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Retreat Weekends with the Ascended Masters, At a time of great change as we anchor a new paradigm of love and peace. here on Earth our willingness to work together and in harmony with the. Divine Hierarchy of Light is of great importance, Each Ascended Master has a specific purpose and line of work to assist. humanity in this evolutionary process But they need those on Earth who are. willing to be a channel and instrument for them to anchor their divine. frequency of love light and wisdom here on Earth at a time where it is. needed the most, Therefore join Brigitte Boyea and St Germain for very different Ascended. Master Retreat Weekends at the Spiritual Center in Windsor NY. June 28th June 30th 2019,New Stages of Awakening with the Ascended Masters. 2019 brings us even closer to our Christed Self What does that. mean to us on an individual level and how can we support this. process without falling back to old habits, During this retreat St Germain together with his higher aspect.
Eolia Jesus higher aspect Sananda and Lady Nada will guide you. into the greater mysteries of your Christed Self to gain a clearer. understanding of your new role on earth, As we walk free from all attachments centered in the present. moment magic can happen and new stages of awakening can be. reached Allow keys of light to be activated within you to open up. pathways to new consciousness and a new experience of Self. A ceremony Saturday evening will seal your connection to your. Christed Master Self with a specific Ascended Masters as your guide. This will become the basis for your new work as a way shower on. July 26th July 28th 2019,Journey into the Soul of the Kabbalistic Tree. with the Ascended Masters, The Kabbalistic Tree of Life is not just a map to guide you on your. path of ascension It is a tree that is alive with consciousness and. purpose for those who are willing to take the journey into the. deeper mysteries of life, Each branch represents access to divine forces that support you on. this path But the Kabbalistic Tree of Life also has a soul anchored. deep within the very heart of the tree itself This soul reaches out. to you when the time is right to direct you to another level of self. realization, Just like your own Soul is the bridge between your physical self and.
your Divine I Am Presence the Soul of the Kabbalistic Tree is the. bridge that allows you to reach past the swirling light of Kether into. the loving embrace of Ein Sof the divine essence that exists beyond. any form of manifestation Once you enter this state of alignment. much transformation can take place, During this weekend the Ascended Masters together with the. Archangels will assist you in entering the Soul of the Kabbalistic. Tree to experience a new connection with your Divine Self and Ein. Sof Different levels of activations will be offered to awaken divine. forces within you that will support this new alignment. It is recommended that you have already a certain level of. knowledge of Kabbalah to enjoy the benefits of the teachings that. this particular retreat offers But the energies released during the. three days will certainly bring transformation no matter what. September 27th September 29th 2019,And the Teachings. from Beyond this Solar System continue, 2019 holds the vibration of 12 and 3 as you add up the numbers It. is a year that is meant to stabilize you after all the purging and. transformation experienced in the last few years This will make it. easier for you to maintain balance and focus during the birthing. process of a new consciousness of love and peace experienced here. on earth at this time, Divine Masters from other galaxies understand the importance of. nurturing you during this time of intensity as shifts in consciousness. continue everywhere Maintaining strength courage love and. compassion assists not only with the changes taking place on earth. but also within this Universe as a whole Therefore representatives. of Andromeda Arcturus Sirius Pleiades Lyra and other galactic. civilizations are once again using this weekend to support you on. your journey of continued awakening Unique guidance healing and. teachings will be offered to sustain and strengthen you and your. commitment to be a channel and instrument of the Hierarchy of. A unique ceremony will take place Saturday evening to reinforce the. alignment of your heart and soul with the cosmic heart and soul of. this universe Just as the sun is a doorway to the heart of our. galaxy the Milky Way your heart and soul becomes the doorway. for Universal Consciousness of Love to be anchored on Earth. As St Germain channeled by Brigitte Boyea will be the supervising host for. all the weekends a lot of inner transformation for all participants is. guaranteed throughout the three days which in turn will affect your outer. world to change as well Therefore get ready for a new beginning on all. levels of your life if you choose to join us,We are looking forward to seeing you there.
Love and blessings,Brigitte and St Germain,Date Time Location and other Details. 1st Retreat starts Friday 6 28 19 at 7 PM,1st Retreat ends Sunday 6 30 19 at 12 PM. 2nd Retreat starts Friday 7 26 19 at 7 PM,2nd Retreat ends Sunday 7 28 19 at 12 PM. 3rd Retreat starts Friday 9 27 19 at 7 PM,3rd Retreat ends Sunday 9 29 19 at 12 PM. Location The Spiritual Center 712 NY Route 79 Windsor NY 13865. Tel 1 607 655 2264,422 per person per retreat weekend.
225 is for Room and Meals and 197 for the weekend experience. with Brigitte Boyea and the Ascended Masters, A deposit of 100 is due with below mail in registration form The. remaining 322 are due at the time of the retreat weekend. Each weekend is limited to 11 participants, To reserve your spot please email below information to. info lightbridge101 com first Then send a deposit of 100 with. below information to the Spiritual Center 712 NY Route 79 Windsor. NOTE The 100 deposit will only be refunded if the Spiritual Center has. been informed of the cancellation more than 30 days prior to the retreat. weekend in question, Please make sure that the check is made out to The Spiritual Center. For any questions about the accommodations please contact Sister. Liz directly at Tel 1 607 655 2264 or via email at. onenewliz712 aol com,CITY STATE ZIP, This deposit is for my reservation at the Ascended Master Retreat. Weekend with Brigitte Boyea and St Germain from,6 28 19 until 6 30 19 please check off.
7 26 19 until 7 28 19 please check off,9 27 19 until 9 29 19 please check off. CONTACT INFORMATION,Brigitte Boyea,Tel 1 908 892 0751. Email info lightbridge101 com,Website http www lightbridge101 com. Website http www mikesnydercc com,Facebook http www facebook com lightbridge101. Light Bridge Inc Center for Transformation Clinton NJ Brigitte Boyea ASCENDED MASTER RETREAT WEEKENDS AT THE SPIRITUAL CENTER IN WINDSOR NY IN 2019 6 28 2019 6 30 2019 7 26 2019 7 28 2019 9 27 2019 9 29 2019 Tel 908 892 0751 Email info lightbridge101 com Retreat Weekends with the Ascended Masters At a time of great change as we anchor a new paradigm of love and peace here on

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