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House Dust Mites HDM Bacteria, Laboratory tests Arlian 1992 Arlian 1998 Lab tests. Dust mites Aerosol viability Dunklin 1948 Wright 1968 Theunissen 1993 and Ko. Controlled tests in homes Arlian 2001 2000 and fomites Lopez 2013. Environmental tests Munir 1995 Sundell 1995 Challenging to compare across studies. Sundell 1995 ventilation is a confounding variable What is the relationship between survival and infection. Low humidity RH 60 beneficial for reducing dust mite allergens dust A few older studies still cited in literature. mites can survive with spikes of high humidity,PRESENTATION TITLE PRESENTATION TITLE. PRESENTER PRESENTER, Arlian 1992 Arlian 1998 Arlian 2001 Munir 1995 Sundell 1995 Dunklin 1948 Wright 1968 Theunissen 1993 Ko 2000 Lopez 2013. Viruses Health Knowledge and Gaps, Majority of data on influenza virus aerosol survival and transmission. Influenza and dust mite survival are strong functions of RH. Laboratory testing Akers 1966 de la Noue 2014 Lowen 2007. Noti 2013 Yang 2012 Limited asthma data, Epidemiology Barreca 2012 Jaakkola 2014 van Noort 2012 Several routes of bacterial virus transmission and infection.
Modeling Yang 2011 Shaman 2009 hypothesized,Direct contact fomite droplet droplet nuclei. Influenza survival was a strong function of humidity and exhibited a. PRESENTATION TITLE,canonical dip between 40 80 RH,PRESENTATION TITLE. Relative humidity can uniquely affect each of these transmission modes. Bacteria envelope Gram positive or Gram negative affects RH but. even in these subcategories the behavior at low humidities varies. PRESENTER Many confounding variablesPRESENTER, DATE Air exchange rate length of organism exposure variation in the. biological structure and routes ofDATE,entry variation of pathogen survival. on different fomites and variances in human host response. Several studies assumed that detection correlates with infection while. other studies were based on transmission rates,Eye Irritation.
Focus on healthy patients, Eye goggles e g Arciniega 2011 and McCulley 2006 and. environmental chamber e g Abusharha 2013 Laviana 1988. Sunwoo 2006 Wyon 2006, Wyon 2006 eyes were drier at 5 RH than 35 RH although subjects. did not perceive it small but significant decrease in performance of. ComfortTITLE,PRESENTATION,office tasks at low RH,PRESENTATION TITLE. PRESENTER PRESENTER, McCulley 2006 Arciniega 2011 Abusharha 2013 Laviana 1988 Sunwoo 2006 Wyon 2006. This file is licensed to ASHRAE Member member ashrae org This download was made available with support from Yaskawa Copyright ASHRA. Skin Irritation Thermal Comfort, Focus on healthy patients Extensive testing in environmental chambers e g Nevins.
Testing in offices workplaces e g Reinikainen 1991 Reinikainen 2003 1966 de Dear 1989 Fang 1998 Sunwoo 2006. Nordstrom 1994 Chou 2005 Chou 2007 and environmental chambers Tsutsumi 2007. e g Sunwoo 2006 and Wyon 2006, Increased transepidural water loss TEWL at lower RH but changes with Few effects of low RH on thermal comfort as long as. time are not known How does the body adapt temperature is suitably adjusted for the humidity effect. PRESENTATION TITLE PRESENTATION TITLE,PRESENTER PRESENTER. Reinikainen 2003 Chou 2005 Sunwoo 2006, Reinikainen 1991 Nordstrom 1994 Chou 2007 Wyon 2006. Comfort Knowledge and Gaps,Low humidity does not cause thermal discomfort in. terms of thermal sensation, Comfort effects of low humidity attributed to skin eye.
and mucous membrane irritation, Evaporative tear losses increase and blink frequencies are. PRESENTATION TITLE,higher in healthy eyes minutes to hours. What are the long term effects of low RH on vision eye. comfort and eye health,PRESENTATION, Increased skin discomfort and itching was observed at ultra. PRESENTER PRESENTER,low humidity levels 1 5 2 5 RH. Mild skin discomfort effects were observed for healthy DATE. patients in humidity 30 RH, Data suggest that initial TEWL was when a subject entered a.
low humidity condition after which the skin adapted in a. time scale of 30 60 minutes in order to conserve water in. the short term,Indoor Air Quality IAQ IEQ Knowledge and Gaps. Human subjects e g Kay 1990 Fang 1998 Cain 2002 Fang. 2004 emissions from building materials e g Wolkoff 1998 Limited data. Fang 1999 Cain 2002 and surveys e g Norback 1990 Results on the effects of RH on volatile organic. Reinikainen 1992 Sundell 1993 Smedje 1997 Fiedler, 2005 compound VOC emissions from building materials. Few conclusions can be drawn regarding the IEQ literature were inconclusive. Depended on the type of material and type of VOC,PRESENTATION TITLE PRESENTATION TITLE. Emissions from materials may or may not change with. changes in temperature and humidity,PRESENTER In general increasesPRESENTER. in temperature and humidity, DATE decreased the perceived quality or acceptability of the.
