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Roben 5lUurman is a Noongar from Western Austra lia who does Aboriginal an as a result of meet. ing hi s birth mother in 1994 He is from th e Stolen Gene rati ons. The cover of this book is adapted from one of his paintings called Pathways th rough the Sea Thi. painting shows that knowing o ne s ability in un env ironme nt reflects knowing what to do in s ituoti ons. and circumstances in this case kn owi ng the seasons and cycles of the sea. Starfish indicate a form of tenaciousness because when one of their arms is cul off it grows back. agai n Th is tenaciollsness fo r life is a lso I e fl ectecl in the amOllnl of clot work thm is inrli c nive of thi. Tenacity and persiste nce is also reflec ted in the fie ld of nursing Due to nurses will ingness to. make a difference to promote lifc in many respects they are the unsung heroes that stay true to their. pathway Much like the pathway of tbe sea they are always there. Thj s book cover is dedicated to would be nurses who read this book and to the ones out in remote. places that have had to make do with little,Robe rt Stuurman artist. KOZIERAND ERB S,FUNDAMENTALS,OF NURSING,FIRST AUSTRALIAN EDITION. AUDREY 13Er MAN NICHOLE HArNEY,SHIRLEE J SNYDEr YONI LUXFORD. 13AR13ARA KOZIEr LORNA MOXHAM,GLENORA Er 13 TANYA PARK. mACY LEVEn JONES 13AR13ARA PARKEr,mUDY DWYEr KEr RY REID SEARL.
MAJELLA HALES DAVID STANLEY, Copyright l Pearson Auslralia a division of Pearson Australia Group Pty Ltd 2010. Pca u Australia,Unit 4 Level 3,14 Aquatic Drive,Frenchs Forest NSW 2086. wwwpearson com pu, Authorised ndnpl uion from The Un ited ST lT eli itinn p nTi tletl Knt pr F rb f F u nIllPlltnls of Nur g Rt h edition ISRN 0111714686 by. Berman Audrey Snyder Shirlee Kozicr Barbara Erb Glenora published by PCtmQn Education Inc publishing as Prentice Hall. Copyright 2008, 1st adaptation editJon publiShed by Pearson AUStralla Copyright 192010. The Copyright Act 968 of Austral ia allows a max imum of onc chapter or 10 of this book whichever is the greater to be copied by any. educational institution for its educational purposes provided that that educational institution or the body thai administers il has given u. remuneration notice to Copyright Agency Limited CAL under the Act For details of the CAL licence for educational institutions contact. Copyright Agency Limilcd telcphone 02 9394 7600 email info copyrighl com au. All rights reserved Except under the conditions described in the Copyright Act 968 of Australia and subsequent amendments no part of thi s. publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electron ic mechanical photocopying. recording or otherwise without the prior permission of the copyright owner. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers should be aware that this publication may contain images or names of people who have passed. Senior Acquisitions Edilor Michelle Aarons,Senior Project Editor Katie Millar.
Managing Development Editor Michael Stone, bdltonal Coonhnalor Yvonne ShepherdlFranny Gustafson. Production Coordinator Chris Richardson Barbara Honor. Copy Edi Qr Jane Tyrrell,Proofreader Felicity McKenzie. Copyright and Pictures Editor Emma Gau lton,Indexer Mary Cae. Cover design by Natalie Bowrd,Cvvel illustralion by Raben Sluunnan. Typeset by Midland TypesetterS Australia,Printed in China.
I 2345 14 13 12 I I 10,National LibfW of Australia. Cllt l ogui ns in Pub l ic tlion Data, Title Kozier and Erb s Fundamentals of Nursing Berman Audrey et al. Ed ition 1s t Australian ed,ISBN 978144250469 1 pbk Voll. 7tsl4425U47U7 pbk Vol 2,9781442504714 pbk Vol 3,Notes Includes index. Subjects Nursin2,Nursing Process,Nursing Care,Other AuthOrs Contributors.
