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DCW BedienA Pedelec RZ5 qxd,Dear customer, You have decided in favor of a Pedelec Pedal Electric Cycle a bicycle that is equipped. with an electric motor to give you additional assistance when riding. Properties, 1 With this bicycle you can make better progress in headwinds when transporting. heavy loads or on steep slopes, 2 You can select the level of power assistance required according to the weight of your. load and or the prevailing road conditions, The effectiveness of the power assistance depends on your pedal power and the level of. assistance selected Before switching on the electric assistance system please read the. chapter Charging the battery The battery must be fully charged before the motor is. switched on, Mode of operation and extent of electronic power assistance.
As soon as you switch on the electric assistance system and begin pedaling electronic. power assistance is available The necessary pedal power reduces in proportion to. each increase in the level of assistance see p 6 Selection of assistance level by. approximately 60 50 or 30,Changing the level of electronic power assistance. Power assistance Power assistance is,Power assistance corresponds zero 0. diminishes in steps,roughly to pedal power,Driving force pedal power electronic. power assistance,Pedal force of the rider,electronic power assistance. Start 15 kph 24 kph,Power assistance is not available if.
pedal power is too weak,the battery light is blinking. when riding at more than 24 kph in 7th gear,when riding at more than 18 kph in 4th gear. when riding at more than 14 kph in 1st gear,DCW BedienA Pedelec RZ5 qxd. Charging the battery, The charging time given in this manual is the time that is necessary for charging after the. capacity of the battery has been used up This is indicated by the blinking of the battery. charge status LED, To avoid shortening the service life of the battery you should not charge the battery.
longer than 48 hours,Removing the battery, In order to charge the battery you must remove it from the bicycle. 1 Hold the battery firmly and open the lock,with the key in an anti clockwise direction. 2 Tilt the battery slightly to the side,3 Lift the battery with both hands and. remove it from the holder, Attention For reasons of safety you should make sure that you have removed the key. Charging process, 1 Plug the charging device into a 220 volt socket Grasp the battery and insert it into the.
slot provided for it on the charging station, 2 The LEDs of the battery light up When all 5 LEDs are glowing red the battery is fully. 3 Remove the battery from the charging station,4 Unplug the charging station. DCW BedienA Pedelec RZ5 qxd,Installing the battery. 1 Place the battery in the battery mount tilted outward on the left hand side by about. 2 Use the guides on the side of the battery when inserting it into the battery holder. 3 Tilt the battery toward the bicycle until it engages the lock. 4 Check that the battery is firmly seated The key is not required for installation. Make sure that the battery is fully charged before the first ride or after the bicycle has. not been used for longer than one month The battery is not charged when delivered. Make sure that the battery is charged for at least 3 hours before its first use. Charge the battery at an ambient temperature of 0 40 C If the outside temperature of. the battery is below 0 C or above 40 C the charger will remain in the standby mode. and the battery cannot be charged,Before starting to ride. Check the remaining capacity of the battery to determine whether it is sufficient for riding. to your destination If the button on the display panel marked Push is pressed this will. show the remaining capacity of the battery This is an approximate value. E battery dead,F battery fully charged,Battery status indicator.
In very cold weather after a trip through mountains or if the battery has not been used. for a long time the power assistance will not operate even though the indicator light is. on In this case the battery must be placed in the charger in order to recharge it. In winter the travelling range is reduced in relation to the battery s original capacity. The range may vary depending on the road and driving conditions. If all diodes flash one after another or in groups 2 3 diodes the battery is damaged. DCW BedienA Pedelec RZ5 qxd,Battery available capacity operating field. 20 40 60 80 100,Check battery,Battery status,Battery status indicator LED. indicator LED,All five 5,All three LEDs,on means about. Four LEDs on capacity,60 80 remains,Three LEDs on,40 60 Two LEDs on. about 40 70,Two LEDs on,One LED on,One LED is on,10 20 about 10 20.
blinking 10 0 LED blinks,slowly blinks,quickly off. about 0 10,Operation Control Field,The electronic power assistance is switched. on and off by using a switch mounted on the On Off switch. handlebars Power Battery charge,Selection of status. assistance level indicator,Switching on the power assistance. Press the on off switch on the control panel Power. The LEDs on the control panel light up for about two seconds and then go out again Do. not use the pedals when the LEDs are on The torque sensor is configuring the control. After this the battery status indicators light up and show the remaining capacity of the. battery If the lower power LED is blinking you must charge the battery immediately. before use see section on LED light mode when riding. DCW BedienA Pedelec RZ5 qxd, 10 minutes after the bicycle is brought to a halt the current supply is automatically.
switched off Automatic cut off When you start riding again repeat the procedure. described above, The torque sensor of the bicycle is automatically reconfigured every time you change. the riding mode This extends the useful life of the battery. If the LED does not light up during operation check whether the battery is charged and. securely mounted,LED light mode when riding, During the trip monitor the status of the light emitting diodes LEDs. If they blink this is a precise indication that the battery capacity is very low and that. charging will soon be necessary,LED status on the control panel. LEDs on The battery has a charge sufficient for your trip The. available battery capacity is indicated by the lighting up of. the corresponding LED, Blinking slowly The battery charge has dropped to a low level The. remaining battery power is 9 of capacity Recharging is. recommended, Blinking rapidly and The battery is completely dead A recharge is necessary.
