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LabSolutions, Completely Integrated Software for LC GC LC MS and LC MS MS. Integrated software for LC GC LC MS and LC MS MS LabSolutions. features enhanced software operability and provides solutions for a. variety of tasks and issues in analytical laboratories through a highly. reliable system environment,An Integrated Operating Environment. Data Acquisition,Data Browser,Quant Browser, Im p ro ve d Effi c i e ncy o f An alysis Tasks P 4. E ff e c t i v e U t i l i z a tio n of An alyt ical In st r u m en t s P 6. Co n f i r m a t i o n of Dat a B ro wser Fu n ct io n s P 8. N u me ro u s Typ e s o f Calcu lat io n s Su p p o r t ed P 10. PD A D a t a A n al y si s P 12,C re a t i o n o f R ep o r t s P 14. Su b s t a n t i a l L i n e u p o f Fu n ct io n s f o r Co m p lian ce wit h G xP an. n d ER ES Reg ul ati on s P 16,Fu l l R eg u l a t i o n Co m p at ib ility P 18.
Ma n a g e m e n t of Lab o r ato r y Info r m at io n P 19. Improved Efficiency of Analysis Tasks, Improving the efficiency of each analytical run as well as the enhanced instrument monitor function that quickly verifies the. overall analytical work flow is required to improve the efficiency instrument conditioning status and an overlap injection function. of data acquisition that shortens the analysis cycle Furthermore routine analysis. LabSolutions provides you with a number of functions for can also be fully automated through the automatic. improving the efficiency of data acquisition including an determination of instrument condition or data acquisition status. Advantages of LabSolutions in Data Analysis Operations. Graphic display of baseline pump pressure oven Batch schedule function for enabling the complete. temperature etc for visually checking instrument condition automation of analysis tasks. Data Analysis, Linking with external software or simple editing functions Integration of LC GC LCMS software for reducing software. for Batch Tables for continuous data acquisition training. Overlap injection function for ensuring an overall shorter. data acquisition time on an LC system,Substantial Instrument Monitor Functions. LabSolutions chromatogram monitor allows instrument status displayed as reference chromatograms on the chromatogram. e g pump pressure and oven temperature concentration monitor and the status of acquired data such as the elution. gradient profiles signals from detectors etc to be displayed As time and peak shape of each compound can be easily checked. a result the instrument condition can be visually confirmed on the monitor sub window at the same time as the analytical. Also chromatograms of standard samples or past data can be run. Chromatogram Monitor,Detector signals instrument,status and other monitored. information can be displayed,Regulation Correspondence.
LCMS data can also be,Instrument Status,monitored simply by switching. Monitor Sub Window,This sub window displays the,current pump pressure value. oven temperature and other,numerical value information. Instrument Method,Editing Sub Window,Information Correspondence. Instrument parameters can be,edited in this sub window.
Display parameters are sent to,Data Acquisition Operation Sub Window. Data Acquisition Task the instrument by clicking the. Log Display download button in the,sub window,This feature allows you to verify data. acquisition related logs,Also a popup appears when errors occur. to provide information on how to remedy,the problem. Data Acquisition Made Even More Convenient by Batch Files. Various functions are provided for supporting the faster creation within a specified range repeat execution of the same sample. and editing of Batch Tables These include a Wizard driven Batch and priority run Data acquisition can be set to match the. Table creation function and a function for automatically progress of data acquisition tasks. incrementing cell information a data file name auto generation Also available is an overlap injection function for shortening the. function and spreadsheet import and copy and paste functions overall analysis time The overlap injection function can also be. Support functions are also provided to enable preliminary applied to existing auto samplers such as the SIL 10ADvp and. checking of specific samples and the simple execution of postrun the Nexera UHPLC series. analysis such as a function for only executing only samples. Data Analysis,Batch Editing Support Functions,Batch Setup Sub Window.
Full Automation of Data Acquisition Tasks, Batch Tables in LabSolutions have a function for automating stabilization when the mobile phases used in the previous and. operations from instrument startup to shutdown For example next analyses differ and cancelling analysis and re testing based. in an LC analysis operations matched to the workflow can be on the results of the system suitability test. automated by setting auto purge and confirmation of baseline. Instrument PC Power ON, Check operating status of analytical instrument system check function. Replacement of mobile phase and system flowpaths auto purge function. Regulation Correspondence,Equilibration of column baseline check function. Measurement of standard and control samples system suitability test SST creation of calibration curv. Split setting of real time batch e g re injection of sample cancellation of analysis based on SST results or linearity judgment of calibration curve. Measurement of unknown sample,Instrument Shutdown Operation. Custom parameters field,Information Correspondence.
System suitability field,Batch action field,Baseline check field. Auto purge field,System check field,Batch Table Editing Sub Window. LabSolutions,Analytical Data System 5,Effective Utilization of Analytical Instruments. To efficiently operate instruments each one must be easily time and the analysis status of each instrument to be monitored. accessed as desired and analysis schedules determined while the For LC MS instruments LabSolutions allows analysis instructions. operating status of each instrument is confirmed LabSolutions and results to be checked and reports output from Internet. allows both LC and GC instruments to be operated at the same Explorer and provides a free access environment. Flexible Instrument Access, Up to 16 systems can be registered on a single PC and up The operating status and analysis end times of connected. to four systems can be controlled simultaneously instruments can be monitored. LC and GC systems can be controlled simultaneously LC MS systems can be accessed via Internet Explorer. Data Analysis,Simultaneous Control of HPLC and GC Systems.