Bet tnan AuJley,Kozier Barbara,Erb Glenora Lea,Dewey Number 6 10 73. Every effort has been made to lrace and acknowledge copyright However should any infringement have occurred the publishers tender lheir. apologies and invite copyright owners to contact them. Pearson Australia is a division of,VOLUME 1 VOLUME 2. UNIT 1 UNIT 6,THE NATURE OF NURSING 1 INTEGRAl ASPECTS OF. CHAPTER I Hjstorical and Contemporary Nursing NURSING 46 5. Practi ce 2 CHAPTER 25 Caring 464, CHAPTER 2 Nurse Education Research and CHAPTER 26 Communicating 482. Evidence Based Practice 23 CHAPTER 27 Teaching 517. CHAPTER 3 Nursing Theories and Conceptual CHAPTER 28 Leading Managing and Delegating 546. Frameworks 38 UNIT 7, CHAPTER 4 Legal Aspects of Nursing 55 ASSESSING HEALTH 561.
CHAPTER 5 Values Ethics and Advocacy 86 CHAPTER 29 Vital Signs 562. UNIT 2 CHAPTER 30 Health Assessment 607,CONTEMPORARY HEALTH CARE 105 UNIT 8. CHAPTER 6 Health Care Delivery Systems 106 INTEGRAL COMPONENTS OF. CHAPTER 7 Community Health Nursing l22 699,CHAPTER 8 Home Care 133. CHAPTER 3 1 Asepsis 700,CHAPTER 9 Nursing Informatics 147. CHAPTER 32 Safety 744,UNIT3 CHAPTER 33 Hygiene 780. THE NURSING PROCESS 167 CHAPTER 34 Diagnostic Testi ng 839. CHAPTcK IU Critical flunking and the Nursing CHAPTER 35 Medications 875. Process 168 CHAPTER 36 Skin Integrity and Wound Care 949. CHAPTER II Assessing 18 1 CHAPTER 37 Peri operative Nursing 987. CHAPTER 12 Diagnosi ng 202,CHAPTER 13 Planning 218 VOLUME J.
CHAPTER 14 Implementing and Evaluating 241,CIIAPTERI5 Documenting and Reporting 254. PROMOTING PSYCHOSOCIAL,UNIT4 HEALTH 1031, HEALTH BEUnS AND CHAPTER 38 Sensory Perception 1032. PRACTICES 277 CHAPTER 39 Self Concept 1056, CHAPTER 16 Health Promotion 278 CHAPTER 40 Sexuality J073. CHAPTER 17 Health Wellness and Illness 305 CHAPTER 41 Spirituality 1098. CHAPTER 18 Cultures and Nursing 323 CHAPTER 42 Stress and Coping 11 18. CHAPTER 19 Complementary and Alternative CHAPTER 43 Loss Grievi ng and Death 1139. Therapies 343,UNIT 5 PROMOTING PHYSIOLOGIC,UFESPAN DEVELOPMENT 361 HEALTH 1163. CHAPTER O r nnr f pt c nf Growth nci,CHAPTER 44 Activity and Exercise lI 64.
Development 362 CHAPTER 45 Sleep 1220, CHAPTER 2 1 Promoting Health from Conception CHAPTER 46 Pain Management 1246. through to Adolescence 381 CHAPTER 47 Nutrition 1292. CHAPTER 22 Promoting Health in Young and 1345,CHAPTER 48 Urinary Elimination. Middle Aged Adults 409,CHAPTER 49 Faecal Elimination 1386. CHAPTER 23 Promoting Health in Older Adults 423,CHAPTER 50 Oxygenation l422. CHAPTER 24 Promoting Family Health 448,CHAPTER 5 1 Circulation 1467.
CHAPTER 52 Fluid Electrolyte and Acid Base,Balance 1492. Glossary GI, ABOUT THE ORIGINATING AUTHORS XIII Con tractu al Arrangemen ts in Nursing 67. Selected L egal Aspects of Nursing Prac tice 71,ABOUT THE AUSTRALIAN AUTHORS xv. Areas of Potential Liability in Nursing 76, PREFACE TO THE FIRST AUSTRALIAN EDITION XVII Legal Protections in Nursing Practice 80. CONTRIBUTORS XXIV Reporting Crimes Torts and Unsafe Practices K2. Legal Responsibilities of Students 82,VOLUME 1 CHAPTERS.