goes out after about 3 immediately, Other forms of LED status are explained in the chapter Self diagnosis. The LED can show when an excessively high drain of energy is being consumed on a. constant basis e g when riding uphill or if the battery has not been used for a long time. Should this occur press the on off switch Power in order to switch off the current and. then press it again to continue operation,Selection of assistance level Mode. You can change the mode settings after the motor is. switched on Assistance, Every time you press the mode switch the assistance level is switched up or down. accordingly, The following three modes are available high 1 1 3. medium 1 1,Low assistance energy saving mode, If you select a low assistance level you will have a greater range and if you select a high.
assistance level your range will be smaller,DCW BedienA Pedelec RZ5 qxd. When necessary set the accessory motor to high mode If no pedalling is necessary. when riding downhill the accessory motor will switch off automatically. recommended gear recommended mode,Level road,Shift to 3rd or 4th. Set mode to,Easy pedalling in 1st gear,Uphill Shift to 2nd or 3rd. Set mode to,1st is recommended for,Downhill steep slopes. Shift to 7th gear,Set mode to, You can adjust the optimal position of the gearshift and or the accessory mode.
corresponding to your physical capabilities whether you are going uphill or downhill. whether you have a headwind or tailwind,For stopping. Neither the gearshift nor the mode switch should be activated. First activate the rear wheel brake or front wheel brake and rear wheel brake. simultaneously, Press the on off switch to interrupt the current flow. Care and maintenance information on the battery, Have the electric drive system checked regularly by your dealer Do not perform any. repair operations on the electric drive system or battery Lack of specialist knowledge. can lead to serious accidents,DCW BedienA Pedelec RZ5 qxd. Battery tips, The bicycle that you have purchased is operated with the following battery types.
Model Li lon battery Ni Li NKY224B02,Capacity 10 Ah. This battery can be charged and discharged about 500 times A battery should always. be considered as a part which is subject to wear This means that the initial capacity. diminishes with increasing age and according to the frequency with which the battery is. charged If the travel range of your bicycle is no longer sufficient for you we advise you. to replace your battery,Battery sleep mode, When delivered the battery is in the so called sleep mode Therefore the battery must. be fully charged before it is operated for the first time because otherwise it can produce. no current In the sleep mode the operating panel is inactive. If the capacity of the battery drops below 50 and if the battery remains uncharged for. longer than two weeks the sleep mode returns, Also the battery self discharges over time and it will enter the sleep mode after a down. time of approx 4 months even if it is fully charged. The battery must be fully charged at least every six months otherwise irreparable. damage may occur, Batteries cannot be disposed of with regular domestic waste. Do not charge your bicycle battery in any other charger Charging other batteries in the. charging station delivered with the system is also not permitted There is a risk of explosion. Please do not store the battery outside and only install it just before starting to ride. Do not throw the battery into a fire or expose it to a heat source because it could explode and. cause serious injuries, Please use only a damp cloth without chemical cleaners for cleaning the battery housing.
Never attempt to open the battery, Check the battery housing regularly for cracks breaks or. unusual deposits on the contacts A battery with a damaged housing may no longer be used. Charging the battery,Optimal charging Battery couldbe. Long charging,temp range damaged,DCW BedienA Pedelec RZ5 qxd. Discharge characteristic curve temperature,Possible discharge capacity. at ordinary temperature,Low temp discharge curve,Possible discharge capacity.
Nominal voltage,battery cutoff voltage,at low temperature Time. battery operation,Min voltage for,Possible discharge capacity at. ordinary temperature Time,Discharge capacity Ah or hours required. Regardless of whether it is a NiCd NiMH or Li ion battery charging is accomplished by a. chemical reaction of the substances inside the battery Since the chemical reaction in the battery. takes place slowly at low temperatures the discharge capacity regardless of the type of battery. tends to diminish in comparison to that at ordinary temperature. In actual use it has been noted that as the figure shows the accessory motor may stop. prematurely despite some remaining battery capacity since the discharge voltage tends to. remain at a lower level at a low temperature This does not mean a malfunction and the battery. will regenerate itself when the temperature rises, On several consecutive days in winter the discharge capacity may drop due to the. low temperatures with the result that the range may be suddenly reduced. General information on the charger,The delivery includes the type NKJ38 charger.
Before use take the charger out of the cardboard box and. remove the plastic wrapping, If you do not do this the outside of the charger can be deformed. by the heat Store the charger in a dry place if you are not charging the battery. Inexpert handling can cause serious accidents or injuries. Never bring the contacts of the charger together during the charging process. Do not attempt to disassemble the charger or alter it. Do not use the charger in damp spaces, Do not continue using a damaged charger or accessories e g housing cables. plugs Risk of electric shock short circuit or fire. Keep it away from children risk of electric shock, Please make sure that the plug is properly inserted into the socket. Plug and contacts of the charger should be kept free of dust clean and dry. DCW BedienA Pedelec RZ5 qxd, The charger can only be connected to a 220 230 V socket. Avoid prolonged direct skin contact with the charger during the charging process. During this time the device heats up to about 40 60 C Risk of burns. The charger should only be set up in a secure stable position on a suitable surface. Do not cover the charger or place objects on it risk of overheating or fire. Self diagnosis,The control unit of the control panel has a.
self diagnosis mode With the aid of self diagnosis any. improper function of the electrical system can be determined. Kalkhoff Agattu Pedal Assist and Battery Owner Manual DCW BedienA Pedelec RZ5 qxd Dear customer You have decided in favor of a Pedelec Pedal Electric Cycle a bicycle that is equipped with an electric motor to give you additional assistance when riding Properties 1 With this bicycle you can make better progress in headwinds when transporting heavy loads or on steep slopes 2 You can

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