In the study by Cain et al 2002 dilution, concentration and temperature had far stronger effect. than RH on TVOC emissions and perceived air quality. This file is licensed to ASHRAE Member member ashrae org This download was made available with support from Yaskawa Copyright ASHRA. Human Subjects Conclusions and Future Work, Human subjects in surveys and laboratory tests Most studies involving human subjects conducted tests. Category Children Adolescents University Adults Elderly 65. at a limited number of humidity levels e g 2 3,0 13 13 18 students. 18 65 Few studies identified the direct benefits or. Asthma 3 1 1 3 1, consequences of increasing relative humidity by 10. Respiratory,House Dust,PRESENTATION TITLE 1 0 0 0 0 PRESENTATION TITLE.
for example, Confounding variables included ventilation rates and. Viruses 1 PRESENTER,exposure time PRESENTER,Bacteria DATE For building occupants DATE. what are the appropriate, Comfort 0 0 8 5 1 weightings of the comfort health and IEQ categories. IEQ 0 0 4 8 0,Few studies addressed adults 65 e g Sunwoo. 2006 8 college age men 8 men avg age 72,Bibliography Bibliography.
Derby M M M Hamehkasi S Eckels G M Hwang B L G Arlian Water balance and humidity requirements of house dust mites Experimental Applied Acarology 16 1 2 1992 15 35. L G Arlian J S Neal S W Bacon Survival fecundity and development of Dermatophagoides farinae Acari Pyroglyphidae at fluctuating relative humidity. Journal of Medical Entomology 35 6 1998 962 966, Jones R Maghirang D Shulan 2016 Update of the L G Arlian J S Neal M S Morgan D L Vyszenski Moher C M Rapp A K Alexander Reducing relative humidity is a practical way to control dust mites and. their allergens in homes in temperate climates Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 107 1 2001 99 104. scientific evidence for specifying lower limit relative Munir B Bjorksten R Einarsson A Ekstrand Tobin C Moller A Warner N I Kjellman Mite allergens in relation to home conditions and sensitization of. asthmatic children from three climatic regions Allergy 50 1 1995 55 64. J Sundell M Wickman G Pershagen S Nordvall Ventilation in homes infested by house dust mites Allergy 50 2 1995 106 112. humidity levels for comfort health and indoor Bacteria. E W Dunklin T T Puck The lethal effect of relative humidity on air borne bacteria Journal of Experimental Medicine 87 2 1948 87 101. D Wright G Bailey M Hatch Role of relative humidity in the survival of airborne Mycoplasma pneumoniae Journal of Bacteriology 96 4 1968 970 974. environmental quality in occupied spaces RP 1630 H Theunissen N A Lemmens den Toom A Burggraaf E Stolz M Michel Influence of temperature and relative humidity on the survival of Chlamydia 89. PRESENTATION TITLE PRESENTATION TITLE, pneumoniae in aerosols Applied and Environmental Microbiology 59 8 1993 2589 2593. G Ko M First H Burge Influence of relative humidity on particle size and UV sensitivity of Serratia marcescens and Mycobacterium bovis BCG aerosols. Science and Technology for the Built Environment 1 16 Tubercle and Lung Disease 80 4 2000 217 228. G U Lopez C P Gerba A H Tamimi M Kitajima S L Maxwell J B Rose Transfer efficiency of bacteria and viruses from porous and nonporous fomites to. fingers under different relative humidity conditions Applied and Environmental Microbiology 79 18 2013 5728 5734. E Sterling A Arundel T Sterling Criteria for human exposure to humidity in occupied buildings ASHRAE Transactions 91 1B 1985 611 T Akers S Bond L Goldberg Effect of temperature and relative humidity on survival of airborne Columbia SK group viruses Applied microbiology 14 3. 1966 361 364,PRESENTER PRESENTER, A C de la Noue M Estienney S Aho J M Perrier Cornet A de Rougemont P Pothier P Gervais G Belliot Absolute humidity influences the seasonal. persistence and infectivity of human norovirus Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2014 AEM 01871 01814. Andersen G R Lundqvist P L Jensen D F Proctor Human response to 78 hour exposure to dry air Archives of Environmental Health An A C Lowen J Steel Roles of humidity and temperature in shaping influenza seasonality Journal of virology 2014 JVI 03544 03513. International Journal 29 6 1974 319 324 DATE DATE, J D Noti F M Blachere C M McMillen W G Lindsley M L Kashon D R Slaughter D H Beezhold High humidity leads to loss of infectious influenza virus. from simulated coughs PLoS One 8 2 2013 e57485, Bundgaard T Ingemann Hansen A Schmidt J Halkjaer Kristensen Influence of temperature and relative humidity of inhaled gas on W Yang S Elankumaran L C Marr Relationship between humidity and influenza A viability in droplets and implications for influenza s seasonality PloS.
