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Connect with the World, And Bring Your Classroom to Life New to the Second Edition. Now in a new edition National Geographic Learning brings the An extended critical thinking syllabus is now featured. world to your classroom with Life a six level integrated skills throughout all six levels encouraging learners to. series with grammar and vocabulary for young adult and adult develop and share well informed opinions. English language learners Updated and relevant National Geographic content. photography and video engages learners by connecting. Through stunning National Geographic content video and. them to people and places from around the world, engaging topics Life inspires a generation of informed decision. makers With Life learners develop their ability to think critically New My Life sections help learners explore the. and communicate effectively in the global community connections between the content and their own lives. Also in the Second Edition, An updated video program features interesting contemporary. and high quality National Geographic video,New Memory Booster activities improve students. ability to retain and use new language,A refined grammar syllabus provides increased.
scaffolding and an enhanced reference section, An enhanced Classroom Presentation Tool now includes the. Workbook pages extra support and extension activities. A new Student App with each Student Book includes video. audio for the Student Book and Workbook grammar practice. interactive reading practice expanded wordlists and games. Introduction to Life Second Edition 2 3,From the authors of the Second Edition 4. The Life student app and component array 5,Life Second Edition Level 3 Scope Sequence 6 7. Life Second Edition Level 3 Sample Unit 8 22,Life Second Edition Technology 23. From the Authors of the Second Edition Introducing the new Life Student App. The Student App contains,We wanted to take learners.
The video and audio,on a journey discovering and,celebrating the world its for the Student Book. peoples their customs and ideas and Workbook,in all its rich diversity But we. Paul Dummett,needed to bring it home to make Grammar practice. the issues more relatable so as activities,to maximize the opportunity for. learners to express themselves Interactive reading. meaningfully in English That for practice,me is the success of this edition.
Expanded vocabulary lists,In the second edition we ve. really expanded the range,of videos so there are new. interviews documentaries To learn more visit NGL Cengage com elt login. infographics and even short,John Hughes,feature films And the videos come. from such creative people so it, really inspires you when you are Life Second Edition Components. writing the book,For Students For Teachers,Student Book App Teacher s Guide.
It s been hugely satisfying to,produce the new edition with user. Student Book App MyLife Online Audio CD,feedback from all over the world in eBook DVD. Helen Stephenson,mind This edition gets the balance. between the students needs and the Workbook Audio Classroom Presentation. topic and language accessibility just Tool USB, right I believe I especially like the Combo Splits App. Assessment CD ROM with,renewed focus on practice activities.
and opportunities for production, that bring the focus to the individual Online Placement Test. student and their own context,Life Second Edition Intermediate Scope Sequence. Unit Grammar Vocabulary Real life functions Pronunciation Listening Reading Critical thinking Speaking Writing. simple present everyday routines talking about illness s z or z someone talking about a a quiz about how well giving examples finding out about text type filling out. adverbs and expressions of wordbuilding collocations one or two syllables national park near a city you sleep lifestyle a form. frequency with do play and go a radio interview about long life an article about your current life writing skill. 1 simple present and present word focus feel centenarians making a town information on. continuous medical problems an article about how healthier forms. Lifestyle nature is good for you,pages 9 20,VIDEO Laughter yoga page 18 REVIEW page 20. modal verbs for rules sports talking about interests someone describing an Ironman an article about crazy reading between the explaining the rules of a text type an ad. ing form wordbuilding suffixes silent letters competition competitions lines sport or competition writing skill checking. word focus like three people talking about an article about female talking about your your writing. 2 competitive sports in schools wrestlers in Bolivia sports preferences. your opinions about,Competitions Olympic sports,pages 21 32. VIDEO Mongolian horse racing page 30 REVIEW page 32. comparatives and ways of traveling going on a trip than someone describing a photo an article about solutions opinions for talking about and text type notes and. superlatives transportation nouns sentence stress two people discussing the to transportation and against comparing commutes messages. as as wordbuilding compound intonation pros and cons of types of problems advice on writing skill writing in. 3 comparative modifiers nouns transportation an article about the transportation note form. transportation adjectives a documentary about animal fate of the rickshaw in a presentation about a. Transportation transportation verbs transportation Kolkata India pedicab company. taking transportation,pages 33 44,VIDEO Indian Railways page 42 REVIEW page 44.
simple past risks and challenges telling a story d t or d a caver talking about his hobby an article about two looking for evidence talking about your past text type a short story. past continuous and personal qualities was were a climber makes an impossible adventurers events you remember writing skill structure. simple past wordbuilding verbs and intonation for decision an article about different giving tips or advice on your writing. 4 nouns responding types of challenges the best ways to learn. Challenges,pages 45 56,VIDEO A microadventure page 54 REVIEW page 56. quantifiers materials calling about an order or i an excerpt from a documentary an article about e waste reading closely talking about recycling a quiz. articles a an the or no recycling sounding friendly about a house made from an article about a boat a general knowledge text type emails. article results and figures recycled materials made of plastic bottles quiz writing skill formal. 5 word focus take a news report about changing attitudes and words. environmental projects behavior,environment,pages 57 68. VIDEO Recycling Cairo page 66 REVIEW page 68, infinitive forms life events inviting accepting and t differences between the an article about how a analyzing the writer s plan the trip of a text type a. future forms going to will describing age declining contractions generations couple changed their view lifetime description. and present continuous celebrations emphasizing words a news item about Mardi Gras lives planning a celebration writing skill. 6 word focus get an article about how describing annual descriptive adjectives. wordbuilding synonyms Mardi Gras is celebrated events. Stages of life around the world,an article about coming. pages 69 80,of age ceremonies,VIDEO Steel drums page 78 REVIEW page 80.
