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Lipid, Enzymes 13 14 15 5 25 3, Metabolism,Intro to Amino Acid. 3 16 2 26,Metabolism Metabolism , Nucleotides, Glucose. 17 18 23 5 and Nucleic 5, Metabolism, Acids , Citric Acid Nitrogen. 21 2 26, Cycle Metabolism , Optional Topics Time Permitting . Course Outcomes , Explain the structure of biochemical molecules e g Lipids carbohydrates proteins .
Differentiate between types of biochemical molecules . Explain the metabolism of biochemical molecules , Analyze the regulation energy changes and connections in metabolic pathways . Evaluate metabolic reactions using enzyme kinetics . Analyze and solve problems using buffers , Collect data using basic biochemistry lab equipment . Analyze and interpret experimental data,Course Topics . See Recommended Readings and Resources chart,Learning Activities . Lectures, Class discussions, In class group assignments.
Posters, Labs,Assessment Assignments and Exams , Assignments 10 . Lab 20 , Midterm 1 15 , Midterm 2 15 , Final Exam 40 . Optional Assignment 5 , The optional assignment is a poster on a topic in biochemistry If you choose to do the optional. assignment it will decrease the weighting of a midterm by 5 . 2 of 6, Assignments , Assignments will be given on the different topic areas These assignments approximately 10 . will be taken in for marking and are worth 10 of the course grade . Exams , Two 1 hour midterm exams and a 3 hour comprehensive final exam are scheduled .
Midterm 1 Wednesday February 13 2019, Midterm 2 Friday March 27 2019. Final Exam , You are expected to be available from April 22 to 27 for writing the final examination A final. examination schedule is posted on the Loop by March 22 The final exam is a 3 hour. comprehensive exam and an exact mark breakdown will be given in class . Attendance Requirements , Regular attendance at all lectures and labs is compulsory Make up quizzes and exams will. not in general be allowed In the event you must be absent you must assume full. responsibility for missed material , Students are strongly cautioned not to miss quizzes and exams Failure to notify the instructor. in advance if possible and to provide a valid reason will result in a mark of zero being. assigned ,Grading Scale , The final overall grade will be converted to the College grading system using the following.
approximate ranges applicable to this course only . Grade Grade Point Range, A 4 0 95 100, A 4 0 90 94. A 3 7 80 89, B 3 3 76 79, B 3 0 73 75, B 2 7 70 72. C 2 3 65 69, C 2 0 60 64, C 1 7 55 59, D 1 3 51 54. D 1 0 50, F 0 0 50, Students intending to transfer to universities should make themselves aware of the minimum. passing grade acceptable for transfer Please note that a passing grade of D D may not. transfer to all receiving institutions check with the receiving institution for clarification . 3 of 6, Mid Term Feedback by March 8 A letter grade will be assigned to the first midterm .
The RDC Final Examinations Policy , In courses with Final Examinations the RDC Final Examinations Policy new and Final. Examinations Guidebook new will apply Please review these documents to ensure that you. understand the contents and implications of the policy . Academic Misconduct , Academic misconduct in all its forms is a serious offence Academic misconduct is the giving . taking or presenting of information or material that unethically or dishonestly aids oneself or. another on any work which under normal circumstances is to be considered in the. determination of a grade or the compilation of academic requirements or the enhancement of. that student s record or academic career The two key areas of academic misconduct are. plagiarism and cheating Please read the definitions that follow . Plagiarism , The use or close imitation of language paintings films prototypes and ideas of another author. and representation of them as one s own original work The most common forms of plagiarism. are copying or paraphrasing another author s work without proper acknowledgement using the. ideas or lines of reasoning of another author s work without proper acknowledgement . submitting work to which someone else has made substantial improvements to the content and. submitting the same work for multiple courses without approval . Plagiarism can be judged to have occurred if the instructor has both the submitted material and. original source that was copied or if the student is unable to explain the terminology or ideas of. a submission ,Cheating , Any attempt to give or obtain unsanctioned assistance in a formal academic exercise e g . examination Some examples of cheating are unauthorized cheat sheets in a test or exams the. unauthorized use of electronic devices during an exam and copying from an adjacent student . Student Academic Integrity and Academic Misconduct New . Student Academic Integrity and Academic Misconduct Guidebook New . Student Misconduct Non Academic New , Student Misconduct Non Academic Guidebook New .
