this project Quite simply money The cost of The Cloud spiralled. Instead the Mann Island that we see today stands, The risky style of the building the jaunty angles and there. the intense black exterior is what makes the build. ing Without that it would just be a block of flats with a. good view Instead we have a building which screams. I ve always preferred The,modernity it s no wonder RIBA North chose this as. their new home,Cloud over Mann Island, But why this version of Mann Island you ask Why the. It s wacky I mean where, dark black buildings instead of Will Alsop s radical The else do you see a building. Cloud The exhibition headed by RIBA poses the very. questions we ask what could have been like that Emma 60. What Does the Architect,Illustration by Juliana Mohamad Noor Age 17.
Have to Say,An interview with Matt Brook,architect for Mann Island about.

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