05640 FM 001 008 PP2 indd 2 3 12 20 17 6 07 PM, Unit Grammar Vocabulary Real life functions Pronunciation Listening Reading Critical thinking Speaking Writing. present perfect and simple language to describe jobs a job interview intrusive w a woman talks about her job in an article about new jobs analyzing comparisons describing past text type a r sum. past jobs a steel mill in an area in a text experiences writing skill leaving. present perfect with for wordbuilding suffixes an interview with a scientist an article about modern giving directions out words in. 7 and since parts of a building two people giving instructions day cowboys job satisfaction r sum s. prepositions of place and word focus make or do a job interview. Work movement job ads,pages 81 92,VIDEO My working life page 90 REVIEW page 92. zero and first conditionals internet verbs finding out how linking a documentary about the an explorer s blog the writer s sources planning a trip text type a paragraph. defining relative clauses wordbuilding dependent something works importance of technology an article about important inventions writing skill. prepositions a science program about an biomimetics design an invention for connecting words. 8 instructions invention everyday life,favorite technology. Technology,pages 93 104, VIDEO Ancient languages modern technology page 102 REVIEW page 104. past perfect vacation collocations requesting and suggesting d three people talk about their a vacation story the author s purpose a story about a vacation text type an. subject questions wordbuilding ed ing number of syllables vacations an article about the two planning the vacation email requesting. adjectives an interview with a tour guide sides of Paris of a lifetime information. 9 word focus place a presentation about a writing skill formal. place you know well expressions,pages 105 116,VIDEO Living in Venice page 114 REVIEW page 116.
the passive simple present wordbuilding word forms giving your opinion stress in different a description of a producer and an article about some fact or opinion some famous products text type a review. and simple past describing design word forms his products famous logos or brands writing skill giving. used to websites s or z a radio program about a an article about having talk about things you your opinion. 10 famous product from the past less stuff used to do in the past. a presentation on using,Products less stuff,planning a new website. pages 117 128,VIDEO Wind turbines page 126 REVIEW page 128. reported speech wordbuilding verb giving a short presentation pausing a historian talking about Robert a timeline of video emotion words planning a time capsule a message in a bottle. reporting verbs say and preposition Falcon Scott s hut in Antarctic a gaming opinions about games text type a biography. tell communication a news story about a message an article about stealing reporting a message writing skill. 11 ancient history in a bottle historical objects a museum in your town punctuation in direct. word focus one or city speech,pages 129 140,VIDEO The Golden Record page 138 REVIEW page 140. second conditional extreme weather finding a solution would wouldn t d a description of the life of a an article about a science reading closely hopes and dreams text type an article. anywhere everyone nature storm chaser blog questions with any writing skill planning. nobody something etc word focus start a documentary about a an article about interview questions an article. 12 photographer chimpanzee expert,Jane Goodall,pages 141 152. VIDEO Cambodia animal rescue page 150 REVIEW page 152. COMMUNICATION ACTIVITIES page 153 GRAMMAR SUMMARY page 156 AUDIOSCRIPTS page 181. 05640 FM 001 008 PP2 indd 4 5 12 20 17 6 07 PM, Find supporting teacher s notes videos and audio for this sample unit at NGL Cengage com life.
4a Adventurers,4a Adventurers,3 Look at the,Look at the. boxgrammar,on page box on page 46 Then7 Read the 7. 46 Then textRead,about Work,Reza again,Work in pairs. underline theunderline,verbs in the,verbstense,inpast tense in Adventurers. Adventurers Answer the questions,Answer the questions.
of the Year Which,of the are regular,Year Which Which. are regular,are irregular,Which are irregular,1 When was 1 Reza. was Reza born,2 Where did,architecture,he study architecture. ReadingReading 2 Read the 2,the article,Work again. in pairsWork,and discuss,in pairs and discuss 4 4 Work.
Work in pairs Answer,theseAnswer,these questions,3 What did3he What. did hehelove,a teenager,he was a teenager,the questions. the questions,1 What do we 1 What,add todo regular. we add verbs,to regular,to formverbs,the to form the. 4 What did4he What,didcollege,he do after college,1 Read the 1.
ReadAre thethese,Are theseabout,Pasang about Pasang. simple past simple,What do past,add ifdo thewe,if the verb ends. 1 What do you,youPasang s,Pasang s biggest 5 Did he want5 Did. photosto of,of local news,Marjan or both,1 6 in Write. the diagram,1 6 in the diagram,challenge challenge in e What ifinthe.
y ends in y 6 When did6 heWhengo abroad,did he go abroad. 1 She was born,1 She in Nepal,was born in Nepal 2 Why is she2 famous. Why is she famous 2 What is the 2 base,the irregular. form of the,you verbs you,2 Her father2 helped,Her fatherher helped her 3 What was3 Marjan s. What wasambition,Marjan s ambition underlined underlined.
SIMPLE PAST SIMPLE,PAST QUESTIONS,3 She started3 when. She started,she waswhen,a teenager,she was a teenager 4 What were 4 her. wereachievements,her team s achievements grew up growgrew. up up grow up,4 She trained4 for,Sheher trained,job for her job 3 How do we 3 form. How thedo we,form theof most, simpleof most simpleWhen was RezaWhen was Reza born.
2 3 Connect with the World And Bring Your Classroom to Life Also in the Second Edition Now in a new edition National Geographic Learning brings the world to your classroom with Life a six level integrated skills series with grammar and vocabulary for young adult and adult English language learners

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