Student Appeals New , Student Appeals Guidebook New . Student Rights and Responsibilities Policy , Red Deer College RDC is a learning community dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and to. ensuring that the adult learners it serves have the knowledge skills and competencies to. develop to their full potential The essential conditions for a learning community are an. atmosphere of freedom respect and appreciation for the basic rights and responsibilities of all. members of the community Students should familiarize themselves with the RDC. Students Rights and Responsibilities Policy and follow the guidelines defined within the policy . 4 of 6, Audio Visual Recording , Audio or video recording digital or otherwise of lectures labs seminars or any other teaching. environment by students is allowed only with the prior written consent of the instructor or as a. part of an approved accommodation plan Student or instructor content digital or otherwise . created and or used within the context of the course is to be used solely for personal study and. is not to be used or distributed for any other purpose without prior written consent from the. content author s ,Important Red Deer College Dates Winter 2019. Winter 2019, st,January 1 New Year s Day College closed.
nd,January 2 College open No Credit Classes, rd, January 3 First Day of Classes for Winter Term 2019. rd, January 3 Mid term feedback for Full year 2018 2019 courses. th th, February 15 28 Reading week break No credit classes. As a result of RDC partnering to host the 2019 Canada Winter Games an extended Winter Term. Reading Break has been approved for the 2018 2019 academic year The Reading Break applies. th st, to all credit classes and is scheduled from February 15 through to March 1 2019 Please refer. to 2018 2019 Academic Schedule for exceptions , th.
February 18 Family Day College closed, th,March 4 Credit Classes resume. March 8th Mid term feedback for Winter term 2019 courses. th, March 18 Continuing Student Registration opens for 2019 2020. March 22nd Final Exam Schedule posted, th, April 17 Last day to withdraw from Winter term 2019 and Full term 2018 19 courses and receive a WD. th, April 17 Last day of classes for Winter term 2019 and Full year 2018 19 courses. th,April 19 Good Friday College closed, nd,April 22 27th Final exams written.
th, April 30 Deferred Exams for Winter term 2019 and Full year 2018 2019 courses. rd, May 3 Last day for submission of final grades for Winter term 2019 and Full year 2018 2019 courses. May 6th Final grades available for Winter term 2019. May 18th Supplemental exams for Winter term 2019 written. Prior Learning Assessment , This course may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning Students should refer to the RDC. Academic Calendar for a list of excluded courses ,Student Services on Campus. Students should be aware that Personal Counselling Career Learning and Disability. Resources are provided by RDC Students may inquire about locations at the Information Desk . It is the responsibility of students to discuss their specific learning needs with the appropriate. service provider , Academic Support Library 403 342 3264 help learn rdc ab ca .
Writing Skills Centre writingskills rdc ab ca , Math Learning Centre math concepts and advanced theoretical math . Learning Strategies note taking studying and exam writing strategies . Peer Assisted Study Tutoring one on one tutoring by students . Disability Resources Library 403 357 3629 disabilityservices rdc ab ca . Coordination of services tutoring alternate format text note taking and so on . Academic accommodations including exam accommodations. Counselling and Career Centre Room 1402 403 343 4064 counselling rdc ab ca . 5 of 6, Changes to the Course Outline, It is the student s responsibility to be familiar with the information contained in this course outline. and to clarify any areas of concern with the instructor . Students should refer to the Appeals Student Appeals and Student Appeals Guidebook and. Student Academic Integrity and Academic Misconduct and Student Academic Integrity and. Academic Misconduct Guidebook and Student Misconduct Non Academic and Student. Misconduct Non Academic Guidebook should questions or concerns about the Course Outline. not be resolved directly with the instructor , No changes will be made to this course outline without the consent of the class and the. approval of the Chair of the Science Engineering Department School of Arts Sciences . Dr Robbie Halonen,Department Chair Science Engineering. Reading Class Schedule,See Recommended Readings and Resources chart.
Lecture Text Biochemistry 4th Edition Voet and Voet John Wiley and sons 2011 Laboratory Biochemistry 393 Lab Manual found on Blackboard along with a lab coat and safety glasses or goggles Scientific Calculator Programmable calculators are allowed in this course for midterms and final

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