VALUES ETHICS AND ADVOCACY 86,UNIT 1 Values 87,THE NATURE OF NURSING 1 Morality and Ethics 90. Nursing Ethics 92,Specific Ethica1 Issues 95,CHAPTER 1 Advocacy 99. HISTORICAL AND CONTEMPORARY,NURSING PRACTICE 2 UNIT 2. Historical Perspectives 3 CONTEMPORARY HEALTH CARE lOS. Cnntp mpnr 1 ry N llrsine Pr tcticp q,Roles and Functions of the Nurse II. Criteria of a Profession 13 CHAPTER 6, SociaLisalion to Nun iing 15 HEALTH CARE DELIVERY SYSTEMS 106.
Factors Influencing Contemporary Nursing Practice IS Types of Health Care Services 107. Nursing Organisations 18 Types of Health Care Agencies and Services 108. Providers of Health Care III,Factors Affecting Health Care Delivery 11 3. NURSE EDUCATION RESEARCH AND, EVIDENCE IJASED PRACTICE 23 The Au stralian Hca ltJl Syste m 11 4. Frameworks for Care 117,Nurse Education 24,Financing Health Care 11 8. Types of Educationa l Programs 25, Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice 28 CHAPTER 7. Critiquing Research Repol1s 34 COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSING 122. Health Care Reform 123,CHAPTER 3 Community Based Health Care 124.
NURSING THEORIES AND CONCEPTUAL,FRAMEWORKS 38,Community Health 125. Community Health and Primary Care 126, lntroductlOn to Theories 39 Community Based Nursing 129. The Metaparadigm for N ursing 40,Purposes of Nursing Theory 41 CHAPTER 8. Overview of Selected Nursing Theories 42 HOME CARE 133. Nursi ng Theorists in A ustralia 49 Home H ealth N ursi ng 134. Critique of Nursing Theorv 49 The Home Health Care System in Australia 136. Roles of the Home Health Nurse 138,CHAPTER 4 Perspectives of Home Care Clients 13Y. LEGAL ASPEGS OF NURSING 55 Selected Dimensions of Home Health Nursing 139. Legal Aspects of Nursing 56 The Practice of Nursing in the Home 142. Regulation of Nursing Practice 64 The Future of Home Health Care 143. Contents VII,CHAPTER 9 CHAPTER 15, NURSING INFORMATICS 147 DOCUMENTING AND REPORTING 254.
Ge neral Concepts 148 Ethical and Legal Considerations 255. CompUlers in Nursing and Midwifery Practice 153 Pu rposes of Patient Records 255. Computers in Nursing and M idwifery Education 159 Documentarian Systems 256. Co mputers in Nursing Adm ini stration 16 1 Documenting Nursi ng Activi ties 264. Computers in Nursing and Midwifery Research 162 Documentation in Residential Aged Care Facil ities 266. Home Care Documentation 267,UNIT 3 General Guidelines for Recording 267. THE NURSING PROCESS 167 Reporting 270,CHAPTER 10 UNIT 4. CRITICAL THINKING AND THE NURSING PROCESS 168,HEAlTH BELIEFS AND PRACTICES 277. C ritical Thjnking 169,Skills in Critical Thinking 170. Attitudes that Foster Critical Thinking I7l,CHAPTER 16.
Standards of Critical Thinking 173 HEALTH PROMOTION 278. App lying Critical Thi nking to Nursing Practice 173. Indi vidual Health 279, Developing Critical Thi nki ng Attitude s and Ski lls 176. Appl yi ng Theoretical Frameworks 280,CHAPTER 11 Defini ng Health Promotion 285. ASSESSING 181 Sites for Health Promotion Activities 285. Overview of the Nursing Process 82 Health Promotion Model 287. Assessing 186 Stages of Health Behaviour Cbange 289. Cullt t tiJ g D aLa t 86 The Nurse s Role in Health Promo tion 29 1. Organising Data 195 NURSING MANAGEMENT 292,Validating Data 198. Documenting Data 199,CHAPTE R 17,CHAPTER 12 HEALTH WELLNESS AND ILLNESS 305. DIAGNOSING 202 Concepts of H ealth Wellness and WeUbein g 3U6. NANDA I The Australian Context 203 Models of Heal th and Wellness 308. NANDA I Nursing Diagnoses 203 Variables I nfluencing Health Status Beliefs and. Practices 3 11,The Diagnostic Process 206, Ongoi ng Development of Nursing Diagnoses 213 Health Beljef Models 313.