With LabSolutions LCs and GCs can be operated via the same the system to be switched between LC or GC systems. interface and up to four LC and or GC systems can be connected to the network Sharing the operating environment. controlled simultaneously on a single PC Instrument information for analysis on the LC and GC systems reduces training time. for up to 16 systems can be registered to a single PC allowing. LC and GC licenses,Currently installed on Currently. operating operating,LC LC LC GC,Currently Currently. operating operating,GC GC GC GC LC,Regulation Correspondence. Instrument Operating Status Monitor, LabSolutions instrument operating status monitor allows the operating status can be known at a glance which is useful for. operator to check the operating status of connected systems and scheduling data acquisition to effectively minimize instrument. the scheduled analysis end times on each instrument Even if downtime. multiple LC and GC systems are operating at the same time the. Information Correspondence,Open Solution,optional software LAN.
Open Solution is web based software that permits, observation of LC MS analysis results and report printing from. any networked PC Open Solution fully exploits an open. access environment in Internet Explorer to dramatically. enhance the efficiency of analysis work,Open Access. Open Solution allows analysis results to be checked or reports to be output from any networked PC installed with Internet. Data Analysis,No special software or extra licences are needed. Internet Explorer,Laboratory,Start Analysis in Just 3 Steps. Analysis can be started in a mere three steps Step 1 is to first specifying the method for data acquisition and then placing. log into Open Solution Step 2 involves setting the minimum vials at specified positions Finally in Step 3 just click the start. required parameters such as registering the sample and button. Regulation Correspondence,Laboratory,Start of Data.
Login Acquisition,Step1 Step2 Step3, Login to Open Solution Specify the number of vials check the injection volume Click the button. and method name and place the vial at the specified position to start analysis. Information Correspondence,E mail Notification at End of Analysis. Analysis tasks can be performed more efficiently since analysis results can be instantly accessed. These analysis results can be easily checked and printed and an analysis report can be output as a PDF file by the click of a button. Internet Explorer IE Registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. LabSolutions,Analytical Data System 7,Confirmation of Data Browser Functions. The capability to quickly check data is an important facet to Furthermore checks from system suitability and the validity of. improving the efficiency of analysis work In particular in calibration curves to pass fail of sample measurement results. ultrafast analysis in which large volumes of data can be can be automatically judged. processed in a short time the key point is how these large Also with Data Browser PDA spectra and LC MS spectra as. volumes of data can be batch processed LabSolutions browser well as multiple chromatograms can be easily compared and. functions make this possible With Quant Browser the series checked which is useful when evaluating analytical conditions. of acquired data is loaded simultaneously and postrun analysis LabSolutions provides you with various analysis functions that. after optimization of data processing parameters is applied to all are effectively located in the software and facilitate data. data merely by dragging and dropping a batch file visibility and analysis operations. Data Analysis,Advantages of LabSolutions in Data Analysis. Series of analysis data can be loaded rapidly simply by System suitability and the validity of calibration curves can. dragging and dropping a batch file be automatically judged. Large volumes of data can be instantly analyzed by the batch PDA spectra and LC MS spectra as well as multiple. analysis function chromatograms can be easily checked in a single sub window. Quant Browser, Simple mouse operation allows measurement results to be calibration curves chromatograms and the analysis parameters.
checked easily via an individual batch schedule This browser editing sub window in a single window which proves its worth. adopts an interface that groups the Quantitative Results Table in the analysis of data from numerous specimens. 2 Filter and display standard samples,or control sample or unknown samples. Data Explorer,Regulation Correspondence,Peak Integration Parameters. Editing Sub Window, 1 Drag and drop the batch 3 This is for checking the area values or the statistic calculation. file to be analyzed on the result values of the retention times of each peak displayed in the table. Quant Browser sub window,Information Correspondence. 4 Chromatograms can be switched for Quantitative Results Table. confirmation by clicking the mouse on the,Quantitative Results Table or by using the.
down cursor key on the keyboard, Chromatogram Display Quant Browser Window Calibration Curve. Sub Window Information Display,Checking Analytical Results. System suitability or the validation of calibration curves is any abnormalities in the check results can be immediately. automatically checked by preset criteria and the results are checked by the upper and lower limit values of the sample. displayed in red in the check results field if an error occurs Also quantitative values These enable analytical results to be checked. quickly after an analytical run ends,Data Analysis. Example of Automatic Checking of Analytical Results. Manual Peak Integration of Displayed Chromatogram, Manual peak integration can be performed on individual data if displayed chromatogram After identified peaks have been. necessary Peak detection points can be moved peaks can be integrated they immediately undergo quantitative calculation. inserted or removed and other operations performed on only the and the result is displayed in the Quantitative Results Table. Manual Peak Integration Menu,Regulation Correspondence.
Data Browser, The data of multiple chromatograms can be easily compared by This is useful for comparing chromatograms measured by. simply dragging and dropping a data file onto the Data Browser different analytical conditions in method development or for. sub window displaying LC MS and PDA chromatograms and spectra. MS Chromatogram,MS Spectrum,Information Correspondence. LC Chromatogram,UV Spectrum,Example of Data Display in Data Browser. LabSolutions,Analytical Data System 9,Numerous Types of Calculations Sup. Manual peak integration can be performed on individual data if necessary Peak detection points can be moved peaks can be inserted or removed and other operations performed on only the displayed chromatogram After identified peaks have been integrated they immediately undergo quantitative calculation

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