Kinematic Viscosity Instrumentation and ASTM D445 Methodology

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Kinematic Viscosity ASTM D445, Experimentally derived by Hagen Poiseuille in 1838 it is. still one of the most precise viscosity measurements known. it relies on gravity, Critical physical property in hundreds of petroleum and. petrochemical material specifications, ASTM D445 is the most widely used method in all of ASTM. main committee D02 on petroleum,Key parameter for custody transfer. Ability to measure viscosity accurately has a direct impact on. materials meeting specification and on industry financials. 5 Key Factors Impacting Precision,1 Temperature Control of the Sample.
2 Properly Calibrated Viscometer Tubes,3 Timing Accuracy and Minimum Flow Times. 4 Operator Technique and Training,5 Preparation of the Sample. 1 Temperature Control of the Sample, Petroleum materials are very sensitive to temperature. changing viscosity 2 to 3 per degree C, Viscometer must be placed in a uniformly iso thermal constant. temperature bath,ASTM D445 requires the bath control to be.
0 02 C for bath temperatures between,15 C and 100 C and 0 05 C outside this. Accurate Temperature Measurement, Use of a digital RTD is recommended with a resolution of 0 01 C and. an ISO 17025 traceable calibration of 0 02 C,2 Properly Calibrated Viscometers. ASTM D445 requires that a viscometer tube meet,the dimensions noted in the D446 specification. The viscometer tube shall be calibrated using,certified viscosity reference standards CVRS.
which were certified in an ISO 17025 accredited,laboratory following the ASTM D2162 master. viscometer test method,Manual viscometers shall be calibrated in an ISO. 17025 accredited laboratory while automated,viscometers can be calibrated on site using. 3 Timing Accuracy and Flow Times, Manual glass viscometers shall be selected so that a. MINIMUM flow time of 200 s is achieved,Minimizes the effect of hand eye timing error.
Eliminates the need for kinetic energy correction,Automated viscometers can use flow times down as. low as 30 s provided their timing accuracies are at. least 0 01 s and they use the kinetic energy correction. in the calibration equation Kinetic energy correction. must be less than 3,4 Operator Technique and Training. Recent ASTM inter laboratory round robin studies, have found that manual precision is getting worse1. Manual precision is as much as two times worse than. automated viscometers1, Most of the variation in precision can be attributed to. improper temperature poorly calibrated manual,viscometers and manual timing errors1.
1 2014 ASTM Research Reports RR D02 1787 and RR D02 1788. 5 Preparation of the Sample,Some samples require careful preparation and. handling to ensure accurate viscosity measurement,Preheating helps to remove thermal history. Preheating and shaking to improve homogeneity,such as with residual fuel oils and asphalts. Keeping the sample closed to atmosphere helps to,avoid the loss of volatile components. Filtering removes particulates which are greater than. twice the diameter of the viscometer capillary,Manual vs Automated.
Parameter Manual Automated,Temperature Control Some baths only 0 1 C 0 01 C. Washing Drying Done manually Fully automatic,Timing Accuracy 0 2 s 0 001 s. Minimum Flow Times 200 s 30 s with kinetic energy,correction. Range per tube 5 10 fold mm2 s 10 100 fold mm2 s,Labor Time High Very Low. Operator to Operator High Very Low,Test Variability.
The New CANNON CAV 4 2,ASTM D 445 Fully Automated,15 C to 150 C Dual Baths. 0 5 mm2 s to 10 000 mm2 s,100 fold viscosity range. ADVANCED AND D446 Ubbelohde style tube,PRECISE Cycle times 3 min to 15 min. VISCOMETER Color Touchscreen Interface,AVAILABLE Built in Quad solvent. Thermistor sensors for both,opaque and transparent samples.
VISCPRO software w LIMS,Kinematic Viscosity Applications. CANNON automated viscometers have,programmable test methods in the software which. allow adjustment of instrument parameters to fine,tune for specific sample types. Programmable sample pre heat temperature and time,Configurable wash dry sequence with up to 6. different solvents,Multiple determinations to meet D445.
Kinematic Viscosity Instrumentation and ASTM D445 Methodology Critical Components for Achieving the Best Precision FEILUB 19 e 20 Maio 2015 C Patrick Maggi

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