Health Care Concordance 316,CHAPTER 13 Ill ness and Disease 317. PLANN ING 218,The C lassi fi catjo ll System in Austra lia 219. CHAPTER 18,Types of Planni ng 219,CULTURES AND NURSING 323. Developing Nursing Care Plans 220,Na liullal Organisid ions and Tre nd s 324. The Planning Process 225,Cultu ral Nursing Ca re 325.
The Nursing Interventi ons C lass ificati on 233,Concepts Related to C ultura l Nursing Care 326. CHAPTE R 14 Heritage Consistency 328, IMPLEMENTING AND EVALUATING 241 Selected Parameters for Cultu ral Nurs ing Care 329. Implementing 242 Providing Cultural Nurs ing Care 334. Eval uati ng 245 NURSING MANAGEMENT 33 1,VI Ll Contents. C HAPTER 19 CHAPTE R 24, COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES 343 PROMOTI NG FAMI LY HEALTH 448. Basic Concepts 344 Fami ly Healtb 449, Ethnocentrism and M edical Intransigence 346 Applying Theoretical Frameworks to Famil ies 451.
NURSING MANAGEMENT 453,LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT 361 VOLUME 2. INTEGRAl ASPECTS OF NURSING 463,C HAPTE R 20,CONCEPTS OF GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT 362. Factors lnfl uenci ng Growth and Development 363 C HAPTER 25. Stages of Growth and Development 364 CARING 464,Growth and Development Theories 364. Professionalisation of Caring 465,Applying Growth and Developme nt Concepts to. Nursing Practice 376 Nursing Theories on Caring 465. Types or Knowledge I II Nurslllg 470,C HAPTER 21 Caring Encounters 47 1.
PROMOTING HEALTH FROM CONCEPTION Maintaining Caring Practice 473. THROUGH TO ADOlESCENCE 381,CHAPTE R 26,Conception and Prenatal Development 382. COMMUNICATING 482,Neonates and Infants Birth to I Year 384. Toddlers I to 3 Years 390 Communjcating 483, Preschoolers 4 and S Years 393 Therapeutic Relation hips 497. School Age Children 6 to 12 Years 396 Group and Team Communication 502. Adolescents 12 to 18 Years 399 Communication and the Nursing Process 504. NURSING MANAGEMENT 505, C HAPTER 22 Communication Among Health Professio nals 508. PROMOTING HEALTH IN YOUNG AND,MIDDLE AGED ADULTS 409 C l lAPTE R 27.
Young Adu lts 20 to 40 Years 410 TEACHING 517,Middle Agen Anult 40 10 65 Years 415 Teaching 518. Learning 521, CHAPTER 23 The Internet and Health lnformation 526. PROMOTING HEALTH IN OLDER ADULTS 423 Nurse as Educator 527. Characteristics of Older Adults in Australia 424 NURSING MANAGEMENT 527. Attitudes Toward Ageing 425,Gero ntological Nursing 426 C HAPTE R 28. Care Settings for Older Adults 427 LEADING MANAGING AND DELEGATING 546. Physjulu i al Ageillg 429 111e Nurse as Leader and Manager 547. Psychosocial Ageing 435 Leadership 547,Cognitive Abilities and Ageing 438 Management 550. Moral Reasoning 438 Clinical Governance 554, Spirituality and Ageing 439 The Nurse as Deiegalor 554.
OF NURSING FIRST AUSTRAlIAN EDITION VOLUME ONE Cover art Roben 5lUurman is a Noongar from Western Australia who does Aboriginal an as a result of meet ing hi s birth mother in 1994 He is from the Stolen Generations The cover of this book is adapted from one of his paintings called Pathways through the Sea Thi painting shows that knowing one s ability in un environment reflects knowing

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