exercise induced asthma European Journal of Respiratory Diseases 63 3 1982 239 244 One 7 10 2012 e46789. W Yang L C Marr Dynamics of airborne influenza A viruses indoors and dependence on humidity PLoS One 6 6 2011 e21481. D A Kaminsky C G Irvin D A Gurka D C Feldsien E M Wagner M C Liu S E Wenzel Peripheral airways responsiveness to cool dry air in A I Barreca J P Shimshack Absolute humidity temperature and influenza mortality 30 years of county level evidence from the United States American. normal and asthmatic individuals American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 152 6 1995 1784 1790 Journal of Epidemiology 176 suppl 7 2012 S114 S122. G Smedje D Norb ck C Edling Asthma among secondary schoolchildren in relation to the school environment Clinical Experimental K Jaakkola A Saukkoriipi J Jokelainen R Juvonen J Kauppila O Vainio T Ziegler E R nkk J J Jaakkola T M Ik heimo Decline in temperature and. humidity increases the occurrence of influenza in cold climate Environmental Health 13 1 2014 22. Allergy 27 11 1997 1270 1278 S P van Noort R guas S Ballesteros M G M Gomes The role of weather on the relation between influenza and influenza like illness Journal of. C Ezeamuzie M Thomson S Al Ali A Dowaisan M Khan Z Hijazi Asthma in the desert spectrum of the sensitizing aeroallergens Theoretical Biology 298 2012 131 137. Allergy 55 2 2000 157 162 J Shaman M Kohn Absolute humidity modulates influenza survival transmission and seasonality Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106. 9 2009 3243 3248,Bibliography QUESTIONS,Eye Irritation. J C Arciniega J C Wojtowicz E M Mohamed J P McCulley Changes in the evaporation rate of tear film after digital expression of meibomian. glands in patients with and without dry eye Cornea 30 8 2011 843 847. J P McCulley J D Aronowicz E Uchiyama W E Shine I A Butovich Correlations in a change in aqueous tear evaporation with a change in. relative humidity and the impact American Journal of Ophthalmology 141 4 2006 758 760. A A Abusharha E I Pearce The effect of low humidity on the human tear film Cornea 32 4 2013 429 434. J Laviana F Rohles P Bullock Humidity comfort and contact lenses ASHRAE Transactions 94 Part 1 1988 3 11. Y Sunwoo C Chou J Takeshita M Murakami Y Tochihara Physiological and subjective responses to low relative humidity Journal of. Physiological Anthropology 25 1 2006 7 14, D P Wyon L Fang L Lagercrantz P O Fanger Experimental determination of the limiting criteria for human exposure to low winter humidity. indoors RP 1160 HVAC R Research 12 2 2006 201 213,Skin Irritation. L M Reinikainen J J Jaakkola O P Heinonen The effect of air humidification on different symptoms in office workers An epidemiologic study. PRESENTATION TITLE PRESENTATION,Dr Melanie Derby TITLE. Environment International 17 4 1991 243 250, L Reinikainen J Jaakkola Significance of humidity and temperature on skin and upper airway symptoms Indoor Air 13 4 2003 344 352.
K Nordstr m D Norb ck R Akselsson Effect of air humidification on the sick building syndrome and perceived indoor air quality in hospitals. a four month longitudinal study Occupational and Environmental Medicine 51 10 1994 683 688. T C Chou K H Lin S M Wang C W Lee S B Su T S Shih H Y Chang Transepidermal water loss and skin capacitance alterations among. workers in an ultra low humidity environment Archives of Dermatological Research 296 10 2005 489 495. T C Chou K H Lin H M Sheu S B Su C W Lee H R Guo T N Wu H Y Chang Alterations in health examination items and skin. symptoms from exposure to ultra low humidity International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health 80 4 2007 290 297. Thermal Comfort,derbym ksu edu, R G Nevins F H Rohles W Springer A Feyerherm A temperature humidity chart for thermal comfort of seated persons ASHRAE Transactions. 72 1 1966 283 291, R De Dear H Knudsen P Fanger Impact of air humidity on thermal comfort during step changes ASHRAE Transactions 95 2 1989 336 350 DATE. Las Vegas Nevada PRESENTATION TITLE PRESENTER DATE Learning Objectives 1 Understand the effects of humidity on health comfort IAQ and on elderly people 2 Understand that healthcare associated infections increase when the humidity decreases too much 3 Understand the human physiological reactions to low humidity 4 Understand the effects of

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